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Series A: Written Materials

Series II: Audio Tapes

Series III: Color Slides

Series IV: Black/White Contact Sheets and Prints

Series V: Black/White Negatives

Series VI: Video Tapes

Series VII: Computer Disks

Series VIII: Oversized Materials

Series IX: Restricted Materials

Guide to the Folklife Division Collection of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission 1975-1995This finding aid is part of the Special Collections and University Archives of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Guide to the Folklife Division Collection of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission 1975-1995

CreatorSouthwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission
Collection Folklife Division Collection of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission
Abstract: This collection consists of the records of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission's Division of Folklife and includes fieldwork materials collected by the Division and by some of the Documentation Centers as well as some administrative files.
Quantity: 54 (173 boxes)
Identification: MG#76

Historical Note

In 1987 federal legislation was passed to establish the Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission within the Department of Interior. This Commission coordinates what was then named America's Industrial Heritage Project (AIHP), a regional effort to preserve, promote, and interpret the sites and stories of America's industrial heritage in southwestern Pennsylvania with a special focus on the railroad, coal mining, and steel industries. Other transportation and heavy industries are included in the project's purview along with the impact of industry on agriculture and rural community life in the region and its social history and the influx of Eastern Europeans and southern African Americans who came to work in these industries and the role ethnicity has played and continues to play in shaping the region. AIHP encompasses Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Fulton, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset and Westmoreland counties. The Commission serves as the catalyst for the project's partnership efforts and, through the conservation and commemoration of these industrial sites, the Commission will spark economic development in the region.

The Folklife Division of AIHP was developed by the Pennsylvania Heritage Affairs Commission in cooperation with the National Park Service and local cultural organizations. It was one of three teams of research specialists involved in documenting and interpreting various aspects of the industrial and ethnic heritage of the Allegheny Highlands. The other teams focused on the historic sites and archaeology of the region.

The Folklife Division was directed by James Abrams from 1989 to 1994. The Division's archivist was Susan Kalcik, who prepared a Folklife Resource Guide and this inventory under the direction of AIHP Archivist, Denise Visconti. Kathy Kimiecik joined the staff as Education Specialist and Danny Pfeilstucker worked with the Division on a labor project. The Division worked with local organizations, retired workers, community members, and trained historians, anthropologists, sociologists, and folklorists to document, present, and interpret the folklife of the region. By folklife is meant the social and cultural histories, as well as the on-going expressive practices that structure the experience and identity of groups within the region. The group may be a labor union, a work crew, an ethnic group, a religious order, a family, or people living in the same geographic location.

This work was carried on by the staff members listed above and during the summers of 1990 and 1991 by a number of professional and non-professional scholars who conducted cultural surveys of the 9 counties and worked on a number of special projects. In addition, several Folklife Documentation Centers were identified in regional institutions to conduct in-depth fieldwork on specific topics relevant to AIHP's mission, document folklife practices and practitioners, and develop public programs to present and interpret the results of their work. The Folklife Division Director worked closely with each center providing direction and technical assistance. These centers included at different times:

The Folklife Documentation Center for Coal Indiana University of Pennsylvania James Dougherty, Coordinator

The Folklife Documentation Center for Transportation Railroaders Memorial Museum Cummins McNitt, Coordinator

The Folklife Documentation Center for Agriculture Somerset Historical Center Cynthia Mason, Coordinator

The Documentation Center for Steel Johnstown Area Heritage Association Curt Miner, Coordinator

The Documentation Center for Gender Seton Hill College Christine Mueseler, Coordinator

The Documentation Center for Coal and Coke Penn State Fayette Evelyn Hovanec, Coordinator

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Scope and Content Notes

Materials collected by the Folklife Division come from the 9 counties of Pennsylvania delineated as the America's Industrial Heritage area: Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Fulton, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset and Westmoreland. The collection includes examples of a variety of folklife genres especially occupational, ethnic, religious, regional, gender, and community lore; oral, life, and local history; arts and crafts; music, song, and dance; narrative; material culture such as vernacular architecture and foodways; customs, practices, and traditions; beliefs and values.

Subject matter includes the occupations of coal, steel, railroad, agriculture. Other subjects covered are immigration, ethnicity, race, class, discrimination, religion, organizations and institutions, work, labor, growing up, child rearing, men's and women's and children's roles, sports, games, entertainment, holiday celebrations, food, gardens, deindustrialization, displacement, heritage, and place. Many ethnic groups are mentioned, most often are Irish, German, Scotch Irish, Poles, Slovaks, Italians, Slovenians and African Americans.

Fieldworkers included folklorists, anthropologists, sociologists, historians, local scholars, community leaders, students, professional photographers. In general, the strongest collections were made by trained ethnographers. Some problematic areas include Burket's materials which could not be taped directly for the most part, Miner's recording logs which seem in some cases to have been typed by someone not familiar with the interviews, the Patton materials (see note below), the Harris and Moore photographs which have little or no documentation, and the narrow scope of the Coal Documentation Center collection.

Collected materials consist mainly of written materials, audio tape recordings, photographs, slides, video tape. In addition, fieldworkers sometimes acquired miscellaneous materials such as books, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, etc. These materials were collected in cultural surveys of the 9 counties, in work on specific projects, and as part of the work of the various documentation centers.


In 1990 and 1991 the Division conducted cultural or ethnographic surveys of the 9 counties to gather information that would be used later by AIHP in interpretive or public programs.

Their focus was on occupation and ethnicity. Fieldworkers were instructed to identify significant individuals in their counties, ethnic communities/culture/heritage, organizations (ethnic, rural, community, labor, religious), and to focus on the project's occupational interests: coal, steel, transportation, agriculture. Their work ideally began with some preliminary research; continued with fieldwork or field investigation that involved interviewing, participant observation, and photography; and ended with the writing of a final report. Interviews covered biography, sense of place, work and occupation, community life, artistic traditions and other subjects.

The survey report was to include background information on the county's climate, geography, industrial and agricultural economies, population, organizations, and ceremonial calendar. It also was to contain a list of contacts and significant organizations in the county, the fieldworker's preliminary research findings, and recommendations for further investigation. Survey fieldworkers were also asked to focus some attention on a special project or "case study" and these are reflected in the reports as well. Some fieldworkers only did special projects and did not survey the county as a whole. Fieldworkers were required to turn in fieldnotes, various logs, tapes, photographs and slides collected during fieldwork. They were not required to transcribe the tapes, although some logs and reports contain direct quotations from the interviews. These survey reports were not considered final polished or publishable documents but rather working papers. Time as well as travel constraints meant many have more breadth than depth. Those that have more depth tend to have focused on a narrower subject matter.

Bedford: 1991, Kimiecik, Santoro (good on agriculture) Blair: 1990, Swartz Cambria: 1990, Kalcik (good survey), Williams (focus on steel) Fayette: 1991, Dietrich (no report, fieldnotes good) Fulton: 1991, Day (good on music), Randall (good survey, and good on women) Huntingdon: 1991, McNitt Indiana: 1990, Dougherty (focus on coal) Somerset: 1990, Stephens Westmoreland: 1991, Darling (good survey, some on Jews and Catholics)


O'Reilly, 1990: music and crafts Baranik, 1990: coal management Belanus, 1990: ethnicity McNitt, 1990: East Broadtop Railroad Williams, 1990: steel Burket, 1991: Amish and Mennonites DiVirgilio, Keller, Shircliffe, 1990 and Keller, Brooks, 1991: Jeannette, PA and glass industry National Folk Festival, Kalcik, 1991 and 1992: foodways National Folk Festival 1991 and 1992: labor Kalcik 1991 and 1992: Catholic history and women religious

Oral History Institute in Patton-PA, 1992: This material was collected by students in the Institute and must be approached with the understanding that it is student work. The work is uneven, and suffers from a bias against mainstream Patton experience. Some individuals were interviewed by several different students. Particularly useful are Cahill's study of Prince Gallitzin Park and tourism in the area, Campbell on women in Patton, Luconi on Italians in politics, and Illig on Slovaks.


The approach and goals of fieldwork vary from center to center. The gender center is newer than the others and has collected less but focuses on its subject of women's role in the region. Particularly noteworthy are the agriculture and railroad collections; they represent ongoing, in-depth collecting in their subject areas. In a number of cases the same people have been interviewed over time and by different fieldworkers. The steel collection makes no attempt to survey that occupation, although some of the interviews do cover the subject. Instead it deals more with Johnstown-PA and ethnicity in general. The coal collection is built around the making of one video on coal and labor in Somerset County at the turn of the century.


The following is a list of some subjects covered particularly well in the collection and where to locate materials on them:

African American: Stevens (Gender Documentation. Center), McNitt 1991

Agriculture: Kimiecik, Santoro, Greiner (Patton), Agriculture Documentation. Center

Aluminum: Mueseler and Billman (Gender Documentation. Center)

Altoona: Holland and others in Transportation Documentation. Center

Coal: Baranik, Dougherty 1990, Keener (Patton), Abrams, Coal Documentation Center

Education: Kimiecik written materials

Ethnicity: Kalcik, Steel Documentation. Center

Foodways: Kalcik, National Folk Festival

Glass/Jeannette-PA: Keller 1991 and 1992, Shircliffe, DiVirgilio, Brooks, Gender Documentation. Center

Italians: DiVirgilio, Luconi (Patton), Holland

Johnstown: Steel Documentation. Center

Labor: National Folk Festival, Keener (Patton), Dougherty, Coal Documentation Center

Music: O'Reilly, Day

Patton: Oral History Institute

Photographs: Moore and Harris

Railroad: O'Reilly, Belanus, Holland and McNitt et al at Transportation Documentation. Center

Religion: Kalcik, Darling, McNulty (Patton)

Slovaks: Kalcik, Illig and Rodgers (Patton)

Steel: Williams, Steel Documentation Center


It is easiest to begin by reviewing the inventory of the written materials. Fieldnotes and logs indicate what the audio tapes and photographs will contain and in some cases, the quality. Record keeping for the collection generally focused around the identification number(s) given the audio tape(s) of an interview or of photographs or slides and these numbers will help the library staff locate the item you want to examine.

Fieldworkers did not always secure signed releases for materials. Although such materials are included in the collection, use of them must be discussed with the archivist. Restricted materials may not be used at all.

Series Descriptions

SERIES I: Written Materials

SUBSERIES A: Folklife Division Fieldwork Materials

This series contains written materials prepared by various fieldworkers who conducted county surveys or special projects. There are a number of standard forms that were provided to fieldworkers and these include: recording log on which the fieldworkers indicates information about the audio tape recording of an interview, notes where on the tape information appears, and briefly outlines the subjects of the recording; photography log on which the fieldworkers indicates the photograph or slide number and its subject or information about a video tape; biographical data sheet which gives some basic information about the person interviewed or photographed; release form on which the informant gives permission to release the tape or image for use by AIHP and authorized scholars or places some limitations on its use. In addition, some documentation centers and fieldworkers developed their own forms or questionnaires, notably the Agricultural Documentation. Center.

Other written fieldwork materials are fieldnotes which recorded a fieldworker's daily experiences and observations or detailed specific interviews and the reports that summed up the preliminary and field research. There are lists of contacts and organizations in this series and miscellaneous documents acquired during fieldwork such as newspaper clippings.

SUBSERIES B: Folklife Division Administrative Materials

This series includes some of the records of the Folklife Division such as files kept on specific projects and on technical assistance the Division offered on applications for AIHP grant and loans programs. Contracts and other administrative papers for hiring fieldworkers is contained in this subseries as is Kimiecik's collection of information on folklife and education and some materials used by the Folklife Archivist to prepare this inventory.

SUBSERIES C: Documentation Center Materials

Most of these materials are fieldwork related and similar to those described in Subseries A with the exception of the Coal Documentation. Center which is a mix of materials related to fieldwork and the production of a video on coal and labor and a variety of miscellaneous subject and administrative files. Collection contains information on: Somerset County-PA, oral history of farming, agriculture, dairy farming, butter making, WWII, Depression, butter, cheese, eggs, work by gender and age, quilting, Prohibition, milking equipment, farming equipment, equipment sales, Amish, candy making, Germans, horse farming, chickens, diseases, maple syrup, silos, silo fillings, threshing, foodways, pets, gardens, vegetables, crops, flowers, apple butter, fruits, nuts, electricity, fires, hucksters, catalog shopping, relationship of farms/farmers and industry, logging, salves and liniments, mechanization, modernization, computerization, Williamsburg-PA, flies, insects, corn, Irish, potatoes, WWI, entertainment, mine mules.

Other subject matter includes Cambria County-PA, Welsh, Catholics, Protestants, Slavic groups, water, wells, springs, Ebensburg-PA, singing, brand names, butchering, family, Agway, grange, markets, Scotch-Irish, laundry, bathing, buttermilk, childcare, baking, eating out, radios, homes, farming organizations, injuries, deaths, veterinarians, sheep, ice cream, margarine, education, government inspection, artificial insemination, calves, veal, needlework, sewing, soap, wheat, oats, shirt factory, drying corn, healing, Westmoreland County-PA, Blair County-PA, railroad, steel mills, barns, coal mining, housework, holiday and other celebrations, games, play, hunting, blacksmithing, tanning, revivals, snakes, law practice, trapping, fairs, stores, shopping, state and local government.

Fieldworkers include Mason, Olson, Ware, Schmidt, Budde, Merrill and Shaffer. Note: Merrill changes identifying initials on tapes and tape logs; Shaffer includes multiple interviews on a single tape. Forms include: oral history questionnaire, interview description, interviewer log, interview log sheet, recording log, biography data sheet, release form. Fieldworkers also sometimes provide fieldnotes. Materials are arranged alphabetically by last name of interviewee.


Collection contains information on vernacular architecture of Somerset County-PA including: construction, decoration, furnishings, homes, out buildings, barns, gardens, flowers, work, chores, people who lived in buildings, water sources, animals, chimneys, porches, privies, woods, wood for house fires, rooms, basements, attics, lights, electricity, lanes, roads, fruit trees, trees, fences, bedding, non-farming work, washing, food, heating, stoves, acreage, fulling mill, sugar camp, hired help, changes, family, acquisition of property, dining room, bedrooms, living room, pantry, building materials, heating, sawmill, still.

Other subjects include equipment, butchering, threshing, silo fillings, house keeping, planting, outdoor bake oven, coal mining and stripping, transportation, hunting, herbal teas, summer house, soap, nut trees, holidays, Depression, grist mill, discipline, town and country rivalry, hucksters and peddlers, moon shine, dinner bells, entertainment, patent medicines, home remedies, closets, ashes, burning lime, children's games, ethnicity, immigration, storing food, needlework, crops, Ascension Day lore, Somerset-PA, Pennsylvania Dutch, ice house, orphans, comforts and quilts, making lard, Polish, photographs, Lincoln Road, farming, milk inspection and regulation, language, Czechs, herbs, tramp.

SERIES II: Audio Tapes

SUBSERIES A: Folklife Division Fieldwork Audio Tapes This series contains audio cassette tapes of interviews made by fieldworkers and describing Series I, Subseries A. SUBSERIES B: Tapes from Folklife Div. Administrative Files

This series contains a few audio cassettes collected by Kimiecik for her education projects.

SUBSERIES C: Documentation Center Fieldwork Audio Tapes

This series contains audio cassette tapes of interviews made during fieldwork conducted by the documentation centers and described in Series I, Subseries C.

SERIES III: Color Slides

SUBSERIES A: Folklife Division Fieldwork Slides

This series contains color slides made by fieldworkers and described in Series I, Subseries A.

SUBSERIES B: Slides from Folklife Div. Administrative Files

This series contains a few slides found in the Folklife Division's administrative files.

SUBSERIES C: Documentation Center Fieldwork Slides

This series has been set aside for slides taken during fieldwork by documentation centers; it does not currently contain any slides.

SERIES IV: Black/White Contact Sheets and Prints (Some Color Prints)

SUBSERIES A: Folklife Div. Fieldwork Black/White Photographs

This series contains black/white photographs taken by Folklife Division fieldworkers. Most of these are in the form of contact or proof sheets on one or two pages. A few were printed, especially those made by Harris and Moore for photograph exhibits. Some fieldworkers mistakenl used color print film and these prints are also stored in this series. Descriptions or logs can be found for these in Series I, Subseries A.

SUBSERIES B: Black/White Photographs from Folklife Division Administrative Files

This series contains a small number of black/white and color prints taken from Folklife Division administrative files including photographs used in the Division's programs at the National Folk Festival and photographs of such programs sent to the Division by others.

SUBSERIES C: Black/White Photographs from Documentation Centers

This series contains a small number of photographs taken from the Coal Documentation Center files.

SERIES V: Black/White Negatives

SUBSERIES A: Folklife Division Negatives

This series contains the negatives for black/white and a few color photographs taken during Folklife Division fieldwork and described in Series I, Subseries A as well as some of the negatives produced by Harris and Moore for photograph exhibits.

SERIES VI: Video Tapes

SUBSERIES A: Folklife Division Fieldwork Video Tapes

This series contains video tapes made during Folklife Division fieldwork, mainly during the Oral History Institute in Patton, and described in Series I, Subseries A.

SUBSERIES C: Documentation Center Video Tapes

This series contains video tapes made by the Coal Documentation Center.

SERIES VII: Computer Disks

This series contains computer disks produced during fieldwork for the Folklife Division and the documentation centers.

SERIES VIII: Oversized Materials

This series contains a photograph album, poster and wall calendar from the Folklife Division.

SERIES IX: Restricted Materials

This series contains restricted materials produced in fieldwork by the Folklife Division and the documentation centers.

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The Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation collection is housed in ????? archival boxes.

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This collection is open for research.

Property rights reside with Indiana University of Pennsylvania, University Archives and Special Collections. Literary rights are retained by the creators of the records and their heirs. For permissions to reproduce or publish, please contact the coordinator of the University Archives and Special Collections.

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Administrative Information

Folklife Division Collection of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Collection, MG# 76, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, University Archives and Special Collections

This collection was processed by Special Collections Staff,date unknown. Papers reviewed and inventory revised by Special Collections Staff in Spring 2001.

Revision and rearrangement for the encoded version of the finding aid provided by Jason Hutchins on March 13, 2002

