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All applications are kept on file for 3 months at which time they are deleted.

Lab Attendant:
The primary duty of the Lab Attendant is to service the students/users whom are using the lab. Other duties include maintaining the paper supply in the printers, taking a head count every hour, and assisting with lab reservations.  The hours of operation are during the Library's regular hours.  These include weekdays, evenings, and weekends.
Helpdesk Specialist:
A Helpdesk Specialist student is the first point of contact for a user with a computer problem.  The Helpdesk Specialist would answer phones and try to help people over the phone with their problem.  If it is not possible to solve the problem over the phone, then on-site assistance will be the next step. Even after the on-site assistance did not come to a solution, the problem would then be escalated to Technical Support. The hours of operation are evenings and weekends only.
Technical Services:
Technical Support student would work exclusively with Edward Zimmerman, the Technology Manager of the Library.  The tasks performed would be more in depth and involved than the Helpdesk Specialist position.  This is the second point of contact for the Helpdesk Specialist.  The hours of operation are weekdays only.
Student Lab Coordinator:
The duties of the Student Lab Coordinator are to train new Lab Attendents, maintain Lab and Consultants Websites, create work schedules for Lab Consultants, write user documentation for Lab Consultants and Public Users, and support 30 lab computers and 3 network laser printers.  The hours of operation are weekdays only.
Student Programmer:
A Student Programmer must have the desire to learn. You will be dealing with maintaining and creating library applications. Many applications are web-based utilizing HTML/ASP. Beginner level programming experiance with web applications is a must. Experiance in ASP, PHP, or C are a plus. You will be working closely with the Senior Programmer, who will help you along the way. You may also take on the responsibilities of a Helpdesk Specialist. The hours of operation are weekdays only.

LTS news

Dec. 12, 2008
New Multimedia Pods coming for Spring 2009.

Aug 8, 2008
All helpdesk services will only be
available at IT Support Center.