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Selected Citations in Music
a supplement to style guides such as the Turabian, Chicago Manual of Style, RILM Manual of Style and the Laurie Sampsel Music Research: A Handbook (Oxford University Press)

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I. Unsigned Dictionary or Encyclopedia Article
II. Signed Dictionary or Encyclopedia Article
III. Alternative and preferred way to cite signed articles
IV. Score in a series:
    a. Without series number.
    b. With series number.
    c. Including editor. (example: Diletto Musicale)
    d. Including series editor (optional) and volume editor. (example: Das Chorwerk)
    e. With a parallel title. (example: Hortus Musicus)
    f. In a scholarly edition, (example: Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich)

V. Score in a composer's collected works:
    a. One volume. (example: J. C. Bach)
    b. Volume in a sub-series. (example: Verdi)
    c. Component part of a volume in a sub-series. (example: Schubert)
    d.  Volume with multiple sub-series. (example: Mozart)
    e. Component part of a volume with multiple sub-series. (example: J. S. Bach)

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