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Series A: Written Materials

Subseries I: Fieldwork Materials
1Ted Baranik Fieldnotes: IFP90-JTB1-C to IFP90-JTB8-C Berwind-White Coal Co., Windber-PA, coal company management, ethnicity, Cambria and Somerset counties-PA
2Baranik Recording Logs: IFP90-JTB1-C to IFP90-JTB8-C Barrett, Hallick, Oldham (2), Marino, Anderson, Popp
3Baranik Biography Sheets: Barrett, Hallick, Oldham, Marino, Anderson, Popp
4Baranik Release Forms: Barrett, Hallick, Oldham, Marino, Anderson, Popp
5Baranik Photography Logs: IFP90-JTB1-S Berwind-White Coal Co. buildings, company towns, Oldham, Windber-PA
6Baranik Miscellanies: IFP90-JTB7-C Xeroxed pay stubs, archivist checklist
7Betty Belanus Fieldnotes: IFP90-JBB1-C to IFP90-JBB7-C Daily: Heritage tour route, coal, steel, Portage-PA, Gallitzin-PA, Mineral Point-PA, Cambria City- Johnstown-PA, Croatian music, Allegheny Portage Railroad, women, ethnicity, Cambria Co.-PA, contact list 8/8 to 8/31/90
8Belanus Recording Logs: IFP90-JBB1-C to IFP90-JBB7-C Yetsko, Yasecko, Ciokota, McCann, Thomas, A. and J. Sekowski, Angus
9Belanus Biography Sheets: Yetsko, Ciokota, Yasecko, McCann, Angus, A. and J. Sekowski
10Belanus Release Forms: Ciokota, Angus, A. and J. Sekowski
11Belanus Photography Logs: IFP90-JBB1-B to IFP90-JBB4-S Heritage tour route, Goughenhour, McCann, Angus, A. and J. Sekowski, Thomas
12Belanus Miscellanies: From Pat Boland, AYS (Allegheny Youth Services), student reports on: Beulah-PA, Steel and Eliza Furnace, Covered Bridges and Water Wheels, Clara Barton and Red Cross, Admiral Peary, Inclined Plane, Pennsylvania Canal, Tribune-Democrat, Johnstown-PA Flood, Cambria County-PA Trolley System, Cambria County Railroads, Loretto-PA, Ebensburg-PA and Courthouse, Allegheny Portage Railroad and Lemon House 1936
13Belanus Miscellanies: Xeroxed clippings of newspaper accounts of Johnstown flood 1977
14Belanus Miscellanies: IFP90-JBB7-C Gallitzin-PA memorabilia
15Belanus Miscellanies: IFP90-JBB1-C Book-Portrait of a Town, Portage, PA 1890-1990
16Belanus Miscellanies: Archivist checklist
17Belanus Report: "Final Report for Fieldwork and Consultation" Heritage tour route and education
18Jim Dougherty Fieldnotes: IFP90-JJD1-C to IFP90-JJD9-C Ernest-PA, Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Co., coal, unions, race, ethnicity, Indiana County-PA
19Dougherty Recording Logs: IFP90-JJD1-C to IFP90-JJD9-C, IFP90-JJD13-C, IFP90-JJD14-C, IFP90-JJD16-C Aruskevicius, Glebovich (2), Abbey, Novalis, Fleck, Morand (2), Polinsky, Klyop, Rodkey
20Dougherty Biography Sheets: Glebovich, Aruskevicius, Novalis, Fleck, Morand, Polinsky, Abbey
21Dougherty Release Forms: Abbey, Aruskevicius, Glebovich
22Dougherty Photography Logs: IFP90-JJD1-B Aruskevicius, Glebovich, Abbey, Novalis, Fleck, Coleman, union, William Sylvis historical marker dedication
23Dougherty Miscellanies: Archivist checklist
24Dougherty Report: "Cultural Survey of Indiana County Pennsylvania"
1Susan Kalcik Fieldnotes: IFP90-JSK1-C to IFP90-JSK13-C Daily: Cambria County-PA, Johnstown-PA, ethnicity, steel, race, religion, churches, ethnic organizations, music, events, foodways, crafts, Jews, place and displacement, organizations and institutions, miscellaneous materials from non-interview fieldwork 5-14 to 9-2-90
2Kalcik Recording Logs: IFP90-JSK1-C to IFP90-JSK13-C Williams, Golias, Thomas (2), Zahornec, Wojnaroski, Vesnesky, Rovansek et al
3Kalcik Biography Sheets: Williams, Golias, Thomas, Wojnaroski, Vesnesky, Rovansek
4Kalcik Release Forms: Williams, Golias, Thomas, Wojnaroski, Vesnesky, Rovansek
5Kalcik Photography Logs: IFP90-JSK1-S to IFP90-JSK23-S St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church-Woodvale-Johnstown-PA, Vesnesky, Zahornec, local events, East Conemaugh-PA, Williams, Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church-Annandale-VA, Greek Orthodox Patriarch, Cambria County Historical Society tour, St. Casimir Roman Catholic Church-Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, Bethlehem Steel Corp.-Johnstown-PA, Yurcisin, Christ the Saviour Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Cathedral-West End-Johnstown-PA, St. Rocco Feast Day, St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church-Woodvale-Johnstown-PA festival, P., F. and F. Babich, Neral, Bailey, 1990 National Folk Festival parade and booths and entertainment, Mesaros, Mosscreek-Emeigh Reunion, Cambria County Fair, Johnstown-PA Scarecrow Contest, Buckhorn Grange, countryside scenes Cambria County-PA, Daisytown-PA, gob cake
6Kalcik Miscellanies: IFP90-JSK1 and 2-C Newspaper clippings about Carl's America House-Johnstown-PA
7Kalcik Miscellanies: IFP90-JSK3-C Golias background, St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church-Johnstown-PA bulletins, Xeroxed postcards
8Kalcik Miscellanies: IFP90-JSK6 and 7-C Various xeroxed articles and photos about Slovaks and St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church-Johnstown-PA
9Kalcik Miscellanies: IFP90-JSK9 and 10-C Dedication card/Jo Jo's Polka Swing radio program
10Kalcik Miscellanies: IFP90-JSK11 and 12-C Program for East Conemaugh-PA (African American) Homecoming- 1990
11Kalcik Miscellanies: St. Patrick's Church-Johnstown-PA 50th Anniversary book from Leo Jankowiak
12Kalcik Miscellanies: Page from Polish American coloring book of women in the PNA from Leo Jankowiak
13Kalcik Miscellanies: Reunion book "Officers of Camp #64" United Spanish War Veterans c. 1915 with information about and photos of Johnstown-PA from Leo Jankowiak December 4, 1990
14Yurcisin Interview by Kalcik: IFP90-JSK16 and 17-C Notes, interview guidelines, release form
15Bailey Interview by Kalcik: IFP90-JSK14 and 15-C Notes for appointment, interview guidelines, notes taken during interview, release form
16Kalcik Report: "Cultural Survey of Cambria County, Pennsylvania"
17Cummins McNitt fieldnotes: IFP90-JCM1-C to IFP90-JCM10-C East Broad Top Railroad and Hall
18McNitt Recording Logs: IFP90-JCM1-C to IFP90-JCM10-C McMath (3), Erwin, Pheasant, Wakefield, Keith, R. M. and R. C. Moore
19McNitt Biography Sheets: Hall, McMath, Erwin, Pheasant, Wakefield, Keith, R. M. and R. C. Moore
20McNitt Release Forms:McMath, Erwin, Pheasant, Wakefield, Keith, Moore
21McNitt Photography Logs: IFP90-JCM1-s to IFP90-JCM6-B McMath, Erwin, various of East Broad Top Railroad, Pheasant, Wakefield, Keith, R. M. and R. C. Moore
22McNitt Miscellanies: IFP90-JCM2-C EBT train order, list of personnel, copy of photo of Erwin
23McNitt Miscellanies: Archivist checklist
24McNitt Report: "The East Broad Top Railroad: A Collection of Oral Narratives"
25O'Reilly Fieldnotes: IFP90-JEO1-C to IFP90-JEO28-C Daily: National Folk Festival, music, crafts, festivals, ethnicity, National Council on Traditional Arts, Windber-PA, polka mass, foodways, fairs, churches, xeroxed list of contacts 7-16 to 8-16-90
1O'Reilly Recording Logs: IFP90-JEO1-C to IFP90-JEO27-C Crescendoes, Kafana (2), Meyersdale Men's Chorus, Sheffler, Signorina, St. Rochus Arts Festival, Cunsolo, Intihar, Smith, Leister et al, polka mass, Mountain Blue Grass Boys, Amershek, Johnstown Area Button Box Club, tamburitzan mass, Intihar Group, the New Ks, Frank, Frank Group, Hribar Group, Neral, P., F. and F. Babich, Jacklevich
2O'Reilly Release Forms: Sheffler, Smith, Intihar, Cunsolo, Amershek, Frank
3O'Reilly Photography Logs: IFP90-JEO1-S to IFP90-JEO8-S Various festivals and picnics, Kafana, Crescendoes, Alicia's Polish Eagle Dancers, St. Rochus Arts Festival, Johnstown Folk Dancers, Southern Express, Slovenian Polka Pals, St. Rochus Tamburitzans, Sheffler, Intihar, Cunsolo, Holsopple Quilters, Smith, Leister, Mountain Blue Grass Boys, Johnstown Button Box Club, the New Ks, Frank Group, Hribar
4O'Reilly Miscellanies: IFP90-JEO6 and 7-C St. Rochus Arts Festival flyer
5O'Reilly Miscellanies: IFP90-JEO9-C Clipping on Jerry Intihar
6O'Reilly Miscellanies: IFP90-JEO13-C Polka mass, Sacred Heart Church-Portage-PA, Polish materials
7O'Reilly Miscellanies: IFP90-JEO16-C Clipping on Fr. Charles Amershek
8O'Reilly Miscellanies: IFP90-JEO18-C Tamburitzan mass, St. Rochus Church materials
9O'Reilly Miscellanies: IFP90-JEO25 and 26-C Croatian Educational Society program books
10O'Reilly Miscellanies: Johnstown records- 45s
11O'Reilly Miscellanies: Archivist checklists, letter from O'Reilly
12O'Reilly Report: "Summary Observations: Fieldwork in Johnstown, July/August, Nat. Folk Festival, music, crafts, recommendations 1990
13Martine Stephens Fieldnotes IFP90-JMS1-C to IFP90-JMS8-C Daily: Somerset County-PA, coal, agriculture, strip mining, crafts,churches, Amish, ethnicity, KKK, stores, peddling and huckstering, quilters, vernacular museum, Windber-PA, music, Listie-PA, Boswell-PA, Somerset-PA, Holsopple-PA, Spring-PA, Mennonite, blacksmithing, ironwork, Slovak, German, Jenner-PA, Weimer, Steinkirchners, Hancock, Italian, fraternal, widows, K. and T. Griffith, gender labor divisions, Murray, N. and M. Codispoti, Babalonis, Doncaster, company towns and stores, unions, Hooversville-PA, Nicely Brothers, legends 6-5 to 7-27-90
14Stephens Recording Logs IFP90-JMS1-C to IFP90-JMS9-C Weimer, Steinkirchners, Svonavecs, Hancock, K. and T. Griffith, Murray, N. and M. Codispoti, Babalonis, Doncaster
15Stephens Biography Sheets: Weimer, Steinkirchners, Svonavecs, Hancock, K. and T. Griffith, Murray, N. and M. Codispoti, Babalonis
16Stephens Release Forms: Weimer, Steinkirchner, Stumpf, Svonavec, Hancock, Griffith, Murray, Codispoti, Doncaster, Babalonis, quilters: Barger, Eash, Diehl, Thomas, Yoder, Kaufman, Shaffer, Maschure, Stahl, Harnilak, Yoder, Rummel, Sheffer, Holsopple, Gaylar
17Stephens Photography Log: IFP90-JMS2-B (color prints) Seese, museum, Weimer, Steinkirchner, Hancock, St. Stanislaus Church-Boswell-PA, Murray, N. and M. Codispoti, Stumpf, Oakhurst Tea Room, blacksmith and welding shop, Listie Store, Jenner-PA, grocery store, strip mining, Holsopple quilters, Doncaster, Johnstown Flood Museum
18Stephens Miscellanies: IFP90-JMS8-C Xerox of Hooversville-PA history
19Stephens Miscellanies: Somerset County materials
20Stephens Miscellanies: Archivist checklist
21Stephens Report: "Cultural Survey: Somerset County"
22Jim Swartz Fieldnotes: IFP90-JJS1-C to IFP90-JJS7-C, IFP90-JJS9-C, IFP90-JJS11-C to IFP90-JJS15-C Daily: Altoona-PA, Pennsylvania Railroad, ethnicity, German, Irish, fraternals, Unter Uns Club, Mexican, hobo camps, circus train, Sinking Valley-PA, Buccinese Club, bocci, Italian, engineers, maintenance, car builder, Blair County-PA, quarries, Canoe Creek, Italian radio show, Hollidaysburg-PA, Powder Mill-PA, canals, lime kilns, Moore's Mill-PA, sand quarries, Williamsburg-PA, divorce laws, conductor, brakeman, danger, accidents, refractory, Claysburg-PA, Sproul-PA, gender, community spirit and pride, Mount Etna furnace, fishing, water pollution, Amish, Roaring Springs-PA, paper mill, local museum, furloughs, time carding, railroad families, farms, grist mills, Con-Rail 6-11 to 7-17-90
23Swartz Recording Logs: IFP90-JJS1-C to IFP90-JJS15-C R. Grove, Bollinger, Graziosi, McArthur, DiLeo, Risoldi, Corl, Hauser, Bleicher, Labriola, Botteicher, Markley, Muri, Hollobaugh, Kauffman, P. and B. Grove, Biddle
24Swartz Biography Sheets: R. Grove, Bollinger, Graziosi, McArthur, Risoldi, Corl, Hauser, Bleicher, Labriola, Botteicher, Markley, Muri, Hollobaugh, Kauffman, Grove, Biddle
25Swartz Release Forms: R. Grove, Bollinger, Graziosi, McArthur, DiLeo, Risoldi, Corl, Hauser, Bleicher, Labriola, Botteicher, Markley, Muri, Hollobaugh, Kauffman, B. and P. Grove, Biddle
26Swartz Photography Logs: IFP90-JJS1-S to IFP90-JJS5-S R. Grove, Ringling Brothers Circus Train, Bollinger, Graziosi, McArthur, Buccinese Club, Altoona-PA, Flag Day parade, Hauser, Bleicher, Corl, Risoldi, lime kilns, quarries, Canoe Creek State Park, Blair County-PA scenes, Muri, Mount Etna Furnace, Con-Rail, Roaring Springs-PA, carved Indiana, B. and P. Grove, Williamsburg-PA, Markley, Biddle, non-survey photographs of Arizona
27Swartz Miscellanies: IFP90-JJS1 and 2-C Unter Uns Club materials
28Swartz Miscellanies: IFP90-JJS6-C Risoldi autobiography, "Music of Italy" radio show history
29Swartz Miscellanies: IFP90-JJS15-C Biddle family history
30Swartz Miscellanies: Blair County clippings and materials
31Swartz Miscellanies: Archivist checklist
32Swartz Report: "Cultural Survey Report of Blair County, Pennsylvania"
1O'Reilly Bruce Williams Fieldnotes: IFP90-JBW1-C to IFP90-JBW14-C Druzbik, modern steel making, earlier steel making, training,"black books," F. and C. Scaletta, hucksters, Prospect-Johnstown-PA, Conemaugh and Blacklick Railroad, track work, fireman, engineer, Civilian Conservation Corps, Bethlehem Steel, Bar- Rod-Wire Division, manganese, rigger, bucker, Kucera, Slovak, ethnicity, structural shop, Gautier works, rake shop, Boryk, the Depression, union, Woodvale-Johnstown-PA,Franklin Johnstown, PA, car shop, millwright, management, Fitzpatrick, metallurgical department, wire mill, seniority, N. Buchan, garden, Birk, trucking business, bricklayer, Gemza, open hearth furnace, DaLesandro, U. S. Steel, blast furnace, turn foreman, blooming mill, upper and lower shops, sports, immigration, cleaning house, foundry, vicing foreman, closing the Johnstown works of U. S. Steel, G. Buchan, USWA, cold and hot brick work, hotdoggers, apprenticeship, electric furnace, grievances, Seese, overtime, Haselrig, Rosedale Coke Plant, race, African Americans, reunions, (East) Conemaugh-Johnstown-PA
2Williams Recording Logs: IFP90-JBW1-C to IFP90-JBW14-C Druzbik, C. Scaletta, F. Scalleta, Kucera, Boryk, Fitzpatrick, N. Buchan, Birk, Gemza, DaLesandro, G. Buchan, Seese, Haselrig
3Williams Biography Sheets: Druzbik, C. Scaletta, F. Scaletta, Kucera, Boryk, Fitzpatrick, N. Buchan, Birk, Gemza, DaLesandro, G. Buchan, Seese, Haselrig
4Williams Release Forms: Druzbik, C. Scaletta, F. Scaletta, Kucera, Boryk, N. Buchan, Birk, Gemza, DaLesandro, G. Buchan, Haselrig
5Williams Miscellanies: Archivist checklist
6Williams Report: Untitled, steel making in Johnstown, PA
7AIHP Folklife Division Annual Report, James Abrams 1990
8AIHP Folklife Documentation Center, Somerset Historical Center Report, Cynthia Mason, Richard Dunn, Barbara Budde, Ruth Olson, B. Levin 1990
9AIHP Folklife Documentation Center, Railroaders Memorial Museum, Altoona, Report, Edmund O'Reilly, Ted Holland, Betty Belanus, Nancy Smith 1990
10Belanus Fieldnotes: Women and Railroad Project IFP90-ABB1-C to IFP90-ABB11-C
11Belanus Report: "Railroad Women are Proud Women: Women and the Railroad in Altoona, Pennsylvania"
12Margie Burket Fieldnotes: IFP91-JMB1-C to IFP91-JMB11-C Daily: Blair County-PA, Morrison's Cove-PA, Mennonite, farming, Martinsburg-PA, Amish, Woodbury-PA, gardens, Curryville-PA, Roaring Springs-PA, foodways, shed-raising, quilts, family history, stores, crafts, music, needlework, buggy building, Swiss, dairy, German, Zimmermans, Hinish, Burgess, Burket 6-17 to 10-17-91
13Burket Recording Logs: IFP91-JMB1-C to IFP91-JMB11-C (Note: one partial log and tape information from final report. Burket not able to tape all informants; some tapes are her recollections of interview; 7-C is a self-interview by informant. 3, 4, 8, 9, and 11 probably taped interviews.)
14Burket Biography Sheets: Zimmerman, Bishop, Hinish, Nolt, Burket, Metzler
15Burket Release Forms: I. Zimmerman, LA and B. Hinish, Burket, Metzler
16Burket Miscellanies: IFP91-JMB11-C Metzler family genealogy
17Burket Miscellanies: Note
18Burket Miscellanies: Roaring Springs centennial book
19Burket Report: "Then and Now" Mennonites in Morrison's Cove, Blair and Bedford Counties-PA
20Jon Darling Fieldnotes: IFP91-JJD1-C to IFP91-JJD7-C Daily: Wilson, Reilly, Seton Hill College, Westmoreland County-PA, Sisters of Charity, Greensburg-PA, Catholics, Jews 6-17 to 8-2-91
1Darling Miscellanies: Book: Boyle, Mother Seton's Sisters of Charity in Western PA
2Darling Miscellanies: Book: Melvile, Elizabeth Bayley Seton
3Darling Miscellanies: Booklets on Mother Seton
4Darling Miscellanies: Notes
5Darling Report: "Cultural Survey of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania”
6Douglas Day Fieldnotes: Daily: Contact list Fulton County-PA, brick kilns, McConnellsburg-PA, Primitive Baptists, folk festival, sports, racism, Corning Glass, Mack truck, lumber, Civil War, lime kiln, farming, sheep 6-18 to 6-23-91
7Day Recording Logs: IFP91-JDTD1-C to IFP91-JDTD19-C Buterbaugh, M. and amp; E. Richards, Mellott, O. and L. Long, Peck, Cline, Hann
8Day Biography Sheets: E. and M. Richards, McQuade, Hann, Batdorff, Buterbaugh, N. Richards, Mellott, L. and O. Long, Peck, Cline
9Day Release Forms: E. and M. Richards, Peck, Mellott, L. and O. Long, Hann, Cline, Batdorff, Buterbaugh
10Day Photography Logs: IFP91-JDTD1-S to IFP91-JDTD6-S Fulton County-PA, fair, McQuade, M. and E. Richards, O. and L. Long, Peck, Batdorff, musicians, church, Hann
11Day Miscellanies: Letters and notes
12Day Report: "Fulton County" Cultural survey, religion, race, ethnicity, history, occupation, farming, unions, music, foodways, crafts, contact list
13Doris Dietrich Fieldnotes: IFP91-JDFD1-C to IFP91-JDTD6-C Daily: Churches, economic decline, Uniontown Historical Society, place, ethnicity, county fair, music, Fayette County-PA, coal and coke, Brownsville-PA, tourism, Historical Society of Greater Connellsville, railroad, Falling Water, Irish, German, farming, Ohiopyle, Italian, Slovak, festivals and picnics, ethnic women religious, coop- extension, race, crafts, dance, Hutterian Brethren Community (Bruderhof), loss of farmland, Riedman, ethnicity and religion, clubs and organizations, ethnic/Catholic schools. (Deleted and restricted material) 7-25 to 9-13-91
14Dietrich Recording Logs: IFP91-JDTD1-C to IFP91-JDFD16-C Riedman, Onusko, Galida, Burd, A. and H. Molinaro, Molinaro Band, Vail, Jackson, Herning, Williams, polka radio shows, Ravenscroft, Old Time Fiddlers Jamboree, Hochstetler, McCarty
15Dietrich Biography Sheets: Yackanich, Williams, D. and M. Wardle, Vail, Ross, Riedman, Ravenscroft, Peterson, Onusko, McCarty, H. and A. Molinaro, Llinderman, Jackson, Hochstetler, Herring, Galida, Curci, Burd, Balsley
1Dietrich Release Forms: Williams, Vail, Riedman, Onusko, H. and A. Molinaro, Jackson, Herring, Galida, Burd
2Dietrich Photography Logs: IFP91-JDFD1-S to IFP91-JDFD4-S Fayette County-PA, Fayette County Fair, fairs and festivals and picnics, St. John Catholic Church-Connellsville-PA, foodways, various ethnic groups, music and dance, Slovak, Polish, Italian, Lebanese, farms, churches
3Dietrich Miscellanies: SS. Cyril and Methodius and St. Helen Roman Catholic parish books
4Dietrich Miscellanies: Byzantine Catholic pamphlets
5Dietrich Miscellanies: Monongahela Valley Historic and Ethnographic Survey
6Dietrich Miscellanies: Monongahela Valley Traditional Arts Survey
7Dietrich Miscellanies: Traditional Arts Survey Artist Data Sheets
8Dietrich Miscellanies: Book: Palmer, Youghiogheny Appalachian River
9Dietrich Miscellanies: Book: Mountain Pike (National Road)
1Dietrich Report: Appendices for Fayette County cultural survey
2Kathy Kimiecik Fieldnotes: IFP91-JKK10-C to IFP91-JKK18-C Daily: Bedford County-PA, churches, music, Old Bedford Village, Bedford Museum, Mount Pisgah AME Zion Church, Bedford County Grass, Sounds of Grass, Country Current, Family and Friends, Dively Family, Wills Mountain Grove, Crescendos, Morrison's Cove, statistics, Bedford Co. Fair, ag. organizations, contact names, directions, Lost Children of Alleghenies, farming, Ag Progress Days, draft horses, Sell, Lawrey, dairy, cattle, Popovich, Bedford Preservation Board, Slayton, polled herefords, coop, Dale, Fritz, Fox, Yokum, sheep, lamb, Chaneysville incident, women, Musselman, development, Mennonites, Sollenbergers, goats 7-26 to 8-29-91
3Kimiecik Recording Logs: IFP91-JKK2-C to IFP91-JKK12-C Bedford County-PA general survey, New Enterprise-PA, signs and markers, Everett-PA, Schellsburgh, Mann's Choice, Buffalo Mills, Snake Spring, Old Bedford Village Blue Grass Festival, Bedford County Grass, Sounds of Grass, Country Current, Mount Pisgah AME Zion Church, Dively Family, Wills Mountain Grove, Crescendos, Family and Friends, New Paris, Coral Caverns, Lost Children of the Alleghenies, Lawry, Popovich, Slayton
4Kimiecik Biography Sheets: M. and L. Yokum, R. and L. and L. Sollenberger, Slayton, L. and F. Sell, Popovich, Musselman, Zimmerman, Lawry, Fox, Dale, Fritz
5Kimiecik Release Forms: M. Yokum, L. Sollenberger, Slayton, Popovich, Musselman, Lawry, Fritz, Fox, Dale
6Kimiecik Photography Logs: IFP91-JKK1-S to IFP91-JKK7-S Bedford County-PA, Breezewood, Koon Dam, Rainsburg, W. Smith chain saw carvings, bluegrass festival, Bedford County Grass, Sounds of Grass, U. S. Navy Bluegrass Band, Mount Pisgah AME Zion Church, Dively Family, Cresendos, New Paris Cemetery, Lost Children of the Alleghenies Monument, Pavia-PA, Lovely-PA, Bedford County Fair, Sell, Ag Progress Days, L. and M. Yokum, Chaneysville Cemetery, R. and L. and L. Sollenberger, Sell, Musselman, National Folk Festival, Slayton, Fritz
7Kimiecik Miscellanies: Materials from interviews and contact list
8Kimiecik Miscellanies: Bedford County information
9Kimiecik Miscellanies: Christian books
10Kimiecik Miscellanies: PA State Farm Show book, 1992
11Kimiecik Miscellanies: Ag Progress Days material
12Kimiecik Miscellanies: Booklet: Near, Lost Children of the Alleghenies
13Kimiecik Report: "An Introduction to the Vernacular Landscape of Bedford, County, Its' (sic) Agriculture, and Resident Participation in Agricultural Associations"
14McNitt Miscellanies: Note
15McNitt Report: "Final Report: Huntingdon County Survey" Swigart Museum, African American community, Huntingdon County-PA, iron, coal, railroad, silica brick, ethnicity, KKK, anti-Catholicism, racism, out-migration, Russian, Italian, churches, homecomings, French, textile mills, volunteer fire companies, emergency medical service, women, politics, Black Heritage Festival
16Linda Randall Fieldnotes:IFP91-JLR2, 5-8, 11-14-C Daily: Fulton County-PA, Christian churches, rural, women deer hunters, German, English, Mennonites, African Americans, firemen's carnival, cemeteries, feminism, racism, quilting, Needmore, McConnellsburg, WIC and other programs, burial associations, Great Cove, dairy farming, Breakall, Fletcher, Garlock, Farm Women's Group, feeding deer, Sagner Mill, unions, Richards, Clusman, nicknames e.g. "Dicky" for family name of Richards, Mellott, services, government, moonshine, Deneen, Buck Valley, Palmer, water table, hunting rituals, hunt breakfast, Fix, Cowan's Gap Park, Sipes, spinning and weaving, Suders, I. Schmidt, Schooley (Sensitive material removed and secured) 6-18 to 7-29-91
17Randall Recording Logs: IFP91-JLR2-C to IFP91-JLR14-C Overly, Suders, Polock, Richards, Breakall, Fletcher, Garlock, Sipes, Schooley, Deneen, Fix, Clusman, Sipes
1Randall Biography Sheets: Breakall, Suders, J. Sipes, H. Sipes, Pollock, McLucas, Garlock, Fletcher, Deneen
2Randall Release Forms: Suders, J. Sipes, H. Sipes, Schooley, W. and I. Schmidt, Richards, Pollock, Palmer, Overly, Mellott, McLucas, Henry, Glenn, Garlock, Fletcher, Fix, Deneen, Clusman, Breakall
3Randall Photography Logs: IFP91-JLR1-B to IFP91-JLR3-S Bethel AME Church-Cito-PA, Big Cove-PA, Hunter Mill, Buterbaugh, Glenn, W. and I. Schmidt, McConnellsburg-PA July 4th parade, McLucas, Overly, Overly-Raker Corp., various Fulton County scenes
4Randall Report: "Fulton County Survey" Cultural survey, women hunters, Fulton County background, Civil War, agriculture, tanneries, mills, stores, timber, gypsy moths, inns, contemporary employers, unions, German, English, Scotch-Irish, class issues, racism, African Americans, KKK, development, women, women's groups, crafts, quilts, burial associations, medical facilities
5Randall Slide Logs: Douglas Day, Fulton County, Summer 1991
6Dan Santoro Fieldnotes: IFP91-JDS1-C Daily: Bedford County PA, businesses, cemetery, monuments, 4th of July parade in Bedford, Persian Gulf War, veterans, Kloss, Zeigler, Bedford Heritage Plan, tourism, Burgraff, agriculture, Agricultural Preservation Task Force of Bedford, County 6-29, 7-4, 7-10, 7-29-91
7Santoro Recording Logs: IFP91-JDS1-C to IFP91-JDS4-C Kloss, Zeigler, Burgraff, industrial heritage of Bedford-County-PA, agriculture, iron, tourism, agricultural preservation, Holbert, Bedford County Fair, farm youth groups, country music, dairy, Sleighter, Bedford Springs, lifestyle, rural, place, Breezewood-PA, Everett-PA, H. and B. Anspach, railroad, farmers' union
8Santoro Biography Sheets: Zeigler, Sleighter, Kloss, D. and D. Jones, Holbert Burggraf, H. and B. Anspach
9Santoro Release Forms: Zeigler, Kloss, Burggraf, Holbert, Sleighter, H. and Anspach, D. and D. Jones
10Santoro Photography Logs: IFP91-JDS1-B to IFP91-JDS8-S Cemeteries, Bedford-PA, July 4th parade, Bedford Springs Hotel, Pleasantville-PA, Bedford County Fair, Holbert, Jones, Acron Bookshop, veterans, patriotism
11Santoro Miscellanies: Cemetery article
12Santoro Report: "Agricultural Preservation Efforts in Bedford County: Economic and Cultural Transformation"
13Michael DiVirgilio Fieldnotes: IFP91-JMDV1-C to IFP91-JMDV9-C Daily: Jeannette-PA, Italians, Rich O'Conner, Abruzzi, fieldwork, glass industry, Moffa, festival, foodways, Persichetti, R. DiFonso, bootlegging, wine, Troglio, ethnicity, Salvatore, discrimination, Avolio, post-WWII immigration, Depression, Runt, Fauk, Bove, WWII (portions restricted) 6-17 to 7-28-91
14DiVirgilio Recording Logs: IFP91-JMDV1-C to IFP91-JMDV9-C Persichetti, Troglio, Moffa, R. and F. DiFonso, Salvatore, Avolio, DelGross
15DiVirgilio Biography Sheets: R. DiFonso, Persichetti, Troglio, Moffa, D. Di Fonso, Salvatore, Bove, Avolio
16DiVirgilio Release Forms: Persichetti, R. DiFonso, Troglio, D. DiFonso, Salvatore, Bove, Avolio
17DiVirgilio Photography Logs: IFP91-JMDV1-B Persichetti, Jeannette, DiFonso, Italian Forest, Loggia Garibaldi, Ascension Church, La Festa Italiana, Joe Carle
18DiVirgilio Report: "A Preliminary History of the Early Italian Community in Jeannette, Pennsylvania" History of Jeannette Italian community, immigration, regionalism, ethnic identity, coal, glassworks, fraternals, churches, foodways, brick ovens, grocery stores, winemaking, prejudice, Italian festival
19Steve Keller Fieldnotes: Daily: Jeannette-PA, glass industry, flint-tableware, pressed glass, methodology, glass jargon, 1909-12 Jeannette News Dispatch articles, Native Americans, Seton Hill student video makers, Reaganomics 6-17 to 1-26-91
20Keller Recording Logs: IFP91-JSWK1-C to IFP91-JSWK13-C Carle, Jeannette Glass, father and son teams, husbands and wives, Brogan take over, unions, union corruption, women, change, Reagan, Troglio, heat, Columba Hotel, ethnicity, immigration, deindustrialization, displacement, African American, Coca-Cola acquisition, law suits, Hall, plant closing and layoffs, Duzyk, language, shifts, gender, safety and health, training, apprenticeships, shop "family," absentee ownership, unemployment, hospitalization, J. and B. Beistel, Hizer, moldmakers, pattern makers, DelGross, union, Fredo, Sacket, Hogans
21Keller Biography Sheets: Carle, Troglio, Reeger, Hall, Duzyk, J. and B. Beistel, Hizer, DelGrosso, Fredo, Sacket, Hogans
22Keller Release Forms: Carle, Troglio, Reeger, Hall, Duzyk, B. and J. Beistel, Hizer, Hogans, DelGross, Fredo, Sacket
23Keller Photography Logs: IFP91-JSWK1-S Reeger, Garufi, Beers, D. and B. Hall, Duzyk, Carle, glassworkers commemoration model, ruby glassware, Hizer
24Keller Miscellanies: Letter to Joe Carle
25Keller Miscellanies: Case study proposal
26Keller Report: "Working in the 'Glass City:' The Making and Shattering of Jeannette, Pennsylvania, 1888-1991" Jeannette glassmaking and deindustrialization, shutdown of Jeannette Glass, industry and identity, class, glassmaking, unions, gender, court cases, corporate history, race, women
27Barbara Shircliffe Fieldnotes: IFP91-JBS1-C to IFP91-JBS6-C Daily: Garufi, Beers, Eckenrode, B. Hall, P. Hall, work ethic, moldmaking, gender and work, Brogan takeover, deindustrialization, "hot end" (sensitive material removed and restricted) 6-17 to 7-1-91
28Shircliffe Recording Logs: IFP91-JBS1-C to IFP91-JBS6-C Garufi, Beers, Eckenrode, B. Hall, P. Hall, Jeannette Glass, gender and work, deer hunting, Brogan takeover, pregnancies, deindustrialization, health care, gardens, outmigration, mortgage, unions, takeovers, deindustrialization, African Americans, Westmoreland Glass, health benefits, shutdowns, benefits, Coca-Cola, Brogan, "hot end," Jeannette
1Kalcik Fieldtrip Materials: Conemaugh Dam , Trail of Transportation History, maps, brochures 6-22-91
2Zahornec Interview by Kalcik: Notes taken during interview (), recipe Recording Log: IFP91-JSK1-C Notes from photo session (10-5 and 6-91) 4-5-91
3Podlucky Interviews by Kalcik: Interview questionnaire, blank Notes taken during interviews Questionnaire used in interviews Biography sheet Release form Notes from Podlucky IFP91-JSK2, 4 and 5-C
4Kubej (Sr. Mary Ursula) Interview by Kalcik: Notes on addresses and contact information Biography sheet Release form Notes and materials on Bishop Pelczar IFP91-JSK6-C
5Miller and Fisher Interview by Kalcik: Appointment notes Foodways questionnaire Recording log IFP91-JSK3-C Spirit Path Farms information Recipes, Release forms
6Mishler Interview by Kalcik: Appointment note Foodways questionnaire National Folk Festival information sheet Notes taken during interview Recording log IFP91-JSK7-C Recipes, Release form
7Wable Interview by Kalcik: Notes about appointment Foodways questionnaire Notes taken during interview Correspondence IFP91-JSK8-C
8Zahornec Interview by Kalcik: Note and notes from interview (no tape) Recipes
9Klimek Interview by KalcikDirections Foodways questionnaire Notes taken during interview (no tape) Xerox of newspaper recipes
10Kalcik Photography Logs: IFP91-JSK1-S to IFP91-JSK21-S African American Heritage Project Committee, Easter Palms, Meyersdale-PA Maple Festival, school kids in Altoona oral history class, Spirit Path Farms-Stoystown-Somerset County-PA, goats, Miller, Fisher, Klavuhn, Podlucky, St. Emerich's picnic-Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, Cambria City scenes, religious statue, Old Fashioned Bargain Days-Johnstown-PA, Jankowiak, SS. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church-Jerome-PA, Conemaugh Dam-Indiana County-PA, St. Stephen's bus to Kennywood Slovak Day, photos from Sr. Ursula's final vows ceremony album, African American Reunion-East Conemaugh-Johnstown-PA, St. Casimir Polish Festival-Cambria City, St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Convent-Cambria City, St. Joseph Church festival-Johnstown, Mishler, Allegheny Portage Railroad, Railroaders Memorial Museum, Thur farm, Wable, maple sugar camp, farmers' market, gardens, Zahornec, Slovak cooking, A.I.H.P. archaeology dig-Cambria City-Wagner Ritter House, St.Bartholeme picnic Wilmore-PA, Klimek, pumpkins, Mine 40-PA, SS. Cyril and Methodius Slovak Catholic Church-Windber-PA, National Folk Festival Foodways Program, Slovak dance groups, Mesaros, Golias, Slovak women religious 1991
1153rd National Folk Festival Labor/Industrial Heritage Stage Log Sheets : Stout, Connor, William, Cashaw, Hemphill, Bailey, Silverstein, Feeney 8-31 and 9-1-91
1253rd National Folk Festival Labor/Industrial Heritage Programs Photography Logs (Kimiecik): IFP91-JKK8 and 9-S and IFP91-JKK10-B Steel sculpture, Stout, Conner, Miller, Gonas, Golasso, Fatula, Connolly, Silverstein, Abrams, Miller, Hemphill, Bailey, Cashaw, Williams, Feeney 8-29 and 9-1-91
13AIHP Folklife Documentation. Center for Agriculture, Somerset Historical Center, Report, , Cynthia Mason 1991
14AIHP Folklife Documentation Center for Steel, Johnstown Area Heritage Association, Report, , Curt Miner 1991
15Barbara Moore Release Forms: Kimberly, Durbin (no log or photograph numbers)
16Ted Holland Recording Logs:IFP92-JTH1-C to IFP92-JTH14-C and IFP92-JHR1-C Tapes made for Heritage Tour Route Audio Tape- "Voices from the Ridge," Petrusic, Yasecko, Manocchio, Martelletti, Fatula, Sukenik, Dalesandro, Lee, Petta, Bailey, Zahornec, Corbett (dub), steel mill, bricklayer, Bethlehem Steel, suicide in mill, end of bricklaying, ethnicity, pranks, nicknames, 1977 flood, 1936 flood, children's games, coal mines, unions, social life, weddings, gardens, foodways, butchering, peddlers, 1927 strike, sled riding, bootlegging, drunkenness, Portage-PA, Puritan-PA, Johnstown-PA, company store, needlework and sewing, mine accidents, women in mines,courtship, African Americans, silk mills, disease, Christmas, New Year's, hobo, railroad, children's jobs, hobo poetry, Altoona railroad shops, women in railroad shops, heritage project, mill shutdown, steel mill accidents, ethnicity and jobs, cooking in mill, "government jobs," children's clothes, sports, movies, radio, holidays, blast furnace, U. S. Steel, safety, decline of American steel, Pennsylvania Railroad, hunting, Slovak, Italian, women in steel mill, German, immigrants, heritage projects, traditions, family life, Depression, music, wrecks
17Holland Biography Sheets: Petrusic, Fatula, Sukenik, Lee, Bailey, Corbett
18Holland Release Forms: Petrusic, Sukenik, Lee
19Holland Miscellanies: Manocchio hobo poetry IFP92-JTH4-C
20Patrick Alexander Fieldnotes: IFP92-PPA1-C to IFP92-PPA9-C Daily: Childhood current or recalled in Patton-PA, drinking, drugs, sports, entertainment, military service, veterans, place, displacement, work and jobs, nicknames, shopping, racism, popular music, drunken ramblings, schools, security 6-15 to 6-24-92
21M. Kuhn Interview by Alexander: Recording log IFP92-PPA1-C Friends, sports, small town, games, displacement, jobs, schools, Vietnam War, hunting, Patton-PA
22Anonymous Interview I by Alexander: Recording log IFP92-PPA2-C Small town life, security, employment problems, places to play, displacement, returning, Patton-PA
23Anonymous Interview II by Alexander: Recording log IFP92-PPA3-C Places for kids to go in Patton-PA, schools, popular music, outmigration
24Brown and Rowland Interview by Alexander: Recording log IFP92-PPA4-C Games, Patton-PA, kids' hangouts, ethnic and racial discrimination, security, family history, drinking, legend of White Lady in Woods-Buckhorn Lady Biography sheets: Brown and Rowland
25Dibello Interview by Alexander:Recording log IFP92-PPA5-C Patton-PA, band, drugs, small town life, jobs, outmigration, cars, Patton Clay Works, games, hunting/fishing, gangs, class, loitering
26Garrity Interview by Alexander: Recording log IFP92-PPA6-C Patton-PA, church, charity activities, childhood
27N. and A. Williams Interview by Alexander: Recording log IFP92-PPA7-C Patton-PA, school rivalries, manhood, Vietnam War, family,school dropouts, gang, class divisions, coal mining, sense of community, politics, ethnicity Biography sheets: A. and N. Williams
28M. and R. Stevens Interview by Alexander: (IFP92-PPA8-C)Biography sheet: M. and R. Stevens garage band-Morpheus
29J. and D. J. Knoll Interview by Alexander: Recording log IFP92-PPA9-C Patton-PA, Oral History Institute, hair style, games and pastimes, typical summer day
30Alexander Release Forms: Brown, G. Page, J. Dibello, Freeman, Garrity, Rowland, Spike, Stevens, Tressel, Wilkie, A. and N. Williams
31Alexander Photography Logs: IFP92-PPA1-B to IFP92-PPA10-S Oral History Institute presentation, Patton-PA area and buildings, signs, Loretto-PA, Patton Park, St. Joseph's Church, bumper stickers, Firemen's Festival, swimming, Knoll, Wilkie
32Alexander Miscellanies: "poetry" notes
33Alexander Proposal and Report: untitled- Patton childhood
34William (Bill) Cahill Fieldnotes: IFP92-PWC1-C to IFP92-PWC6-C Daily: Patton-PA, organizations, Glendale Lake, politics, stores, Prince Gallitzin State Park, hunting 6-15 to 6-25-92
35Short Interview by Cahill: Recording log IFP92-PWC1-C Patton-PA, clubs and organizations, immigrants, life in Patton, impact of Glendale Lake on area Biography sheet: Short
36McConnell Interview by Cahill: Recording log IFP92-PWC2-C Patton-PA, population changes, trout nursery, Patton Sportsman's Club, environmental issues, Chest Creek, impact of Glendale Lake, tourism Biography sheet: McConnell
37Mansberger Interview by Cahill: Recording log IFP92-PWC3-C Patton-PA, Prince Gallitzin State Park, park and economy, hunters, Mountain Days
38Simpson Interview by Cahill: Recording log IFP92-PWC4-C Patton-PA, business development, banking, N.B.O.C., changes, tourism Biography sheet: Simpson
39Churella Interview by Cahill: Recording Log IFP92-PWC5-C Patton-PA, marina at Glendale Lake, village of Fish relocated, draining of lake, tourism, family Biography sheet: Churella
40Vescovi Interview by Cahill: Recording log IFP92-PWC6-C Patton-PA, Glendale Lake, building dam, jobs, Mountain Days, security in Patton, hunting, lake facilities Biography sheet: Vescovi
41Cahill Release Forms: Churella Buck, M. and P. Churella, Johnson, McConnell, Mansberger, Short, Simpson, E. and A. Vescovi
42Cahill Photography Logs: IFP92-PWC1-B to IFP92-PWC3-V E. and A. Vescovi, M. and P. Churella, Churella Buck, Prince Gallitzin State Park, Glendale Lake-Cambria County-PA, fishermen, Mine 33 (coal), Johnson, Mansberger, hunters, Mountain Days, rangers, accidents, impact of lake
43Cahill Proposal and Report: "History of Glendale Lake"
44Francis Interview by Barbara Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC1-C Carmelite nuns, calling, training, cloistered life, feminism, women in the U. S. and world, history of monastery and order Biography sheet: Francis
45Farabaugh Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC2-C Veterans Administration Hospital, men in religious activities, nursing, housework, religion, training, retirement, cultural traditions Biography sheet: Farabaugh
46Stoltz Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC3-C Clerking, women's work, Patton Centennial Committee, music clubs in Patton-PA, Knights of Columbus, Catholic school, feminism, women in Patton-PA Biography sheet: Stoltz
47L. Bowman Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC4-C Radiology, community work, fire companies and women, training, decline in area, working women
48S. Lacue Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC5-C Nursing, women's work, illnesses, discrimination, assaults on women, Patton and Pittsburgh, area women's problems, training, Farabaugh history Biography sheet: S. Lacue
49Lamont Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC6-C Teaching English, women's work, parochial schools, education, cultural traditions, feminism, illiteracy, women in the world, housework Biography sheet: Lamont
50Kirk Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC7-C Teaching music, piano music, feminism, femininity Biography sheet: Kirk
51Cavetti Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC8-C Babysitting, traditions, women's work and rights in Patton-PA, women's organizations, social activities Biography sheet: Cavetti
52Boyle Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC9-C Factory work, Van Hausen factory, competition between workers, social activities, women's liberation, women's work and safety in Patton-PA, housework Biography sheet: Boyle
53D. Lacue Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC10-C Work in store and motel, social activities, cultural traditions, dating, women's work in Patton-PA, housework
54Lacue Farabaugh Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC11-C (Joe and Sara Lacue, Sharon Farabaugh Lacue) Family life/ activities, school, hunting, fishing, weather, religion, women and work, oral history Biography sheet: Lacue Farabaugh
55C. Bowman Interview by Campbell: Recording log IFP92-PBC12-C Teaching music, piano music, Christmas music Biography sheet: Bowman
56Campbell Release Forms: C. Bowman, L. Bowman, Boyle, Cavetti, Farabaugh, Francis, Kirk, D. Lacue, S. Lacue, Lamont, Stoltz
57Jeanette Greiner Fieldnotes: IFP92-PJG1 and 2-C IFP92-PJG1-B to IFP92-PJG8-S Patton area farms working and abandoned, sawmill, farming as a way of preserving heritage, barns, farm ponds, Mail Pouch barns, Ott farm
58Stoltz Interview by Greiner: Recording log IFP92-PJG1-C Growing up on a farm, chores, dairy, pigs, potatoes, Nagle one room school house, ethnicity, Christmas, 4-H Club, St. Augustine Catholic Church, peanut butter, food, Depression, wheat to Germantown, Ott family Biography sheet: Stoltz
59Bender Interview by Greiner: Recording log IFP92-PJG2-C Dairy farming, milk route, siblings leave- one takes over the farm, Depression, equipment, testing, Christmas, Catholic schools, kids' chores, apple butter making, wheat to Germantown, Ott family Biography sheet: Bender
60Greiner Biography Sheets: Anna, Greiner, Kollar, Preloh, Semelsberger, Yahner
61Greiner Release Forms: Anna, Bender, R. Greiner, Hoover, Karlheim, Kollar, Preloh, H. and P. Semelsberger, Skebeck, Strittmatter, Stoltz, F. and P. and R. Yahner
62Greiner Photography Logs: IFP92-PJG1-B to IFP92-PJG8-S Anna, Greiner, Preloh, Kollar, Yahner, Bender, Ott, Semelsberger farms; saw mill; Mail Pouch barn; equipment; Hoover; dairy; ponds; old photos of Patton; Otts; Karlheim; Skebeck; St. Mary's Church; milk bottles, Grandview Farm Dairy; ad; Strittmatter
63Greiner Miscellanies: Ott farm and family papers and clippings
64Greiner Report: "Patton Centennial Project Final Paper" Patton-PA farms and Ott family and farm
65Jim Harris Fieldnotes: IFP92-PJWH1-C to IFP92-PJWH?-C (no tapes) Daily: Patriotism, veterans, class, Central Inn, various wars, Fireman's Festival, drunken ramblings 6-15 to 6-19-92
66Williams Interview by Harris: Recording log IFP92-PJWH1-C (no tape) Patton-PA, growing up, patriotism, Catholicism, marriage, pregnancy, military, "good dude" system, drugs, class, vol. fire co., economics, politics, racism, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, history Biography sheet: Williams
67Willis Interview by Harris: Recording log IFP92-PJWH3-C (no tape) Patton-PA, patriotism, military, Persian Gulf War, return to Patton
1Conrad Interviews by Harris: Recording logs: IFP92-PJWH4 and 6-C Patton-PA, circus, race, cemetery he reclaimed, politics, patriotism, health, Civil War, Bill Cody, beautification projects, singing Biography sheet: Conrad Xerox of newspaper articles
2ZErickson Interview by Harris: Recording log IFP92-PJWH5-C 6 year old's interests, Biography sheet: Erickson
3Harris Release Forms: Erickson, Conrad, Williams, Willis
4Harris Proposal and Report: Untitled, subject unclear
5Judi Hetrick Fieldnotes: IFP92-PJLH1-C to IFP92-PJLH3-C Daily: Patton-PA, churches, foodways, senior citizens center, family photos, music, architecture, fieldwork 6-14 to 6-18-92
6Short Interview by Hetrick: Recording logs IFP92-PJLH1 and 2-C Marian-ettes senior citizens' singing group, family photos, garden, family history, neighbors, antiques, old age, teaching, social worker, anti-Catholicism Biography sheet: Short Miscellanies
7Crowell Interview by Hetrick: Recording log IFP92-PJLH3-C Patton-PA, steel mill, family history, clayworks, Depression, gardening, sports, games, entertainment, wine making, ethnic, KKK, unions, strikers, snowstorm, 1977 Johnstown flood, holiday celebrations including Labor Day and Christmas, foodways-sausage-butchering, education, schooling, gender Biography Sheet: Crowell
8Hetrick Release Forms: Cence, Crowell, Hudak, Kane, McNulty, Mertens, Semovich, Short, Stoltz
9Hetrick Photography Logs: IFP92-PJLH1-S to IFP92-PJLH4-V Patton Senior Center, Marian Short and the Marian-ettes, Crowell, bear sculpture, signs, teaching, courtship, family photos, St. Mary's Church and hall, signs and scenes in Patton-PA, Cence, McNulty
10Hetrick Miscellanies: Church bulletins, newsletters, notes to staff
11Hetrick Miscellanies: IFP92-PJLH7-V Note and addresses found in this tape box
12Hetrick Report Proposal: Patton Senior Citizens Activity Center, Short and the Marian-ettes singing group
13Barbara Illig Fieldnotes: IFP92-PBI1-C to IFP92-PBI9-C Daily: 6-15 to 6-23-92 Patton-PA, Slovak, Slavic ethnicity, family and life histories, customs and traditions, foodways, Easter, Christmas, housekeeping, gardens, Roman and Byzantine Catholic Churches, Russian Orthodox Church, fieldwork, prejudice against ethnics, immigrants, mining, silk mill, farms, Flannegan and Riley parts of Patton, language
14Homaday Interview by Illig: Recording Log IFP92-PBI1-C Patton-PA, Slovak, immigration as a child, silk mill, Russian Orthodox Church, wanting to forget Slovak customs, factory work during WWII Biography sheet: Homaday
15Hudak Interview by Illig: Recording log IFP92-PBI2-C Patton-PA, slovak, childhood, work, ethnic relations, religion, Depression, miner's hall dances, Jednota lodge, women working during WWII, baseball Biography sheet: Hudak Miscellanies: lit of wife's family, Jednota newspaper
16Haluska Interview by Illig: Recording log IFP92-PBI3-C Patton-PA, Slovak, coal mining, St. Mary's school, ethnicity, learning Slovak, Chicago, farm, work in bank, Christmas, WWII, visiting, Easter, Jednota, fraternals and clubs, "melting," politics, the Slovak people Biography sheet: Haluska
17Baran and Choby Interview by Illig: Recording log IFP92-PBI4-C Patton-PA, Slovak, children's games, butchering, coal mining, own house mine, baths, ethnic conflict, silk mill, better-off women, Frenchtown, immigration, Christmas and Easter, big families, Slovak wedding games, fraternals, ladies' groups Biography sheets: Baran and A. and J. Choby
18Juba Interview by Illig: Recording logs IFP92-PBI5 and 7-C (no audio on 5, 7 a recreation of interview) PA coal and coke, Patton-PA, Slovak, company housing, railroad track as road, children's chores,coal mining, language, skirt factory, Christmas and Easter traditions, fraternal, games, sewing clothes, unheated house, Slovak people, religion Biography sheets: A. and J. Juba
19Letso Interview by Illig: Recording log IFP92-PBI6-C (audio fails) Patton-PA, Slovak, snow, children's chores, language, getting electricity, Slovak choir, silk mill, Christmas Biography sheets: K. and M. Letso
20Shumosky Interview by Illig: Recording log IFP92-PBI8-C Patton-PA, Slovak, big families, housing, house cleaning, cow club, Christmas, coal mining, kid's and women's work, domestic work, shirt factory, religion, Slovak people, immigration, separation from "town" people Biography sheet: Shumosky
21Mikalow Interview by Illig: Recording log IFP92-PBI9-C Patton-PA, Slovak, gardens, school, coal mines, clay works, Moss Creek mine, accidents, Easter traditions, games, language, church Biography sheets: R. and B. Mikalow
22Illig Release Forms: Baran, A. and J. Chuby, Haluska, Homady, Hudak, A. and J. Juba, Letso, Mikalow, Shumasky
23Illig Photography Logs: IFP92-PBI1 and 2-S Churches, silk mill building, Slovak Club, cemeteries, farm, homes, Ukrainian eggs, garden, Tranquil Manor
24Illig Proposal and Report: "Life Histories of the Slovak Community in Patton, PA" History of Patton-PA, family, life, work, customs and traditions, religion
25Teresa Keener Fieldnotes: IFP92-PTK1-C to IFP92-PTK9-C Daily: Patton-PA, coal mining, Steir, unions, mine bosses, Penn Coal and Coke, strip mines, changes in mining, Boyle, Clay works, Slovaks, churches, Depression, family life, foodways, CCC Camp, F. D. Roosevelt, New Deal, UMWA, Patrick, Sundays, WPA roads in Patton, Whiteford, growing up in Patton, Letso, politics, shirt factory, silk mill, strip mining, future of Patton 6-15 to 6-24-92
26K. Steir Interviews by Keener: Recording log IFP92-PTK1 and 2-C Patton-PA, coal mining, mechanization, accident, ethnicity, mine shaft filling up with ice, handwork, changes in mines, strikes, Penn Coal and Coke Co., Chinese immigrants, working on railroad in Patton, union hall in Patton, F. D. Roosevelt and New Deal, unions, relationship between bosses and miners Biography sheet: Steir
27Baran Interview by Keener: Recording log IFP92-PTK3-C Patton-PA, coal mining, Slovaks, Flannagan, Depression, unions, ethnic conflicts, CCC Camp, churches, fraternals, F. D. Roosevelt, politics, clay works, New Deal, WWII, mechanization, accidents, ethnic groups in jobs Biography sheet: P. Baran
28J. and T. Steir Interview by Keener: Recording log IFP92-PTK4-C Patton-PA, coal mining, Patton history, unions, clay works, Depression, F. D. Roosevelt, W.P.A., J. L. Lewis Biography sheet: John Steir
29Patrick Interview by Keener: Recording logs IFP92-PTK5 and 6-C Patton-PA, growing up in Patton, kids' chores, churches, gardens, immigration, company store, coal mining, Sundays, Christmas, visiting, Depression, Slovak, language and customs, religion, "pussyfoots," union, company doctor, women's roles, accidents, W.P.A., politics, F. D. Roosevelt, J. L. Lewis, status of miners and families Biography sheet: D. and G. Patrick
30Whiteford Interview by Keener: Recording log IFP92-PTK7-C Patton-PA, growing, Penn. Coal and Coke, silk mill, domestic work, Baptist Church, entertainment, Depression, politics, clay works, future of Patton Biography sheet: Whiteford
31Letso Interview by Keener: Recording log IFP92-PTK8-C Patton-PA, growing up, teen hangouts, family life, religion, coal mining, strike, politics, future of Patton Biography sheet: Letso
32Ott Interview by Keener: Recording log IFP92-PTK9-C Patton-PA, coal mining, strip mining, accidents, church, future of Patton Biography sheet: Ott
33Keener Release Forms: Baran, T. and A. Kielbowick, Letso, G. and D. Patrick, J. and T. Steir, K. Steir, Whiteford
34Keener Photography Log: IFP92-PTK2-B (no number 1) Kielbowich and home, 3rd Ave., old mine entrance
35Keener Report and Proposal: Untitled-1930s coal mining families in Patton, PA Patton-PA, coal mining, mechanization, childhood experiences, informal training in mines, father/son relations in mines, 1930s, pride, decline in coal, coal as fuel, Depression, New Deal, F. D. Roosevelt, unions
36Hilary Krueger Fieldnotes: IFP92-PHK1-C to IFP92-PHK8-C Daily: Patton-PA, Oral History Institute, Carettis, growing up in Patton, haying, Prince Gallitzin Park, cemeteries, foodways, schools, churches, quarry, clay works, Ott farm, Whiteford, Carretti and Link, Haluska, Yahner, farms, photographer, County Court House, Cambria Historical Society, antiques, toys, school, parking ticket, immigration, restaurants 6-15 to 6-25-92
37Whiteford Interview by Krueger: Recording logs IFP92-PHK1 and 2-C Life story, growing up in Patton-PA, games, school, family history, entertainment, collecting, models, family photos Biography sheet: Whiteford
38M. and J. Caretti and Link Interview by Krueger: Recording logs IFP92-PHK3, 4, and 6-C Patton-PA, 1936 flood, KKK, coal mines, steel making, schools, sports, theaters in Patton, games, Italians, immigrants, stone masons, quarry, ethnicity, bands and dancers, Prohibition Biography sheets: J. and M. Caretti and Link Miscellanies: Xerox of photo of J. Caretti
39C. Haluska Interview by Krueger: Recording log IFP92-PHK5-C Growing up in Patton-PA, schools, games, chores and jobs, Depression, entertainment, theaters, husband's band, holidays, clay works, travel, weddings, parades, carnivals, toys, kids today, photography, candy making, ethnicity, Prohibition Biography sheet: C. Haluska
40Yahner Interview by Krueger: Recording log IFP92-PHK6-C Growing up in Patton-PA, father a photographer, Catholic school, courtship, living with in-laws, music and dancing, games, entertainment, Christmas, foodways, Halloween, Easter, ethnic dinners, kids today, reading, radio, Prohibition Biography sheet: Yahner
41A. Haluska Interview by Krueger: Recording log IFP92-PHK7-C Growing up in Patton-PA, sports, school, bands and dancing, changes in Patton in lifetime, coal mining, chores, entertainment, holidays, Sunset Dance Hall and big bands, Prohibition, Depression, life today Biography sheet: A. Haluska
42Freedman Interview by Krueger: Recording log IFP92-PHK8-C Growing up in Patton-PA, immigration from Italy, school, carnivals and circuses, medicine shows, parades, dances, sports, staying in Patton, toys, foodways, holidays, owning and losing grocery store, Depression, life in Patton today, shirt factory, chores, stores in Patton, family reunions Biography sheet: Freedman
43Krueger Release Forms: J. and M. Caretti, Freedman, C. and R. Greiner, A. Haluska, C. Haluska, Karlheim, Link, Whiteford, Yahner
44Krueger Photography Logs: IFP92-PHK1-B to IFP92-PHK12-S Whiteford family photos (copies, 1-7B), slides of Patton postcards, Ott farm, school building, Greiner farms, toys, play house
45Krueger Miscellanies: Ott family materials, fieldnotes from Boyle interview
46Krueger Report and Proposal: Untitled- growing up in Patton-PA , Ott farm, review of oral history workshop, program ideas 1920-1940
47Stafano Luconi Fieldnotes: IFP92-PSL1-C to IFP92-PSL11-C Daily: Patton-PA, politics, Political experience of Italian Americans in Patton, ethnic relations, women in politics, M. Donahue, Cammaratta, newspaper, John Torquato, L. Albright, A. Haluska, Coal and Iron Police, Yahner, Democratic and Republican parties, F. D. Roosevelt, New Deal, G. Albright, Toschi, R. and J. DeSalvo, Fiasco, E. Donahue, ethnic politics, E. Haluska, political patronage, Pampa, Sons of Italy, Cambria County, familial ties and voting 6-15 to 6-24-92
48M. Donahue Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL1-C Patton-PA, politics, ethnic groups, Irish-Italian relations, Republican and Democratic parties, John Torquato, F. D. Roosevelt, unions, women in politics Biography sheet: M. Donahue
49Cammarata Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL2-C Patton-PA, politics, newspaper, Italians, New Deal, unions, John Torquato, Republicans and Democrats Biography sheet: Cammarata
50A. Haluska Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL3-C Patton-PA, politics and Italians, Republicans and Democrats, unions, John Torquato, patronage, F. D. Roosevelt, ethnic relations, Musman, Margiotti Biography sheet: A. Haluska
51L. Albright Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL4-C Patton-PA, politics and Italians, Torquato, Depression, ethnic politics Biography sheet: L. Albright
52Yahner Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL5-C Patton-PA, politics and Italians, F. D. Roosevelt, New Deal, Republicans and Democrats, ethnic politics, Torquato Biography sheet: Yahner
53G. Albright Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL6-C Patton-PA, politics and Italians, Torquato, Margiotti, Musano
54Toschi Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL7-C Patton-PA, politics and Italians, Torquato, Democratic Party in Cambria County, F. D. Roosevelt, New Deal, William Joseph Biography sheet: G. Albright
55J. and R. DeSalvo Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL8-C Patton-PA, politics and Italians, unions, coal and iron police, Republican and Democratic parties, New Deal, CCC, WWII, OSIA, Torquato, Margiotti Biography sheets: J. and R. DeSalvo
56E. Donahue Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL9-C Patton-PA, Italians and politics, Torquato, political patronage, Republicans and Democrats, ethnic politics in Cambria County Biography sheet: E. Donahue
57E. Haluska Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL10-C Patton-PA, politics and Italians, Democratic Party in Cambria County, Torquato, ethnic politics, familial ties and voting Biography sheet: E. Haluska
58Pompa Interview by Luconi: Recording log IFP92-PSL11-C Patton-PA, politics and Italians, Russell Ave. as Little Italy, Depression, New Deal, ethnic politics, anti-Italian stereotype, Torquato Biography sheet: Pompa
59Luconi Release Forms: G. Albright, L. Albright, Cammarata, J. and R. DeSalvo, E. Donahue, M. Donahue, A. Haluska, E. Haluska, Pompa, Toschi, Yahner
60Luconi Photography Log: IFP92-PSL1-B Russel Ave.- Patton's "Little Italy," Sons of Italy in Patton-PA
61Luconi Report and Proposal: "The Political Experience of Patton's Italian- American Residents During the New Deal Realignment: A Preliminary Analysis Through Oral Narratives"
62Sally Dwyer-McNulty Fieldnotes: IFP92-PSDM1-C to IFP92-PSDM7-C Daily: Churches, religion, Gill, class and race issues, arts and crafts, Bloomberg, anti-Catholicism, Boas, fieldwork 6-15 to 6-21-92
63Gill Interview by McNulty: Recording log IFP92-PSDM1-C Religion in Patton-PA, Methodist Church, racism, class, inter-marriage, women in religion, Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Jews, effects of out-migration Biography sheet: Gill
64Solomon Interview by McNulty: Recording log IFP92-PSDM2-C Religion in Patton-PA, immigration, Lebanon, leaving for and returning from Detroit, Sweet Shop, life history, nuns, Christianity, Muslim
65Bloomberg Interview by McNulty: Recording log IFP92-PSDM3-C Religion in Patton-PA, Church of God, Boas and Kirk, "born again," class, coal mining, faith healing, music, religion and government, ethnicity, women, elders, deindustrialization, Depression, KKK, missionary work, age, public school, unions, sinful habits Biography sheet: Bloomberg Miscellanies: Church of God leaflet
1Whiteford Interview by McNulty: Recording log IFP92-PSDM4-c Religion in Patton-PA, Baptist Church, religious discussion in a train, Italians, Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, southern and northern Baptist, music, inter-faith marriages, Catholics, bible study group, bible school, gender, ministers, revivals, healers, WWII, Methodist, Salvation Army, New Day Program in Altoona, class, politics, entertainment
2Donahue Interview by McNulty: Recording log IFP92-PSDM5-C Religion in Patton-PA, St. Mary's Catholic Church, St. George the Slovak or "hunky" church, school, Catholics and industries, population decline, class and religion, CCC, F. D. Roosevelt, unions, priests, Stritmatter family, Vatican II, Catholic organizations, child abuse, evangelizing, Indianacemetery, Prince Gallitzin, anti-Catholicism, Irish
3Baran Interview by McNulty: Recording log IFP92-PSDM6-C Religion in Patton-PA, Byzantine Rite Catholicism, Greek Catholic Union, history of church, discrimination, youth leaving, coal mining, not working on Sunday, church not political, foodways, unions, Roman Catholic Church, pierogis, "Slovanik," Vatican II, polka music, Slovaks, inter-faith and inter-ethnic marriages, Church of God, tradition, religious practices, music
4Methodist Women Interview by McNulty: Recording log IFP92-PSDM7-C (no tape) Religion in Patton-PA, leaving Catholicism, Catholic-Protestant relations, anti-Catholicism, priests and pastors, youth group, dwindling congregations, children and youth, Methodist Church
5A. and J. Juba Interview by McNulty: Recording log IFP92-PSDM8-C (no tape) Religion in Patton-PA, immigration, Russian Orthodox, wedding, traditions, church, language, three bar cross, church building changes, Slavic people in area, coal mining, boarding houses, schools, Greek and Russian relations, children and youth, married priests, Russian Mutual aid society, social life, ethnic relations, Eagles, priests not political but pro-union, Roman Catholic Church, intermarriage, segregated cemeteries
6McNulty Release Forms: H. and P. Baran, Becker, Bloomberg, Boes, Kirk, Gill, Callahan, Donahue, Grau, A. and J. Juba, Solomon, Whiteford
7McNulty Report and Proposal: "The Role of Religion in Patton, Pennsylvania"
8Chiara Midolo Fieldnotes: IFP92-PCM1 to 3-C Daily: Teaching, Patton-PA history, barmaiding, Lebanese, immigration, silk mill, women in mines, nursing, coal mining, black lung 6-15, 6-16, 6-18-92
9Karlheim Interview by Midolo: Recording log IFP92-PCM1-C Patton-PA, teaching, anti-Catholicism, sawmill, farming, midwifery, hunting, wild animals, foodways, dance, social life Biography sheet: Mac Karlheim
10Williams interview by Midolo: Recording log IFP92-PCM2-C Patton-PA, barmaiding, Lebanese, Depression, job loss Biography sheet: Bertha Williams
11Beckwith Interview by Midolo: Recording log IFP92-PCM3-C Patton-PA, nursing, Depression, silk mill, gender and jobs and wages, WWII, black lung, midwives, Biography sheet: Maude Beckwith
12Willett Interview by Midolo: Recording log IFP92- PCM4-C Patton-PA, class, getting a job, jobs available, coal mining, black lung, displacement, Catholic prejudice, laziness today, college, getting married Biography sheet: Willett
13Despoy Interview by Midolo: Recording log IFP92-PCM5-C Patton-PA, shirt factory, coal mining, black lung, union, childhood, TV, entertainment, gender and work, displacement, welfare, midwifery (restricted material on tape) Biography sheet: Violet Despoy
14Davis Interview by Midolo: IFP92-PCM6-C (no log) Biography sheet: Davis Hand written note Patton-PA, teaching in a rural area and in Patton
15Midolo Releases: Bakajza, Beckwith, Cunningham, Davis, Despoy, Karlheim, McNulty, Merriman, Miller, Willett, Williams
16Midolo Biography Sheet: IFP92-PCM1-B Bakejza
17Patrizio Nissirio Fieldnotes: IFP92-PPN1-C to IFP92-PPN8-C Daily: Patton-PA, coal mining, Italians, politics, Order of Sons of Italy in America, unions, inter-ethnic relations, garden, Fiasco, Steir, Kielbowick, accidents, retirees and jobless youths, change in mining, Pittston strike, music, "Nigger Hill," KKK, baseball, dance, genealogy, clay mines, fire, convict bridge, Baptist church, marriage, polka music club, Patton band, floods, coal and iron police 6-15 to 6-18, 6-21 to 6-23, 6-15-92
18Fiasco Interview by Nissario: Recording log IFP92-PPN1-C Coal mining in Patton-PA, family history, Hastings- PA, union music, inter-ethnic relations, Italians, politics, ethnic organizations, Italian women, Torquato (see also: Luconi fieldnotes 1992) Biography sheet: Louis Fiasco
19Rabick Interview by Nissario: Recording log IFP92-PPN2-C Coal mining Biography sheet: Nicholas Rabick
20McConnell Interview by Nissario: Recording log IFP92-PPN3-C Coal mines in Patton-PA, Greenwich Mine, pay and benefits, generational relations, women in mines, unions and safety, accidents, 1976 and 1977 strikes, non-union mines, Pittston strike and camp solidarity, singing, Patton today, "Nigger Hill," African American mining, nothing for youth Biography sheet: Clifford McConnell
21A. and J. Kuhn Interview by Nissario: Recording log IFP92-PPN4-C Coal mining, leisure time, events in Patton-PA's history, first job, fear, Colver, baseball, accidents, union, bar, strikes, eating rabbit, dances, polka, Sunset Ballroom, local bands, "Dago Club," Patton today, genealogy, convict bridge, fire Biography sheet: Ada and John Kuhn
22Calvary Baptist Church Service: Recording log IFP92-PPN5-C Music, prayers, sermon
23C. and E. Duclos Interview by Nissario: Recording log IFP92-PPN6-C Coal industry, unemployment, community life, issues Biography sheet: Cyril and Elizabeth Duclos
24B. and J. Semonich and Scott Interview by Nissario: Recording log IFP92-PPN7-C Music Club and Patton Band Biography sheet: Betty and John Semonich
25Boyle Interview by Nissario: Recording log IFP92-PPN8-C Childhood, coal mining, steel mill Biography sheet: Eugene Boyle
26Nissario Release Forms: Boyle, Duclos, Fiasco, Kuhn, McConnell, Rabick, Semonich
27Nissario Report Proposal: Coal mining and folklore
28Kevin Pastewka Fieldnotes: IFP92-PKP1-C Daily: Patton-PA, ethnopoetics, names, Central Hotel, Oral History Institute, class, growing up in Patton, Centennial Committee, G. Haluska, H. and E. Hoover, St. Vincent De Paul Society, fieldwork 6-15 and 16, 6-22-92
29G. Haluska Interview by Pastewka: Recording log IFP92-PKP1-C (no tape) Growing up and life in Patton-PA, place, firemen's association, displacement, Vietnam and Gulf Wars, 1950 and 1960s in Patton, popular music, Sunset Ballroom, civil rights, "Nigger Hill," First and Second Ward division, military as a way out of depressed areas, cars, seasons Biography sheet: G. Haluska
30Pastewka Biography Sheet: Ester and Howard Hoover (no tape)
31Dezza and A. Haluska Interview by Pastewka: Recording log IFP92-PKP2-C Patton-PA, family, potatoes, Native Americans, Patton Park, WPA, picnics, pool, Prince Gallitzin, jobs and employers, low taxes, improving route 219 Biography sheet: Raymond Dezza
32Pastewka Release Forms: Dezza, A. Haluska, G. Haluska
33Pastewka Report: "The Patton Project ethnopoetics experiment #1"
34Mark Petrovich Fieldnotes: IFP92-PMP1-C to IFP92-PMP6-C Daily: Patton-PA, patriotism, flags, fire fighters, VFW, American Legion, Gulf War, park, volley ball, tattoos, cemetery, First Ward, "Nigger Hill," WWII, Memorial Day, parade, drafts, Armistice Day, veteran benefits, defense spending, women entering armed services, communism, democracy, Korean War, VFW auxiliary, firemen's carnival, drinking laws, smoking dope, chugging contest, Chernisky, E. and H. Sheehan, Miller, McConnell, Lallemand, R. Sheehan, fieldwork, Eagles 6-15 to 18, 6-21 to 24-92
35Chernisky Interview by Petrovich: Recording log IFP92-PMP1-C Patton-PA, patriotism, WWII, tank dinner, VFW, American Legion, Memorial Day, Armistice Day, activities and sports, flag, national anthem, veterans, Vietnam War, communism, defense spending, savings bonds, VA loans, Gulf War, coal industry, veterans benefits, Veteran's Day, reunions, government, foreign imports, buy American,capitalism, gambling
36E. and H. Sheehan Interview by Petrovich: Recording log IFP92- PMP2-C Patton-PA, patriotism, ethnicity, schools, antiques, coal mining, growing up in Patton, foodways, garden, American Legion auxiliary, WWI, VFW, Eagles, cinch card game Biography sheets: Elizabeth and Howard Sheehan
37Lallemand, Miller, McConnell Interview by Petrovich: Recording log IFP92-PMP3-C Patton-PA, patriotism, VFW, veterans, Revolutionary War games, clubs, Eagles, firemen, slot machines, bars, drunks, government, politics, LA riots, Van Heusen factory Biography sheets: Ted Lallemand, Alvin Miller, Norm McConnell
38E. and H. Sheehan Interview II by Petrovich: Recording log IFP92-PMP4-C Patton-PA, patriotism, VFW auxiliary, conventions, women driving in early 20th century, cars, animals, WWI, women in coal industry during war, firemen's week, Vietnam War, African Americans
39R. Sheehan Interview by Petrovich: Recording log IFP92-PMP5-C Patton-PA, patriotism, WWII, Air Force, Korean War, Vietnam War, veterans benefits and treatment, Gulf War, government, "country," politics, Marshall Plan, refugees and immigrants, flag, work ethic, unions, ROTC, democracy Biography sheet: Ralph Sheehan Miscellanies: Sheehan information about American Legion, Post 614
40Rosian Interview by Petrovich: Recording log IFP92-PMP6-C Patton-PA, patriotism, Girl Scouts, flag, nationalism, religion, decline of patriotism Biography sheet: Linda Rosian
41Petrovich Release Forms: Chernisky, Lallemand, N., O., and R. McConnell, Miller, Rosian, H. and E. Sheehan, R. Sheehan
42Petrovich Photography Logs: IFP92-PMP1-B to IFP92-PMP6-B (no negatives) Flags, VFW, Eagles, license plates, cemetery, borough offices, Chernisky, Uncle Sam, American Legion, fire hall, memorial, Fr. Robert, fire truck
43Petrovich Report and Proposal: "Final Report" Patriotism in Patton-PA
44Kimberly Reidell Fieldnotes: IFP92-PKR1-C IFP92-PKR1-V to IFP92-PKR4-V Daily: Semelsberger, Wilkie, Couturix, La Ritz, haves/have nots, Cordells, video work, Gabrielson, Magoulick, Heishman, Sunseri, Pellas 6-15 to 6-25-92
45Gabrielson Interview by Reidell: Recording log IFP92-PKR1-C Growing up in Patton-PA, school and closing, sports, youth fellowship programs, parochial school, economics and education, poverty Biography sheet: Harold Gabrielson Photography log (no data)
46Cordells Interview by Reidell: Recording log IFP92-PKR1-V (Reidell uses "recording log" incorrectly here and below; should be "photography log" for video tapes) Patton-PA, family business, hardware store Biography sheet: Charles Cordell and sister
47Magoulick and Heishman Interview by Reidell: Recording log IFP92-PKR2-V Growing up in Patton-PA, schooling, cliques, haves and have nots, family, displacement, college education, library, wanting to work, lack of jobs, lack of entertainment, fear of leaving Patton, military as a way out, Gulf War, patriotism Biography sheets: Tina Magoulik, Eleanor Heishman
48E. Pellas, Semelsberger, Wilkie, Despoy Interviews: Recording log IFP92-PKR3-V Growing up in Patton-PA, youth and teenagers, friends, new school in Carrolltown, IUP, diversity, returning to Patton, school activities, better in the past, nothing to do, drugs, cliques, gender, no jobs or teen activities, "corn house," pranks, "Nigger Hill," retirement town, hunting, ghost stories Biography sheet: Christine Pellas
49Reidell Release Forms: Despoy, Gabrielson, Heishman, Magoulick, Pellas, Semelsberger, Wilkie
50Reidell Photography Log: IFP92-PKR5-B Kids on 5th Ave., at Sheetz near Park, on porch, Magee St., playing guitar in Borough Building
51Reidell Recording log: IFP92-PDR7-V (Reidell log of Rubens video) Growing up in Patton-PA, Sunseri family, African American, Jews, midwife, nicknames, immigration, Sicilian, clay works, company store, trapping, rabbit, choir, charity, garden, accident to children
52Reidell Composite Video: Recording log IFP92-PKR4-V Magoucik, Heishman, Pellas, Semelsberger, Wilkie, Despoy, Corbells, Sunseris
53Reidell Report and Proposal: "Final Proposal" Growing up in Patton-PA
54Ramona Rodgers Fieldnotes: IFP92-PRR1-C and IFP92-PRR2-C Daily: Patton-PA, Slavic community, discrimination, churches, Slavic Club, Fallagan, Homady, Second Ward, Hudak, McConnell and Lundquist, Swedes, Mikula, Riley, Mihalow, Malloy, Haluska, madonnas, Hoover, Choby, gardens, Juba, Easter basket covers, wedding scarf, tapestries, tools, Letso, Ukrainian eggs, cemetery, Illig, Pompa, railroad, Shamosky 6-15, 6-19, 6-22 and 23-92
55M. Illig Interview by Rodgers: Recording log IFP92-PRR1-C Slavic community in Patton-PA, immigration, schools, courtship, leaving home to work, traditions, Easter basket, Ukrainian eggs, sewing, home remedies and health care, father advertises for wife in Slovak papers, language, citizenship, building home Biography sheet: Mary Begany Illig Photography log (no film number)
56T. Illig Interview by Rodgers: Recording log IFP92-PRR2-C Tools, railroad, social life, schools, mining, Patton as a tourist attraction, clay works, unemployment, apple pie Biography sheet: Thomas Illig Photography log (no film number)
57Rodgers Release Forms: Hoover, M. and T. Illig, Malloy, Mihalow, Mikula, Roche, Zye (?)
58Rodgers Photography Logs: IFP92-PRR1-B to IFP92-PRR10-S St. George Church, Patton bricks, Tranquil Manor, Homady, silk factory, Slovak Club, Hudak, McConnell, company houses, Flannagan, Lundquist, Baran, carbide light, Choby, gardens, Haluska, doily, wedding shawl, head scarves, Easter basket covers, tapestries, crystal, souvenir of Czechoslovakia, Ukrainian eggs, coal miner doll, cradle, outhouses, Riley, Baptist Church, madonna, Jubas, SS. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church, Begany farm, Begany family photos, citizenship papers, wood working shop, furniture, Slavic newspaper, cemetery, Slovak Club bylaws, old postcards
59Rodgers Report and Proposal Untitled Slovak community of Patton-PA, immigrants, gender division of labor, gardens, Easter, churches, Slovak Club, language Notes: possibly for slide presentation
60Donna Rubens Fieldnotes: IFP92-PDR1-C to IFP92-PDR9-C Daily: Patton-PA, chiropractors, volunteer fire company, barbering, door-to-door sales, chickens for gifts, Cammarata, injury from fire, Sunseri family, returning to Patton, D. Smith, women and fire fighting, battle of barrel, C. Short, P. Short, KKK, home births, discrimination against African American Catholics, J. Short, tour of fire station, Leiden, Murray, medical practice, work accidents, firemen's festival, religion, ladies auxiliary 6-15 to 6-20, 6-22, 6-24-92
61P. Short Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR1-C Patton Volunteer Fire Company, killing pedestrian, depression, accident during 1971 fire, men killed, handicap, fewer volunteers, women fire fighters Biography sheet: Paul Short
62D. Smith Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR2-C Patton Volunteer Fire Company, chief, women notify next-of-kin, 1971 fire, men killed, honorary members, conventions Biography sheet: Dean Smith
63C. Short Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR3-C Patton-PA, life story, women's work, Depression, delivering children at home, midwifery, snow storm in 1930s Biography sheet: Catherine Short
64J. Short Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-DR4-C Patton-PA, tour of fire house, 1971 fire, who joins Biography sheet: Joe Short
65Leiden Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR5-C Patton-PA, teaching, students, declining number of babies, Depression, 1930s snow storm, living in a nursing home Biography sheet: Rose Leiden
66L. and R. Murray Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR6-C Patton-PA, injuries from shirt factory and clay works, home births, midwives, Miners Hospital, role of fathers, polio, tonsils and adenoids, why returned to Patton Biography sheet: Dr. Richard Murray
67Forsythe Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR7-C Patton-PA, VFW ladies auxiliary, life story, beer distribution business, class, Garden club, friction in auxiliary Biography sheet: Margaret Forsythe
68Buck Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR8-C Patton-PA, father injured on railroad, work history, cook at detention home, home births, Grange Hall at Loretto, snow storm, Depression, WPA, home remedies Biography sheet: Pearl Buck
69Whiteford Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR9-C Patton-PA, volunteer fire company, no Slovaks or Italians in the 1930s and 40s, women and fire fighting, 1971 fire, generational firemen Biography sheet: William Whiteford
70Rizzo Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR10-C Patton-PA chiropractic practice Biography sheet: Dr. Victor Rizzo
71E. and W. Burkey Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR11-C Patton-PA volunteer fire company, generational fire fighters, conventions, priority, 1971 fire, 1936 snow storm, Depression, canning, garden, making clothes, silk factory, "pop" Biography sheet: Emily and Walter Burkey
72Sunseri Interview by Rubens: Recording log IFP92-PDR7-V by Reidell (used wrong form, should be photography log) Miscellany: xerox of newspaper article
73Rubens Release Forms: buck, E. and W. Burkey, Forsythe, Leiden, Murray, Rizzo, C. and J. and P. Short, D. Smith, Whiteford
74Rubens Photography Logs: IFP92-PDR1, 2, 3, and 6-S Patton-PA, VFW, fire station, Patton paver, Barans, battle of barrel practice, Whiteford, Short, McGaray and Alexander
75Rubens Report and Proposal "Final Report" Patton-PA, volunteer fire company, home births, chiropractic, family life, gender roles, social responsibility, community destiny, ethnic exclusion, medical pluralism
76Gary Stitt Fieldnotes: IFP92-PGS1 and 2-C Patton-PA, fish hatchery, softball, Prince Gallitzin Park, Seldom Seen Mine, Mine site #20 of Barnes and Tucker, girls' softball, coal mining, strip mining, battery repair shop, roof bolts, stables, coal cleaning, coal museum in Coalport, Bethlehem Steel Mine #33, woman coal miner, firemen's festival, reclamation project, Rogerzinski, Myers, power plant 6-15 to 1-23-92
77Rogerzinski Interview by Stitt: Recording log IFP92-PGS1-C Coal mining, strike of 1948, GI heading, union, explosion in Spangler, mantrip, rats, John. L. Lewis, Tony Boyle, Yablonski Biography sheet: Robert Rogerzinski
78Myers Interview by Stitt: Recording log IFP92-PGS2-C Woman in family coal mine, gob, water, tools, quitting, Slovak Biography sheet: Mille Myers
79Stitt Release Forms: Ball, Beltowski, Bender, Bobby, Erickson, Goralsky, Horvath, Kendra, Kibler, Kolor, Kovach, Lipnic, Lloyd, Malloy, Midlands, Myers, Patterson, Peacock, Perehinec, Rogerzinsky, Steel, Strohman, Walker, Winslow, Farabaugh et. al.
1Stitt Photography Logs: IFP92-PGS1-B to IFP92-PGS25-S (no negatives) Coalport Museum coal mining artifacts, Mine 33 lamphouse and other, photos from air of Patton-PA, power plants, firemen's festival, Kender softball teams, horseback rides, Prince Gallitzin State Park, Hastings Modine Company-roof bolts, strip mining, Bender Coal, Seldom Seen Mine, Barnes and Tucker #20, woman coal miner-Fran Patterson, coal preparation plant, Cager plant reclamation project, girls softball team, Pabco Mining Sales and Services
2Stitt Miscellanies: Proposal, response, note
3 Oral History Institute Miscellanies: Cammarata proposal, tape and film check out sheet, notes 1992
4 Oral History Institute Miscellanies: List of student names and accession numbers 1992
5 Oral History Institute Proceedings and Reports: "Patton Has No Streets" 1992
6Steve Keller Report: "Race, Class and Community Relations in a 'Post-Industrial' City: Assessing Economic Development, Memory and Colonial Relationships in Jeannette, Pennsylvania" Race, class, gender, community relations, de- and re-industrialization in Jeannette-PA, Frank Trigona, Paul Zollinger, Marcus and Ruth Clarkson, Idella Adams
7Rene Brooks Report: "Wandering Through the Mirror Towards Jeannetteland (A sort of historical overview)
8African American Heritage Project Release Forms (): Cashaw, Gosha, Hamlet, E. Haselrig, R. Haselrig, Hemphill, M. and M. Herring, Lightfoot, Moore Pollard, Quarles, Robinson, Smith, D. White, Whitehead, R. White, Yates 1991-1992
9James W. Harris Photography Logs: Catholic Quincentennary Project, IFP92-JJWH1-B to IFP92-JJWH15-B (do not have all negatives) Bitumen-PA, church reunion, Hope Johnson, African American saints and Christ, Ronald Kuchinsky and banner from Immaculate Conception Church-Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, Sacred Heart statue, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church (Polish)- Portage-PA, St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church-Woodvale-PA, Petrusic's Religious Goods Store-Johnstown-PA, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church-Altoona-PA, procession, Slovak cemetery-Portage-PA, St. Joseph Church at Hart's Sleeping Place and caretaker Michrina,Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church-Barnesboro-PA, Loretto-PA, Lemke and Gallitzin memorials, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church-Barnesboro-PA, St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church-Cambria City-Johnstown-PA 1992
10Harris Miscellanies: Notes
11Susan Kalcik Fieldnotes: Catholic Quincentennary Project, IFP92-JSK6 and 7-C (no logs) (Most interviews not taped) Fr. Timothy Stein, Harold Hornell, Sr. Margery Maguire, Msgr. Saylor, Sr. Katharyn Brennen, Dr. Joseph Bentivegna, Brother Mike Tripka, Dr. Patricia Auginbaugh, Fr. Carl Szura, Dr. Shirley Galla, Ronald Kuchinsky, Michael Michrina, Rev. Msgr. Casimir Ossowski, Ella and John Machak et. al., Edward Neral, Catholicism and ethnicity, race 1992
12Kalcik Release Form: Kuchinsky (Harris photographs)
13Kalcik Miscellanies: Leads, questions for interviews
14Kalcik Miscellanies: Materials from interviews
15Kalcik Miscellanies: Materials from Altoona-Johnstown Diocese Quincentennary Sunday
16Torres Interview by Kalcik: IFP92-JSK3 and 4-C (no logs) Cookbook materials, Mex. Amer. foodways, life story
17Johnson Interviews by Kalcik: IFP92-JSK7-C (no log) Questionnaire, fieldnotes, recipes Biography sheet: Hope Johnson Release form African American foodways and Catholicism
18Pastorek Interview by Kalcik: Fieldnotes Copy of Slovak Christmas customs booklet Slovak foodways and customs
19Hautz Interview by Kalcik: Fieldnotes, recipes, copy of clipping Release form Beekeeping and cooking with honey
20Fields Interview by Kalcik: Fieldnotes, questionnaire, recipes Biography sheet: Margaret Fields American colonial era foodways
21Christine Mueseler Fieldnote: National Folk Festival participant, Rev. Jones Xeroxes of photos 1992
22AIHP Folklife Documentation Center, IUP Center on Coal Mining Annual Report, , James Dougherty 1992
23AIHP Folklife Documentation Center, Seton Hill Center for Gender Studies Annual Report, ,Christine Mueseler 1992
24AIHP Folklife Documentation Center, Railroad Memorial Museum Annual Report, , Cummins McNitt 1992
1Stitt AIHP Folklife Documentation Center, Somerset Historical Center Annual Report, : Cynthia Mason 1992
2AIHP Folklife Documentation Center, Steel Documentation Center, J.A.H.A., Annual Report, : Curtis Miner 1992
3 AIHP Folklife Div. Archivist Report, : Susan Kalcik 1992
4AIHP Final Report, : Kathryn Kimiecik 1992
5AIHP Report for the Folklife Division, : Christine Mueseler 1992
6Susan Kalcik Fieldnotes: IFP93-JSK1-C to IFP93-JSK3-C (no logs) Daisytown-Johnstown-PA, questions and answers from 3 interviews, biographical database
7Kalcik Miscellanies: Materials from Daisytown Centennial Luncheon, histories, program, wooden nickels, song
8Kalcik Miscellanies: Newspaper clippings about Daisytown
9Kimiecik Miscellanies: Materials collected at Blessing of the Water, St. John the Baptist Orthodox church, East Conemaugh-Johnstown-PA, January, 1993
10Kimiecik Miscellanies: Materials collected on church tour for Franklin-East Conemaugh (Johnstown)-PA anniversary, St. John the Baptist Church, Grace Brethern Church, First United Methodist Church, Mount Sinai Institutional Baptist Church, Presbyterian Church, 8-16-93
11Patricia Klavuhn Report: Cambria City/Cultural and Arts Survey, 1993
12L. and A. Rich Interview by Abrams: IFP91-JJA3 and 4-C (no logs) Biography sheets: Louis and Anna Rich Release forms
13Roskovensky Interview by Abrams: Fieldnotes (no tape) Certificates from Frick Co. for gardens, coal patch, epistemology, religiosity, "miracle at Collier," gardening, boarders, bribing officials with moonshine, Jews, African Americans, prejudice Biography sheet: Gertrude Roskovensky Release form
14Showalter Interview by Abrams: Fieldnotes IFP92-JJA1-C (no log) Coal patch, epistemology, superintendent of Frick mines, Shoaf-PA, Collier-PA, York Run-PA, 1920s strikes, prejudice, Hispanic and African Americans, routines and patterns Biography sheet: Gladys V. Showalter Release form
15 A. and J. Foriska Interview by Abrams: Fieldnotes IFP92-JJ2-C (no log) Coal mines, Shoaf-PA, 1922 evictions, boarders, gardens, white wash from company, awards for gardens Biography sheets: Joseph and Agnes Foriska Release forms
16Simon and Sisson Interviews by Abrams:Fieldnotes (no tape) Fred Simon and his sister Mary Sisson talking about their mother "Rosie the Peddlar," black lung, coke ovens, Allison-PA, hand embroidered goods sold in patches, Lebanese community, Uniontown-PA, Masontown-PA, cleanliness, washing Biography sheets: Fred A. Simon and Mary Sisson Release forms
17Loukota Interview by Abrams: IFP92-JJA3-C (no log) Biography sheet: Isabelle Evans Loukota Release form Coal, Continental #2-PA
18Venick Interview by Abrams: IFP92-JJA4-C (no log) Biography sheet: John Venick, Release form Coal, Clarsville-PA
1American Folklore Society Annual Meeting Folklife Division Panel, Forms (no panel presented) 1991
2American Folklore Society Annual Meeting Folklife Division Panel, Forms (no panel presented) 1992
3American Folklore Society Annual Meeting , Forms (panel presented) 1993
4Anti-Hate Group Activity
5-6Allegheny Ridge State Heritage Park
7Blair County Historical Society Spring Dinner, Kalcik presentation 1993
8B.R.W. Project, David Swain, 1992
9Cambria City/Arts Survey, Patricia Klavuhn, 1993
10Catholic Quincentennary Project-General, Susan Kalcik, 1992
11Catholic Quincentennary Project-Exhibit Kalcik, 1992
1Catholic Quincentennary Project- History/Exhibit Advisory Committee Kalcik, 1992
2Catholic Quincentennary Project-Educational Materials, Kalcik, 1992
3Coal/Coke Conference, Penn Fayette, Abrams, 1991
4Coal/Coke Work Group
5Collections Inventory: Draft forms
6Dick School House Project: Washington Jefferson Elementary School Kalcik, 1991
7Family Life Conference Workshop, Kalcik, 1992
8Greensburg/Salem High School Residency, Kimiecik, 1992-3
9Heritage Route Audio Tape, "Voices from the Ridge"
10I.U.P. Conference: "Historical Memory and Industrial Heritage: A Symposium," April 24-25, 1991
11Industrial Film Festival, 1990
12Jeanette Project, 1991
13Jeanette Project, 1992
14Lincoln Highway State Heritage Park
15Management Plan Public Event, 1993
16National Folk Festival, General 1991
1National Folk Festival, -Foodways Program: General 1991
2National Folk Festival, -Foodways Program Materials 1991
3National Folk Festival, -Foodways Handout 1991
4National Folk Festival, Labor/Industrial 1991
5National Folk Festival, Folklife Program: General 1992
6National Folk Festival, Program Book Material 1992
7National Folk Festival, Foodways Program General 1992
8National Folk Festival, Foodways Handout 1992
9National Folk Festival, Ethnicity and Catholicism Program 1992
10National Folk Festival, Labor/Industrial 1992
11National Park Service-CRM Article, 1992
12Oral History Institute, General 1992
13Oral History Institute, Faculty, 1992
1Oral History Institute, Students 1992
2Oral History Institute,Final Reports 1992
3Oral History Institute, Interviewees 1992
4Oral History Institute, Student Packet 1992
5Oral History Institute, Bibliographies 1992
6Oral History Institute, Staff 1992
7PA Humanities Council-Women's Studies
8Photography Exhibit: "Beyond the Rusting Surface"
9Portage Area Historical Society Workshop, 1992
10Projects, General Labor/Industrial 1991
11Rolling Mill Mine Trail Signage, 1992
12U.P.J. Ethnic Festival, 1991
13U.P.J. Ethnic Festival, 1992
14Allegheny Ridge State Heritage Park III
15Consultants, Lists of Potential
16Contacts/Potential Interviews
17East Broad Top Railroad
18Folklife in Education Working Group
1National Road State Heritage Park
2Oral History Network Correspondence
3Pennsylvania Heritage Parks Program Second Annual Conference, 1993
4Railroaders Memorial Museum Curriculum Project
5WPSX-TV Project
6Technical Assistance-General
7Technical Assistance-Archival
8Technical Assistance-Rural Arts Alliance Workshop
9Technical Assistance-Grant Program-General
10Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Planning and Research
11Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Cultural and Curatorial
12Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Allegheny Highlands Theater
13Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Appalachian Wagon Train
14Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Barnesboro Centennial
15Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Bottle Works
16Technical Assistance-Grant Program- Coal and Coke Center, Penn Fayette
17Technical Assistance-Grant Program- Dogtown Reunion and History
18Technical Assistance-Grant Program- Franklin and Conemaugh Boroughs
19Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Fulton County Workshop
20Technical Assistance-Grant Program- Greensburg Area Cultural Council
21Technical Assistance-Grant Program- Greensburg/Salem High School
22Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Jim Harris
23Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Indiana Arts Council
24Technical Assistance-Grant Program- Jeannette Cultural Center
25Technical Assistance-Grant Program- Stanley Long
26Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Meyersdale
27Technical Assistance-Grant Program National Pike Festival
1Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Patton Centennial Committee
2Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Portage Area Historical Society
3Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Railroaders Memorial Museum
4Technical Assistance-Grant Program-David Swain
5Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Westmoreland Arts Heritage Festival
6Technical Assistance-Grant Program-Westmoreland Museum of Art
1Fieldwork Applications, 1990
2Fieldwork, Baranik 1990
3Fieldwork, Belanus 1990
4Fieldwork, Daugherty 1990
5Fieldwork, Kalcik 1990
6Fieldwork, Koshuta 1990
7Fieldwork, McNitt 1990
8Fieldwork, O'Reilly 1990
9Fieldwork, Shopes 1990
10Fieldwork, Stephens 1990
11Fieldwork, Swartz 1990
12Fieldwork, Williams 1990
13Fieldwork Applications, 1991
14Fieldwork Orientation, 1991
15Fieldwork, Burket 1991
16Fieldwork, Darling 1991
17Fieldwork, Day 1991
18Fieldwork, Dietrich 1991
19Fieldwork, DiVirgilio 1991
20Fieldwork, Holland 1991
21Fieldwork, Keller 1991
22Fieldwork, Kimiecik 1991
23Fieldwork, McNitt 1991
24Fieldwork, Randall 1991
25Fieldwork, Santoro 1991
26Fieldwork, Shircliffe 1991
27Fieldwork, Miscellanea: Notes from fieldworkers 1991
1Kimiecik-Rolodex Cards
2Kimiecik Working Files-Address Lists
3Kimiecik Working Files-National Distance Learning Center Database
4Kimiecik Working Files-Education General
5Kimiecik Working Files-Heritage Education
6Kimiecik Working Files-Lead Teachers, Altoona
7Kimiecik Working Files-Waynesburg Elementary
8Kimiecik Working Files-Draft Reports General
9Kimiecik Working Files-Penn State Department of Education
10Kimiecik Working Files-Family Folklore
11Kimiecik Working Files-National Educational Standards
12Kimiecik Working Files-Greensburg Salem-General
13Kimiecik Working Files-Greensburg Salem-PCA Report
14Kimiecik Working Files-Greensburg Salem- Lessons 1-3
15Kimiecik Working Files-Greensburg Salem-Lesson 6
16Kimiecik Working Files-Heritage Parks Manual
17Kimiecik Working Files-American Heritage Areas
18Kimiecik Working Files-Lincoln Highway State Heritage Park
19Kimiecik Working Files-PCA Arts in Education
20Kimiecik Working Files-Oral History Institute, 1993
1Kimiecik Working Files-California Conference: "Women at Work During WWII"
2Kimiecik Working Files-PCA Guidelines
3Kimiecik Working Files-AIHP Management Plan
4Kimiecik Working Files-Grace Taylor
5Kimiecik Working Files-Travel 1993
6Kimiecik Working Files-Lists of Resources
7Kimiecik Working Files-Office Updates for Jim 1992/3
8Kimiecik Working Files-Final Report 1992
9Kimiecik Working Files-Cultural and Curatorial Grants Guidelines
10Kimiecik Working Files-Planning and Research Grants
11Kimiecik Working Files-Buildings Grant and Loan Program
12Kimiecik Working Files-Railroad Curriculum
13Kimiecik Working Files-Railroad Bibliography
14Kimiecik Working Files-Blank Invoices
15Kimiecik Working Files- Model 1991
16Kimiecik Working Files-People of the Pensy, Altoona's Railroaders Memorial Museum
17Kimiecik Working Files-Outcome Based Education
18Kimiecik Working Files-Folklife and Education Working Group
19Kimiecik Working Files-Collaborative Funding Initiative
20Kimiecik Report-Greensburg/Salem Project
21Kimiecik Draft-Teacher's Guide to Railroad Labor, Lesson Plans
1Kimiecik-Teacher's Guide to Railroad Labor, Resources Volume I (A)
2Kimiecik-Teacher's Guide to Railroad Labor, Resources Volume I (B)
3Kimiecik-Teacher's Guide to Railroad Labor, Resources Volume II (A)
4Kimiecik-Teacher's Guide to Railroad Labor, Resources Volume II (B)
5Kimiecik-Extra Copies of Railroad References for Workshops
1Kimiecik-"Smoky City," A. Leopold Thesis
2Kimiecik-Miscellaneous Railroad Materials
3Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- AT and T Places and Perspectives Learning Circle
4Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-North Carolina Folk Arts Handbook
5Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-Folklore and Video
6Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-"Folklore in the Classroom," Indiana
7Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-Folk Arts in Florida Schools
8Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- "Drawing from the Well," Oral History and Folk Arts, Massachusetts
9Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-"Folklore and Folklife," Smithsonian
10Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-"Your Ticket to Blair County's Past"
11Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-"Homestead, Story of a Steel Town, " Catalog and educational materials
12Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Reconstruction of the Battle of Homestead
13Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- "Engineering an Industrial Diaspora: Homestead, 1941"
1Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-Mcleary Elementary School
2Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- PatchWork Voices Materials
3Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- "Teacher's Guide to Johnstown, 1800-1889"
4Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- International House Materials
5Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Ward Materials on Folklore and Oral Tradition
6Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-"Harvesting Heritage"
7Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-"Nevada Folklife"
8Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-Utah Materials (4 related audio cassettes IFPX-FKK1 to 4-C)
9Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Historical Society of Western PA Materials
10Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-West Virginia Materials
11Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation Materials
12Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Appalshop Materials
13Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Rondout Valley Schools Materials
14Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Rockland County Materials
15Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- "Folk Artists in a City School," New Jersey
16Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Folk Artists in the Schools, Staten Island
17Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Festival Materials
18Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Vermont Folklife Center
1Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-"Teaching with Historic Places"
2Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-"Coal and Some People We Know," Greensburg/Salem Middle School
3Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-Misc. Resources and Projects
4Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-Misc. Background Materials
5Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base-"Folklife and Fieldwork"
6Kimiecik-Educational Resources Data Base- Misc. Correspondence
7Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission-Interpretation and Historic Presentation Technical Advisory Group (IHPTAG) (discontinued committee)
8Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission-Interpretation and Historic Presentation Technical Advisory Group (IHPTAG)- Interpretation and Cultural Conservation Subcommittee (discontinued committee)
9Folklife Division Contracts
1Archives Material 1: Guidelines and information for transfer of materials to IUP archives
2Archives Material 2: Materials used in preparing folklife inventory
3Archives Material 3: Materials used in preparing folklife inventory
4Archives Material 4: Documentation center materials for folklife inventory
5Resource Guide- Project File
1Heritage Guides: Indiana and Somerset Counties
2Johnstown Tribune-Democrat Articles, Newspaper Articles, Agendas, Fiscal Year 1995 1994-1995
3SPHPC Documents, : Budget, Reports, Brochures 1994-1995
4AFL-CIO Workers' Memorial Day
5A.I.H.P.: Related Newspaper Articles, Path of Progress Brochure
6ALHFAM (Association of Living History Farms and Agricultural Museums)
7ARCHITUR (Altoona Renaissance Coalition for Historical Integrity in Time-Honored Urban Renewal)
8Activism: Newspaper Article
9Advisory Committees: General
10African Americans: Kwanzaa Articles Newspaper Articles Articles relating to African Americans, with a focus to the Johnstown Area
11African Americans in Altoona: Speech given by Bob Resig at Eastern Lite Cemetery on at 1:00 PM October 15, 1988
12Agriculture, U.S. Department of: Information for Job Applicants, Form Program Fact Sheet
13Community College of Allegheny County: Pa Labor History Notes Publications Homestead 1892 Centennial Information Articles and Pa Labor History
14Allegheny Ridge State Heritage Park: Newspaper Articles News from the Allegheny Ridge Publication
15Allegheny Portage Railroad: Newspaper Articles and Brochures Exhibit Plan for "Accidents" Exhibit Grand Opening Program for Summit Level Visitors Center and Park Headquarters Grand Opening for Engine House Six Interpretive Exhibit
16Altoona: Altoona Brochures Newspaper Articles Fort Roberdeau Brochure Altoona Articles and Reports
1Altoona-Johnstown Diocese - Catholic: Newspaper Articles
2American Culture Associations: Call for Papers
3American Folklife Center
4American Indian Studies Center
5Amish: Newspaper Articles and Materials
6Appalachia: "Going Back to Appalachia"
7Appalachian Wagon Train Trek, Marion Center-Armaugh: Proposed Trek Brochure 19931992
8Archaeology: Newspaper Articles Fort Roberdeau Archaeology Project Draft Archaeology-Related Materials and Reports
9Archives:Resources for the Study of Industrial Heritage
10Art: Newspaper Articles Art Brochures
11Ashville - Cambria County: Ashville Iron Article
12Balch Institute (Philadelphia)
13Baker Mansion - Blair County: "Ghost" Article
14Barnesboro: Newspaper Articles
15Bedford (Bedford County): Newspaper Articles and Bedford Brochures
16Bedford Cattlemen's Association: Brochure and Flyers concerning Feeder and Club Calf Sale on October 26, 1991
17-18Bedford County: Pennsylvania Traditional Arts Survey, 1985-86, Report on Bedford and Fulton Counties Bedford County AIHP Plan, Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Commission, July 3, 1991 Historic Resource Survey, Including Bedford County Bedford County Master Plan, AIHP, May 1991 A Guidebook to Historic Western Pennsylvania Catholic Directory, Central Western Pennsylvania Bedford County Newspaper Articles and Brochures Bedford County Planning Commission Agricultural Preservation Task Force Minutes Pennsylvania Vital Statistics, 1988 Marketing Guide to Pennsylvania Counties, Bedford, 1986 Agricultural Preservation Plan of Bedford County, 1985 1980 Bedford County Census Data 1987 Pennsylvania Census of Agriculture, Volume 1 Pennsylvania County and City Databook, 1988 Directory of Bedford County, Pa 1900 County Maps (Out to Series VIII, Drawer 3) 1900, 1985, 1988, 1991
19Bedford County Fair: Materials concerning the fair 1991
20Bedford Springs Hotel: Newspaper Article concerning Hotel's designation as a National Landmark
21Old Bedford Village: Related Articles and Brochures
1Belsano-Cambria County
2Benshoff (Family): Newspaper Article
3Berwind Corporation (Berwind White): Newspaper Articles
4Bethlehem Steel/Cambria Iron Company: Newspaper Articles Cambria Iron Company Report
5Bibliography: IUP Bibliography The Literature and Lore of Mining: A Selected Bibliography Reference List from Allegheny Ridge Reserve General Bibliography, Institute for Oral History and Visual Ethnography Selected Bibliographies Sports, Small Businesses, Refractories and Brick Yards, Agriculture, Religion Bibliography from The Politics of Public Memory, by Martha Norkoras
6Big Hair: "Big Hair" Article
7Blacksmith: Article, Newspaper
8Blair Art Museum: Newspaper Article
9Blair County: Brochures and Newspaper Articles Histories of Blair County The Springfield Furnace Mansion Blair County Maps (Out to Series VIII, Drawer 3)
10Blair County Historical Society: Related Documents
11Blair County Genealogical Society: List of Publications, January Brochures 1991
12Blairsville: Newspaper Article, 1991
14Bolivar: Newspaper Article concerning Bolivar Carnival
15Boswell - Somerset County: Historical Society Newsletter Newspaper Articles
16Bottleworks Ethnic Arts Center - Cambria City: Newspaper Articles
17Brethren (Church of): The Mock Church Newspaper Article
18Brickyards: Fairhope Article
19Buffalos: Buffalo - America's Oldest Inhabitant
20Bullskin Township Community Fair (Fayette County): 62nd Annual Fair Program
21Businesses: Small, Family, Historical: Newspaper Articles
22Byzantine Catholics: Related Articles and Publications
23Cambria City: Newspaper Articles
24Cambria County: Cambria County Profile: Southwestern Pennsylvania Ethnic Records Survey Project Newspaper Articles State Gamelands No. 42 Map Letters from Cambria County, 1800-1823
25Cambria County Fair: Souvenir Centennial Program Newspaper Articles
26Cambria County Historical Society: Newspaper Articles Historic Sites Tour, 1990
27Canals: "Canal Dig: Full Speed Ahead"
28Cambria Township: Newspaper Article 1990
29Carnegie, Andrew: Newspaper Article 1991
30Carpatho-Rusyns: General: Proverbs, Sayings, and Traditional Toasts Historical Article
31Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church: Articles Concerning the Death of Patriarch Dimitrius I
32Carrolltown: Newspaper Articles
1Catholic - General: Newspaper Articles Church Bulletins and Mass Booklets
2Catholic Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania: Retrospectus Brochure
3Cattle - General: Beef Brochures Pennsylvania Cattleman's Association Directory, 1990-1991 Cattle-Related Articles and Pamphlets Pennsylvania Angus Association, Directory and Handbook, 1990-1991 Charolais Bull-e-Ton, July 1991 Pennsylvania Simmental Association Membership Directory, Learning to Judge Angus Cattle 1990-1991
4Cemeteries: Newspaper Articles
5Centennials/Anniversaries: Newspaper Article 1993
6Central City: Newspaper Articles
7Center for Northern Appalachians Studies (Saint Vincent): Mission Statement
8Centrailia, Pa: Newspaper Article 1991
9Centre County: Penn's Cave Brochure
10Century Farms: Newspaper Article 1990
11Chest Springs: Newspaper Articles
12Christian Business Directory: The Shepard's Guide, May - April 1992 1991
13Coal and Coke: Newspaper Articles and Magazine "Touring the Coke Region", by David Demarest and Eugene Levy The Literature and Love of Mining: A Selected Bibliography Coal Dust in Their Blood, Table of Contents "U.S. Takes Over the Coal Mines", from Life, Procedures of Coal Mining Institute of America, Pittsburgh, 1910 UMWA District 2 Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 1 "The Man with the Lamp" Women Miners and the UMWA: 1973-1983, by Kipp Dawson UMWA Calendar, UMWA Calendar, Flyers for Where the Sun Never Shines, by Priscilla Long May 10, 194319911992
14Coal Conference - Penn State, : Conference Program 1989
15Coal Towns - HABS/HAER Report: List of Database Resources
16Coalition to Counter Hate Groups - Pittsburgh: Memorandum
17Columbus Quincentenary: Newspaper Article
18Colver (Cambria County): Newspaper Articles 22nd Annual Colver Reunion Program, July 19-21, 1991
19Commission, Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation: Newspaper Articles
20Conemaugh Gap: Newspaper Article
21Conemaugh River, Lake and Dam: Flyer and Brochure
22Conemaugh Township Area Historical Society: Newspaper Article
23Conemaugh Township, Pa. - Dutch Society: Newspaper Article
24Conference: Conference Flyers, Advertisements, and Programs "Comment: Industrial Museums and the History of Deindustrialization", by Mike Wallace
1Confluence: Newspaper Articles
2Coolspring Power Museum: 15th Annual Engine Show Flyer
3Cooperative Extension - Bedford County: Annual Report, Bedford Crops Udder Enrichment 1990
4Costume: Newspaper Article
5Coupon - Cambria County: Newspaper Article
6Covered Bridges: Newspaper Articles
7Craft: Business Cards Newspaper Articles National Folk Festival Applications
8Cramer: Newspaper Article
9Cresson - Cambria County: Newspaper Articles
10Crime - Crime Families: Newspaper Articles
11Croation: Newspaper Articles The Bicentennial of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, by George Swetnam,p. 341-342
12Crown American Corporation Newspaper Articles
13Cultural Conservation - General: Pennsylvania State Heritage Parks Program - Resource Bibliography Folk Arts and Folklife, Land around Pitt County - A Handbook and Resource Guide
14Daisytown Borough: Newspaper Articles
15Dance - General: Newspaper Articles
16Davidsville - Somerset County: Newspaper Articles
17Death: Article concerning Mourning Art
18Decorative Arts: AIHP Decorative Arts Series Flyer
19Deer: Newspaper Articles
20De-Industrialization: Newspaper Article
21Development - Rural: Newspaper Articles
22Duncansville (Blair County): Newspaper Article
23East Broad Top Coal Miners Historical Society: Flyer for Coal Miners Exhibit The Coal Miners Journal Brochure
24East Broad Top Railroad: Position Paper: EBT 2001 EBT Brochure Newspaper Articles
25East Conemaugh: Newspaper Articles
26Eastern Europe: Newspaper and Magazine Articles "East Europe's Dark Dawn", June National Geographic "Fire in the Balkans" 1991July 8, 1991
27Ebensburg - Cambria County: Newspaper Articles
28Eckley Miners' Village Museum: "For Our Own Good", Public History Forum, October 6, 1990
29Economic Impact: "The Economic Impact of Travel on Pennsylvania Counties, " Newspaper Article 1988
30Education: Newspaper Articles Toward Better Balance: Curriculum Guide for Multicultural Education, "The Elida Connection: A Proposal for Domestic Exchange", Sept. "Education in the Young Republic" by Gretchen Townsend "Going to School in ", by John L. Loeper "Going to School in ", by John L. Loeper New Jersey Folklore Society, Spring-Fall, 1990 "A History of Johnstown for Boys and Girls" Indian Village Packet National Distance Learning Center Database Documents Center for Urban Ethnology Call for Papers 1988199018761776
31Ehrenfeld - Cambria County: Newspaper Article
32Ellis Island: Eastern Catholic Life Article
33Elton (Cambria County): Newspaper Article
34Environment: Newspaper Articles
35Erie County Historical Society: "Lost Erie" order form
36Ethnic Clubs: Del REAP Article "Welcome to the Club"
37Ethnic Identity: Newspaper Articles
38Ethnic Media List - PHAC, 1990
39Ethnicity - General: Newspaper Articles
40Eureka Coal Heritage Foundation: Newspaper Article Meeting Notice
41Everett - Bedford County: Newspaper Article
42Exhibits: Exhibits Listing from Tapestry, Fall 1990
1Fairhope: Newspaper Article
2Fairs: Brochures and Newspaper Articles
3Fallentimber (Cambria County): Newspaper Article
4Family History Center - Johnstown: Open House Flyer
5Farabaugh (Family): Newspaper Article
6-7Farm Show: 75th Farm Show: A History of Pennsylvania's Annual Agricultural Exposition, by Dan Cupper 76th Farm Show Program 76th Farm show Premium List 1992 Schedule of Events Courtesy Parking Pass, 77th Farm Show Premium List 1992
8Farms/Farming: Newspaper Articles "The History of Dairying in Somerset County, Pa", by Barbara V. Budde "The Romance of Pa Agriculture", by Dan Cupper "Modernization as a Function of an Agricultural Fair...", by Warren J. Gates "American Agriculture and the Labor Movement...", by Gavin Wright "Farm Movements and Organizations: Numbers, gains, losses", by Morton Ruthstein "At Work or at Play, a Tractor's Life is One Big Drag", by Carl Hoffman Agricultural Conservation Program Document 1991
9Farmers and Thresherman's Jubilee: Newspapers, Official Guidebook 1994
10Fayette County: Traditional Arts Survey - Fayette County Fayette County Brochures Historic Resources Survey, Fayette County A Guide Book to Historic Western Pennsylvania - Fayette County AIHP Strategic Plan for Heritage Preservation inFayette County, PA "Fayette Features" Newsletter Fayette County Cooperative Extension Annual Report Fayette County Facts "Wonders Never Cease in Fayette County, Pa." 1990
11Fayette County (cont'd): Fayette County U.S. Census Bureau List Unemployment Articles Directory of the Businesses and Industries of Fayette County, Pennsylvania Fayette County Profile - Southwestern Pennsylvania Ethnic Records Survey Project, Fayette County Ethnic Information Memorandum Concerning the Early Glassworks at New Geneva, and Greensboro, Pennsylvania Newspaper Article 1979
1Fayette County Fair: Program of Events 1991
2Feeney, Ann: Zassafras Music News, Winter '90-'91 Flyer and Newspaper Articles
3Ferndale - Cambria County (Johnstown): Newspaper Article
4Festivals: Newspaper and Magazine Articles
5Film/Video - General: Braddock Chronicles, Fall The River Ran Red Newsletter Newspaper Article 1991
6Fine Companies: Newspaper Articles
7"First Night" Johnstown: Newspaper Articles
8Flood Memorial - Cambria County: Newspaper Articles
9Floods: Newspaper Articles Program for: The Citizens of Johnstown vs. the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, September, 1889
10Folk Art: Three Western Pennsylvania Folk Artists Newspaper Articles
11Folk Festivals: 34th Annual Springs Folk Festival Kutztown Folk Festival Articles
12Folk Festival, Johnstown (National): Newspaper Articles 52nd Annual Folk Festival Packet 54th Annual Folk Festival Brochure Checklists for Ethnic Festivals
13Folkdance: Newspaper Article
14Folklife - General: Newspaper Article
15Folklife Division - Clippings: Seton Hill College Correspondence Newspaper Articles
16Foodways: Newspaper and Magazine Articles Food Order Forms Brochures Recipes
17Forbes Road: Brochure and Newspaper Article
18Fort Roberdeau: Newspaper Article Brochures Archeology at Fort Roberdeau "Tourism at Twilight" flyer
194-H - General: Articles and Brochure
204-H - Bedford County: 4-H News Related Documents
21Franklin - Cambria County (Johnstown): Newspaper Articles
22Fraternals: "Fraternalism in America" "Welcome to the Club?" Newspaper Articles
23Frenchville: Newspaper Article
24Friendship Hill National Historic Site: "The Whiskey Rebellion"
25Fulton County: Pennsylvania Traditional Arts Survey, : Report on Bedford and Fulton Counties, by Malachi S. O'Connor Fulton County Brochures List of Restaurants, Motels, Camping Accommodations in Fulton County Fulton County Map (Out to Series VIII, Drawer 3) 1985-1986
26Fulton Fall Folk Festival: 17th and 18th Annual Programs
27Fund For Folk Culture: Lila Wallace - Reader's Digest Community Folklife Program Fund for Folk Culture Postcard
1Fundraising: "Fundraising: An Overview", by Susan Kalcik Newspaper Articles "Criteria for Funding" Brochure "Searching for Money...", by Monica Mitchell
2Future Farmers of America:Newspaper Article
3Gallitzin: Newspaper Articles
4Gas Stations: Newspaper Article
5Geiger - Somerset County: Newspaper Article
6Ghost Town Trail: Newspaper Articles and Brochure
7Gipsy (Indiana County): Newspaper Article
8Goats - General: Newspaper Article and Brochure
9Governor’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences: Invitation to the Ceremony 1993
10Grandview Cemetery: Newspaper Articles
11Grange: Newspaper Articles
12Greensburg: Newspaper Articles, Brochures Greensburg Community Organization List, 1990
13Greensburg Diocese - Catholic: Newspaper Article
14Greenwood Furnace: A Teacher's Guide to Greenwood Furnace Fact Sheet
15Gypsy: Newspaper Article
16Halloween: Newspaper Article
17Hartslog Heritage Museum - Alexandria, Huntingdon County: Brochures
18Hastings: Newspaper Articles
19Haupt, Betty: Memorandum Newspaper Article Congressional Record, October 19, 1990
20Health - Medical: Newspaper Article
21Heritage - Cultural Conservation Sample Programs: Related Articles
22Heritage - Impact, Response: Newspaper Articles
23Heritage Parks (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania): Newspaper Article "Heritage Parks, A Program Manual"
24Hershey Foods Corporation: Hershey Foods Corporation Information Packet Newspaper Article
25Historical Organizations (General): Southwestern/Central Pennsylvania Historical Organizations
26Historical Preservation: Pennsylvania At Risk Brochure Town and Gown Conflicts and Issues in Historic Preservation Symposium
27Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania: Brochures and Postcards Slovak-American Collection of Western Pennsylvania Brochure "History Becomes Homey," by Patricia Lowry
28Hockey: Johnstown Hockey - 50 Years, Johnstown Chiefs Photo Album 1940-19901990-91
29Hoenstine Library: Newspaper Article
30Hollidaysburg: Newspaper Article
31Hollsopple: Newspaper Articles
32Homer City: Newspaper Articles
33Horses - General: Newspaper Articles History of Percheron Draft Horses Pennsylvania Percheron Association, Breeder's Directory, Horses of Course: Wagon and Survey Rides 1991
34Hooversville - Somerset County: Newspaper Article
35Hornerstown: Newspaper Articles
36Horseshoe Curve: Newspaper Articles and Brochures Concept and Text Planning for Exhibits at Horseshoe Curve Visitor Center
37Hotel/Motel Information: Newspaper Article Super 8 Brochure
38National Hunting and Fishing Museum of America: Newspaper Articles
39Huntingdon: Walking Tour Guide
1Huntingdon County: Huntingdon County Heritage Preservation Plan Historic Resource Survey, Huntingdon County Newspaper Article Brochures Program from Grand Opening of the Hunt Tower...
2Huntingdon County Fair: 131st Fair Index of Exhibits and Events
3Huntingdon County Historical Society: Glazier Stoneware Postcard
4Hutterian Brethren: "The Bruderhof, a Christian Community" The Plough Publishing House, 1991 Catalog Rifton Catalog Community Playthings, 1991
5Immigration: Newspaper Articles
6Inclined Plane - Johnstown: Newspaper Articles
7Indian (East): Indian Cuisine Article
8Indiana - Indiana County: Newspaper Articles Indiana Area Food Spots Indiana County Calendar of Events, 175th Anniversary
9Indiana County: Newspaper Articles Indiana County Calendar of Events, 175th Anniversary R and P Advertisement Indiana County Profile - Southwestern Pennsylvania Ethnic Records Survey Project
10IUP - Indiana University of Pennsylvania: Correspondence Newspaper Articles
11IUP Oral History Collection: Inventory
12Individuals: Newspaper Articles and Printout
13Interior, Department of: Newspaper Article
14Interpretation - General: Interpretation Correspondence Rich Pawling: History Alive! Documents Interpretation for Children
15Irish: Newspaper Articles
16Iron and Steel: Newspaper Article PHMC Iron and Steel Survey Publication
17Italian: Newspaper Articles Prayer Cards Photograph
18Jednota: Jedonta Weekly Newspaper, Post Cards Ave Maria Publication, June 1991 "The First Catholic Slovak Union (Jednota)," by Michael J. Zahorsky October 9, 1991
19Jeannette: "Jeannette: Some Very Preliminary Notes" "Glass Industry in Western Pennsylvania" First Draft: "Jeannette Industrial Overview", by Richard O'Connor Neighborhood Summary: Jeannette Industrial Center Newspaper Articles
20Jennerstown: Newspaper Articles
21Jerome: Newspaper and Magazine Articles
22Jews: Newspaper Articles 19th and 20th Century Jews of Johnstown The Sally and Meyer Bloom Exhibit Area Exhibition: "Dear Ruth" Invitation to "Sholom Aleichem and Friends" History Directory: Beth Israel Congregation, Latrobe Pa., March 1957
1Johnstown: Newspaper Articles A History of Johnstown for Boys and Girls "After the Flood", by Marc Selvaggio Chamber of Commerce Listing of Area Organizations United Way Brochure Greater Johnstown/Cambria County/ Somerset County Map (Out to Series VIII, Drawer 3)
2Johnstown Area Heritage Organization: Correspondence, Dinner Invitations, and Brochures JAHA Update, July JAHA Calendar JAHA Downtown Walking Tour 19911992
3Johnstown Area Regional Industries, Inc.: Newspaper Article
4Johnstown Tomorrow: Newspaper Clipping
5KKK: Newspaper Articles
6Kenwood (Indiana County): Newspaper Article
7Kernville: Newspaper Articles
8Labor - General: Newspaper Articles Contents of "The American Worker", by Richard B. Morris Voice: The Voice of Labor, March Patron Saints of Labor 1993
9Labor Celebrations: Newspaper Articles
10Labor - The Greater Johnstown Regional Central Labor Council: Newspaper Articles
11Lakemont: Newspaper Articles
12Language: Newspaper Articles
13Latrobe: Newspaper Article
14Laurel Highlands: Visitors Guide and Map Newspaper Article
15Laurel Highlands Scottish Society: Newsclipping
16Libraries: Listing of Western Pennsylvania Libraries
17Ligonier: Newspaper Articles and Brochures
18Ligonier Valley Historical Society: Compass Inn Museum Brochure
19Lilly (Cambria County): Newspaper Articles
20Lincoln Highway (U.S. Route 30): Newspaper Articles Lincoln Heritage State Heritage Corridor
21Leslie - Somerset County: Newspaper Article
22Lithuanian: Newspaper Article
23Llyswen - Altoona, Blair County: Newspaper Article
24Logan (Cambria County): Newspaper Article
25Lorain: Newspaper Article
26Lost Children of the Alleghenies: "The Lost Children of the Alleghenies", by Ned Frear "The Lost Brothers", by C. Jefferies, M.D.
27Lowell, Massachusetts: Newspaper Articles Lowell Historic Preservation Commission Standard Operating Procedures: Part IV, Cultural Grants Preliminary Announcement: The Lowell Folklife Project New York Labor Heritage, Spring 1984
1Lower Yoder: Newspaper Article
2Lumber Industry: Correspondence and Newspaper Articles
3Marstellar: Newspaper Article
4Maryland: Brochures Map of Allegheny County (Out to Series VIII, Drawer 3) Rocky Gap Country Bluegrass Festival 1991
5Men - Male Culture: Newsweek Articles
6Mexicans: Newspaper Article
7Meyersdale: Newspaper Articles
8Middle Taylor (Cambria County): Newspaper Article
9Midwifery: Newspaper Articles
10Mine 40: Newspaper Articles
11Mine Map Repositories: Newspaper Article "Mine Map Repositories"
12Mineral Point: Newspaper Articles
13Mines: Newspaper Article
14Mining Tourism: Centers of Mining Tourism
15Mon Valley Tri-State Network, Inc.: Correspondence
16Morrison's Cove: Related Documents
17Morrison's Cove Dairy Show: Newspaper Article
18Moxham: Newspaper Articles Historic Homes Tour
19Murtha, Rep. John P.: Newspaper Article Mailing
20Museums: Brochures Newspaper Article History News Article
21Music - General: Newspaper Articles Ray Owen Report
22Names: Newspaper Article
23Nanty Glo - Cambria County: Newspaper Articles
24Narrative: Newspaper Article
25National Endowment for the Arts: News Release, August 23, 1993
26National Endowment for the Arts - Folk Arts Program: Newspaper Article
27National Heritage Areas Coalition: Susan Kalcik Correspondence
28National Park Service: Newspaper Articles National Park Service History Department of the Interior News Release
29National Pike: Newspaper Articles
30National Road: Correspondence The Milepost: Newsletter for the National Road Heritage Project
31National Trust for Historic Preservation: Correspondence
32Native American: Newspaper Articles Movement Theater International Brochure
33New Florence: Newspaper Article
34New Germany - Cambria County: Newspaper County
35Nuns: Newspaper Articles "The Unconquerable Slovaks"
36Nurses: Newspaper Articles
37Occupational Folklore: Newspaper Articles
38Ohiopyle (Fayette County): State Park Brochures "Scenic Ohiopyle", by Lillian McCahan and Cora Mitchell
39Oral History - General: Newspaper Articles Family Folklore: Interviewing Guide and Questionnaire Notes for Oral History at Eckley Miners' Village Sketching Your Family: Questions and Questionnaires Suggestions for Interviewing Your Own Family Oral History Brochures
40Oral History - Materials: Collecting Oral/Family History and Folklore Suggestions for Interviewing Your Own Family Family Folklore: Interviewing Guide and Questionnaire Sketching Your Family: Questions and Questionnaires Starting a Family Newsletter AIHP Folklife Division Release Form Oral History Project Form, Blair County Historical Society AIHP Folklife Division Biographical Data Sheet AIHP Folklife Division Recording Log AIHP Folklife Division Photography Log Newspaper Articles and "Far Side" Cartoons
41Pasquerilla: Newspaper Articles
42Path of Progress: Newsclippings
43Patriotism - Patriotic Events: Newspaper Articles Bumper Sticker
44Patton: Newspaper Articles Contact Sheet, Patton Census Information 1910
45Penn Run - Indiana County: Newspaper Article
46Pennsylvania: Key to the Keystone State, Pennsylvania Newspaper Articles
47Pennsylvania Agricultural Organizations: Officers of Pennsylvania Agricultural Organizations 1986
48Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association: Brochure New Member Directory, Directory, 1989-19901990-1991
1Pennsylvania Council of Cooperatives: Brochure
2Pennsylvania Dutch - General: Newspaper Article
3Pennsylvania Farms and Cities Program: Brochure
4Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations: Exhibits Listing
5Pennsylvania Geographical Society: Brochure
6Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission: Newspaper Articles
7Pennsylvania Humanities Council: Grant Application Guidelines Planning Grant Application Mini-Grant Application Consulting Humanist Application Report to the People, Guide to Humanities Resources, 19911992-93
8Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance: Brochure and Newspaper Article
9Penn State: Agriculture Brochures Handbook for Graduate Students in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Graduate Program in Sociology Campus Map (Out to Series VIII, Drawer 3)
10Pennsylvania State Farm Show: 76th Premium List
11Pierogies: Newspaper Articles
12Pioneer Historical Society of Bedford County: Brochure
13Pittsburgh: Newspaper and Magazine Articles Pittsburgh Heritage Newsletter
14Place/Cognitive Mapping: Newspaper Articles
15Polish: Correspondence Newspaper Articles Polish National Alliance Calendars for Pan Z Wami: Polish Prayer Book 1991, 1992
16Political Correctness: Doonesbury Cartoon
17Politics: Newspaper Article
18Polka: Newspaper Articles
19Polled Herefords: Postcard and Breeder Directory
20Population: Newspaper Article
21Portage: Newspaper Articles Crichton McCormick Park: A Part of our Heritage
22Post Offices/Postal Service: Newspaper Article
23Presentation of Folklife: Folklife Newsletter
24Prospect - Johnstown, Cambria County: Newspaper Articles
25Punxsutawney: Newspaper Articles
26Puritan - Cambria County: Newspaper Article
27Pysanky: Newspaper Articles
28Racism - Hate Crimes - Prejudice: Newspaper Articles
29Railroaders Memorial Museum - Altoona: Newspaper Articles Program Flyer
30Railroads - General: "A National Railroad Heritage Preservation Symposium" Midwestern Folklore "Wreck of the Red Arrow" "People Get Ready, There's A Train A'Comin'" "Tracks Through Time" Brochure
31Rau Photos: Newspaper Articles
32Raystown (Lake) - Huntingdon County: Local Brochures
1Region - General: Newspaper Articles
2Religion - Churches: General: Newspaper Articles
3Reunions: Newspaper Article
4Revloc: Cambria County
5Roaring Springs: Correspondence Newspaper Articles Brochure Roaring Springs Historical Society Card
6Rural Life: Newspaper Articles from Penn State Agriculture
7Rural Pennsylvania: Newspaper Articles Center for Rural Pennsylvania Mailing
8Saint Anthony Church (Woodvale, Cambria County): Bulletins, Church Newspaper Article
9Saint Augustine (Cambria County): Newspaper Articles
10Saint Boniface (Cambria County): Newspaper Article
11Saint Casimir Catholic Church (Cambria City): Newspaper Articles
12Saint John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church, Uniontown (Fayette County): Church History "The Forerunner", Church Publication Church Bulletin, 1991
13Saint John the Baptist Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church - Woodvale: Newsclipping Pastor's Business Card
14Saint John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church - Connellsville (Fayette County): Bulletin 1991
15Saint Joseph's Mission Church - Cambria County: "Hart's Sleeping Place"
16Saint Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church - Cambria City: Church History
17Saint Michael - Cambria County: Newspaper Articles
18Saint Stephen Catholic Church (Cambria City, Johnstown - Cambria County): Newspaper Articles Speech from Centennial Dinner 1991
19Saint Vincent Archabbey: Newsclipping and Picture of Bonniface Wimmer
20Saint Vincent College: Newspaper Article "Economic Directions" Publication
21Saint Vincent dePaul: Newspaper Articles
22Saltsburg: Newspaper Articles
23Sandyvale Cemetery: Newspaper Articles
24Scottish - General: Newspaper Articles
25Seldom Seen Valley Mine: Newspaper Articles and AIHP Study
26Serbian: Newspaper Articles
27Seton Hill College - Greensburg: Pittsburgh Market Overview, Brochure and Flyer 1984-1990
28Seventh-Day Adventist: Newspaper Article
29Seward-Westmoreland: Newspaper Articles
30Sheep - General: "Fresh American Lamb" Brochure Lancaster County Sheep and Wool Growers Association, Membership Directory Bedford County Sheep and Wool Producers, Bedford County Cooks with Lamb, 1990-199119871983
31Slovak: Jednota Press Book List Zemplin County (Slovakia) Nitra County (Slovakia) Saris County (Slovakia) Slovak Museum and Archives at Jednota Estates Brochure Slovak/English Dictionary Advertisement Ave Maria Volume LXXXVI, Number 1 "Joe Magarac - The Man of Steel" Banic Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Booklet Newspaper Articles "Slovakia" 68th Annual Slovak Day Program List of Nationalities in Coal Towns Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania Mailing "The Unconquerable Slovaks"
32Slovakia: Newspaper Clipping
33Slovak Archives and Museum at Jednota Estates: Brochure and Flyer
34Slovak-American Collection of Western Pennsylvania: Brochure
35Slovenian: Newspaper Articles
36Society for Industrial Archaeology: Correspondence Table of Contents from Journal, Volume 14, Number 2 Pittsburgh: XXII Annual Conference 1988
37Somerset County: Correspondence Newspaper Articles Somerset County Profile from Southwestern Pennsylvania Ethnic Records Survey Project Brochures Traditional Arts Survey
38Somerset Historical Society: Newspaper Articles and Brochures
39South Fork: Newspaper Articles
40 South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club Historical Preservation Society: Newspaper Articles (1889)
41Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art: Newspaper Articles and Brochures Annual Review 1991, 1992
1Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art: Country Mouse-City Mouse: Correspondence, Brochures, Newsletters, and Programs History of Cresson Lake Playhouse Museum Review Grant Applications 1989
2Southmont - Cambria County (Johnstown): Newspaper Articles
3Spangler: Newspaper Article
4Sports: Newspaper Articles 2nd Annual Elk/Cameron Counties Elk Hunt Southwest Region Outdoor Recreation Map (Out to Series VIII, Drawer 3)
5(Pennsylvania Federation of) Sportsmen's Clubs: Newspaper Article
6Springs Folk Festival: Brochure and Newspaper Article
7Stahlstown: Newspaper Article
8State Museum of Pennsylvania: Newspaper Article
9Steamtown: Newspaper and Magazine Articles
10Steel - General: Magazine and Newspaper Articles Final Report - Historical Materials Salvage Project, USX Duquesne Works and McKeesport National Tube Works Johnstown Area Heritage Association Mailing Steel Industry Heritage Study Information Network on Iron and Steel Preservation
11Steel Industry Heritage Task Force: Newspaper Articles
12Steel Sculpture: Newspaper Article
13Stoystown (Somerset County): Newspaper Article
14Summerhill - Cambria County: Newspaper Article
15Sylvis, William H.: Newspaper Article
16Syrian: Newspaper Article
17Taxidermy: Northwood School of Taxidermy, School Catalog, 1991
18Textile Industry: Newspaper and Magazine Articles
19Tourism: Newspaper and Magazine Articles "A Summary of Economic Benefits Derived From Growth in Tourism to a Nine-County Region in Pennsylvania"
20Tourist Information: Newspaper Articles Southern Alleghenies Brochure
21Traditional Arts Surveys: Somerset County, Fayette County, Bedford and Fulton Counties
22Trails: Newspaper Articles Ghost Town Trail Brochure
23Trolleys: Newspaper Articles and Brochure
24Tunnelhill - Cambria County: Newspaper Articles
25Turnpike: Newspaper Article "Vanderbilt's Folly: A History of the Pennsylvania Turnpike"
26Ukrainian: Newspaper Article and Brochure List of Ukrainian Performing and Craft Artists
27Unions: Newspaper Articles
28Uniontown (Fayette County): Business Development Directory State Theater Center for the Arts Arborgate Inn Brochure Uniontown Area Chamber of Commerce Welcomes You to "Southwestern Pennsylvania" Community Profile 1990
29United Mine Workers of America: Newspaper Articles Newsletters Centennial Conference Registration Form
30United Steelworkers of America: Newsclipping
31(UPJ) University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown: Newspaper Articles Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center, Schedule and Fact Sheet 1991-1992
32UPJ - Ethnic Festival: Newspaper Articles
33University of Texas - Austin: Brochures
34Vandergrift (Westmoreland County): Correspondence, Newspaper Article, Newsletter
35Video: Smithsonian Folklife Studies Brochure "Preserving Traditional Arts," by Susan Dyal
36Vintondale (Cambria County): Newspaper Article
37Volunteers: Newsclipping
1Walnut Grove - Johnstown: Newspaper Articles
2Wellersburg - Somerset County: Newspaper Article
3Welsh: Newspaper and Magazine Articles
4West End:Newspaper Article
5West Overton Museums: Brochures and Business Cards "A History of West Overton," by Charles Bergengren
6Westmont: Newspaper Articles
7-8Westmoreland County: Newspaper Clipping Population Data "Welcome to the Western Frontier," by Michael J. O'Malley III Newsletters Westmoreland County Industrial Survey Building Permits Issued, Pennsylvania County Data Book: Westmoreland County Labor Data Industrial Directory for Central Westmoreland County Brochures Listing of Municipal Secretaries 198819901991
9Westmoreland County Historical Society: Brochures and Mailings
10Westmoreland Museum of Art: Newsclipping
11Wheeling: Wheeling Heritage Draft Concept Plan
12Whiskey Rebellion: Newsclipping
13Williamsburg Heritage and Historical Society: Newspaper Article
14Wills Mountain Grove (Bedford County): Show Schedule for the Season 1991
15Windber: Newspaper Articles Correspondence and Reports
16Woodvale (Johnstown): Newsclipping
17Women: Newspaper Articles and Mailings "Women Miners and the UMWA: ," by Kipp Dawson Listing of Women's Organizations "You May Depend She Does Not Eat Much Idle Bread...," by Joan M. Jensen "Sisters of the Grange...," by Donald B. Marti "Women's Work in the Grange...," by Donald B. Marti Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, October "Women: Images in History and Work" "Grandmothers, Mothers, and Daughters...," by Corinne Azen Krause 1973-19831990
18Workers' Education Local 189: Brochure
19Xerox Lore: "Psalms of Pennsylvania"
20Youth - General: Newsclippings
21Zamias, George D.: Newsclipping
1-2Printout of all Ethnic Organizations from PHAC Database
3"To Do" File: Correspondence, Memorandums, Notes, and Project Lists Photograph of National Folk Festival, Original at Series IV, Subseries B, Box 2, Item 1
4Addresses: Correspondence, Address Lists
5Monthly Reports/Reviews
6Technical Assistance Reports
7American Heritage Landscapes/N.P.S.: Concept Paper
8SPHPC: Correspondence and Notes
9IHP T.A.G.: Correspondence and Notes
10PHAC: Notes
11A.H.H.C.: Notes
12AIHP Symposium: Reports, Survey, and Notes
1Data - Allegheny Ridge
2JAHA - Photo: Related Documents
3JAHA - Women's Series: Related Documents
4Ethnicity and Gender Documentation Center: Correspondence and Notes
5Windber Project: Notes
6Folklife Division - AIHP: Correspondence, Project Descriptions, and other Project-Related Documents
7Oral History Workshop Notes
8Slide Show: Notes
9Publication Series: Notes
10Church Flyers: Notes and Flyers
11Weekly/Monthly Reports
12Folklife Meeting Reports
13Folklife in Education Working Group: Reports, List of Team Management Goals
14Technical Assistance - Grants: Notes and Reports
15Archive 2.1: Notes
16Internet: Notes
17Folklife Division Meetings/Director: Correspondence, Notes, and Reports
18Documentation Center Coordinators/Meeting: Notes and Reports
19Office Procedures: Notes
20Memberships/Subscription: Correspondence, Notes, Newsletter
21Regional Workshops: Notes
22Technical Assistance: Review Committee Recommendations
23Nine: Floor Plans
24AAHP: Correspondence, Notes, and Order Forms "The Black People of America", by R. Ethel Dennis "Yesterdays", by Oliver Jensen
1Sign-out Sheets for Archival Material
2Kalcik Correspondence
3Arnie Calaba Poems
4Executive Report: Folklife Division: September 1989 - September 1993
5Folklife Meeting Notes: From Newspaper Article February 14, 1994
6Folklife Division Files: Address Data Bases, Keywords, Data Entry, Inventory, Resource G. List, Subject Files
7Computer: Notes, Computer Guides
8Warranties: Product Warranties and Inventories
9Instrumental Folk Music of the Italian Americans: Cassette Out to Series II, Subseries B
10Glazier Stoneware, Huntingdon, Pa.
11History of the Memorial Baptist Church
12UMWA: The First One-Hundred Years
13Meyersdale Centennial, 1874-1974
14A History of Johnstown for Boys and Girls
15Big Duffby William Anslinger
16Forging a New Deal: Johnstown and the Great Depression, 1929-1941
1A Century of Community: Patton, Pa. 1893-1993
2Ethnic Folklife Dissertations
3-4A Socio-Historical Analysis of the American Steel Industry, 1865-1929..., by Daniel J. Santoro
5African-American Heritage: A Black History of Johnstown A Heritage of Invisibility 13th Annual Homecoming, East Conemaugh Community First Cambria A.M.E. Zion Church, 115th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet, Some of Bethel's Workers Who's Who from Twin Boroughs of Franklin and Conemaugh, Part II Studying the Black Community of Johnstown, Pennsylvania 1874-1988
6Heritage: A Black History of Johnstown, Tribune Democrat, February 12, 1980
7Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, February 12, 1980
1AHHC - Archaeology: Correspondence and Activity Summary
2AHHC - Phone Information: Phone Numbers and Phone Guides
3AHHC - Fire Captain Information
4SWPHPC/AIHP Internship Program: Correspondence
5AIHP - Preservation Workshops: Preservation Information
6AIHP - Progress Reports: Reports 1988, 1990
7SWPHC - Lowell Trip: Memorandums
8Commission - Denver Team: Phone Extension Lists October Project Status Report Workshop Results, from Western Pennsylvania Partnerships Workshop, December 10-12, 19911991
9Cultural Conservation Subcommittee: Meeting Notes, Correspondence, Reports, Project Summaries, Reviews of Research and Planning Grants
10-11Grant Proposals: Research and Planning Proposal Fax Legislation/Purpose of AIHP SPHPC, Establishment 1992 Research and Planning Grant Proposal 1992
12Counties - General (Counties): County Listings
13Bedford (Counties): Bedford International Festival: Heritage Tourism Strategy
14Cambria County (Counties): Newsclipping and Heritage Committee Listing 1990
15Huntingdon County (Counties): Research and Planning Project Proposal 1
16Allegheny Ridge State Heritage Park (State Agencies): Correspondence
17Cultural Advisor to the Governor (State Agencies): Office Publications Symposium Program "Pennsylvania's Counting on Culture" 1992
18Pennsylvania State Government (State Agencies): Correspondence, House Appropriation Committee Listing
19Pennsylvania - State Board of Education (State Agencies): Correspondence Public Hearings on Proposed Regulations on Curriculum, Vocational Education, and Student Assessment
20PCA - Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (State Agencies): Correspondence Folklife Technical Assistance Guidelines Draft PCA Guide to the Arts in Education Program, 1991-1993, 1991-1992, and 1992-1994
21PCA and Department of Education - Pennsylvania Arts Education Collaborative Funding Initiative (State Agencies): Draft
24ESRI - Joe Rubisch August 4, 1995
25GIS Study for Schuylkill
26 GIS Conference at PSU 1995
27GIS Conference May 12, 1995
28Sarah Furnace - Ebersole
1PHAC - Apprenticeships (State Agencies): Correspondence, Notes, Memos PCA Guide to Programs and Services, Pennsylvania Apprenticeships in Traditional Arts 1990-1991
2PHAC - Commissioners, (State Agencies): Listing of "At-Large" Commissioners 1990
3Delaware and Lehigh Navigation Canal National Heritage Park (State Agencies): PHAC News, Request for Proposal for Folklife Consultant Contract for Heritage Affairs Commission Folklife Resources Survey, 1991 1991
4PHAC - Lackawanna (State Agencies): Minutes from Lackawanna Heritage Valley Folklife Documentation Project Plan for the Lackawanna Heritage Valley, April SERB Statement News from the PHAC Request for Proposal for Lackawanna Heritage Valley Folklife Consultant Contract for Heritage Affairs Commission Cooperative Agreement Draft 1991
5PHC - Pennsylvania Humanities Council (State Agencies): Guide to Humanities Resources Grants Available to Local Group Grant Counseling Workshop Information
6PHC - Women's History Project (State Agencies): Correspondence Conference Agenda for: "Raising Our Sites: Women's History in Pennsylvania." "Raising Our Sites: Women's History in Pennsylvania."
7Pennsylvania Folklife Prog. Meetings (State Agencies): Draft of the Cooperative Agreement... Memorandum
8PHMC (State Agencies): Correspondence PHMC Advertisements Services Directory Survey and Planning Grant Application Grant Processing and Evaluation
9PHMC - Linda Shopes (State Agencies): Correspondence Mark Reutter Resume
10PRAA - Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance (State Agencies): Correspondence
11American Folklife Center (Other): Folklife Center News Articles Library of Congress Information
12AFS - Public Sector Section (Other): Public Programs Newsletter Information
13HABS/HAER (Other): AIHP: Some Recent Publications Biweekly Reports
14Middle Atlantic Folklife Association (Other): Annual Meeting Agenda Conference Information 1993
15Mount Aloysius College (Other): Correspondence
16NEA - Folk Arts (Other): Program Description 1989-90 Correspondence National Heritage Fellowships, Application Guidelines Fiscal Years, 1991/92 1990
17National Heritage Areas Coalition (Other): Workshop Information
18National Park Service (Other): L.A. Times Article Mid-Atlantic Regional Office Telephone Directory Partnerships in Parks and Preservation Servicewide List of Interpreters May "Courier" 1990
19NPS - American Heritage Area Program (Other): Correspondence, Fax, Memos Review of Concept Paper
20National Register of Historic Places (Other): Information Sheet
21Pennsylvania Federation of Museums (Other): Call Memorandum
22Pennsylvania Folklife (Other): Correspondence
23Steel Industry Heritage (Other): Request for Proposal, Ethnographic Fieldwork
24Automation (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers): Memos "The Archive Assistant," by Doug DeNatale
25Benefits for Folklife Division Staff (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers): Consumer Reports Article
26Christmas Cards - (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers): Christmas Cards and Employee Lists 1990
27Contract for Services (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
28Equipment/Furniture - Inventory (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
1Equipment/Furniture - Buying Information (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
2Equipment/Furniture - Anchor Modem (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
3Equipment/Furniture - Canon T90 Camera (Folklife Div. and DocumentationCenters)
4Equipment/Furniture - Computer Supplies (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
5Equipment/Furniture - Kodak Projector (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
6Equipment/Furniture - Marantz Recorders (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
7Equipment/Furniture - Microphones (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
8Equipment/Furniture - Model American Notebook Computer (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
9Equipment/Furniture - Model American Computer (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
10Equipment/Furniture - NEC Monitor (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
11Equipment/Furniture - Panasonic Printer (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
12Equipment/Furniture - Software (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
13Equipment/Furniture - Sony Headphones (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
14Equipment/Furniture - Sony Tape Deck (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
15Equipment/Furniture - Swan 486 Computer (Folklife Div. Documentation Centers)
16Equipment/Furniture - Tape Back Up (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
17Equipment/Furniture - Telex Copyette 1-2-1 (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
18Equipment/Furniture - Zenith Portable Computer (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
19Insurance (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers): Correspondence Workers Compensation Information State Farm Insurance Materials
20Memberships/Subscriptions (Folklife Div. and Documentation Center): Order Forms
21Mileage Forms (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers):
22Penn Traffic Building (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers): Office Memos
23Productions List - FD, AIHP (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
24Property Transfer - Philadelphia (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
25Publication Information (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers): Society of American Archivists, 1992 Publication Catalog Art - 1992
26Resumes - General (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
27Resumes - Photographers (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
28SF171 Federal Employment Application (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers)
29Supplies - Information (Folklife Div. and Documentation Centers): Various Supply Catalogs and Information
1Supplies - Information (Folklife Division and Documentation Centers)
2Warranties (Folklife Division and Documentation Centers)
3Bentivegna, Joseph (Correspondence)
4Boynton, Mia (Correspondence)
5Braddock Films (Correspondence)
6Carlo, Joseph A., Jr. (Correspondence)
7Cooper (FD Correspondence)
8Favorini (Correspondence)
9Dougherty (FD Correspondence)
10Holland (Correspondence)
11Harris, James (Correspondence)
12Keller (FD Correspondence)
13Keating (Correspondence)
14Kory, William (Correspondence)
15Martha Norkunas - Lowell Historic Preservation Commission (Correspondence)
16O'Reilley (Correspondence)
17Seton Hill College (Correspondence)
18Staub (Correspondence)
19Skillman (Correspondence)
20Swartz (FD Correspondence)
21Wachol, Harry (FD Correspondence)
22Miscellaneous (FD Correspondence)
1Documentation Centers - General: Coordinators Lists, Memos Inventory Forms, Grant Guidelines
2Documentation Centers - Meetings: Minutes, Activities Lists, Reports, and Other Related Papers
3Documentation Center Monthly Reports
4-5Documentation Center - Agriculture: Correspondence, Monthly Reports, Project Proposal, Activity Report, Progress Reports Somerset Historical Center Master Planning and Exhibit Design Job Announcements and Descriptions Various Reports "History of Dairying in Somerset County, Pa.", by Barbara V. Budde Oral History - Notated Materials "Hoard's Dairyman" copies
6Somerset: Vernacular Architecture Correspondence, Project Descriptions and Proposals, Survey
7Documentation Center - Coal: Correspondence, Monthly Reports, Projected Summaries, Book Reviews, Work Plans "The Impact of Race on Central Pa's Coal Fields", by Jim Dougherty
1Documentation Center - Coal Oral History Institute Syllabus, Correspondence, Agenda 1993
2Coke Documentation Center: Activists Lists, Brochures, Reports, Syllabus, Project Descriptions, Correspondence, Proposals
3Documentation Center: Gender Seton Hill College Program Advertisements, Monthly Reports, Newspaper Articles, Resource Surveys, Correspondence, Proposals, Work Scopes "Reflections: Women in Time" Photo Exhibit
4Documentation Center - Steel Monthly Reports
5JAHA Steel Documentation Center Applicants Monthly Reports, Resumes 1991
6Documentation Center - Transportation Program Announcements, Constituencies, Reports, Announcements, Resumes, Correspondence Notes from Ted Holland, Jr.
7Documentation Center for Railroads: African-American Project
8Railroad Documentation Center Job Applications , Correspondence 1991
9American Association of Museums James Abrams Individual Membership
10AFS: Public Folklife Section Review of Activities, Folklife division Descriptions 1992
11Historical Society of Western Pa.: Brochures, Correspondence Annual Report 1992
12Oral History Association: Correspondence Evaluation Guidelines Pamphlet Membership Directory and Annual Report, 1992
13Pennsylvania Ethnic Heritage Studies Center - University of Pittsburgh Correspondence
14Pennsylvania Folklife Correspondence
15Pennsylvania Labor History Society Correspondence
16SAA (Society of American Archivists) Correspondence Newsletter and Brochure List of Publications Constitution of SAA 1990-1991 Educational Directory Yellow Pages, 1990-1991 Leadership Lists Bookcase Directory of Consultants 199119911992
1Agricultural History Field Notes
2Arnold Interview by Ruth Olson: Recording logs IFP90-SRO19 and 20-C Field notes, interview log, release
3Athey Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO3-C Interviewer log, release form, interview description, field notes
4Aumin Interview by Cynthia Mason: (1) Recording logs IFP90-SCM14 and 15-C Oral history questionnaire, field notes
5Aumin Interview by Mason: (2) Recording logs IFP90-SCM21 and 22-C Release form, field notes, interviewer log
6G. Baer Interview by Mason: (with Bob Walker) Recording logs IFP90-SCM8-C Field notes, oral history questionnaire, interview log sheet, release form
7H. Baer Interview by Mason: Recording Logs IFP90-SCM16 and 17-C Notes, release form, interviewer log
8M. Baer Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP90-SCM4-C Interview log sheet, release form, biography sheet, field notes
9I. Barnett, O'Brien, R. and A. Walker Interviews by Ethel Shaffer Recording log IFP90-SES3-C Release forms, interviewer logs
10J. Barnett Interview by Lucille Schmidt Recording logs IFP90-SLS1-C Interview log sheet, release forms, interviewer log, clippings, photograph copies
11Baughman Interview by Mason: (James with Kathryn) Recording logs IFP90-SCM23 and 24-C Field notes, notes, release forms, oral history questionnaire, interviewer log
12J. Bell Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP90-SCM12-C Field notes, interview log sheet, oral history questionnaire, release form
13N. Bell Interview by Mason: (with wife Elsie) Recording logs IFP90-SCM19 and 20-C Field notes, interviewer log, maps and directions, release form, oral history questionnaire
14Berkey Interview by Olson: (with wife Karen) Recording log IFP90-SRO15-C Interview description, interviewer log, release form, oral history questionnaire, field notes
15J. E. Biddle Interview by Olson: Recording logs IFP90-SRO17 and 18-C Interviewer log, release form, field notes
16M. Biddle Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO39-C Interviewer log, release form, field notes
17Bloom Interview by Olson: (with son Richard) Recording logs IFP90-SRO31 and 32-C Field notes, interviewer log, release form
18Brant Interviews by Mason: Recording logs IFP90-SCM27 and 30-C Field notes, release form
19Brown Interview by Barbara Budde: Recording log IFP90-SBB1-C Oral history questionnaire, photography log IFP90- SCM4-B
20Caton Interview by Nancy Merrill: Recording logs IFP90-SNM4-C Interview log sheet, biography sheet, notes, releaseform
21Compton Interview by Mark Ware: IFP90-SMW4-C Interview log sheet, photograph copy, clipping, release form
22P. Countryman Interview by Merrill: Recording logs (no number) Interviewer log, release form, oral history questionnaire
23V. Countryman Interview by Merrill: Recording logs IFP90-SNMV1-C Interview log sheet, release form, biography sheet
24Creery and Bowlby Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP93-SCM44 and 45-C Release forms, oral history questionnaire
25Croner Interview by Mason: (with Harman Bowlby) Recording logs IFP93-SCM38 and 39-C Book pages, notes, oral history questionnaire, release form
26Deaner Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP90-SCM2-C Interview log sheet, release form, field notes, biography sheet, interviewer log, photography log IFP90-SCM1-B
27Dilts Interview by Olson: Recording logs IFP90-SRO35 and 36-C Field notes, interviewer log, release form
28Drake Interview by Olson: Recording logs IFP90-SRO25 and 26-C Interviewer log, release form, field notes
29Farmers and Threshermen's Jubilee Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO40-C: Biography sheet
30Fayette Farm-City Day: (William Jackson) Recording log (no number, ): Notes, letter, field notes, clippings 1990
31Friedline Interview by Merrill: (1) Recording logs IFP90-SNM5 and 6-C Description of interview, interviewer log, oral history questionnaire, release form
32Friedline Interview by Olson: (with Merrill, Lynette Ely, Lowell Friedline) Recording log (no number) Field notes, release form, interview description
33Glessner Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP90-SCM36 and 37-C Release form, oral history questionnaire, field notes
1Gnegy Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO8-C Release form, interviewer log, oral history questionnaire, interview description, field notes
2Good Interview by Mason: Recording log (no number, ) Release form, biography sheet, field notes 1994
3Hartman Material Collected by Shaffer
4Haselbarth Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP90-SCM6-C Interview log sheet, photograph copies, release form, field notes, interviewer log, biography sheet
5Heckler Interview by Mason: (with Margaret White) Recording logs IFP90-SCM31-C Notes, field notes, letters, release form, gift agreement
6Hentz Interview by Mason: IFP90-SCM3-C (faulty tape) Field notes, interview log sheet, release form, biography sheet, interviewer log
7Hoffman Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP90-SCM5-C Field notes, clippings, interview log sheet, release form, biography sheet
8Holsopple and Eash Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO14-C Release form, interviewer log, field notes
9Johns Interview by Mason: (1) Recording logs IFP90-SCM40-C Salve recipe, notes, release forms, oral history questionnaire
10Johns Interview by Mason: (2) Recording logs IFP91-SCM1-C
11Johns Interview by Mason: (3) Recording logs IFP91-SCM2,3,4-C
12Johns Interview by Mason: (4) Recording logs IFP91-SCM5 and 6-C
13Johnston Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO33 and 34-C Field notes, interviewer log, release form
14Keyser Materials from Budde: Release form
15Knepper Interview by Mason: (1) Recording logs IFP90-SCM34-C Field notes, release form, interviewer log, oral history questionnaire
16Knepper Interview by Mason: (2) Recording logs IFP90-SCM38 and 39-C
17Knepper Interview by Mason: (3) Recording logs IFP90-SCM41 and 42-C
18Korns Interview by Olson: (1) Recording logs IFP90-SRO10 and 11-C Release form, interviewer log, interview description
19Korns Interview by Olson: (2) Recording log (no number, ) Field notes, release form, interviewer log 1990
20LaBute Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO6-C Release form, interviewer log, interview description, field notes
21Lohr Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP90-SCM11-C Field notes, interview log sheet, oral history questionnaire, release form
22Long Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP91-SCM10 and 11-C Notes, oral history questionnaire
23Luce Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO37-C Interview log, release form, field notes
24Lyons Interview by Merrill: Recording logs IFP90-SNM8 and 9-C Interviewer log, horse farming topic list, release form, oral history questionnaire
25Mankamier Interview by Merrill: Recording logs IFP90-SNMV3-C Interview log sheet, release form, interviewer log, biography sheet
26Marteeny Interview by Mason: Recording log (no number, ) Release, field notes, biography sheet 1994
27McCracken Interview by Olson: Recording log (no number) Interview description, interviewer log, release form, field notes
28Meese Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP92-SCM36-C Release form, oral history questionnaire
29Meyers Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP90-SCM33-C Biography sheet, release form, notes, field notes
30Mountain Craft Days Farmer Interviews by Mason and Olson: (R. and L. Cline, M. and W. Murray, O. H. Snyder, Warren) Release forms
31F. and W. Myers Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO27-C Field notes, interviewer log, letter, release form
32Nedrow Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP93-SCM33-C Oral history questionnaire, release form
33Noll Interview by Olson: Recording logs IFP90-SRO29 and 30-C Field notes, interviewer log, release form
34Ogline Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP90-SCM10-C Field notes, interview log sheet, oral history questionnaire, release form
35Ott Interview by Mason: (1) Recording logs IFP90-SCM35-C Field notes, notes, oral history questionnaire, release form
36Ott Interview by Mason: (2) Recording logs IFP90-SCM43 and 44-C
37R., L., and R. Pile Interview by Ware: Recording log IFP90-SMW1-C Interview log sheet, release forms, interviewer log, biography sheets
38Pope Interview by Mason: (1) Recording logs IFP90-SCM28 and 29-C Clipping, biography sheet, letter, labels, field notes, notes, release form
39Pope Interview by Mason: (2) Recording logs IFP91-SCM7 and 8-C
40Pritts Interview by Mason: (with Mark Ware) Recording logs IFP92-SCM38 and 39-C Oral history questionnaire, release form
1Ringler Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP91-SCM99-C Clipping, notes
2Saylor Interview by Olson: Recording logs IFP90-SRO23 and 24-C Field notes, interviewer log, release form
3Schuster Interview by Mason: Recording log (no number, ) Release form, biography sheet 1994
4Scott Interview by Ware: (no number or log) Note, interview log sheet, release form
5Sellers Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO38-C Field notes, release form, interviewer log
6D. Shaffer Interview by Merrill: Recording log (no number) Oral history questionnaire, release form, interviewer log
7F. Shaffer Interview by Mason: (1) Recording log IFP90-SCM7-C Field notes, interview log sheet, interviewer log, oral history questionnaire, release form
8F. Shaffer Interview by Mason: (2) Recording logs IFP90-SCM9-C Photograph copies, notes, release form, field notes
9Shober Interview by Merrill: Recording logs IFP90-SNMV1-C Release form, interview log sheet, biography sheet, interviewer log
10Smucker Interview by Olson: Recording logs IFP90-SRO1 and 2-C Interviewer log, oral history questionnaire, release form, interview description
11Somerset Farm Day Interviews by Olson: (Seckler, Thomas) (no number or log) Field notes
12Speicher Interview by Mason: (1) Recording logs IFP90-SCM25-C Letter, biography sheet, field notes, notes, clipping, release form
13Speicher Interview by Mason: (2) Recording logs IFP90-SCM26-C
14Speicher Interview by Mason: (3) Recording logs IFP90-SCM32-C
15Stahl Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP90-SCM1-C Interview log sheet, release form, field notes, biography sheet, interviewer log, photography log IFP91-SCM1B (3 and 4)
16Stahl, Mosholder, Ringler Interviews by Shaffer: Recording log IFP90-SES2-C Release forms, interviewer log
17Swartz Interview by Olson: Recording logs IFP90-SRO21 and 22-C Field notes, interviewer log, release form
18Uhl Interview by Mason: (with Jerry Spangler) Recording log IFP93-SCM31-C Clippings, transcript of court ceremony , list of merchants, map, notes, release form March 24, 1993
19Walker Interview by Ware: IFP90-SMW3-C Interview log sheet, interviewer log, release form
20Walker, Cupp, Marteeny, Yonai Interviews by Shaffer: Recording log IFP90-SES1-C Release forms, interviewer logs
21Weaver Interview by Mason: IFP91-SCM15-C Release forms
22Weimer Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP90-SCM18-C Field notes, interviewer log, notes, map, release
23Will Interview by Olson: Recording log IFP90-SRO28-C Interviewer log, release form, field notes
24Wilson Interviews by Mason: (1, 2 and 3) Recording logs IFP91-SCM12,13-14-C Notes, drawing of house, oral history questionnaire, release form
25Alcorn Interview by Mason: (with Weave, Musselman, Williams) Recording log IFP93-SCM29-C
26Ash Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP93-SCM43-C Field notes, letter, questionnaire, notes, release form, drawings
27Barron Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP93-SCM10-C Field notes, questionnaire, release form, drawings, notes
28Beistel Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP93-SCM34 and 35-C Field notes, release form, questionnaire, drawings, notes
29Berkebile Interview by Mason: (1) Recording log IFP93-SCM30-C Field notes, questionnaire, release form, drawing
30Berkebile Interview by Mason: (2) (with Cook) Recording log IFP93-SCM42-C Notes, drawings
31Bittner Interviews by Mason: (1 and 2) (with D. Bittner) Recording logs IFP92-SCM34 and 35-C Field notes, release form, questionnaire, drawings
32Colflesh Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP92-SCM24 and 25-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release form, drawings, photograph copies
33Crise Interview by Mason: (with D. Crise) Recording logs IFP93-SCM12 and 13-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release form, drawings, photograph copies, photograph copy form, notes
34Dugan Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP93-SCM18-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release form, drawings, notes from conversation with Hobart Pritts
35A. Enos Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP93-SCM23 and 24-C Fieldnotes, notes, questionnaire, release form, drawings
36M. Enos Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP93-SCM32 and 33-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release form
37Friedline Interviews by Mason: (with Pyle) Recording logs IFP93-SCM7,14 and 15,36 and 37-C Fieldnotes, release forms, notes, drawings
38Fritz Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP92-SCM16 and 17-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release forms, drawings
39Gales Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP92-SCM30 and 31-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release form
40Goller Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP92-SCM18 and 19 and 26-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release forms, drawings
41Harris Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP93-SCM11-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release form, drawing, notes
42Haydu Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP93-SCM1-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release
1Hoffman Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP92-SCM1 and 2-C Questionnaire, release form
2Kalaha Interview by Mason: (with W. G. Kalaha) Recording logs IFP93-SCM2 and 3-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release forms, drawings
3Kaufman Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP93-SCM40 and 41-C Fieldnotes, notes, drawings, release form, questionnaire
4Keslar Interviews by Mason: (with McClintock, G. Keslar) Recording logs IFP92-SCM6 and 7 and 27-C Fieldnotes, release forms, questionnaire, drawings
5L. Knepper Interview by Mason: (with E. Knepper, wife) Recording logs IFP92-SCM20 and 21-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release forms
6Koontz Interview by Mason: (with M. A. Koontz) Recording logs IFP93-SCM16 and 17-C Fieldnotes, notes, questionnaire, release forms, drawings
7Krause Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP92-SCM8 and 9-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release forms, notes
8Lohr Interview by Mason: (with son Bob) Recording log IFP93-SCM25-C Fieldnotes, drawings, questionnaire, release form
9Mitchell Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP92-SCM22-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release form
10Ogden Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP92-SCM37-C Fieldnotes, release forms, drawings, letter
11Ogline Interview by Mason: (with brother Harold Horner) Recording logs IFP93-SCM8 and 9-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release forms, drawings
12Platt Interviews by Mason: (with wife Ruth) Recording logs IFP92-SCM13,14 and 15-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release form, drawings
13Pritts Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP92-SCM28 and 29-C
14Robinson Interview by Mason: Recording log IFP93-SCM32-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, business card, release form, drawings, note
15Suder Interview by Mason: (with Mary's brother, Joseph Russic) Recording logs IFP93-SCM19 and 20-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release forms, drawings
16Swallow Interview by Mason: (with son) Recording logs IFP93-SCM4,5,6-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release forms, drawings, notes
17Wagner Interviews by Mason: (sister Janet Jeter) Recording logs IFP93-SCM26,27,28-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release forms, drawings
18Walker Interviews by Mason: Recording logs IFP92-SCM5,12,23-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release form, notes, drawings
19Weaver Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP93-SCM21 and 22-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release forms, notes, drawings
20Webreck Interview by Mason: Recording logs IFP92-SCM3 and 4-C Fieldnotes, questionnaire, release form, notes
21Weyand Interview by Mason: (with wife and sister, Fern Simpson) Recording logs IFP93-SCM46-C Fieldnotes, questionnaires, release forms, drawings, notes, photograph copy
22Will Interview by Mason: (with wife, Mary Elizabeth) Recording logs IFP92-SCM10 and 11-C Fieldnotes, release forms, drawings
1Miscellaneous Unfiled Materials
2Unmarked Folder
4AIHP Action Plan
5AIHP Clippings
7Bethlehem Steel
8Bibliography, Coal and Brick
9Bibliography, Refractory
10BR and P Letter, Steve K's March 6, 1991
11Catholic Directory of Central and Western PA
12Census and Geographic Inf. on Indiana County
13Coal Mining Bibliography
14Coalition to Counter Hate Groups
16Environmental Groups
1FIPSE Proposal
2Foreign Investment W. PA
3Giant Eagle Workers-U.F.C.W.
4Hunting and Fishing
5Indiana County
6Indiana County "On the Move" Campaign
7Industrial Heritage Memories: Workers Monuments
8Inquiries for Videos
9Klan File
10Korean Food Processing Plant
11Lincoln Highway Project
13Mid-Year Report 1992
14Memories-Presenting the Past
15Josephine Mill
16Our Heritage Sings
17Plumville Centennial
18Populist Party
19"Problems in Power Alley" I.G. Services
1Protest Movements
2R and P Misc
3Race and the Central PA Coal Fields
5Racism IUP
6Refractories Institute
7Right Wing Literature
8Somerset County
10Steel Annual Reports-U.S.S. and Beth.
11Teachers' Guide Homestead
12Top Business Stories in W. PA 1991
13UE News McBorderland Article
16Western Pennsylvania
2White Collar Worker Press Series
3AIHP/IUP Folklife Documentation Center on Coal Mining 1992 Annual Report
4Unfiled Miscellany
5Unmarked File 1
6Unmarked File 2
9Bookstore Order Form
10Campus Maps
11Computers-History Dept
12Roland Freeman
13Guest Rooms Reservations and Coffee Doughnuts
14Patton Host Family Guidelines
1Newspaper Articles on the Oral History Inst.
2Oral History Institute
3Prince Gallitzin State Park
4Student Correspondence
6Unfiled Miscellany
7Alphabetic Files I (C-M) (From notebook; notebook divider labels at beginning of section; blank sheet at beginning of section indicates section with divider but no/missing label)
8Alphabetic Files I (S-V)
9Interview Logs (From notebook, notebook divider label at beginning of each sections. Blank sheet indicates section with divider but no/missing label)
10CEL Educational Resources
1Unfiled Miscellany
2Unmarked File
3National Archives Material
4Dottor Photos-Osceola Mills
5Dissertation Abstracts-Coal Miners
6Cutaways-Video Project Americanism
7Bettman Newsphotos
8Program Guide: The Struggle for an American Way of Life: Coal Miners and Operators in Central Pennsylvania 1919-1933
9Reference Guide to Resources on Coal Mining
10Flyer (For video taped debate on Gulf War IFP90- IFD4-V) February 27, 1991
11Background/Research on Coal: Chronology, District 2 History
12Bibliographies: Refractories, Coal
13Coal Bibliography
14Dougherty Interview Transcriptions: Glebovich, Szekereck, Ingham, Gerstle, Klyop
15Miscellaneous Oral History Institute Materials 1992, 1993
16Dougherty Slide Index
1Folklife Documentation Center for Gender Studies Report : The Glass City: Jeannette, Pennsylvania: Title page, table of contents, audio cassette list, preface by Christine Mussler includes history of project (following folders part of this report) 1993
2Carol Billman Report: Women's Jobs at Jeannette Glass: Gender bias in jobs, dangers, working conditions, pay, pregnancy, friendships, parties, "hot end," "cold end," work pace, bidding for jobs, family life, questions
3Dian Stevens Report: Black Migration and Walter Haile: Black migration from South to urban North, origin of Black population in Jeannette area, reason for leaving South and attractions to North, reasons for settling in Jeannette, Black churches, NAACP, issues for Blacks, lynchings, H. and W. Haile, coal mines, life in South Carolina for Black sharecroppers, Crabtree-PA, discrimination
4Janis L. Young Report Women and the Shutdown of Jeannette Glass: Reactions of different women to the shutdown, 2 case studies: Czerpak and Taylor, history of shutdown, payroll and complaint departments, Kubicki, Spoonhoward, Chew, packing, family, grinding, union, quality control inspector, production checker, carton maker, pension and benefits, Abe Zion and possible re-opening
5Michelle E. K. O'Brien Report: Closing of Jeannette Glass: Effect of closing on Jeannette and on individuals, Beistels, Beers, Abe Zion and possible re-opening, Kepple, Pizazza, education of glassworkers, Dornin, family, Dreistadt, Czerpak, "big business," union, decline of Jeannette
6Christine Mueseler Report: Poetic Narrative: Ethnopoetic renderings of passages form interviews
7Billman, Mueseler, O'Brien, Stevens, Young Recording Logs: IFP93-GCB1-4-C IFP93-GCM1-5-C IFP93-GMD1-6-C IFP93-GDS1-4-C IFP93-GJY1-8-C Adams, Beers, B. and J. Beistel, Catalano, Chew, Czerpak, Dalham, Dornin, Driestadt, Gaudi, Griffin, H. and W. Haile, Jones, Kepple, Kiefer, Kubicki, Lawrence, McDonald, Nedwick, Peretto, Pinazza, Priolo, Sarge, Saorber, Spoonhoward, Taylor, Washington, women and Jeannette Glass, closing
8Mueseler et al Miscellany: Xeroxes of photographs from various sources including Jim Harris photographs for exhibit, copies from Jeannette materials, some of project photographs by Carol Billman (Gender Studies Center has negatives of latter)
9Mueseler et al Miscellany:Program
10Mueseler et al Miscellany: Jeannette Glass Project background materials
11Mueseler at al Miscellany: Newspaper clippings
12Adams Interview by Stevens: Recording log first page IFP93-GDS1-C (Note: in this series, complete recording logs are not provided; only copies of the first page for each log are included; complete logs are stored elsewhere) Biography sheet, release form
13Beers Interview by O'Brien: Fieldnotes IFP93-GMO4-C: Fieldwork, Jeannette Glass, lehrs, packing, forklift, gender issues, decorating, hot end, plant closure, affect on family, child rearing, maternity leave, union, law suit, family ties in work place,re-opening Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
14B. and J. Beistel Interview by O'Brien: Fieldnotes IFP93-GMO3-C: McKee and Jeannette Glassware, close down affect on men, deaths from shut down, unemployment, Keller project, union, gender and jobs, family ties Recording log first page, biography sheets, release forms
15Catalano Interview by Young: Fieldnotes IFP93-GJY7-C: Fieldwork, Jeannette Glass, sex, sexual harassment, packing, decorating, carton making, quality control, union, shutdown Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
16Chew Interview by Young: Fieldnotes IFP93-GJY5-C: Jeannette Glass, set pack, packing, decorating, union, Zion and possible re-opening, closing impact on Jeannette Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
17Czerpak Interview by Young: Fieldnotes IFP93-GJY3-C: Jeannette Glass, gender issues, feminism, union, sexual harassment, personal effect of shutdown, family ties Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
18Dornin and Pinazza Interview by O'Brien: Fieldnotes IFP93-GMO1-C: McKee Glass, hot end, Schade Novelty Co., glassblower, family economy, Jeannette Glass, decorating, packing, pregnancies, trapping a cigarette thief, joking Recording log first page, biography sheets, release forms
19Dreistadt Interview by O'Brien: Fieldnotes IFP93-GMO5-C: Jeannette Glass, personal effect of shutdown, packer, trainer Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
20Gaudi Interview by Billman: Fieldnotes IFP93-GCB3-C: Jeannette Glass, housewife's chores in addition to work, McKee Glass, lehrs, set pack, sweeping, men's and women's jobs, parties at work Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
21Griffin Interview by Billman: Fieldnotes IFP93-GCB2-C: Jeannette Glass Co., disharmony among women workers, rumors and gossip, class distinctions, married couples at Jeannette Glass, description of jobs and working conditions, displacement Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
22H. and W. Haile Interview by Stevens: Fieldnotes IFP93-GDS2-C: NAACP, African American, descendant of indentured servant and Quaker in area from 1840s, descendant of sharecroppers, migration to area in 1920s Recording log first page, biography sheets, release forms
23Hopewell Baptist Church Revival: Stevens fieldnotes : Adams, Jones, Hamilton, Johnson, Craig, Washington, questions, African American May 14, 1993
24Johnson Interview by Mueseler: Fieldnotes IFP93-GCM3-C: Westmoreland Glass Co., Rupp, glass museum, history, private collection, chemist, women's jobs, union, shutdown, salary, piece wages, Grossman Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form, miscellany- business card
25Jones Interview by Stevens: Fieldnotes IFP93-GDS3-C: African American, third generation in Jeannette, drug culture, racism, child rearing Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
26Kepple Interview by Young: Fieldnotes IFP93-GJY8-C: Jeannette Glass Co., union, shut down, child care Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
27Kubicki Interview by Young: Fieldnotes IFP93-GJY4-C: Jeannette Glass Co., payroll and accounts, parties, camaraderie, Zion and re-opening of factory Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
28Lawrence Interview by O'Brien: Fieldnotes IFP93-GMO2-C: Jeannette Glass Co., stealing glass, Syrian American Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
29Nedwick Interview by Billman: Fieldnotes IFP93-GCM1-C: Jeannette Glass Co., family, family farm, stealing glass, employee glass collections, parties, lehrs, tossing good pieces to get a break, women's housework, union, strike, Elliott Co. Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
30Priolo Interview by Billman: Fieldnotes IFP93-GCB4-C: Jeannette Glass Co., hot end, pregnancy, friendship, union grievance committee, men reclaiming "their" jobs after WWII, glass collection Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
31Sarge Interview by O'Brien: Fieldnotes IFP93-GMO6-C: Jeannette Glass Co., nurse, shutdown, layoffs, injuries, salt loss in hot end, salary and wages, health and glassworkers
32Spoonhoward Interview by Young: Fieldnotes IFP93-GJY2-C: Jeannette Glass Co., office, parts of factory not unionized, partnership marriage, relocation Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
33Taylor Interview by Young: Fieldnotes IFP93-GJY6-C: Jeannette Glass Co., quality control, union, shutdown, personal effect of shutdown Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
34Washington Interview by Stevens: Fieldnotes IFP93-GDS4-C: African American, Jeannette-PA, family, ties to the South, Hopewell Baptist Church, NAACP Recording log first page, biography sheet, release form
35Billman and Mueseler Biography Sheets: McDonald, Kifer, Sober
36Billman Daily Fieldnotes: IFP93-GCB1-4-C 5-11 to 6-17-93
37O'Brien Daily Fieldnotes: IFP93-GMO1-5-C 5-11 to 6-19-93
38Stevens Daily Fieldnotes: IFP93-GDS1-4-C Questionnaire 5-11 to 6-18-93
39Young Daily Fieldnotes: IFP93-GJY1-8-C 5-11 to 6-19-93
1Billman and Mueseler Report: Alcoa/New Kensington Project, : New Kensington "The Aluminum City," Alcoa, company formation-expansion- decline-shutdown, research, anti-trust legislation, competition, impact of deindustrialization, paternalism, workers' relationships, loyalty, class, ethnicity, labor relations, women workers, conclusion and recommendations, bibliography, interview summaries and highlights, place in New Kensington, social history, history, Italians, Polish, Syrian, ethnic and religious discrimination, gender discrimination, labor history, church and labor, ethnic picnics, family businesses, baseball, sports, entertainment, list and description of New Kensington sites and buildings 1993
2Audiotape Inventory Guide and Recording Logs: Alcoa/New Kensington Project, 1993
3Billman and Mueseler Recording Logs: IFP93-GCB5-6, 9, 10-C IFP93-GCM6-8, 10 and 11-C Billman, Blissell, G. and G. Marotta, Beraducci, Greco, Morton, Kane, A. and S. Peczarski, Ryba, Sculo
4Billman Fieldnotes: IFP93-G Billman, research, tour of Alcoa Technical Center, employee education, Penn State New Kensington, old Alcoa Research Lab, old Alcoa Fabricating Plant, town of New Kensington
5Billman and Mueseler Biography Sheets: Beraducci, Billman, Blissell, Gatto, Creco, Kane, G. and .G. Marotta, Mazzotta, Morton, A. and S. Pelczarski, Ryba
6Billman and Mueseler Release Forms: Bedaducci, Billman, Blissell, Guto, Breco, Kane, G. and g. Marotta, J. and V. Mazzo, Morton, A. and S. Pelczarski, Ryba
7Billman and Mueseler Miscellanies: Xeroxes of photographs
8Billman and Mueseler Miscellanies: Background Materials including list of New Kensington family stores prepared by Marotta family; xeroxes of pages from Alcoa Technical Center publication "Lab Log;" pages from "Celebrating a Century: New Kensington " edited by Blissell; pages from "Geography of New Kensington and Arnold 1958- 59,"Florence E. Roberts, editor; pages from "Commemorative Historical Program 75th Anniversary, City of New Kensington, PA 1966;" various clippings 1841-1991
9Billman and Mueseler Miscellanies: Background materials including pages from "The Immortal Woodshed, Junius Edwards; xeroxes of photographs; Faxed materials from Alcoa; pages from "Lore of Yore History of Parnassus, New Kensington, Arnold and Lower Burrell" by Women's Club of New Kensington ; "Aluminum Lithium, A Case History" by Bettye Pruitt, ; various clippings, some from the "Alcoa Warrior; " The Making of a Century by James Mazzotta 19861920
10Billman and Mueseler Miscellanies: Alcoa/New Kensington background, copy of Lore of Yore
11Billman and Mueseler Miscellanies: Thank you note from Blissell
1Westmont Project General: Histories, slide show lectures, news releases
2Research Notes
3Interview Questions and Schedule
4Glosser Interview by Miner: Notes and recording log IFP91-LCM1-C
5Longwell Interview by Miner: Notes (not taped) 11-6-91
6Ginsburg Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP91-LCM2-C
7Mulvehill Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP91-LCM3-C
8Peat, Richardson, Raab Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP91-LCM4-C
9Dalesandro Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP91-LCM5-C
10Price Interview by Miner:Recording log IFP91-LCM7-C
11Hornyak Interview by Miner:Recording log IFP91-LCM8-C
12Saylor Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP91-LCM9-C
13Mirilovich Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-L1-C
14Mardis Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM2-C
15Kaylor Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM3-C
16Dupont Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM4 and 5-C
17Soloff Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM6-C
18Golian Interview by Miner: Recording log (no tape) 2-5-92
19Picking Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM8 and 9-C
20Paul Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM10 and 11-C
21Quarles Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM12 and 13-C
22Jacovitz Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM14 and 15-C
23Robson Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM16 and 17-C
24Novak Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM18-C
25DiFrancesco Interview by Miner:Recording log IFP92-LCM19-C
26New Deal Project- Context for Video
27Cooper Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP92-LCM4-C
28Chiodo Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM5-C
29CCC Breakfast by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM6 and 7-C
30Lorditch Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM8 and 9-C
31Slavick Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM10-C
32Gustkey Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM14-C
33Berkley Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM15-C
34Rovansek Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM16-C
35Szekerish Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM17-18-C
36Duncan Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM19-C
37Nesbit Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM20-C
38Rist Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM21-C
39Penrod Interview by Miner: Recording log IFP93-LCM22, 23, 24-C
40Film Fest Notes
41Johnstown Survey: Churches and Clubs lists
42Miner Release Forms- Westmont Centennial and New Deal Projects and Miscellaneous: IFP91-LCM1-C to IFP93-LCM23-C I. and R. Glosser, Ginsburg, Mulvehill, Peat, Raab,Richardson, Dalesandro, C. and J. Price, Hornyak, Saylor, Mirilovich, F. and M.E. Mardis, Kaylor, Soloff, Golian, Picking, Paul, Quarles, Jacovitz, Robson, Novak, M.G. and S. DiFrancesco, Naugle, Cooper, Chiodo, Lorditch, Slavick, Gustkey, Berkley, Rovansek, Szekeresh, Duncan, Rist, Penrod List of interviews Ethnic Fraternals Project, Miner, : 1992ca
43Research Information: Types of source material, Immigration Center lists, PLCB photographs of club interiors
44Ethnic Heritage Questionnaires: Letter to presidents; general survey; questionnaire; specific questionnaires for: Am- Slo Club, Austrian Hall, CFO, Croatian Singing Society, Carpatho-Russians, Germans, Polski-Dom, Slovenians, White Eagles Club; interview schedule
45Miner Fieldnotes: Babich, Rodajlub, Ace's, Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, decoration of home, criminal activities, Croatia, picnics and picnic grounds, slot machines, midwife, Rev. Johnson, Russian Orthodox, Blessing of Waters, ethnicity, ethnic identity, cemeteries, names, fraternals and churches, Kibler, Austrian Hall, social members, exclusion and inclusion, change, family, club events, moonshine, Italians, Germans, Croatians, Slovaks, language, liquor board, male and female membership, Neral, schools, pan-ethnicity, St. Rochus Catholic Church, Koronoski, Mixed marriages, Turn-Verein, Tomera, Polish West End Citizen's Club, Morrellville, Old Conemaugh Borough, club decorations, PNA, White Eagles, ladies' auxiliary, Sundays, food, Serbian. St. Petka, St. Nicholas, Serbian Association, Serbian National Federation, sports, Sobroban, Murgas, Am-Slo Club, naturalization, education, political mobilization, Slovak American Citizen's Blub, newspapers, German, German Austrian Band Hall, revitalization, bowling-ten pin-duck pin, inter-generational problems, insurance, bar, food, bands, dances, lists of records and resources, PNA in Moxham and Minersville, Centrala, Polish Singing Society-KMP, Cyburt, Rice, Gambenski, Jankowiak, Black Madonna, Polish West End Citizens' Club, English and citizenship instruction, Ryba, home movies, Germania Quartette Club, Hornerstown,segregation, video poker machines, Langerhole Jr., Slovenian Workers' Home Association, socialists, wine, White Eagles Club, Franklin, ladies horseshoe league, Silkos, International Institute of Johnstown, Americanization, YWCA. Subjects of fieldnotes also include early male orientation of fraternals, theatrical performances, grape dance, "doughnut dunking," modernization, baseball, boxing, parking lots, women members, television, jukeboxes, remodelling, wake vigils, early Sunday openings, election days, Kaminski, Polski-Dom, Polish Roman Catholic Union, badges, Russian-American Club, Mataloyak, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Galician and Carpathian Rusins, Msgr. Yurcisin, Sobditch, CFU, Joe Dupin, Frank Yankovic, Serbians, Bozo Goisovitch, flood stories, unions, Penn. Federation of Fraternals and Social Clubs, Yarosky, Slovak Educational Society, Antal, St. Francis Roman Catholic Church, Varmecky, First Catholic Slovak Band Hall, Gabrenyu, Slovenian Savings and Loan, Werzyn collection, Slovenia Cooperative Store, paintings, Bako, St. Sylvester Society-Woodvale, SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, Turner Hall, gymnastics, Keyser, Lingerfelter, politicians, YSF-Yugo-Slav Socialist Federation, Sons of Italy, Independent Sons and Daughters of Italy, Lebarko. Discussion also of mergers of men's and women's lodges, prohibition, lower prices, active and social members.
46Miner Ethnic Fraternals Project Recording Logs: IFP9 -LCM -C (no tape numbers given) Topics covered include Am-Slov Club, Slovaks, Payerchin, Babich, ladies' auxiliary, modernization, politics, citizenship, Americanization, Gabrenya, Slovenia, immigration, St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church, steel mill similarity of place between Johnstown and Slovenia, cooperative store, Slovenian Savings and Loan, language, Depression, foodways, Yugo-Slav Socialist Club, SNPJ- Slovenian National Benefit Society, St. Louis Society, picnics, plays, dances, holiday parties, weddings, "bollina"- Slovenian bowling game, "grinder," Bon Air, Crane. New town, wine, Slovovitz, Kibler, Johnstown mistaken for Youngstown, steel mill, Old Conemaugh Borough, boarding house, WWII, female air raid warden, St. Joseph German Roman Catholic Church, Austrian Hall, Liquour Control Board makes clubs use English in minutes c. 1933, male centered clubs, bands, card games, families at clubs, Sundays at the club, effect of TV, kimmel dances, Christmas parties, leftovers to orphanage in Ebensburg, tension between older and younger members, duck pin and ten pin bowling, Central Catholic School, lower prices, Langerholc, Slovenian Lodge, Yugoslav Miners Cooperative Store, familiar landscape, use of language, relationship between church and fraternals, insurance, singing, English classes. Also covered are softball, foodways, St. Joseph's Day, pool, bowling machines, the Old Country, national meetings, plays, unions, Grinder, Neral, mixed marriage, Croatian, Rodaljub Croatian Singing Society, picnic grounds, foreign language in schools, relatives in Europe, family moving away, Johnstown Catholic High School. Subjects include ethnic division in the steel mill, steel strike, tamburitzins, Croatian Fraternal Union, flood damage to records, songs, Rodeljub Recreation park, Rice, death benefits, days clubs were open, "chancing off," slot machines, band, bingo, beer, Prohibition, prejudice against Germans during WWII, Old Conemaugh Borough, rivalries between sections of Johnstown, population shifts, fraternals not get much publicity from Tribune-Democrat, singing groups, furniture and decorations, Harmony Singing Society, Welsh, Italian, violence, inter-ethnic fights, numbers, houses of prostitution, coal mines, Westmont, Schmolz Koronoski, stone masons, Irish and German Catholic schools. Also covered are Zion Lutherans-Germans, boarders, doing laundry, Glosser's, widows, buying votes, Bethlehem Steel, bars, murder, twins, (Greater) German Beneficial Union, card games, German foodways, mafia, boxing, foreign language in church/ school, Silko, Slovenian, mixed marriage, Franklin, St. Rochus Church, Penn Traffic, Bethlehem Mines, White Eagles Club, Slovenski Dum, PRCU, Assumption Polish RC Church, wigilea, baseball, Polish bands, elections, women working in clubs, taverns had to close Sunday but clubs open, Gaerner Beer, slots, cards, jukebox, pool, television, "family" clubs, women as active members, kids' activities, horseshoes, weddings, membership restrictions, memorabilia, records, Paul Newman visit, unions and politics at the clubs, Sobditch, showers, locker rooms, Croatian, moonshine, rye and slivovitz, insurance and burial money, Rolling Mill Mine disaster victims buried out of St. Stephen's Church, church and clubs, Thanksgiving dinner, clubs as funeral homes, junior order in clubs, tamburitzins, Croatian flags, FDR and JFK pictures, citizens clubs, Croatian Day August 15, people now will not work, language dying out about WWII. Subjects include Croatians in Canada, roasting lamb, Tomera, tension between men and women in clubs, Alliance College, Centrala, Polish, Minersville, Rosedale, sauerkraut and whole heads of cabbage in kraut for pigs, folksongs, speaking multiple languages, Polish heritage groups, Polish West End Citizen's Club to help get citizenship papers, discrimination against Poles and Slovaks, "hunkies," Polish Slav Federation, Casimir Polaski Society, Polish in St. Casimir Church and school, basket blessing, Polish Easter and Christmas traditions, house blessings, Polish bands and music, Poles in Franklin and Conemaugh, Polish National Church, Holy Cross Polish Church in Jerome, bars in Cambria City, radio in clubs, different drinks such as boiler makers and tomato juice in beer, Polish dances, Polish costumes, Polish Veterans' Club, club uniforms, Polish Falcons
47Miner Ethnic Fraternals Project Photography Logs IFP9 -LCM -B or S (no numbers given) Koronoski, German memorabilia, Neral, Germania Quartette Club, Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Woodvale-PA, Slovenian Workers' Home Association, Holy Cross Polish National Church, Tomera, Polish West End Citizen's Club, Rice, German Austrian Hall,Langerholc, Rodajlub rehearsal, Kibler, Turner Hall, Keyser, Lingenfelder, Ladies Duck Pin Bowling League, Sons of Italy White Eagles, PRCU, horseshoe pits, PNA, American Carpatho Citizens' Club, Silko, Ryba, Babich,St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Church, Matalyak, First Russian Federation, Russian Club, Sobditch, White Eagles Ladies Horseshoe Pitching League, Am-Slo Club, Murgas, Polski-Dom, St. Ann's Ladies Auxiliary, Slovak Educational Society, Yusky, Tonera, West End Polish Citizens' Club, Slovenian Club-Krayne-PA, Gembinski, Moxham PNA, Jankowiak, Yugoslav Socialist Federation-Franklin-PA, Gabrenya, Slovenian Savings and Loan, Cyburt, Minersville PNA, Krentz, Turner Hall Ladies' Auxiliary, Fist Slovak Catholic Band Hall, Varmecky
48Miner Ethnic Fraternals Project Miscellanies: Lists of materials identified
49Miner Ethnic Fraternals Project Miscellanies: Project outlines, lists of clubs, histories
1Betty Belanus Fieldnotes and Invoices: IFP90-ABB1-C to IFP90-ABB11-C 11-15 to 12-7-90
2McVey Interview by Belanus: Recording log IFP90-ABB1-C: Juniata-PA, father worked for railroad, her job, clerical, bidding system, women in WWII and keeping jobs, changing ownership, unions, furloughs, women and railroad, socializing, childhood, steam engines, housecleaning, family history, Scots, free passes for employees, ethnicity. Biography sheet, release form
3Probst Interview by Belanus: Recording log IFP90-ABB2-C: East Freedom and Claysburg and Altoona-PA, work driving equipment and in office, men and women's jobs, WWII, childcare, "tricks"-shifts, harassment, "stores" jobs, Red Arrow wreck, Charles Schwab, pass and travel, steam engines and dirt, union, pregnancy, furloughs, cabooses, accidents, socializing, dress, work conditions. Biography sheet, release form, fieldnotes
4NARB Meeting Interview by Belanus: Recording log IFP90-ABB3-C: 15 members, women and jobs on railroad, bidding for jobs, women working in early history of railroad, first days, changes in town, the K-4, harassment, courtship and marriage, dispatchers, discrimination, parties, pregnancy, unions, women's lib, railroad families, railroad in blood
5White Interview by Belanus: Recording log IFP90-ABB4-C: Father on railroad, family history, Duncansville-PA, courtship and marriage, railroad band wife of engineer, smoking, killing a man, cooking for husband, gardens, raising children, holidays, Mary Calder's job on railroad, "bumping," passes, dorms, work clothes, railroad gets in blood, "mickying," pensions, hunting, cooking, canning, nicknames, handwork, husband's care Biography Sheet
6Coogan and Nail Interview by Belanus: (with Nail's husband) Recording log IFP90-ABB5-C: Women and railroads, tractor, men helping women, National Association of Railway Business Women in Altoona, tricks, raising children, high lift-Baker, fellow workers, harassment, safety rules, pranks, women's relationships, dress, rest rooms, cold, Altoona-PA, union, family on railroad, parties, poverty, transportation, social life, gossip, passes Biography sheets, release forms
7McCready Interview by Belanus: Recording log IFP90-ABB6-C: Altoona-PA, PRR farm, Juniata Gap-PA, Broadway Limited, Lakemont Park, grandfather-father-father-in-law, cinders, boarding houses, Horseshoe Curve, jobs, kids and railroad, Logan House, Car Shop Band, Flood, MBA, work clothes, railroad jobs, food to kids, lunch buckets, coal, immigrants, Christmas, model trains, games/play, school, silk mills, furloughs, gardens, canning, helping Biography sheet, release form 1889
8Larrimore Interview by Belanus: (with husband, Bud) Recording log IFP90-ABB7-C: Roster, bidding for jobs, PRR merger with NY Central, Conrail, union, like a family, furloughs, pensions, All American Girl, Fred Waring, good money on railroad, third trick, her jobs, keypunch, microfilm, Community Chest, family in railroading, women's jobs and work, maternity leave, social life, Round House, Penn Alto, security during WWII, rivalry with Johnstown Biography sheet
9Veit Interview by Belanus: Recording log IFP90-ABB10-C: Life story, Mutual Beneficial Association, bookkeeper, railroad employees' insurance, socializing, magazine, cafeteria, railroad stores, family run stores Biography sheet, release form
10Miller Interview by Belanus: Recording log IFP90-ABB11-C: Railroad schools for apprenticeship, father's work on railroad, passes, growing up in Altoona-PA, returning, cinders, farms and hucksters, trolley, Lakemont Park Gables, Altoona-Johnstown, housework, sports, garden, Christmas, church dinners, Jews, 1936 flood Biography sheet, release form
11Belanus Photography Logs: IFP90-ABB1-S and IFP90-ABB2-B (no photographs or slides in collection)
12Holland Fieldwork, : 12 Ted Holland Recording Logs: IFP86-ATH1-8-C IFP87-ATH1-9-C IFP88-ATH1-11-C IFP89-ATH1-9-C Greenawalt, Burrowes, Ickes, Holobaugh, Juhl, McElwee, Krafat, Harper, Barrett, Hooper, Morris, Moser, K-4 maiden run, Gioiosa, Fisher, Shultz, Gruber, Krenn, Barree, Smay, Killian, Evans, Marlett, Goshen, Harker, Rules Class, Swope, Snyder life history, occupational lore, special people. Subjects also include nicknames, railroad, railroad jobs and duties and departments, narratives, women, heritage programs, tourism, pranks, calamities, Altoona-PA, company towns, house-home, childlore, neighborhoods, wrecks, trains, courting, working conditions, ethnic relations, unions, courting, WWII, gender in work place, foodways, family life, folklore, ethnic groups, German, Italian, education, layoffs, Depression, change, job loss and appearance, social life, family history, entertainment, farming, Arch Springs, disappeared places, Camels Mill, region, religion, churches. Also covered are Fort Roberdeau, holidays, hunting, stone quarry, safety, industrial issues, practices, fireman, engineer, trackman, testing department, Mexican, Chinese, Jewish, ethnic relations in work place, ethnic identity, ethnic practices, fraternals, KKK, volunteer fire companies, politics, African-American, car shop, shop-erecting, trolley lines, organizations, derrick operator. 1986-1990
13Holland Fieldnotes: IFP90-ATH3-C to IFP90-35-C (not all tapes): Manocchio, Resig, Petta, Restaino, Rita, Turchetta, Albright, Hooper, Santella, Dewald, hobos, poetry, AME Church, Eastern Light Cemetery, African Americans, Altoona-PA, King and Queen of the Hobos, Knights of the Road, International Migratory WorkersUnion, Italian, home remedies, folk art, stores, oxtails, Christmas tree, PRR, coal, grapes, winemaking, foodways, railroads, ethnic relations, immigration, blacksmithing, Mexicans, bread, family, economy, silk mills, neighborhood, ethnic division of labor, bowling, strikes, strike breakers, discrimination, Depression, Italian clubs, passes, marriage, furloughs, holidays, traditions, festivals, parades, unions, school, church, Sons of Italy, Lakemont Park, post office, local history, railroad payroll, Shaffer's, children's games and activities, "blacksmith" game, Logantown, reunion, Little Italy, Dutch Hill 6-16-90 to 12-5-90
14Holland Work Reports: #7 () 8-10-90) to #11 (9-29-90
15Holland Release Form: IFP89-ATH10-C Marlett
16Santella Interview by Holland: (also son, Guido) Recording log IFP90-ATH1-C: Altoona-PA, tavern, Italian, railroad, nicknames, menus, alcoholic beverages, track worker, discrimination, WWII, alcoholics, drunks, parties, ethnic relations, fights, Polish, Jew Hill, Dutch/German Hill, boundaries, neighborhood, Italian and other clubs, treatment of women Biography sheet, release form
17Manocchio Interview by Holland: Recording logs IFP90-ATH2, 3, 4-C: Railroad, Altoona-PA, hobo travels and adventures , Horseshoe Curve, running with train, tricks of hoboing, famous people, his symbol, dangers and accidents, traveling for work, jungles, cooking, bumming food and tobacco, jobs, panhandling, cops and bulls, YMCA, jail time Biography sheet, release form 1929 to 1954
18Resig Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH5-C Floyd Hoenstine and his history publications, Civil War, GAR records and activities, Grand Army days, marking veterans' graves, historical subjects, Frankstown, "Soldiers of Blair County" Biography sheet
19Petta Interviews by Holland: Recording logs IFP90-ATH6 to 15-C: Italy, foodways, immigration, Altoona-PA, Barnun and Bailey parade, 7th Street Bridge, bar, police, funerals, stockyards and slaughter house, streets, school, jobs as child, shoe shop, money to mother, silk mills, sling shot, railroad, K-4, brides, African American, barns, gardens, pigeons, Mollico's grocery, deliveries, credit, bread oven, cod fish, coffee soup, Nazis in Altoona-PA, German, WWII, chauffeur, discrimination, Poles, Irish, division of labor, Kiesels, Einstein, Henry Ford, cars, holidays, birthdays, Italian clubs and band, San Donato, weddings, baptisms, Park, Christmas, leisure, Easter, Thanksgiving, mother's work, winemaking, coffee shop, breakfast, pepper sandwiches for lunch, sleeping on the job, place names, fraternals, Rheems Jewish bakery, Lakemont Park,Tyrone, Lewistown, Roaring Spring, Hollidaysburg, watercress gathering, movies, home remedies, tomato paste, flu epidemic, garlic, cheese making, Kuhn's store, beef parts Biography sheet, release form
20Rita Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH17-C: Carnivals on Gamble Hill, circus, medicine men, quarry, Christmas and Easter foods, sewing, player piano, foodways, KKK, interethnic relations, discrimination, gangs, games and play, Mollico's, Sell's, stores, San Donato Festival, treatment of Italian girls, clubs, weddings Biography sheet, release form
21Manocchio Interviews by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH18-C: (also 19 and 20) Railroad, injuries, furloughs, shops and jobs on railroad, safety, fights, ethnic slurs, women hired during WWII, nicknames for shops, foremen, neighborhood, shopping in Philadelphia, soap making, foodways, childhood jobs and games, selling papers, Depression and relief
22Restaino Interview by Holland: Recording logs IFP90-ATH21-25-C: Italy, immigration, railroad jobs, WWII, cooking on job, slurs, bidding for jobs, safety, work clothes, work conditions, leisure, messenger girls, catering, Easter and Christmas foods Biography sheet, release form
23Cansal Interview by Holland: Recording logs IFP90-ATH26 and 27-C: Selling popcorn and other foods, immigration, eating bananas, railroad, PRR, injuries, father deserted family, WWI, Peterson airport in Tipton, San Donato festival, Mount Carmel Festival, Christmas in Italy, circus, pass, bumping, street car company, breweries, boarders, games, Hollidaysburg, poor house, visit to Italy, movies, foodways Biography sheet, release forms
24Hooper Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH28-C: Blacksmithing demonstration by former PRR blacksmith, starting fire, tempering, cutting metal, hammer weld Biography sheet, release form
25Turchetta Interview by Holland: Recording logs IFP90-ATH29 and 30-C: Mexicans during WWII, some spoke Italian, African Americans, Italy, immigration, gardens and animals, pasta box cradle, DeFlaviano's, selling produce, silk mill, state cops on horses, Italian language, WWII, check to parents, bake oven, wine making, break baking, roast pig, dandelions, patterns, cooking eggs and potatoes in hot sand at foundry, Germans Biography sheet, release form
26Martelletti Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH39-C Italy, PRR, discrimination, Juniata, division of labor, Pontecorno-Italy, passes, visits to Italy, Logan House, stamps, post office car, car shop newsletter, unions, his railroad career, safety from 1940s on, fight with CIO over brick layer craft, pins for service, retirement, passes, Depression, furloughs, silk mill, Fr. Gerome, Italian clubs, Italians not work together, Dutch Hill-Germans, Italian politicians, church bells Biography sheet, release form
27Pellegrino Interview by Holland: (with son) Recording logs IFP90-ATH33 and 34-C: Italy, immigration, jobs on railroad, Altoona water department, lay offs, K4 #1361, aid department, Community Chest, Mollico's, unions, Sons of ItUns, the old people, Italian people, Lakemont Park, bootlegging whiskey, crank- up record player Biography sheet, release form
28Dewald Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH35-C Altoona-PA, animated scoreboards, Williamsport, Logantown, rivalry between Logantown and Juniata and Fairview, sections of Altoona-PA, golf course, dump, childhood jobs, PRR fire houses, Altamont Hotel fire, movie theaters, children's games-"hit the wicket," "blacksmith," Shafer's stores, Lakemont Park, cars, restaurant work, railroad jobs, post office, nicknames of sections of town Biography sheet, release form
29Monti Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH36-C: Tahter in bands in Italy and U.S., San Donato Band, Tyrone shop band, Mexicans, area bands, prejudice against Catholics and Italians in Altoona- PA, pass, bootlegging Biography Sheet, release form
30Pellegrino Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH37-C: Little Italy in Altoona-PA, stores and churches and clubs, bocce, garden, discrimination, Italians in railroad work, Depression, foodways, midwifery, children's jobs, importance of housewife, wine making, radio shows, leisure, games, Christmas, bootlegging, healing, cleaning miners' clothes, courtship
31Martelletti Interview by Holland: Recording logs IFP90-ATH38 and 39-C: Italy, immigration, physicals in railroad, railroad career, railroad police, PRR mementos, furlough, Johnstown flood, women in shops in WWII, labor during WWII, pranks, masons and brick layers, safety, harassment of women, protection of women, unions Fieldnotes: Altoona postcards
32Papas Interview by Holland: (also wife, Jackie) Recording log IFP90-ATH40-C: Logantown-PA, immigration, family store, pretzels, Greek, Cricket Field, WWII, peanut roaster, garden, silk factory, holidays, electric trains, Christmas, redevelopment, Gables Biography sheet, release form, fieldnotes
33Albright Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH41-C: Altoona-PA, family in railroad, art career, Frankstown, Greenwood, railroading art, media, comedy in his work Biography sheet, release form, fieldnotes
34Young Interview by Holland: Recording logs IFP90-ATH42 and 43-C: Biography, folklore and folkart, family history, Depression, railroad career, WWII, local history, sports, railroad band, union, special people, ethnic groups, Altoona-PA, pranks, folk medicine, social life, family life, religion/churches, other jobs, music Biography sheet, release form Fieldnotes: Death, flu epidemic, Pennsylvania History Survey
35Monti Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH44-C: Folk medicine, funerals, WWI, local calamities, family history, ethnicity, Italian, WWII, ethnicity in work place, childlore, unions, ethnic relations, railroad lore, social life, jobs, Altoona-PA, sports, neighborhood, family life, foodways, games, reunions, special people, band, life story Fieldnotes: Music, corpse of child sprinkled with candy, pranks, mafia, whore houses, discrimination
36Shay and Davis Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH45-C: Foodways, place, ethnic relations, railroad, golf course, local history, housework, company town, folklore, occupational lore, special people, sports, childlore, games, children's work, neighborhood, disappeared places, Depression, heritage programs, family history, ethnicity, courting, Red Arrow train wreck, reunions Biography sheet, release form
37Hollobaugh Interview by Holland: Recording logs IFP90-ATH46 and 47-C: Mifflintown-PA, railroad family, Logantown, Altoona-PA, lunch at home, foodways, cartoon and art work, railroad career, WWII, unions, cabin cars, winter problems, shanties, occupational lore, job loss/change, politics, hostler, family history, layoffs, working conditions, gender in the work place, Depression, railroad family Biography sheet, release form Field notes: Artwork
38Shay Interview by Holland: (with wife, Lois) Recording log IFP90-ATH48-C: Festivals, parades, bands, social life, childlore, holidays, neighborhoods, special people, family life and history, life history, railroad lore, WWII, hostler, working conditions and safety, pranks, gender in work place, technological change Biography sheet Fieldnotes: Railroad sports teams, parades, bands, Barnesboro-PA, railroad family, railroad career, women in shops, union, sledding
39Summers Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH49-C: Altoona-PA, Gables Department store, railroad family, leaving Altoona_PA, railroad career, Hollidaysburg, pranks, lead poisoning, nicknames, work clothes, vice-president's car, WWII, collegiality Biography sheet, release form Fieldnotes: Railroad family, seeing Eisenhower, joint interview of Anna and Lou Leopold by Holland, O'Reilly and Belanus, railroad poet, layoffs and furloughs, Depression, German immigrants, "toytown"development, silk mill, role of churches
40Loparo Interview by Holland: Recording log IFP90-ATH50-C: Union, social life, theater, family history, life history, railroad fire team, Altoona-PA, household, African Americans, childlore, children's work, foodways, holidays, folklife, theater, Depression, job change, special people, occupational lore, coal, transportation, sports, police, civic organizations, change, family life, working conditions, WWII, layoffs, loss/appearance of jobs Biography sheet, release form Fieldnotes: Heatrola, Little Italy, games, Depression, desertion by father, WPA, bumping, prostitutes
41Albright Interviews by Holland: Recording logs IFP90- ATH51-53-C: Folk art, folk music
42Holland Photography logs: IFP90-ATH3, 4, 33, 38-B (Correspond to recording logs and interviews; however, no negatives or prints in collection for these logs; nonstandard numbering system)
43Malt Fieldwork, : Laurie Interview by Laurie Malt: Recording log IFP93-ALM1-C: Railroad, clerical, gender, special people, house/home/family life, social life, loss/appearance of jobs, entertainment 1993
44McNitt Fieldwork, : Barrett Interview by Cummins McNitt: Recording log IFP91-ACM1-C: History programs, tourism, exhibit history of Railroaders Memorial Museum, Altoona-PA 1991 and 1992
45Masic Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM1-C: Railroad jobs, time at work, winter, war years, maintenance work, track walker, Red Arrow wreck, fires,dangers and safety, Sylvania electric light photo event, K-4, Penn-Texas #3 wreck Biography sheet, release form
46Nycum Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM2-C: Various railroad jobs described, fireman, comparison of steam and diesel, derailment on Horseshoe Curve, dynamic braking, WWII, K-4, cold Biography sheet, release form
47Corbett Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM3-C: African American, railroad waiter, famous people, no place to sleep, Iregular shifts, Horseshoe Curve, strike, "Scabtown," Red Arrow wreck Biography sheet, release form
48Haxel Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM4-C: Engineer, fireman, insurance, lunches, book of rules, safety rules, "dropping a train," near miss, wreck, nature, community, Altoona, Sylvania light show, K-4, Salpino, rich/famous visitors Biography sheet, release form
49Julian Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM5-C: Section hand job description, movie of Horseshoe Curve, WWII, beautifying the curve, romance of railroad, floating and section gangs, near miss, railroad and the community Biography sheet, release form
50Boyle Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM6-C: Railroad towers, black operator, derailments, wrecks, weather, "working the mountain," pranks Biography sheet, release form
51Richards Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM7-C: Horseshoe Curve, rails and weather effects, derailment Engine 1361, fires, track maintenance Biography sheet, release form
52Dillon Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM8-C: MG Tower, Horseshoe Curve, lanterns, ride to work, derailments, block operator, family feeling, fires, lunches, recreation Biography sheet, release form Dillon Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM8-C: MG Tower, Horseshoe Curve, lanterns, ride to work, derailments, block operator, family feeling, fires, lunches, recreation Biography sheet, release form
53Lynch Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM9-C: Horseshoe Curve, Red Arrow Wreck, derailment,war years, fires, man sleeping in coke ovens Biography sheet
54Johnston Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM10-C: Track worker, posey gang, Horseshoe Curve, rail problems, sparks and cinders, weather, deer, tools, lunches, railroad family, union, dream railroad, derailment, Red Arrow Wreck, dead bodies on tracks, WWII, soldiers' letters, different trains Biography sheet, release form
55Farabaugh Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM11-C: Horseshoe Curve, engineer, comparison of steam and diesel, lunches, train watcher, communication, snow, braking problems, derailment, fires, WWII, railroad community, K-4 Biography sheet, release form
56DeLozier Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM12-C: "Working the mountain," coal train, accidents, winter, camera bugs, fires, switch from steam to diesel, Salpino, work trains, railroad community, army Biography sheet, release form
57Kennedy Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM13-C: Horseshoe Curve, getting water, effect on family life, weather, Salpino, Red Arrow wreck, fires, accidents, spectators, steam to diesel, community relations Biography sheet, release form
58Clauto Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM14-C: Horseshoe Curve, trackman, laying rail, waterboys, fires, derailment, track grease machine, fallen rod Biography sheet, release form
59Temple Interview by McNitt: Recording log IFP92-ACM25-C: Railroad, women, ethnic groups, unions, end of PRR, diesels take over, job change, end of steam, railroaders went to steel mills, effect on community Biography sheet, release form
60Fluke Interview by McNitt: Fieldnotes : Williamsburg-PA, Charles Schwab, private railroad car, paper mill Biography sheet 3-17 and 5-12-92
1Ed O'Reilly Fieldnotes: IFP90-AEO 1 and 2, 18-25-90 , Railroad, Railroaders Memorial Museum, German, Italian, Polish, Irish, Jewish, fieldwork, folklorists, the collection, Santella, Bartholomew, Pollack, ethnic segregation, religious bigotry, St. Leo's, workers' use of PRR materials, fraternals, oral history, Horseshoe Curve, hobbies and railroad models, Leopolds, National Railroad Historical Chapter, Bishop, Gibbons, Shimer, Servello, National Folk Festival, Wilson, Larson, making artistic objects in shops, DiFlaviano, RPO Calendars of appointments 10-1-90 to 10-23-9011-26-90 to 12-21-90
2Bartholomew Interview by O'Reilly: (with Pollack) Recording log IFP90-AEO1-C: PRR, track meets, sports, Cricket Field, Harry "Fish" Trout, pass, horticulture division, teaching, YMCA, baseball, railroad support of teams and athletes, decline of PRR and sports, drug and alcohol program, Logan House, Middle Division office, using railroad cinders for track, Penn Alto Hotel, downtown Altoona and changes, Jew and German Hills, street cars Biography sheet
3Shimer Interview by O'Reilly: Recording log IFP90-AEO2-C: Life history, PRR jobs, Conrail, contract shops, railroad family, lay offs, unions, bumping, machinist shop, number of employees, billing department, crafts, engine house, pay scale, smoke and cinders, training, supervisors, shop hierarchy Biography sheet, release form
4Morgan and Leader Interview by O'Reilly: Recording logs IFP90-AEO3 and 4-C: Railroad careers, apprentice school, weather, steam to diesel, accidents, "medical" treatments, different engines, asbestos, shoes, wedges, wheels, foundry, test plant, various plants and shops, fire, building/repairing engines, wrecks and crews, computers, air hammer, technological changes after WWII, pay, superintendents, perks for higherups, hiring and firing, union, 8 hour day, Depression, Altoona at peak, dependence on railroad, changes in Altoona, Mishler Theater Biography sheets
5Shimer Interview by O'Reilly: (with Resig) Recording logs IFP90-AEO5 and 6-C: AAR-railroad operators organization, unions, strikes, strike breakers, pride, MBA, pensions, 12th Street Bridge, WWII, jobs to Altoona, smoking
6Burns Interview by O'Reilly: Recording log IFP90-AEO7-C: PRR Middle Division, railroad career, clerical, WWII, husband worked for railroad too, Red Arrow wreck, women on railroad, furloughs, harassment, union, house work while working
7Schall Interview by O'Reilly: (with Dan Larsen) Recording log IFP90-IFP90-AEO8-C: PRR shops, railroad interview, messenger boys, 12th Street fire, Depression, Hollidaysburg shop, wrecks, Red Arrow wreck, train schedule through Altoona and locals, street cars, Tipton race track, round house, steam-diesel transformation circa , cars in museum, son on railroad, pollution, jobs for injured before unions, WWI and WWII, PRR ball park and hospital, family in railroading, railroads kept other industries out, Logan House, food, weather, passes, changes, recreation, Release form 1948-50ca
8Pollack Interview by O'Reilly: Recording log IFP90-AEO9-C: Gallitzin, cinders etc., Altoona-PA, wrecks, railroad materials in private homes, family history, German, KKK in Lilly, no ethnic/religious problems in Altoona, African Americans, Pullman porters, WWI in Gallitzin German town, German organizations, Jews in Altoona, Italians, railroad recruiting, railroad band and sports and hospital, collapse of railroad, attempts to attract other industry, mead, "healers," "heart" sound of engines, hot cinders, eye surgery Biography sheet, release form
9Pagen Interview by O'Reilly: (with Mrs. Pagen) Recording logs IFP90-AEO10 and 11-C: Berlin-PA, WWII, B and O, firing steam engines, hostler, studying, killed horse, engineers, women on railroad, wreck, African American, firing, red blocks, nicknames, retired B and D group, hard to get work, retirement, being on call, effect on home life, bumping, seniority, exams, unions, music, Johnstown Flood of Release form 1977
10Lockard Interview by O'Reilly: (with wife and Resig) Recording log IFP90-AEO12-C: Horseshoe Curve visitors' building 1938-9, Curve closed from 1941-45, re- opening center around , repairs, "feeling for place," guarded during WWII, flowers, leaves center, thefts, popcorn truck, Lakemont Park, Sylvania photograph at Curve, wrecks, houses and farms where reservoirs are now, future of Curve 1947
11Maddocks Interview by O'Reilly: Recording log IFP90-AEO13-C: Father on railroad, railroad good for Altoona, hospital and YMCA supported by railroad, Cricket Field and track meets, PRR baseball league, vocational department in Altoona High School, PRR on school board, work train from outlying areas, directors of financial institutions from PRR, Clare Clugh, WWI, special artists working on railroad WWII, teaching career, summer work on railroad, people from "Cove" worked on railroad, little drunkenness, role of churches, piecework before unions, unions, local colleges, ethnic groups, assimilation, Depression Release form
12Blackburn Interview by O'Reilly: (with wife, Doris and Belanus) Recording logs IFP90-AEO14 and 15-C: Doris' father worked for PRR, Blackburn's railroad career, lunches, warming food at work, cream to heal cinder in eye, WWII, passes, bidding system, furloughs, working for food, typical workday, coal stories, diesel conversion, pranks, dating railroad women caused broken homes, nicknames, sleeping on job, making things on job and taking supplies, parking meter slugs, lead poisoning and German, union, tension between railroaders and shop people, fear of Italians and Germans during WWII, colorful characters, illegal lottery, alcoholism, check cashing, PRR kept out other industries, flea market business Release form
13L. and A. Leopold Interview by O'Reilly: Recording logs IFP90-AEO16 and 17-C: Boarding house, family history and life, railroad, special people, gender, Altoona-PA, foodways, neighborhood, WWII, layoffs, Depression, change/loss/appearance of jobs, school/ education, company town, transportation, reunions, unions, place, working conditions, sports, politics, ethnic groups, fraternals, churches, heritage programs
14Bishop Interview by O'Reilly: Recording logs IFP90-AEO18 and 19-C: Alcoholics Anonymous, alcoholism on railroad, early and current attitudes on railroad toward the problem, current program, railroad medical department, industrial hygiene, safety, injuries, peer counseling Release form
15Gibbons Interview by O'Reilly: Recording log IFP90-AEO20-C: South Fork-PA, railroad career, Altoona-PA, Depression,furloughs, bumping, Conemaugh-PA, Red Arrow wreck, flood in Johnstown, pass, Railroad Historical Society 1936
16Servello Interview by O'Reilly: Recording log IFP90-AEO21 and 22-C: Family and life history, occupational lore, Altoona-PA, place, railroad, childlore, children's work, holidays, WWII, games, festivals, heritage programs, art, Italian, special people, calamities
17Pollack Interview by O'Reilly: Recording log IFP90-AEO20-C: Altoona-PA, railroad, medical department, working conditions, safety, coal, medicine and healing, foodways, place/leaving/returning, unions, heritage programs, company town, ethnicity, family life, fraternals, KKK, ethnic groups and relations, folklife and folkart, wrecks, Red Arrow wreck, midwifery
18Larson Interview by O'Reilly: Recording log IFP90-AEO24-C: Railroad, job changes, occupational lore, working conditions, WWII, family history, layoffs, change/loss/appearance of jobs, industrial issues, medical department, unions, safety, police, family life
19DiFlaviano Interview by O'Reilly: Recording log IFP90-AEO25-C: Railway post office, union, occupational lore, family history, individual history, layoffs
20O'Reilly Photography Log: IFP90-AEO1-S (There are no slides in the collection)
21Hoenstine Interview by Bob Resig: Recording logs IFP89-ARR1 and 2-C: Windber-PA, WWI experiences, Horseshoe Curve protection (during WWII?), home defense Biography sheet, release form
22Smith Interview by Resig: Recording log IFP89-ARR3-C: Individual history, school/education, childlore, children's work, family history, occupational lore, games, WWII, hunting, steel, Depression, railroad Biography sheet, release form
23Fisher Interview by Resig: Recording log IFP89-ARR4-C: WWI, Depression, history, organizations, local history, Sinking Valley, foodways, transportation Biography sheet, release form
24Harker Interview by Eric Storms: (with Dodson) Recording log IFP92-AES1-C: Middle Division branch railroads of PRR, steam engine, hiring, railroad career, fireman, transportation, change, WWI, Irish names, son hiring policy, coal, Depression, community gardens, retirement Biography sheet, release form, fieldnotes
25Graffius Interview by Storms: Recording log IFP92-AES2-C: Work career, railroad, railroad police, Millersville derailment, accidents, kids playing chicken, shootings, YMCA, "way of life," benefits, famous people; Biography sheet, release form
26Dodson Interview by Storm: Recording log IFP92-AES3-C: Railroad, passenger conductor, railroad career, Depression, train travel, passengers trying not to pay, auditing conductors, hours, PRR-Pen Central merger, famous people, drugs and alcohol, benefits, passes, pay, displaced persons train; Biography sheet, release form
27Heaton Interview by Storms: Recording log IFP92-AES4-C: Individual and family history, railroad, change/loss/appearance of jobs, transportation, working conditions, safety, railroad industrial issues, ethnicity, ethnic relations, gender, Mexicans, neighborhood, hostler, technology, bosses and workers, Altoona-PA
28Rabold Interview by Paige Willey: Recording log IFP90-APW1-C: Individual and family history, ethnicity, railroad courtship, change/loss/appearance of jobs, unions, heritage programs, tourism, occupational lore, safety, sports, traditions, calamities
29Tape Indexes- Belanus, : IFP90-ABB1-C to IFP90-ABB11-C 1990
30Tape Indexes- Holland, : IFP86-ATH1-C to IFP86-ATH8-C 1986
31Tape Indexes- Holland, : IFP87-ATH1-C to IFP87-ATH9-C 1987
32Tape Indexes- Holland, : IFP88-ATH1-C to IFP88-ATH11-C 1988
33Tape Indexes- Holland, : IFP89-ATH1-C to IFP89-ATH99-C 1989
34Tape Indexes-Holland, : IFP90-ATH1-C to IFP90-ATH53-C 1990
35Tape Index-Malt, : IFP93-ALM1-C 1993
36Tape Indexes-McNitt, :IFP91-ACM1-C, IFP92-ACM1-C to IFP92-ACM15-C 1991, 1992
37Tape Indexes-O'Reilly, : IFP90-AEO1-C to IFP90-AEO25-C 1990
38Tape Indexes-Resig, : IFP89-ARR1-C to IFP89-ARR4-C 1989
39Tape Indexes-Storms, : IFP92-AES1-C to IFP92-AEO4-C 1992
40Tape Index-Willey, : IFP92-APW1-C 1990
41Transportation Folklife Documentation Center Miscellanies: Letter from McNitt

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Series II: Audio Tapes

Subseries A: Fieldwork Tapes
1Baranik field tapes, : IFP90-JTB1-C R. Barrett 6-11-31 1 of 2 IFP90-JTB2-C R. Barrett 6-11-31 2 of 2 IFP90-JTB3-C P. Hallik 6-18-90 IFP90-JTB4-C S. Oldham 7-11-90 IFP90-JTB5-C F. Marino 7-19-90 IFP90-JTB6-C S. Oldham 7-23-90 IFP90-JTB7-C M. Anderson 7-24-90 IFP90-JTB8-C J. Popp 7-30-90 Belanus field tapes, 1990: IFP90-JBB1-C B. Yetsko 8-21-90 IFP90-JBB2-C Yasescko and Ciokota 8-23-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JBB3-C Yasescko and Ciokota 8-23-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JBB4-C R. McCann 8-28-90 IFP90-JBB5-C A. Thomas 8-28-90 IFP90-JBB6-C J. and A. Sekowski 8-30-90 IFP90-JBB7-C Y. Sekowski and J. Angus 8-30-90 Dougherty field tapes, 1990: IFP90-JJD1-C A. Aruskevicius 6-19-90 IFP90-JJD2-C P. Glebovich 6-22-90 1990
1Daugherty field tapes, : Dougherty field tapes, 1990: IFP90-JJD3-C P. Abbey 6-23-90 IFP90-JJD4-C P. Glebovich 7-10-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JJD5-C P. Glebovich 7-10-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JJD6-C Novalis and Fleck 7-11-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JJD7-C Novalis and Fleck 7-11-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JJD8-C M. Morand 7-17-90 IFP90-JJD9-C J. Polinsky 7-19-90 IFP90-JJD10-C C. D. Coleman 7-24-90 IFP90-JJD11-C M. Morand 8-3-90 IFP90-JJD12-C R. McCoy 8-7-90 IFP90-JJD13-C M. Klyop 8-14-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JJD14-C M. Klyop 8-14-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JJD16-C F. Rodkey 8-16-90 IFP90-JJD17-C Sylvis Memorial Dedication 9-6-90 (NOTE: Follows fieldworker's original numbering; not known if numbering error or missing tape 15) Kalcik field tapes, 1990: IFP90-JSK1-C B. Williams 6-6-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JSK2-C B. Williams 6-6-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JSK3-C Msgr. Golias 6-8-90 1990
1Kalcik field tapes, : IFP90-JSK4-C A. Thomas 6-13-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JSK5-C A. Thomas 6-13-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JSK6-C J. Zahornec 6-14-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JSK7-C J. Zahornec 6-14-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JSK8-C E. Wojnaroski 6-22-90 IFP90-JSK9-C J. Vesnesky 6-26-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JSK10-C J. Vesnesky 6-26-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JSK11-C R. Rovansek et al 7-20-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JSK12-C R. Rovansek et al 7-20-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JSK13-C A. Thomas 7-23-90 IFP90-JSK14-C G. Baily 8-23-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JSK15-C G. Baily 8-23-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JSK16-C M. Yurcisin 7-25-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JSK17-C M. Yurcisin 7-25-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JSK18-C R. Johns 6-7-90 McNitt field tapes, 1990: IFP90-JCM1-C P. McMath 7-25-90 IFP90-JCM2-C W. Erwin 7-27-90 1990
1McNitt field tapes, : IFP90-JCM3-C P. McMath 8-2-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JCM4-C P. McMath 8-2-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JCM5-C Pheasant/Wakefield 8-17-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JCM6-C Pheasant/Wakefield 8-17-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JCM7-C T. Keith 10-10-90 IFP90-JCM8-C Moore and Moore 10-25-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JCM9-C Moore and Moore 10-25-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JCM10-C P. McMath 10-28-90 O'Reilly field tapes, 1990: IFP90-JEO1-C Crescendoes 7-22-90 IFP90-JEO2-C Kafana 7-22-90 IFP90-JEO3-C Meyersdale Men's Chorus 7-25-90 IFP90-JEO4-C D. Sheffler 7-26-90 IFP90-JEO5-C S. Signorino 7-27-90 IFP90-JEO6-C St. Rochus Arts Festival 7-29-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JEO7-C St. Rochus Arts Festival 7-29-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JEO8-C F. Cunsolo 8-2-90 IFP90-JEO9-C J. Intihar 8-2-90 1990
1O'Reilly field tapes, : IFP90-JEO10-C W. Smith 8-3-90 IFP90-JEO11-C E. Leister et al 8-3-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JEO12-C E. Leister et al 8-3-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JEO13-C Polka Mass 8-5-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JEO14-C Polka Mass 8-5-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JEO15-C Mt. Bluegrass Boys 8-6-90 IFP90-JEO16-C Fr. C. Amershek 8-7-90 IFP90-JEO17-C Johnstown Button Box Club 8-11-90 IFP90-JEO18-C Tamburitzin Mass 8-12-90 IFP90-JEO19-C Intihar Group 8-12-90 IFP90-JEO20-C New Ks 8-12-90 IFP90-JEO21-C Dr. J. Frank 8-13-90 IFP90-JEO22-C Kafana 8-17-90 IFP90-JEO23-C Frank Group 8-18-90 IFP90-JEO24-C Hribar Group 8-19-90 IFP90-JEO25-C Babich/Neral/Jacklevich 8-22-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JEO26-C Babich/Neral/Jacklevich 8-22-90 2 of 2 1990
1O'Reilly field tapes, : IFP90-JEO27-C J. Intihar "Flood City Polkas" Windber, 1989 IFP90-JEO28-C M. Garrick "In Heavens Above" Blairsville, 1991 IFP90-JEO29-C Cunsolo "From Frank with Love" Royers Ford, PA IFP90-JEO30-C Scott Brothers "Introducing the Scott Bothers" New Florence, PA IFP90-JEO31-C Scott Brothers "The Scott Brothers" New Florence, PA IFP90-JEO32-C Johnstown Pop (2 45 records) IFP90-JEO33-C Johnstown Area Sampler Stephens field tapes, 1990: IFP90-JMS1-C D. Weimer 6-14-90 IFP90-JMS2-C Steinkirchners and Svonaveck 6-17-90 IFP90-JMS3-C M. Hancock 6-18-90 IFP90-JMS4-C K. and T. Griffith 6-20-90 IFP90-JMS5-C B. and E. Murray 6-20-90 IFP90-JMS6-C N. Codispoti 6-22-90 IFP90-JMS7-C M. Codispoti 6-22-90 IFP90-JMS8-C E. Babalonis 6-25-90 IFP90-JMS9-C W. Doncaster 8-9-90 Swartz field tapes, 1990: IFP90-JJS1-C R. Grove 6-11-90 1 of 2 1990
1Swartz field tapes, : IFP90-JJS2-C R. Grove 6-11-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JJS3-C J. Bollinger 6-13-90 IFP90-JJS4-C A. Garziosi 6-13-90 IFP90-JJS5-C N. McArthur 6-14-90 IFP90-JJS6-C F. DiLeo and J. C. Risoldi 6-14 and 6-19-90 IFP90-JJS7-C Corl, Hauser, Bleicher 6-18-90 IFP90-JJS8-C P. Labriola 6-20-90 IFP90-JJS9-C R. Botteicher 6-22-90 IFP90-JJS10-C J. Markley 6-25-90 IFP90-JJS11-C B. Muri 6-26-90 IFP90-JJS12-C T. Hollobaugh 7-2-90 IFP90-JJS13-C K. Kauffman 7-3-90 IFP90-JJS14-C P. and B. Grove 7-3-90 IFP90-JJS15-C E. Biddle 7-17-90 Williams field tapes, 1990: IFP90-JBW1-C D. Druzbic 6-5-90 IFP90-JBW2-C C. Scaletta 6-9-90 IFP90-JBW3-C F. Scaletta 6-11-90 1990
1Williams field tapes, : IFP90-JBW4-C A. Kucera 9-12-90 IFP90-JBW5-C M. Boryk 6-19-90 IFP90-JBW6-C K. Fitzpatrick 6-20-90 IFP90-JBW7-C N. Buchan 6-20-90 IFP90-JBW8-C A. Birk 6-20-90 IFP90-JBW9-C W. Gemza 6-27-90 IFP90-JBW10-C J. DaLesandro 7-4-90 1 of 2 IFP90-JBW11-C J. DaLesandro 7-4-90 2 of 2 IFP90-JBW12-C G. Buchan 7-9-90 IFP90-JBW13-C J. Seese 7-9-90 IFP90-JBW14-C B. Haselrig 7-10-90 IFP90-JBW15-C C. Jones 7-12-90 IFP90-JBW16-C E. Ajay 7-18-90 IFP90-JBW17-C M. Shaffer 7-19-90 IFP90-JBW18-C R. Rigdon 7-19-90 Burket field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JMB1-C A. and R. Zimmerman 7-15-91 IFP91-JMB2-C B. and L. Hinish 8-7-91 1990
1Burket field tapes, : IFP91-JMB3-C D. Nolt. 8-14/15-91 IFP91-JMB4-C H., M. and I. Zimmerman 8-15-91 IFP91-JMB5-C I. and M. Zimmerman 8-21-91 IFP91-JMB6-C M. and M. Burgess 8-23-91 IFP91-JMB7-C D. Burket 8-26-91 IFP91-JMB8-C I. Zimmerman 10-1-91 IFP91-JMB9-C L. Zimmerman 10-2-91 IFP91-JMB10-C A. Zimmerman 10-11-91 IFP91-JMB11-C D. Metzler 10-16-91 Darling field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JJD1-C M. Wilson 7-8-91 IFP91-JJD2-C Sr. S. L. Reilly 7-11-91 IFP91-JJD3-C D. Wissolik 7-16-91 IFP91-JJD4-C Sr. M.A. Schildkamp 7-18-91 IFP91-JJD5-C Sr. M.E. Hensler 7-18-91 IFP91-JJD6-C M. Radman 7-25-91 IFP91-JJD7-C R. Davis 7-29-91 IFP91-JJD8-C S. Pittler 8-5-91 1991
1Darling field tapes, : IFP91-JJD9-C J. Millstein 8-7-91 IFP91-JJD10-C E. Iagenemma 8-13-91 IFP91-JJD11-C R. VanAtta 8-22-91 IFP91-JJD12-C T. Freeman 8-22-91 Day field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JDTD1-C S. Buterbaugh 6-26-91 1 of 2 IFP91-JDTD2-C S. Buterbaugh 6-26-91 2 of 2 IFP91-JDTD3-C M. and E. Richards 6-28-91 1 of 3 IFP91-JDTD4-C M. and E. Richards 6-28-91 2 of 3 IFP91-JDTD5-C M. and E. Richards 6-28-91 3 of 3 IFP91-JDTD6-C D. Mellot 6-29-91 IFP91-JDTD7-C O. and L. Long 6-30-91 1 of 3 IFP91-JDTD8-C O. and L. Long 6-30-91 2 of 3 IFP91-JDTD9-C O. and L. Long 6-30-91 3 of 3 IFP91-JDTD10-C Peck/Batdorf/et al 7-1-91 1 of 3 IFP91-JDTD11-C Peck/Batdorf/et al 7-1-91 2 of 3 IFP91-JDTD12-C Peck/Batdorf/et al 7-1-91 3 of 3 IFP91-JDTD13-C Peck/Batdorf/et al 7-8-91 1 of 2 1991
1Day field tapes, : Day field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JDTD14-C Peck/Batdorf/et al 7-8-91 2 of 2 IFP91-JDTD15-C M. Cline 7-10-91 IFP91-JDTD16-C H. Hann 7-11-91 IFP91-JDTD17-C P. and E. Richards 7-13-91 1 of 3 IFP91-JDTD18-C P. and E. Richards 7-13-91 2 of 3 IFP91-JDTD19-C P. and E. Richards 7-13-91 3 of 3 Dietrich field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JDFD1-C M. Riedman 8-6-91 IFP91-JDFD2-C Onusko and Galida 8-8-91 IFP91-JDFD3-C R. Burd 8-9-91 1 of 2 IFP91-JDFD4-C R. Burd 8-9-91 2 of 2 IFP91-JDFD5-C A. and H. Molinaro 8-10-91 IFP91-JDFD6-C Molinaro Band 8-11-91 IFP91-JDFD7-C K. Vail 8-13-91 IFP91-JDFD8-C W. Jackson 8-14-91 IFP91-JDFD9-C D. Herning 8-14-91 IFP91-JDFD10-C J. Williams 8-15-91 IFP91-JDFD11-C "Polka Radio" 8-17-91 1991
1Dietrich field tapes, : IFP91-JDFD12-C "Polka Radio" 8-18-91 IFP91-JDFD13-C R. Ravenscroft 8-17-91 IFP91-JDFD14-C Old Time Fiddlers Jamboree 8-18-91 IFP91-JDFD15-C J. Hochstetler 9-10-91 IFP91-JDFD16-C M. McCarty 10-10-91 Kimiecik field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JKK2-C Bedford Co. Survey 7-23-91 IFP91-JKK3-C Bedford Co. Survey 7-24-91 IFP91-JKK4-C Bedford County Grass, Sounds of Grass 7-27-91 IFP91-JKK5-C Sounds of Grass, Country Current 7-27-91 IFP91-JKK6-C Mt. Pisgah AME Church 7-27-91 IFP91-JKK7-C Dively Family, Family and Friends 7-28-91 IFP91-JKK8-C Crescendos 7-28-91 IFP91-JKK9-C Bedford County 7-30-91 IFP91-JKK10-C B. Lawrey 8-18-91 IFP91-JKK11-C B. Popovich 8-21-91 IFP91-JKK12-C B. Slayton 8-22-91 IFP91-JKK13-C R. Dale 8-23-91 1991
1Kimiecik field tapes, : IFP91-JKK14-C R. Fritz 8-26-91 IFP91-JKK15-C S. Fox 8-26-91 IFP91-JKK16-C L. and M. Yokum 8-27-91 IFP91-JKK17-C L., R. and L. Sollenberger 8-28-91 IFP91-JKK18-C G. Musselman 8-29-91 McNitt Field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JCM1-C N. Shedd 6-24-91 IFP91-JCM2-C N. Shedd 7-1-91 IFP91-JCM3-C Rev. Morris 7-20-91 IFP91-JCM4-C S. Morris 7-20-91 IFP91-JCM5-C L. McClain 7-23-91 IFP91-JCM6-C V. Poleck 7-23-91 IFP91-JCM7-C N. Trice 7-24-91 IFP91-JCM8-C L. Bellucci 7-24-91 IFP91-JCM9-C L. Wilson 9-5-91 IFP91-JCM10-C F. McClain 9-5-91 IFP91-JCM11-C O. Snare 9-6-91 IFP91-JCM12-C R. Moore 9-6-91 1991
1McNitt field tapes, : McNitt field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JCM13-C D. Mansberger 9-6-91 IFP91-JCM14-C W. Swigart 9-9-91 IFP91-JCM15-C D. McDaniel 9-11-91 IFP91-JCM16-C W. Swigart 9-12-91 IFP91-JCM17-C R. Morgan 9-13-91 Randall field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JLR1-C W. Schmidt (no date) IFP91-JLR2-C H. Overly 7-9-91 IFP91-JLR3-C N. Suders 7-11-91 IFP91-JLR4-C L. Pollock 7-11-91 IFP91-JLR5-C N. Richards 7-12-91 IFP91-JLR6-C J. Breakall 7-15-91 IFP91-JLR7-C M. Fletcher 7-16-91 IFP91-JLR8-C D. Garlock 7-17-91 IFP91-JLR9-C H. Sipes 7-17-91 IFP91-JLR10-C J. Schooley 7-22-91 IFP91-JLR11-C L. Deneen 7-23-91 IFP91-JLR12-C F. Fix 7-23-91 1991
1Randall field tapes, : IFP91-JLR13-C H. Clusman 7-26-91 IFP91-JLR14-C J. Sipes 7-29-91 Santoro field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JDS3-C V. Sleighter 7-19-91 IFP91-JDS4-C B. and H. Anspach 7-19-91 DiVirgilio field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JMDV1-C J. Persichetti and R. DiFonso 6-27-91 IFP91-JMDV2-C P. Troglio 7-8-91 IFP91-JMDV3-C A. Moffa 7-8-91 IFP91-JMDV4-C R. and D. DiFonso 7-9-91 IFP91-JMDV5-C M. Salvatore 7-15-91 IFP91-JMDV6-C A. Moffa 7-23-91 IFP91-JMDV7-C A. Auolio (no date) IFP91-JMDV8-C F. DelGross 7-25-91 IFP91-JMDV9-C P. Runt 7-25-91 Keller field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JSWK1-C Joe Carle 6-26-91 IFP91-JSWK2-C Reeger and Troglio 7-1-91 1 of 2 IFP91-JSWK3-C B. Reeger 7-1-91 2 of 2 IFP91-JSWK4-C D. Hall 7-8-91 1991
1Keller field tapes, : IFP91-JSWK5-C J. Duzyk 7-9-91 IFP91-JSWK6-C J. and B.Beistel 7-11-91 IFP91-JSWK7-C H.J. Hizer 7-21-91 1 of 2 IFP91-JSWK8-C H.J. Hizer 7-21-91 2 of 2 IFP91-JSWK9-C F. DelGross 7-23-91 Keller, Shircliffe, Kalcik IFP91-JSWK10-C S. Fredo 7-23-91 IFP91-JSWK11-C R. Sackett 7-24-91 IFP91-JSWK12-C W. Hogans 7-25-91 IFP91-JSWK13-C F. DelGross 7-27-91 Shircliffe field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JBS1-C A. Garufi 7-3-91 IFP91-JBS2-C S. Beers 7-5-91 1 of 2 IFP91-JBS3-C S. Beers 7-5-91 2 of 2 IFP91-JBS4-C D. Eckenrode 7-9-91 IFP91-JBS5-C B. Hall 7-10-91 IFP91-JBS6-C P. Hall 7-18-91 Kalcik field tapes, 1991: IFP91-JSK1-C J. Zahornec (no date) IFP91-JSK2-C Sr. T. Podlucky 4-18 and 5-9-91 1991
1Kalcik field tapes, : IFP91-JSK3-C Miller and Fisher 6-4-91 IFP91-JSK4-C Sr. T. Podlucky 6-7-91 1 of 2 IFP91-JSK5-C Sr. T. Podlucky 6-7-91 2 of 2 IFP91-JSK6-C Sr. M. Ursula 7-19-91 IFP91-JSK7-C E. Mishler 7-23-91 IFP91-JSK8-C J. Wable 8-1-91 IFP91-JSK9-C E. Mesaros 11-1-91 1 of 2 IFP91-JSK10-C E. Mesaros 11-1-91 2 of 2 National Folk Festival-Foodways tapes, 1991: IFP91-JNFF1-C Miller and Fisher 8-31-91 IFP91-JNFF2-C Zahornec 8-31-91 IFP91-JNFF3-C Klimek 8-31-91 National Folk Festival - Foodways Tapes, 1991: IFP91-JNFF4-C Miller and Fisher 9-1-91 IFP91-JNFF5-C Zahornec 9-1-91 IFP91-JNFF6-C Mishler 9-1-91 National Folk Festival-Labor tapes, 1991: IFP91-JNFF7-C Stout and Conner 8-31-91 IFP91-JNFF8-C Silverstein 8-31-91 IFP91-JNFF9-C Cashaw, Hemphill, Bailey 8-31-91 1991
1National Folk Festival-Labor tapes, : IFP91-JNFF10-C Stout and Conner 8-31-91 IFP91-JNFF11-C Silverstein 9-1-91 IFP91-JNFF12-C A. Feeney 9-1-91 IFP91-JNFF13-C 9-1-91 IFP91-JNFF14-C Stout and Conner 9-1-91 Holland-Heritage Tour Route Tapes, : IFP92-JTH1-C S. Petrusic 3-4-92 IFP92-JTH2-C M. Yasecko 3-5-92 1 of 2 IFP92-JTH3-C M. Yasecko 3-5-92 2 of 2 IFP92-JTH4-C B. Manocchio 3-6-92 IFP92-JTH5-C J. Martelletti 3-6-92 IFP92-JTH6-C D. Fatula 3-9-92 IFP92-JTH7-C R. Sukenik 3-10-92 1 of 2 IFP92-JTH8-C R. Sukenik 3-10-92 2 of 2 IFP92-JTH9-C J. Dalesandro 3-10-92 IFP92-JTH10-C E. Lee 3-11-92 IFP92-JTH11-C D. Petta 3-11-92 IFP92-JTH12-C G. Bailey 3-12-92 19911992
1FIELD TAPES Holland-Heritage Tour Route Heritage Tour Route Miscellaneous Oral History Institute, Patton-Alexander Holland-Heritage Tour Route tapes, 1992: IFP92-JTH13-C J. Zahornec 3-17-92 1 of 2 IFP92-JTH14-C J. Zahornec 3-17-92 2 of 2 Miscellaneous Heritage Tour Route tapes, 1992: IFP92-JHR1-C J. Corbett (dub) 1-14-92 IFP92-JHR2-C WJAC bites IFP92-JHR3-C Train Sounds IFP92-JHR4-C Heritage Route Demo IFP92-JHR5-C Heritage Route Audio IFP92-JHR6-C Heritage Route Dub IFP92-JHR7-C Heritage Route Dub IFP92-JHR8-C Heritage Route Dub IFP92-JHR9-C Heritage Route Dub OHI, Patton-Alexander, 1992: IFP92-PPA1-C M. Kuhn 6-12-92 IFP92-PPA2-C Anonymous 6-19-92 IFP92-PPA3-C Anonymous 6-20-92 IFP92-PPA4-C Brown and Rowland 6-20-92 IFP92-PPA5-C J. Dibello 6-23-92 IFP92-PPA6-C C. Garrity 6-24-92 1992
1FIELD TAPES: Oral History Institute, Patton-Alexander, Cahill, Campbell OHI, Patton-Alexander, 1992: IFP92-PPA7-C N. and A. Williams 6-24-92 IFP92-PPA8-C M. and R. Stevens (no date) IFP92-PPA9-C J. and D.J. Knoll (no date) OHI, Patton-Cahill, 1992: IFP92-PWC1-C P. Short 6-17-92 IFP92-PWC2-C M. McConnell 6-24-92 IFP92-PWC3-C B. Mansberger 6-24-92 IFP92-PWC4-C J. Simpson 6-24-92 IFP92-PWC5-C M. Churella 6-22-92 IFP92-PWC6-C E. Vescovi 6-22-92 OHI, Patton-Campbell, 1992: IFP92-PBC1-C M. Francis 6-16-92 IFP92-PBC2-C E. Farabaugh 6-16-92 IFP92-PBC3-C S. Stolz 6-17-92 IFP92-PBC4-C L. Bowman 6-17-92 IFP92-PBC5-C S. Lacue 6-17-92 IFP92-PBC6-C K. Lamont 6-18-92 IFP92-PBC7-C F. Kirk 6-18-92 IFP92-PBC8-C P. Caretti 6-22-92 1992
1FIELD TAPES: Oral History Institute, Patton-Campbell, Greiner, Hetrick, Illig OHI, Patton-Campbell, 1992: IFP92-PBC9-C D. Boyle 6-22-92 IFP92-PBC10-C M. deLacue 6-23-92 IFP92-PBC11-C Lacue/Farabaugh 6-23-92 IFP92-PBC12-C C. Bowman 6-24-92 OHI, Patton-Greiner, 1992: IFP92-PJG1-C J. Stoltz 6-23-92 IFP92-PJG2-C C. Bender 6-23-92 1992
1FIELD TAPES: Oral History Institute, Patton-Illig, Keener, Krueger OHI, Patton-Hetrick, 1992: IFP92-PJLH1-C M. Short 6-15-92 1 of 2 IFP92-PJLH2-C M. Short 6-15-92 2 of 2 IFP92-PJLH3-C B. Crowell 6-15-92 OHI, Patton-Illig, 1992: IFP92-PBI1-C M. Homady 6-16-92 IFP92-PBI2-C J. Hudak 6-16-92 IFP92-PBI3-C E. Haluska 6-17-92 IFP92-PBI4-C Baran and Choby 6-18-92 IFP92-PBI5-C A. and J. Juba 6-18-92 IFP92-PBI6-C K. Letso 6-22-92 IFP92-PBI7-C A. and J. Juba 6-23-92 IFP92-PBI8-C M. Shumosky 6-23-92 OHI, Patton-Illig, 1992: IFP92-PBI9-C R. Mikalow 6-23-92 OHI, Patton- Keener, 1992: IFP92-PTK1-C K. Stein 6-16-92 1 of 2 IFP92-PTK2-C K. Stein 6-16-92 2 of 2 IFP92-PTK3-C P. Baran 6-18-92 IFP92-PTK4-C J. and T. Steir 6-19-92 IFP92-PTK5-C D. and G. Patrick 6-19-92 1 of 2 IFP92-PTK6-C D. and G. Patrick 6-19-92 2 of 2 IFP92-PTK7-C M. Whiteford 6-22-92 IFP92-PTK8-C K. Letso 6-23-92 IFP92-PTK9-C T. Ott 6-23-92 OHI, Patton-Krueger, 1992: IFP92-PHK1-C M. Whiteford 6-16-92 1 of 2 IFP92-PHK2-C M. Whiteford 6-16-92 2 of 2 IFP92-PHK3-C Caretti and Link 6-16-92 1 of 2 IFP92-PHK4-C Caretti and Link 6-16-92 2 of 2 IFP92-PHK5-C C. Haluska 6-17-92 IFP92-PHK6-C R. Yahner 6-18-92 IFP92-PHK7-C A. Haluska 6-23-92 1992
1FIELD TAPES: Oral History Institute, Patton-Krueger, Luconi, McNulty OHI, Patton-Krueger, 1992: IFP92-PHK8-C T. Freedman 6-23-92 OHI, Patton-Luconi, 1992: IFP92-PSL1-C M. Donahue 6-15-92 IFP92-PSL2-C F. Cammarata 6-16-92 IFP92-PSL3-C A. Haluska 6-17-92 IFP92-PSL4-C L. Albright 6-17-92 IFP92-PSL5-C P. Yahner 6-18-92 IFP92-PSL6-C G. Albright 6-18-92 IFP92-PSL7-C J. Toschi 6-18-92 IFP92-PSL8-C J. and R. DeSalvo 6-19-92 IFP92-PSL9-C E. Donahue 6-19-92 IFP92-PSL10-C E. Haluska 6-19-92 IFP92-PSL11-C D. Pompa 6-21-92 OHI, Patton-McNulty, 1992: IFP92-PSDM1-C K. Gill 6-16-92 IFP92-PSDM2-C S. Solomon 6-23-92 IFP92-PSDM3-C E. Bloomberg 6-17-92 IFP92-PSDM4-C M. Whiteford 6-18-92 IFP92-PSDM5-C M. Donahue 6-22-92 1992
1FIELD TAPES: Oral History Institute, Patton-McNulty, Midolo, Nissirio, Pastewka, Petrovich OHI, Patton-McNulty, 1992: IFP92-PSDM6-C H. and P. Baran 6-22-92 OHI, Patton-Midolo, 1992: IFP92-PCM1-C M. Karlheim 6-15-92 IFP92-PCM2-C B. Williams 6-17-92 IFP92-PCM3-C M. Beckwith 6-18-92 IFP92-PCM4-C M. Willett 6-22-92 IFP92-PCM5-C V. Despoy 6-23-92 IFP92-PCM6-C F. Davis 6-23-92 OHI, Patton-Nissirio, 1992: IFP92-PPN1-C L. Fiasco 6-16-92 IFP92-PPN2-C N. Rabick 6-16-92 IFP92-PPN3-C C. McConnell 6-17-92 IFP92-PPN4-C J. and A.Kuhn 6-18-92 IFP92-PPN5-C J. Smith 6-21-92 IFP92-PPN6-C C. and E. Duclos 6-22-92 IFP92-PPN7-C Semonich and Scott 6-23-92 IFP92-PPN8-C E. Boyle 6-25-92 OHI, Patton-Pastewka, 1992: IFP92-PKP2-C G. Haluska 6-15-92 OHI, Patton-Petrovich, 1992: IFP92-PMP1-C T. Chernisky 6-17-92 1992
1FIELD TAPES: Oral History Institute, Patton-Petrovich, Reidell, Rodgers, Rubens OHI, Patton-Petrovich, 1992: IFP92-PMP2-C E. and H. Sheehan 6-18-92 IFP92-PMP3-C Lallemond, Miller, McConnell 6-18-92 IFP92-PMP4-C E. and H. Sheehan 6-22-92 IFP92-PMP5-C R. Sheehan 6-18-92 IFP92-PMP6-C L. Rosian 6-25-92 OHI, Patton-Reidell, 1992: IFP92-PKR1-C H. Gabrielson 6-17-92 OHI, Patton- Rodgers, 1992: IFP92-PRR1-C M. Illig 6-22-92 IFP92-PRR2-C T. Illig 6-22-92 OHI, Patton-Rubens, 1992: IFP92-PDR1-C P. Short 6-16-92 IFP92-PDR2-C D. Smith 6-17-92 IFP92-PDR3-C C. Short 6-18-92 IFP92-PDR4-C J. Short 6-18-92 IFP92-PDR5-C R. Leiden 6-19-92 IFP92-PDR6-C R. and L. Murray 6-19-92 IFP92-PDR7-C M. Forsythe 6-22-92 IFP92-PDR8-C P. Buck 6-22-92 IFP92-PDR9-C W. Whiteford 6-23-92 1992
1FIELD TAPES: Oral History Institute, Patton-Rubens, Stitt Jeannette Project-Campbell, Keller OHI, Patton-Rubens, 1992: IFP92-PDR10-C V. Rizzo 6-24-92 IFP92-PDR11-C E. and W. Burkey 6-25-92 OHI, Patton-Stitt, 1992: IFP92-PGD1-C B. Rogerzinski 6-22-92 IFP92-PGD2-C M. Myers 6-23-92 Jeannette-Campbell, 1992: IFP92-JBJC1-C L. Free 7-14-92 IFP92-JBJC2-C K. Morrone 7-14-92 IFP92-JBJC3-C L. Heller 7-15-92 IFP92-JBJC4-C B. Sheriff 7-15-92 IFP92-JBJC5-C Hopewell Baptist Church 7-19-92 IFP92-JBJC6-C M. Dreene 7-19-92 IFP92-JBJC7-C A. Ray 7-20-92 IFP92-JBJC8-C E. Jones 7-21-92 IFP92-JBJC9-C L. Devest 7-21-92 IFP92-JBJC10-C A. Carasia 7-21-92 Jeannette-Keller, 1992: IFP92-JSWK1-C M. Clarkson 7-28-92 IFP92-JSWK2-C Porcha (ND) IFP92-JSWK3-C I. Adams (ND) 1992
1FIELD TAPES: Oral History Institute, Jeannette Project-Keller General-Kalcik Jeannette-Keller, 1992: IFP92-JSWK4-C F. Trigona (ND) IFP92-JSWK5-C R. Clarkson (ND) IFP92-JSWK6-C F. Trigona (ND) IFP92-JSWK7-C Dlusky (ND) IFP92-JSWK8-C Dlusky (ND) IFP92-JSWK9-C P. Zollinger (ND) General-Kalcik, 1992: IFP92-JSK1-C M. Golden 2-20-92 1 of 2 IFP92-JSK2-C M. Golden 2-20-92 2 of 2 IFP92-JSK3-C J. and M. Torres 3-1-92 1 of 2 IFP92-JSK4-C J. and M. Torres 3-1-92 2 of 2 IFP92-JSK5-C M. Fields 6-26-92 IFP92-JSK6-C E. and J. Machak 7-5-92 IFP92-JSK7-C H. Johnson 7-14-92 General-Kalcik, 1993: IFP93-JSK1-C Daisytown Group 4-12-93 1 of 2 IFP93-JSK2-C Daisytown Group 4-12-92 2 of 2 IFP93-JSK3-C Daisytown Audience 6-9-92 1992-1993
1FIELD TAPES General-Abrams, 1991: IFP91-JJA1-C John Beechen 3-7-91 1 of 2 IFP91-JJA2-C John Beechen 3-7-91 2 of 2 (no written materials-coal) IFP91-JJA3-C L. and A. Rich 9-12-91 1 of 2 IFP91-JJA4-C L. and A. Rich (no log) 9-12-91 2 of 2 General-Abrams, 1992: IFP92-JJA1-C G. Showalter (no log) 8-18-92 IFP92-JJA2-C J. and A. Foriska (no log) 8-19-92 IFP92-JJA3-C I. Loukata (no log) 8-20-91 IFP92-JJA4-C J. Venick (no log) 8-21-92 General-Abrams, 1993: IFP93-JJA1-C Frederick Corey 6-30-92 (no materials, New Kensington, aluminum) IFP93-JJA2-C Jack McIntyre 6-3-93 (no materials, New Kensington, aluminum) IFP93-JJA3-C Ray and Jeannette 7-1-93 Korowicki (no materials, New Kensington, aluminum) General-Abrams, 1993: IFP93-IGY1-C M. Simpson IFP93-IGY2-C ? IFP93-IGY3-C C. Wilson IFP93-IGY4-C “Lippy” Little IFP93-IGY5-C ? IFP93-IGY6-C ? (Blacklick Sports Program) 1991-1993
1 FIELD TAPES General - A. I. McKee IFP93-IAM1-C ? IFP93-IAM2-C Sister Carol, Principle St. Marys IFP93-IAM3-C Bill Martin, Nanty-Glo IFP93-IAM4-C Robert Russel, Nanty-Glo IFP93-IBH1-C ? IFP93-IBH2-C Thomas Erickson IFP93-IBH3-C John Kupchella IFP93-IBH4-C Joe McCavish Tape 1 of 2 IFP93-IBH5-C Joe McCavish Tape 2 of 2 IFP93-IBH6-C Mr. Cardim IFP93-IBK1-C Dom Bucci 6-29-93 IFP93-IBK2-C M. Malloy and R. Croyle 6-30-93 IFP93-IBK3-C B. D. Watson 7-2-93 IFP93-IBK5-C Mr. Thomas 7-6-93 IFP93-IJP1-C Thomas Simmers IFP93-IJP2-C Thomas Kupchella IFP93-IJP3-C John Szekeresh
1 FIELD TAPES IPF93-IJP4-C Fabian Sybert IFP93-IJP5-C Charles Kupchella IFP93-IJP6-C Inez George IFP93-IRR1-C Renie Szekeresch IFP93-IRR2-C Tom and Mary Simmers IFP93-IRR3-C Margaret and Martha McHugh IFP93-IRR4-C Augusta LaManta IFP93-IRR5-C N. Kovach, R. Waduum, P. Greer, L. Walker, and D. Banford, Company Store Ladies IFP93-IRR6-C Bob Simmers ORAL HISTORY INSTITUTE, PORTAGE, PA IFP94-IJD23-C 1994 Oral History Institute Day #1 6-20-94 Irwin Marcus and Libby Pettit IFP94-IJD24-C 1994 Oral History Institute Day # 2 Dr. Millie Beik “Oral History and Community Power” IFP94-IJD25-C 1994 Oral History Institute Day # 2 Side A: Millie Beik Continues Side B: John Hinshaw “Oral History and Race” IFP94-IJD26-C 1994 Oral History Institute Day # 3 Sides A and B: Linda Shopes “Oral History and Gender” IFP94-IJD27-C 1994 Oral History Institute Day # 3 Side A: Linda Shopes Continued Side B: Elizabeth Jones “Oral History and Gender: Women Workers During WWII, A Case Study” 1994 ORAL HISTORY INSTITUTE, PORTAGE PA IFP94-IJD28-C 1994 Oral History Institute Day # 3 Side A: Elizabeth Jones Continued Side B: Day # 4 Carl Rahkonen “Ethnomusicology and Northern Appalachia” IFP94-IJD29-C 1994 Oral History Institute Day # 4 Side A: Carl Rahkonen Continued Side B: Elizabeth Cocke “Oral History and Popular Culture” IFP94-IJD30-C 1994 Oral History Institute Day # 4 Sides A and B: Elizabeth Cocke Continued 1994
1FIELD TAPES Field School - IUP Folklife Documentation Center Andrea Brant Interviews IUPFDC94-PAB1-C George and Pat Alexander 6-27-94 IUPFDC94-PAB2-C George Alexander 6-27-94 IUPFDC94-PAB3-C Earl Castello 6-28-94 IUPFDC94-PAB4-C Earl Castello 6-28-94 IUPFDC94-PAB5-C Sam Nederlander 6-29-94 IUPFDC94-PAB6-C Sam Nederlander 6-29-94 IUPFDC94-PAB7-C Betty Wilson Johnson 6-29-94 IUPFDC94-PAB8-C Betty Wilson Johnson 6-29-94 IUPFDC94-PAB9-C Rev. Calvin Sheppard 6-30-94 IUPFDC94-PAB10-C Rev. Calvin Sheppard 6-30-94 IUPFDC94-PAB11-C James Johnson 7-5-94 IUPFDC94-PAD12-R US Treasury Salute to the Offices and Men of the USS Newcomb (1940’s) 7-5-94 IUPFDC94-PAD13-C Clyde Richardson 7-6-94 IUPFDC94-PAD14-C Clyde Richardson 7-6-94 Nancy Jenner Interviewer IUPFDC94-PNJ1-C Mary Yesecko 6-27-94 IUPFDC94-PNJ1-C Mary Yesecko 6-27-94 IUPFDC94-PNJ2-C Margaret Roudabush 6-28-94 IUPFDC94-PNJ2-C Margaret Roudabush 6-28-94 IUPFDC94-PNJ3-C Barbara Yetsko 7-1-94 1994
1FIELD TAPES IUPFDC94-IAN1-C Helen Mullar 6-27-94 IUPFDC94-IAN2-C Ann Viola Bolvin 6-27-94 IUPFDC94-IAN3-C Sandra Dill 6-28-94 IUPFDC94-IAN4-C Mae Hamilton 6-28-94 IUPFDC94-IAN5-C Dorothy Kovach 6-29-94 IUPFDC94-IAN6-C Paul Wass 6-30-94 IUPFDC94-PTH1-C Caroline Hopson IUPFDC94-PTH2-C Howard Smith IUPFDC94-PTH3-C Margaret Hans IUPFDC94-PTH4-C Bill Discharge IUPFDC94-PTH5-C Rohlen Kondisko IUPFDC94-PTH6-C Ray Sease IUPFDC94-PGY1-C ? IUPFDC94-PGY2-C Ed Shyrock and Stan Bria IUPFDC94-PGY3-C Bill S. IUPFDC94-PGY4-C John Cosa IUPFDC94-PGY5-C Mr. Wasco IUPFDC94-PGY6-C Mike 1994
1FIELD TAPES IUPFDC94-PMR1-C Dan Bowser 6-27-94 IUPFDC94-PMR2-C 6-94 IUPFDC94-PMR3-C John Zeranko 6-28-94 IUPFDC94-PMR4-C Charles Richardson 6-29-94 IUPFDC94-PMR5-C 7-10-94 IUPFDC94-PMR6-C John Babish 7-7-94 IUPFDC94-PCB1-C Gisella Tavernini 6-27-94 IUPFDC94-PCB2-C Elinore Chappell 6-30-94 IUPFDC94-PCB3-C Amato Ferrars 6-26-94 IUPFDC94-PCB4-C Josephine C. Kunrod 7-1-94 IUPFDC94-PCB5-C Ferdenand Bionaz 7-1-94 IUPFDC94-PCB6-C Francis Mutch 7-5-94 1994
Subseries B: Administrative Files Materials
1Kimiecik Educational Database IFPX-JKK1-C Hecho En Utah, Latin American Music IFPX-JKK2-C Hecho En Utah, Mexican Music IFPX-JKK3-C Hecho En Utah, Tex-Mex and New Mexican Music IFPX-JKK4-C Hecho En Utah, Storytelling Subject Files IFPX-JBB1-C Instrumental Folk Music of the Italian Americans
Subseries C: Documentation Centers Materials
1 Documentation Center for Agriculture-Somerset Historical Society: Agricultural History Project IFP90-SRO19-C J. and H. Arnold 8-6-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO20-C J. and H. Arnold 8-6-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO3-C W. Athey 5-31-90 IFP90-SCM14-C F. Auman (1) 6-28-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SCM15-C F. Auman (1) 6-28-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SCM21-C F. Auman (2) 7-5-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SCM22-C F. Auman (2) 7-5-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SCM8-C G. Baer 4-9-90 IFP90-SCM16-C H. Baer 6-29-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SCM17-C H. Baer 6-29-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SCM4-C M. Baer 1-31-90 IFP90-SES3-C I. Barnett, 7-24 and 25-90 O'Brien, Walker IFP90-SLS1-C J. Barnett 4-11-90 IFP90-SCM23-C J. Baughman 8-10-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SCM24-C J. Baughman 8-10-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SCM12-C J. Bell 5-15-90 IFP90-SCM19-C N. Bell 7-3-90 1 of 2 1990
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Agricultural History: IFP90-SCM20-C N. Bell 7-3-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO15-C S. Berkey 6-28-90 IFP90-SRO17-C J. E. Biddle 8-4-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO18-C J. E. Biddle 8-4-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO39-C M. Biddle 8-23-90 IFP90-SRO31-C M. Bloom 8-14-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO32-C M. Bloom 8-14-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SCM27-C R. Brant (1) 9-26-90 IFP90-SCM30-C R. Brant (2) 10-10-90 IFP90-SBB1-C P. Brown 7-10-90 IFP90-SNM4-C E. Caton 4-19-90 IFP90-SMW4-C A. Compton 3-2-90 IFP90-SNM7-C P. Countryman 11-16-90 IFP90-SNMV1-C V. Countryman 1-30-90 IFP93-SCM44-C Creery and Bowlby 11-2-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM45-C Creery and Bowlby 11-2-93 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM38-C R. Croner 10-19-93 1 of 2 1990, 1993
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Agricultural History: IFP93-SCM39-C R. Croner 10-19-93 2 of 2 IFP90-SCM2-C R. and E. Deaner 1-24-90 IFP90-SRO35-C J. Dilts 8-16-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO36-C J. Dilts 8-16-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO25-C M. Drake 8-7-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO26-C M. Drake 8-7-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO40-C Farmers and 9-6-90 Threshermen's Jubilee IFP90-SRO40-C Fayette Farm-City 6-16-90 Day, W. Jackson IFP90-SNM5-C H. Friedline (1) 5-23-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SNM6-C H. Friedline (1) 5-23-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO4-C H. Friedline (2) 6-11-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO5-C H. Friedline (2) 6-11-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SCM36-C O. Glessner 12-7-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SCM37-C O. Glessner 12-7-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO8-C M. Gnegy 6-16-90 (no #-Mason) M. Good 6-4-94 IFP90-SCM6-C M. Haselbarth 2-2-90 1990, 1993, 1994
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Agricultural History: IFP90-SCM31-C M. E. Heckler 10-2-90 IFP90-SCM5-C C. and D. Hoffman 2-1-90 IFP90-SRO14-C Holsopple and Eash 6-26-90 IFP90-SCM40-C J. Johns (1) 12-17-90 IFP91-SCM1-C J. Johns (2) 1-10-91 IFP91-SCM2-C J. Johns (3) 1-16-91 1 of 3 IFP91-SCM3-C J. Johns (3) 1-16-91 2 of 3 IFP91-SCM4-C J. Johns (3) 1-16-91 3 of 3 IFP91-SCM5-C J. Johns (4) 1-22-91 1 of 2 IFP91-SCM6-C J. Johns (4) 1-22-91 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO33-C F. Johnston 8-15-90 1 of2 IFP90-SRO34-C F. Johnston 8-15-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SCM34-C E. Knepper (1) 12-4-90 IFP90-SCM38-C E. Knepper (2) 12-13-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SCM39-C E. Knepper (2) 12-13-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SCM41-C E. Knepper (3) 12-18-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SCM42-C E. Knepper (3) 12-18-90 1 of 2 1990, 1991
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Agricultural History: IFP90-SRO10-C W. Korns (1) 6-20-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO11-C W. Korns (1) 6-20-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO16-C W. Korns (2) 8-3-90 IFP90-SRO6-C C.E.LaBute 6-13-90 IFP90-SCM11-C M. Lohr 5-14-90 IFP91-SCM10-C L. Long 10-2-91 1 of 2 IFP91-SCM11-C L. Long 10-2-91 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO37-C M. Luce 8-16-90 IFP90-SNM8-C R. Lyons 12-3-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SNM9-C R. Lyons 12-3-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SNMV3-C E. Mankamier 2-8-90 (no #-Mason) H. Marteeny 6-6-94 IFP90-SRO12-C S. McCracken 6-20-90 IFP92-SCM36-C G. Meese 8-12-92 IFP90-SCM33-C O. Meyers 10-19-90 IFP93-SNM2-C H. Miller 10-20-93 1 of 2 IFP90-SNM3-C H. Miller 10-20-93 2 of 2 1990-1994
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Agricultural History: (no #-Olson) Mt. Craft Days 9-7 and 8-90 IFP90-SRO27-C W. and F. Myers 8-8-90 IFP93-SCM33-C E. Nedrow 7-1-93 IFP90-SRO29-C K. and L. Noll 8-13-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO30-C K. and L. Noll 8-13-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SCM10-C P. Ogline 5-9-90 IFP90-SCM35-C F. Ott (1) 12-5-90 IFP90-SCM43-C F. Ott (2) 12-19-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SCM44-C F. Ott (2) 12-19-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SMW1-C J.,R., and R. Pile 2-1-90 IFP90-SCM28-C C. Pope (1) 3-8-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SCM29-C C. Pope (1) 3-8-90 2 of 2 IFP91-SCM7-C C. Pope (2) 10-3-91 1 of 2 IFP91-SCM8-C C. Pope (2) 10-3-91 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM38-C H. Pritts 12-9-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM39-C H. Pritts 12-9-92 2 of 2 IFP91-SCM9-C W. Ringler 8-22-91 1990-1993
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Agricultural History: IFP90-SRO23-C M. Saylor 8-7-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO24-C M. Saylor 8-7-90 2 of 2 (no #-Mason) E. Schuster 6-5-94 IFP90-SMW2-C L. Scott 2-22-90 IFP90-SRO38-C J. Sellers 8-17-90 IFP93-SNM1-C D. Shaffer 3-3-93 IFP90-SCM7-C F. Shaffer (1) 4-5-90 IFP90-SCM9-C F. Shaffer (2) 4-27-90 IFP93-SKK1-C E. Shank 5-15-93 IFP90-SNMV1-C M. Shober 1-30-90 IFP90-SRO1-C A. Smucker 5-28-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO2-C A. Smucker 5-28-90 2 of 2 IFP90-SRO13-C Somerset Farm Day 6-24-90 IFP90-SCM25-C H. Speicher (1) 9-17-90 IFP90-SCM26-C H. Speicher (2) 9-24-90 IFP90-SCM32-C H. Speicher (3) 10-17-90 IFP90-SCM1-C E. Stahl 1-23-90 1990, 1993,1994
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Agricultural History Agriculture, Somerset, Vernacular Architecture: Agriculture, Somerset, Agricultural History: IFP90-SES2-C Stahl, Mosholder, Ringler 7-27-90 IFP90-SRO21-C P. Swartz 8-6-90 1 of 2 IFP90-SRO22-C P. Swartz 8-6-90 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM31-C S. Uhl 6-15-93 IFP90-SMW3-C G.H. Walker 3-2-90 IFP90-SES1-C Walker, Cupp, 7-17,19 and 20-90 IFP91-SCM15-C C. and V. Weaver 11-16-91 IFP90-SCM18-C E. Weimer 7-3-90 IFP90-SRO28-C C. Will 8-13-90 IFP91-SCM12-C I. Wilson 10-4-91 IFP91-SCM13-C I. Wilson 10-9-91 IFP91-SCM14-C I. Wilson 10-15-91 Agriculture, Somerset, Vernacular Architecture: IFP93-SCM29-C D. Alcorn 5-1-93 IFP93-SCM43-C V. Ash 10-29-93 IFP93-SCM10-C M. Barron 3-18-93 IFP93-SCM34-C M. Beistel 10-1-94 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM35-C M. Beistel 10-1-94 2 of 2 1990, 1991, 1993,1994
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Vernacular Architecture: IFP93-SCM30-C K. Berkebile 5-26-93 IFP93-SCM42-C K. Berkebile 10-21-93 IFP92-SCM34-C D. Bittner 5-12-92 IFP92-SCM35-C D. Bittner 5-15-92 IFP92-SCM24-C G. Colflesh 3-27-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM25-C G. Colflesh 3-27-92 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM12-C M. Crise 3-26-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM13-C M. Crise 3-26-93 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM18-C M. Dugan 4-8-93 IFP93-SCM32-C A. Enos 4-22-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM33-C A. Enos 4-22-93 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM32-C M. Enos 4-15-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM33-C M. Enos 4-15-92 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM7-C R. Friedline 3-11-93 IFP93-SCM14-C R. Friedline 4-5-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM15-C R. Friedline 4-5-93 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM36-C R. Friedline 10-14-93 1 of 2 1992, 1993
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Vernacular Architecture: IFP93-SCM37-C R. Friedline 10-14-93 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM16-C H. Fritz 3-13-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM17-C H. Fritz 3-13-92 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM30-C P. Gales 4-15-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM31-C P. Gales 4-15-92 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM18-C N. Goller 3-14-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM19-C N. Goller 3-14-92 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM26-C N. Goller 3-30-92 IFP93-SCM11-C A. Harris 3-23-93 IFP93-SCM1-C S. Haydu 3-2-93 IFP92-SCM1-C R. Hoffman 2-14-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM2-C R. Hoffman 2-14-92 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM2-C M. Kalaha 3-3-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM3-C M. Kalaha 3-3-93 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM40-C M. Kaufman 10-20-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM41-C M. Kaufman 10-20-93 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM6-C D. Keslar 2-28-92 1 of 2 1992, 1993
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Vernacular Architecture: IFP92-SCM7-C D. Keslar 2-28-92 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM27-C D. Keslar 3-30-92 IFP92-SCM20-C L. Knepper 3-20-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM21-C L. Knepper 3-20-92 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM16-C R. Koontz 4-7-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM17-C R. Koontz 4-7-93 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM8-C F. Krause 3-3-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM9-C F. Krause 3-3-92 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM25-C M. Lohr 4-28-93 IFP92-SCM40-C D. Mason 2-11-92 IFP92-SCM22-C M.E.Mitchell 3-23-92 IFP92-SCM37-C D. Ogden 9-12-92 IFP93-SCM8-C S. Ogline 3-12-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM9-C S. Ogline 3-12-93 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM13-C C. Platt 3-8-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM14-C C. Platt 3-8-92 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM15-C C. Platt 3-9-92 1992, 1993
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Vernacular Architecture: IFP92-SCM28-C P. Pritts 4-14-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM29-C P. Pritts 4-14-92 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM32-C R. Robinson 6-29-93 IFP93-SCM19-C M. Suder 4-20-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM20-C M. Suder 4-20-93 2 of 2 IFP93-SCM4-C E. Swallow 3-10-93 1 of 3 IFP93-SCM5-C E. Swallow 3-10-93 2 of 3 IFP93-SCM6-C E. Swallow 3-10-93 3 of 3 IFP93-SCM26-C F. Wagner 4-28-93 IFP93-SCM27-C F. Wagner 4-29-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM28-C F. Wagner 4-29-93 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM5-C M. Walker 2-24-92 IFP92-SCM12-C M. Walker 3-5-92 IFP92-SCM23-C M. Walker 3-25-92 IFP93-SCM21-C H. Weaver 4-21-93 1 of 2 IFP93-SCM22-C H. Weaver 4-21-93 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM3-C R. Webreck 2-17-92 1 of 2 1992, 1993
1 Agriculture, Somerset, Vernacular Architecture: IIFP92-SCM4-C R. Webreck 2-17-92 2 of 2 IFP92-SCM46-C C. Weyand 11-26-93 IFP92-SCM10-C C. Will 3-4-92 1 of 2 IFP92-SCM11-C C. Will 3-4-92 2 of 2 1992, 1993
1 Documentation Center for Coal-Indiana University of Pennsylvania:: IFP91-IJD1-C Melvyn Dubofsky 4-5-91 Prof. history SUNY Binghamton IFP91-IJD2-C Gary Geistle 4-17-91 Princeton University IFP91-IJD3-C Nant-y-Glo Slide Show 7-13-91 Bill Martin narrator IFP91-IJD4-C Paul Glebovich 8-15-91 IFP91-IJD5-C Mike Klyap 8-19-91 IFP91-IJD6-C Clymer Mine 8-25-91 Disaster Memorial Event IFP91-IJD7-C Martha Symington Sanger 9-13-91 "Henry Clay Frick: A Great Granddaughter’s Perspective" lecture IFP91-IJD8-C John Ingham 9-14-91 History Professors Univ. of Toronto IFP91-IJD9-C Alan Singer 10-11-91 Hofstra University IFP91-IJD10-C Allila Rose Sacco and 11-25-91 Virginia Pavolko, Homer City IFPXX-IJD11-C Michael Frisch and John Bodnar talks at Historical Memory and Industrial Heritage symposium IFP93-IJD12-C Millie Beik 6-22-93 presentation Oral History Institute IFP93-IJD13-C Alan Singer 6-24-93 "Using Oral History Among a Variety of Sources in Nanty Glo" IFPPXX-IJD14-C Elizabeth Cocke, (ND) "Oral History and Perspective in Politics" IFPXX-IJD15-C Charles Keil (ND) "Oral History and Music in Everyday Life" IFPXX-IJD16-C Linda Shopes (ND) "Perspectives on Gender and Oral History" IFPXX-IJD17-C Joe Glazer (ND) side A: "Down in a Coal Mine" side B: "Songs of Steel and Struggle" 1991, 1993
1 Documentation Center for Coal-Indiana University of Pennsylvania: : IFPXX-IJD18-C Joe Glazer"We've Only Just Begun: A Century of Labor Songs" IFPXX-IJD19-C WJAC-TV (6) News Stories: The Clymer Memorial, UMWA Rally at Ebensburg, KKK Rally at Burnside IFPXX-IJD20-C WJAC-TV (6) News Stories: Florence Mine Closing IFPXX-IJD21-C Oral HistoryInstitute Day 1: Introductions and Abrams presentation (tape not complete) IFPXX-IJD22-C Oral History Institute Day 3: Linda Shopes and Karen Olsen Presentation 1992, 1993
1 Documentation Center for Gender-Seton Hill College: Jeannette Project Fieldtapes, Billman, Mueseler, O'Brien, Stevens Jeannette-Billman, 1993: IFP93-GCB1-C M. Nedwick 5-13-93 IFP93-GCB2-C E. Griffin 5-14-93 IFP93-GCB3-C E. Gaudi 5-24-93 IFP93-GCB4-C M. Priolo 6-1-93 Jeannette-Mueseler, 1993: IFP93-GCM1-C M. Dalham (ND) IFP93-GCM2-C D. McDonald 5-19-93 IFP93-GCM3-C Kiefer and Sober (ND) 1 of 2 IFP93-GCM4-C Kiefer and Sober (ND) 2 of 2 Jeannette-O'Brien, 1993: IFP93-GMO1-C Dorning and Pinazza 5-20-93 IFP93-GMO2-C B. Lawrence 5-21-93 IFP93-GMO3-c B. and J. Beistel 5-25-93 IFP93-GMO4-C S. Beers 5-26-93 IFP93-GMO5-C G. Dreistadt 6-8-93 IFP93-GMO6-C M. Sarge 6-9-93 Jeannette-Stevens, 1993: IFP93-GDS1-C I. Adams 5-21-93 IFP93-GDS2-C H. and W. Haile 5-22-93 IFP93-GDS3-C J. Jones 5-22-93 1993
1 Documentation Center for Gender-Seton Hill College: Jeannette Project Fieldtapes, : Stevens, Young Alcoa Project Fieldtapes, : Billman, Mueseler Jeannette-Stevens, 1993: IFP93-GDS4-C L. Washington 5-24-93 IFP93-GJY1-C A. Peretto (ND) IFP93-GJY2-C M.L. Spoonhoward 5-27-93 IFP93-GJY3-C G. Czerpak 6-3-93 IFP93-GJY4-C J. Kubicki 6-7-93 IFP93-GJY5-C I. Chew 6-11-93 IFP93-GJY6-C B. Taylor 6-15-93 IFP93-GJY7-C B. Catalano 6-15-93 IFP93-GJY8-C S. Kepple 6-17-93 Alcoa-Billman, 1993: IFP93-GCB5-C F. Billman 6-26-93 IFP93-GCB6-C P. Morton, J. Kane 7-8-93 IFP93-GCB7-C L. Gatto (ND) IFP93-GCB8-C J. Mazzoto et al (ND) IFP93-GCB9-C E. Blissell 7-27-93 IFP93-GCB10-C F. Grecco (ND) Alcoa-Mueseler, 1993: IFP93-GCM6-C Sr. L. Sculco 6-22-93 IFP93-GCM7-C G. and G. Marotta, Beraducci 7-6-93 19931993
1 Documentation Center for Gender-Seton Hill College: Alcoa Project Fieldtapes,: Mueseler Alcoa-Mueseler, 1993: IFP93-GCM8-C H. Ryba 7-15-93 IFP93-GCM9-C A. and S. Pelczarski 7-26-93 IFP93-GCM10-C H. Ryba 7-27-93 1993
1 Documentation Center for Steel-Johnstown Area Heritage Association Westmont Centennial Curt Miner: IFP91-LCM1-C I. and R. Glosser 11-5-91 IFP91-LCM2-C M. Ginsburg 11-20-91 IFP91-LCM3-C E. Mulvehill, Eichensehr 11-20-91 IFP91-LCM4-C Peat, Raab, 11-21-91 Richardson IFP91-LCM5-C D. Dalesandro 12-4-91 IFP91-LCM7-C C. and J. Price 12-10-91 IFP91-LCM8-C M. Hornyak 12-17-91 IFP91-LCM9-C Msgr. P. Saylor 12-19-91 IFP92-LCM1-C A. Mirilovich 1-8-92 IFP92-LCM2-C F. and M.E. Mardis 1-9-92 IFP92-LCM3-C M. Kaylor 1-14-92 IFP92-LCM4-C E. Dupont 1-21-92 1 of 2 IFP92-LCM5-C E. Dupont 1-21-92 2 of 2 IFP92-LCM6-C R. Soloff 2-4-92 IFP92-LCM8-C H. Picking, Jr. 2-6-92 1 of 2 IFP92-LCM9-C H. Picking, Jr. 2-6-92 2 of 2 IFP92-LCM10-C H. Paul 2-20-92 1 of 2 1991, 1992
1 Documentation Center for Steel- Johnstown Area Heritage Association Westmont Centennial Everyday History, Steel Film Series, New Deal Project, Curt Miner: Steel, Westmont, 1992: IFP92-LCM11-C H. Paul 2-20-92 2 of 2 IFP92-LCM12-C C. Quarles 3-3-92 1 of 2 IFP92-LCM13-C C. Quarle 3-3-92 2 of 2 IFP92-LCM14-C E. Jacovitz 3-3-92 1 of 2 IFP92-LCM15-C E. Jacovitz 3-3-92 2 of 2 IFP92-LCM16-C J. Robson 3-16-92 1 of 2 IFP92-LCM17-C J. Robson 3-16-92 2 of 2 IFP92-LCM18-C I. Novak 4-30-92 IFP92-LCM19-C M. DiFrancesco 5-2-92 (with S. DiFrancesco, Jr.) Steel, Everyday History, 1992: IFP92-LCM20-C A. Workosky and Zilch 12-9-92 1 of 2 IFP92-LCM21-C A. Workosky and 12-9-92 2 of 2 C. Zilch IFP92-LCM22-C D. Naugle Steel, Film Series, 1993: IFP93-LCM1-C Strajon, Ward, 1-21-93 Messina, Licht, Jankowiak IFP93-LCM2-C Swayne, Fatula 2-18-93 IFP93-LCM3-C E. and C. Clites, 3-18-93 Demarest Steel, New Deal Project, 1993: IFP93-LCM4-C A. Cooper 3-25-93 IFP93-LCM5-C J. Chioco 4-7-93 1991, 1992199219931993
1 Documentation Center for Steel- Johnstown Area Heritage Association New Deal Project, Curt Miner: IFP93-LCM6-C CCC Breakfast 4-8-93 1 of 2 IFP93-LCM7-C CCC Breakfast 4-8-93 2 of 2 IFP93-LCM8-C A. Lorditch 4-29-93 1 of 2 IFP93-LCM9-C A. Lorditch 4-29-93 2 of 2 IFP93-LCM10-C J. Slavick 5-4-93 IFP93-LCM11-C A. Lorditch 5-11-93 IFP93-LCM14-C M. Gustkey 5-20-93 IFP93-LCM15-C A. Sawyer-Berkley 5-21-93 IFP93-LCM16-C L. Rovansek 6-1-93 IFP93-LCM17-C J. Szekerish 6-9-93 1 of 2 IFP93-LCM18-C J. Szekerish 6-9-93 2 of 2 IFP93-LCM19-C I. Duncan 6-10-93 IFP93-LCM20-C P. Nesbit 6-24-93 IFP93-LCM21-C S. Rist 9-15-93 IFP93-LCM22-C J. Penrod 11-1-93 1 of 3 IFP93-LCM23-C J. Penrod 11-1-93 2 of 3 IFP93-LCM24-C J. Penrod 11-1-93 3 of 3 1993
1 Documentation Center for Transportation- Railroaders Memorial Museum Fieldtapes: Belanus, Holland, Malt, McNitt, O'Reilly, Resig, Storms, Willey Transportation, Railroaders Memorial Museum: Belanus, Holland Women and Railroad, Belanus, : IFP90-ABB1-C M. McVey 11-8-90 IFP90-ABB2-C E. Probst 11-13-90 IFP90-ABB3-C NARBW Meeting 11-13-90 IFP90-ABB4-C V. White 11-7-90 IFP90-ABB5-C A. Coogan and 11-15-90 B. Nail IFP90-ABB6-C H. McCready 11-9-90 IFP90-ABB7-C D. Larrimor 11-14-90 IFP90-ABB8-C E. Davis 12-7-90 IFP90-ABB9-C R. Gaut 12-6-90 IFP90-ABB10-C E. J. Veit 11-16-90 IFP90-ABB11-C M. Y. Miller 12-3-90 Holland, : IFP86-ATH1-C I. Greenwalt 8-9-86 IFP86-ATH2-C P. Burrowes 8-28-86 IFP86-ATH3-C J. Ickes and P. 9-3-86 Burrowes IFP86-ATH4-C T. Hollobaugh 9-13-86 IFP86-ATH5-C W. Juhl and 9-21-86 P. Burrowes 12-19-86 (2 interviews) IFP86-ATH6-C McElwee, 12-17-86 Kraft, Harper, Snyder 19901986
1 Transportation, Railroaders Memorial Museum: Holland Holland, continued: IFP86-ATH7-C P. Burrowes 12-19-86 IFP86-ATH8-C B. Barrett 12-23-86 IFP87-ATH1-C D. Hooper 8-4-87 1 of 2 IFP87-ATH2-C D. Hooper 8-4-87 2 of 2 IFP87-ATH3-C L. Morris 9-29-87 1 of 2 IFP87-ATH4-C L. Morris 9-29-87 2 of 2 IFP87-ATH5-C L. Morris 10-13-87 1 of 2 IFP87-ATH6-C L. Morris 10-13-87 2 of 2 IFP87-ATH7-C F. Moser 12-15-87 1 of 2 IFP87-ATH8-C F. Moser 12-15-87 2 of 2 IFP87-ATH9-C PRR Engine 4-12-87 K4 Maiden Run Holland, : IFP88-ATH1-C M. Gioiosa (ND) IFP88-ATH2-C M. Fisher 1-5-88 IFP88-ATH3-C W. Shultz 1-12-88 IFP88-ATH4-C Gruber, Krenn, 4-8-88 Barree IFP88-ATH5-C P. Burrowes 1-18-88 IFP88-ATH6-C R. Smay 8-21-88 1986, 19871988
1 Transportation, Railroaders Memorial Museum: Holland Holland, continued: IFP88-ATH7-C M. Gioiosa and 9-8-88 1 of 2 K. Killian IFP88-ATH8-C K. Killian 9-8-88 2 of 2 IFP88-ATH9-C W. Evans and 9-9-88 R. Marlett IFP88-ATH10-C R. Marlett 10-27-88 IFP88-ATH11-C R. Goshen 11-23-88 Holland, : IFP89-ATH1-C A. Harker 1-26-89 1 of 2 IFP89-ATH2-C A. Harker 1-26-89 2 of 2 IFP89-ATH3-C Rules Class 2-12-89 1 of 2 IFP89-ATH4-C Rules Class 2-12-89 2 of 2 IFP89-ATH5-C Rules Class 2-20-89 1 of 2 IFP89-ATH6-C Rules Class 1-20-89 2 of 2 IFP89-ATH7-C Rules Class 5-7-89 1 of 2 IFP89-ATH8-C Rules Class 5-7-89 2 of 2 IFP89-ATH9-C R. Swope 5-31-89 Holland, IFP90-ATH1-C M. Santella 1-18-90 IFP90-ATH2-C B.J.Manocchio 1-26-90 IFP90-ATH3-C B.J.Manocchio 6-16-90 1 of 2 198819891990
1 Transportation, Railroaders Memorial Museum: Holland, continued: IFP90-ATH4-C B.J.Manocchio 6-16-90 2 of 2 IFP90-ATH5-C R. Resig 6-17-90 IFP90-ATH6-C D. Petta 6-22-90 1 of 4 IFP90-ATH7-C D. Petta 6-22-90 2 of 4 IFP90-ATH8-C D. Petta 6-22-90 3 of 4 IFP90-ATH9-C D. Petta 6-22-90 4 of 4 IFP90-ATH10-C D. Petta 6-29-90 1 of 3 IFP90-ATH11-C D. Petta 6-29-90 2 of 3 IFP90-ATH12-C D. Petta 6-29-90 3 of 3 IFP90-ATH13-C D. Petta 7-27-90 1 of 3 IFP90-ATH14-C D. Petta 7-27-90 2 of 3 IFP90-ATH15-C D. Petta 7-27-90 3 of 3 IFP90-ATH16-C D. Petta 8-10-90 IFP90-ATH17-C A. Rita 8-11-90 IFP90-ATH18-C B.J.Manocchio 8-25-90 1 of 3 IFP90-ATH19-C B.J.Manocchio 8-25-90 2 of 3 IFP90-ATH20-C B.J.Manocchio 8-25-90 3 of 3 1990
1 Transportation, Railroaders Memorial Museum: Holland, Continued IFP90-ATH21-C M. Restaino 9-1-90 1 of 2 IFP90-ATH22-C M. Restaino 9-1-90 2 of 2 IFP90-ATH23-C M. Restaino 9-8-90 1 of 3 IFP90-ATH24-C M. Restaino 9-8-90 2 of 3 IFP90-ATH25-C M. Restaino 9-8-90 3 of 3 IFP90-ATH26-C R. Consal 9-8-90 1 of 2 IFP90-ATH27-C R. Consal 9-8-90 2 of 2 IFP90-ATH28-C D. Hooper 9-9-90 IFP90-ATH29-C H.L.Turchetta 9-15-90 1 of 2 IFP90-ATH30-C H.L.Turchetta 9-15-90 2 of 2 IFP90-ATH31-C J.Martelletti 9-22-90 1 of 2 IFP90-ATH32-C J.Martelletti 9-22-90 2 of 2 IFP90-ATH33-C S. Pellegrino 9-29-90 1 of 2 IFP90-ATH34-C S. Pellegrino 9-29-90 2 of 2 IFP90-ATH35-C H. Dewald 10-5-90 IFP90-ATH36-C J. Monti 10-12-90 IFP90-ATH37-C S. Pellegrino 10-13-90 IFP90-ATH38-C J.Martelletti 10-25-90 1 of 2 1990
1Transportation, Railroaders Memorial Museum: Holland, Malt, McNitt Holland, continued: IFP90-ATH39-C J.Martelletti 10-25-90 2 of 2 IFP90-ATH40-C G. Papas 10-26-90 IFP90-ATH41-C J. Albright 10-27-90 IFP90-ATH42-C R. Young 10-30-90 1 of 2 IFP90-ATH43-C R. Young 10-30-90 2 of 2 IFP90-ATH44-C J. Monti 10-31-90 IFP90-ATH45-C C. Shay and 11-2-90 F. Davis IFP90-ATH46-C T. Hollobaugh 11-14-90 1 of 2 IFP90-ATH47-C T. Hollobaugh 11-14-90 2 of 2 IFP90-ATH48-C C. Shay 11-15-90 IFP90-ATH49-C R. Summers 11-16-90 IFP90-ATH50-C A. Loparo 11-17-90 IFP90-ATH51-C J. Albright (ND) IFP90-ATH52-C R. Resig 6-17-90 IFP90-ATH53-C J. Albright (ND) Malt fieldtapes, : IFP93-ALM1-C L. M. Laurie 4-25-93 McNitt fieldtapes, : IFP91-ACM1-C W. Barrett 11-12-91 199019931991
1Transportation, Railroaders Memorial Museum: McNitt McNitt fieldtapes, : IFP92-ACM1-C J. Masic 1-7-92 IFP92-ACM2-C R. Nycum 1-9-92 IFP92-ACM3-C J. Corbett 1-14-92 IFP92-ACM4-C W. Haxel 1-14-92 IFP92-ACM5-C A. Julian 1-15-92 IFP92-ACM6-C B. Boyle 1-20-92 IFP92-ACM7-C H. Richards 1-23-92 IFP92-ACM8-C R. Dillon 1-23-92 IFP92-ACM9-C T. Lynch 1-27-92 IFP92-ACM10-C L.E.Johnston 1-27-92 IFP92-ACM11-C V. Farabaugh 1-28-92 IFP92-ACM12-C J. DeLozier 1-29-92 IFP92-ACM13-C W. Kennedy 1-29-92 IFP92-ACM14-C J. Clauto 2-12-92 IFP92-ACM15-C W. E. Temple 8-31-92 McNitt fieldtapes, : IFP94-ACM1-C J. Servello 7-12-94 IFP94-ACM2-C J. Kazmaier 7-13-94 19921994
1 Transportation, Railroaders Memorial Museum: O'Reilly O'Reilly fieldtapes, : IFP90-AEO1-C Bartholomew (ND) IFP90-AEO2-C R. Shimer 10-19-90 with R. Resig IFP90-AEO3-C G. Moran and 10-24-90 1 of 2 B. Leader IFP90-AEO4-C G. Moran and 10-24-90 2 of 2 B. Leader IFP90-AEO5-C R. Shimer 10-26-90 1 of 2 IFP90-AEO6-C R. Shimer 10-26-90 2 of 2 IFP90-AEO7-C L. Burns 10-25-90 IFP90-AEO8-C R. Schall 11-15-90 IFP90-AEO9-C Dr.A.Pollack 11-9-90 IFP90-AEO10-C M. Pagen 11-12-90 1 of 2 IFP90-AEO11-C M. Pagen 11-12-90 2 of 2 IFP90-AEO12-C C.E. Lockard 11-13-90 IFP90-AEO13-C J. Maddocks 11-13-90 IFP90-AEO14-C Blackburn 11-15-90 1 of 2 IFP90-AEO15-C Blackburn 11-15-90 2 of 2 IFP90-AEO16-C L. and A.Leopold 11-16-90 1 of 2 IFP90-AEO17-C L. and A.Leopold 11-16-90 2 of 2 1990
1 Transportation, Railroaders Memorial Museum: O'Reilly, Resig, Storms, Willey O'Reilly fieldtapes, continued: IFP90-AEO18-C Dr. D. Bishop 11-28-90 1 of 2 IFP90-AEO19-C Dr. D. Bishop 11-28-90 2 of 2 IFP90-AEO20-C C. Gibbons 11-30-90 IFP90-AEO21-C J. Servello 12-6-90 1 of 2 IFP90-AEO22-C J. Servello 12-6-90 2 of 2 IFP90-AEO23-C Dr.A.Pollack 12-13-90 IFP90-AEO24-C D. Larson 12-14-90 IFP90-AEO25-C A. DiFlaviano 12-20-90 Resig fieldtapes, : IFP89-ARR1-C F. Hoenstine 12-30-89 IFP89-ARR2-C F. Hoenstine 12-8-89 IFP89-ARR3-C I. Smith 12-11-89 IFP89-ARR4-C M. Fisher 12-19-89 Storms fieldtapes, : IFP92-AES1-C A. Harker 10-13-92 IFP92-AES2-C B. Graffius 10-30-92 IFP92-AES3-C D.G. Dodson 11-25-92 IFP92-AES4-C K. Heaton 12-1-92 Willey fieldtape, : IFP90-APW1-C C. Rabold 7-27-90 1990198919921990
1 Documentation Center for Coal and Coke: DeFrank fieldtapes, IFP95-AED1-C C. Kucan 5-15-95 IFP95-AED2-C M. Hutchinson 5-25-95 IFP95-AED3-C A. Zaksek 2-3-95 IFP95-AED4-C Rev. I. Mina 11-2-95 IFP95-AED5-C M. Karpus 3-26-95 IFP95-AED6-C A. Rusiski 1-95 IFP95-AED7-C J. Varbus 1-3-95 IFP95-AED8-C H. Riffle 5-1-95 IFP95-AED9-C W. Kegel 12-8-95 1992-1995

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Series III: Color Slides

Subseries A: Fieldwork Materials
1Baranik slides, : IFP90-JTB1-S A 1-20 IFP90-JTB2-S B 21-35 Berwind-White Coal Co. buildings, company towns, Windber-PA, Oldham Belanus slides, : IFP90-JBB2-S A 1-20 IFP90-JBB2-S B 21-37 Heritage Tour Route, UMWA signs, Puritan-PA, Goughnour, cemeteries IFP90-JBB4-S A 1-20 IFP90-JBB4-S B 21-38 Thomas, Angus, Sekowski, St. Michael-PA, National Folk Festival-Cambria City-Johnstown-PA Kalcik slides, : IFP90-JSK1-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK1-S B 21-25 St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church, Woodvale-Johnstown-PA festival IFP90-JSK3-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK3-S B 21-37 Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church, Annandale-VA festival IFP90-JSK4-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK4-S B 21-37 Greek Orthodox Church Patriarch Demitrios,War Memorial, Johnstown-PA IFP90-JSK5-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK5-S B 21-37 Vic's Blue Room and Coke Club in (East) Conemaugh-Cambria County-PA, lost graves of the Alleghenies, Kittanging Trail, St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church at Hart's Resting Place IFP90-JSK6-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK6-S B 21-37 St. Casimir Roman Catholic Church in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, Polish festival IFP90-JSK7-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK7-S B 21-37 Yurcisin, Christ the Saviour Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Cathedral in West End-Johnstown-PA IFP90-JSK9-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK9-S B 21-37 Parade at National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA IFP90-JSK10-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK10-S B 21-37 Parade at National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA IFP90-JSK11-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK11-S B 21-36 National Folk Festival in Cambria City-PA, parade, booths, buildings IFP90-JSK12-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK12-S B 21-36 National Folk Festival in Cambria City-PA, booths, displays, street scenes IFP90-JSK13-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK13-S B 21-37 National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, booths, street scenes IFP90-JSK14-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK14-S B 21-37 National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, booths, street scenes; Kalcik/Thur reunion; Cambria County Fair IFP90-JSK23-S A 1-20 IFP90-JSK23-S B 21-37 Johnstown-PA scenes, Daisytown-PA firehall, pumpkin gob cake McNitt slides , continued IFP90-JCM1-S A 1-20 IFP90-JCM1-S B 21-36 McMath, Erwin, East Broad Top Railroad scenes IFP90-JCM2-S A 1-20 IFP90-JCM2-S B 21-24 East Broad Top Railroad scenes, Pheasant, Wakefield IFP90-JCM3-S A 1-20 IFP90-JCM3-S B 21-37 Keith, R. M. and R. C. Moore, various East Broad Top Railroad scenes IFP90-JCM5-S A 1-20 IFP90-JCM5-S B 21-35 Various East Broad Top Railroad scenes O'Reilly slides, : IFP90-JEO1-S A 1-20 IFP90-JEO1-S B 21-35 St. Nicholas picnic, Johnstown-PA; Kafana; St. Casimir picnic, Cambria City-Johnstown-PA; Crescendoes; Alicia's Polish Eagle Dancers; Heritage Baptist Church sign IFP90-JEO2-S A 1-20 IFP90-JEO2-S B 21-37 St. Rochus Arts Festival, Johnstown-PA; Southern Express; Johnstown Folk Dancers; Slovenian Polka Pals; St. Rochus Tamburitzans IFP90-JEO3-S A 1-20 IFP90-JEO3-S B 21-38 Sheffler wood carving; St. Rochus Arts Festival, Johnstown-PA; singers; Southern Express IFP90-JEO4-S A 1-20 IFP90-JEO4-S B 21-36 St. Rochus Arts Festival, Johnstown-PA; St. Rochus Tamburitzans; string band; Intihar; Cunsolo; Holsopple quilters; Smith chainsaw carving IFP90-JEO5-S A 1-20 IFP90-JEO5-S B 21-37 Smith chainsaw carving, Leister, Mountain Bluegrass Boys IFP90-JEO6-S A 1-20 IFP90-JEO6-S B 21-37 Mountain Bluegrass Boys; Solomon's Run Bluegrass Festival; St. John Cantius Church Polish Festival, Windber-PA (missing 34) IFP90-JEO7-S A 1-20 IFP90-JEO7-S B 21-36 St. John Cantius Church Polish Festival, Windber-PA; New Ks; St. Stephen Church festival, Cambria City-Johnstown-PA; Kafana; Bethlehem Steel Corporation buildings (missing 25) IFP90-JEO8-S A 1-20 IFP90-JEO8-S B 21-37 Frank band; wedding at "This is It," Johnstown-PA; Hribar at Croatian Hall, Cambria City-Johnstown-PA (missing 1) Swartz slides, : IFP90-JJS1-S A 1-20 IFP90-JJS1-S B 21-26 Grove, Ringling Brothers Circus train, Bollinger, railroad engineers roster sheet, Graziosi, McArthur, Buccinese Club in Altoona-PA IFP90-JJS2-S A 1-20 IFP90-JJS2-S B 21-38 Buccinese Club in Altoona-PA: minute books, bocci court, mural; scenes in Altoona-PA Little Italy; Flag Day parade, Altoona-PA; Hauser; Bleicher; Risoldi IFP90-JJS5-S A 1-20 IFP90-JJS5-S B 21-38 Markley memorabilia, home, limestone quarry; Muri home in Altoona-PA; Biddle farm and log cabin, Williamsburg-PA; various Arizona scenes Burket slides, : IFP91-JMB2-S A 1-20 IFP91-JMB2-S B 21-37 Unlogged; various scenes from Morrison's Cove, Blair and Bedford Counties- PA, Zimmerman's, Mennonites, farms, farm market, store, Roaring Spring Library IFP91-JMB3-S A 1-20 IFP91-JMB3-S B 21-38 Unlogged; various scenes from Morrison's Cove, Blair and Bedford Counties- PA, shed raising, farms, farm marketing IFP91-JMB4-S A 1-20 IFP91-JMB4-S B 21-38 Unlogged; farms, orchestra, horsedrawn buggy, political rally Darling slides, : IFP91-JJD1-S A 1-20 IFP91-JJD2-S B 21-36 Scenes of Ligonier-PA, Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival, Wilson, Seton Hill College IFP91-JJD2-S A 1-20 IFP91-JJD2-S B 21-37 Scenes of Greensburg-PA, including synagogue of Emanu-el Israel, Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, Westmoreland Art Museum, St. Vincent College and Abbey, Latrobe-PA IFP91-JJD3-S A 1-20 IFP91-JJD3-S B 21-37 Scenes of Latrobe-PA, Sr. Sara Louise Reilly and sister dolls, Wissolik, Sr. Mary Agnes Schildkamp, Sr. Mary Estelle Hensler, scenes of New Florence IFP91-JJD4-S A 1-20 IFP91-JJD4-S B 21-37 Ross Mountain Park, scenes of Westmoreland Co.-PA including Compass Inn Museum, Norvelt, Beth Israel Congregation Synagogue-Latrobe-PA, Greensburg-PA, Radman IFP91-JJD5-S A 1-20 IFP91-JJD5-S B 21-37 Scenes of Greensburg, St. Clair Hollow, Ligonier-Westmoreland Co.-PA IFP91-JJD6-S A 1-20 IFP91-JJD6-S B 21-37 Scenes of Latrobe and Greensburg-Westmoreland Co.-PA, Davis, Davis supermarket, stained glass windows in synagogue IFP91-JJD7-S A 1-20 IFP91-JJD7-S B 21-38 Scenes of Ligonier, Jeannette, Greensburg-Westmoreland, Co.-PA, Bushy Run Battlefield, Millstein IFP91-JJD8-S A 1-20 IFP91-JJD8-S B 21-37 Scenes of Greensburg, Youngstown, Latrobe, Vandergrift-Westmoreland Co.-PA, Hanna's Town IFP91-JJD9-S A 1-20 IFP91-JJD9-S B 21-37 Scenes from Vandergrift-Westmoreland Co.-PA, SS. Constantine and Helen first Greek Orthodox Church in PA, Iagnemma IFP91-JJD10-S A 1-20 IFP91-JJD10-S B 21-37 Rouse, Van Atta, Millstein Industries, Westmoreland Co. Fair, Freeman Day slides, : IFP91-JDTD1-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDTD1-S B 21-37 Scenes from northern Fulton Co.-PA, Huston Firemen's Fair, McQuade, woodworking IFP91-JDTD2-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDTD2-S B 21-37 McQuade rifle stocks and other woodworking items, P. and E. Richards, tractor pull at Fulton Co. Fairgrounds IFP91-JDTD4-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDTD4-S B 21-37 O. and L. Long, Peck, Siddling Hill Primitive Baptist Church, Hann IFP91-JDTD5-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDTD5-S B 21-37 Wooden furniture, baskets, jugs, Hann, carving IFP91-JDTD6-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDTD6-S B 21-37 Hann, split oak work, kettles, carving, Dickey, farmhouse Dietrich slides, : IFP91-JDFD1-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDFD1-S B 21-27 Fayette Co. Fair, St. John Roman Catholic Church's Polish parish festival, Connellsville-PA, foodways IFP91-JDFD2-C 1-17 St. John's RC Church Polish parish festival (many shots double exposed), Italian Heritage Festival IFP91-JDFD3-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDFD3-S B 21-26 St. George Maronite Church homecoming, Lebanese dancing, Italian Heritage Festival-Uniontown-PA, Vail farm IFP91-JDFD4-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDFD4-S B 21-39 St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church and bazaar, Bullskin Township Fair, demolition derby, whirligigs, Old Time Fiddlers Jamboree- Fayette Co. Fairgrounds (33, 34 missing) IFP91-JDFD5-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDFD5-S B 21-38 Unlogged; farm in Fayette Co., probably dairy, possibly Jackson or Herring IFP91-JDFD6-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDFD6-S B 21-39 Unlogged; St. George homecoming Kimiecik slides, : IFP91-JKK1-S A 1-20 IFP91-JKK1-S B 21-35 Bedford and Fulton Co. scenes, Crawford's Museum-Breezewood-PA IFP91-JKK2-S A 1-20 IFP91-JKK2-S B 21-37 Bedford Co. scenes, Koon Dam, Lake Gordon, Rainsburg area, Ashcom Quarry, Smith chainsaw carvings, Bedford County Grass IFP91-JKK3-S A 1-20 IFP91-JKK3-S B 21-37 Old Bedford Village Bluegrass Festival, Bedford County Grass, Sounds of Grass, U.S. Navy Bluegrass Band, Mt. Pisgah AME Zion Church-Bedford- PA, Dively Family, Crescendos, New Paris cemetery IFP91-JKK5-S A 1-20 IFP91-JKK5-S B 21-37 Bedford Co. Fair, auction, Ag Progress Days IFP91-JKK6-S A 1-20 IFP91-JKK6-S B 21-37 L. and M. Yokum, R. and L. Sellenberger, F. and L. Sell, G.Musselman, sculptures at National Folk Festival IFP91-JKK7-S A 1-20 IFP91-JKK7-S B 21-37 Ag Progress Days, polled herefordds, Slayton, Fritz, L. and M. Yokum, IFP91-JKK8-S A 1-20 IFP91-JKK8-S B 21-37 Industrial/Labor Section, National Folk Festival IFP91-JKK9-S A 1-20 IFP91-JKK9-S B 21-37 Industrial/Labor Section, National Folk Festival McNitt slides, : IFP91-JCM1-S A 1-20 IFP91-JCM1-S B 21-34 Unlogged; Huntingdon Co. Historical Society, Huntingdon County Black Heritage Festival IFP91-JCM2-S A 1-20 IFP91-JCM2-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Huntingdon Co. Black Heritage Festival, Broadtop area- Huntingdon Co.-PA IFP91-JCM3-S A 1-20 IFP91-JCM3-S B 21-35 Unlogged; Broadtop Sons of Italy IFP91-JCM4-S A 1-20 IFP91-JCM4-S B 21-38 Unlogged; Mount Union, Huntingdon Co. Fair IFP91-JCM5-S A 1-20 IFP91-JCM5-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Huntingdon Co. Fair-narrators IFP91-JCM6-S A 1-20 IFP91-JCM6-S B 21-37 Unlogged; D. McDonald, M. West, W. Swigert, R. Morgan, Saxton Randall slides, : IFP91-JLR2-S A 1-20 IFP91-JLR2-S B 21-37 McConnellsburg-Fulton Co.-PA Fourth of July parade IFP91-JLR3-S A 1-20 IFP91-JLR3-S B 21-37 J. McLucas, Fulton Co.-PA scenes, H. Overly, Overly-Raker Inc., N. Suders IFP91-JLR4-S A 1-20 IFP91-JLR4-S B 21-37 Unlogged; including M. Fletcher, quilters IFP91-JLR5-S A 1-20 IFP91-JLR5-S B 21-37 Unlogged; includes Fulton Co.-PA scenes, hunters and trophys IFP91-JLR7-S A 1-20 IFP91-JLR7-S B 21-37 Unlogged; wood spinning and weaving IFP91-JLR8-S A 1-20 IFP91-JLR8-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Fulton Co.-PA scenes Santoro slides, : IFP91-JDS2-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDS2-S B 21-38 IFP91-JDS3-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDS3-S B 21-37 IFP91-JDS6-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDS6-S B 21-36 IFP91-JDS8-S A 1-20 IFP91-JDS8-S B 21-36 Keller slides, : IFP91-JSWK1-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSWK1-S B 21-36 (missing #3) Kalcik slides, : IFP91-JSK1-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSK1-S B 21-37 (missing #s 7, 9) IFP91-JSK3-S 1-4, 27-37 IFP91-JSK5-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSK5-S B 21-37 IFP91-JSK6-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSK6-S B 21-37 IFP91-JSK7-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSK7-S B 21-37 IFP91-JSK8-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSK8-S B 21-37 (# 23 missing) IFP91-JSK11-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSK11-S B 21-37 IFP91-JSK15-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSK15-S B 21-37 IFP91-JSK17-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSK17-S B 21-36 (#s 6, 14 missing) IFP91-JSK19-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSK19-S B 21-37 (#32 missing) IFP91-JSK20-S A 1-20 IFP91-JSK20-S B 21-37 IFP91-JSK21-S 34 Unlogged; Jory Albright painting in Folklife office Moore slides, : IFP92-JBM1-S A 1-20 IFP92-JBM1-S B 21-38 Unlogged; PA Farm Show, Jan. 1992, Harrisburg, PA, show animals, food displays- grains, fruits, honey IFP92-JBM2-S A 1-20 IFP92-JBM2-S B 21-38 Unlogged; Farm Show, Jan. 1992, Harrisburg, PA, food displays, show animals, exhibits IFP92-JBM3-S A 1-20 IFP92-JBM3-S B 21-36 Unlogged; Farm Show, Jan. 1992, Harrisburg, PA, show animals, queens, exhibits, banners IFP92-JBM3-S A 1-20 IFP92-JBM3-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Farm Show, Jan. 1992, Harrisburg, PA, rodeo, chocolate cake contest, queens (#s 15 and 16 missing) IFP92-JBM5-S 1-5 Unlogged; rural scenes Folklife Division slides, : IFP93-JFD1-S A 2-20 (missing 3, 4, 8, 18) IFP93-JFD1-S B 21-39 (missing 28, 33, 34) IFP93-JFD2-S A 2-20 (missing 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 18, 19) IFP93-JFD2-S B 21-39 (missing 22, 24, 27, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38) IFP93-JFD3-S A 2-20 (missing 3, 4, 7-10, 12, 13, 15, 18, 19) IFP93-JFD3-S B 23-35 (missing 24, 28, 30, 32-34) IFP93-JFD4-S 2-29 (missing 3-5, 7, 9-15, 17-22, 24, 27, 28) 199019901990199019901990199119911991199119911991199119911991199119921993
Fieldwork Oral History Institute, Patton-PA Alexander, Greiner, Hetrick, Illig, Krueger, Rodgers, Rubens, Stitt, Unidentified Folklife Division Fieldwork Harris, Kalcik, Kimiecik, Unidentified: Alexander slides, IFP92-PPA8-S A 1-20 IFP92-PPA8-S B 22-35 Patton-PA park, Knoll, McGary, Melanski, Wilkie, Strittmetter (missing 12, 21, 23, 28, 29, 31, 34) IFP92-PPA9-S A 1-20 IFP92-PPA9-S B 21-36 Patton-PA Volunteer Fire Co., OHI members, The Pillars, The Tracks, Brainiell Bridge (missing 2, 24) Greiner slides, : IFP92-PJG8-S A 13-20 IFP92-PJG8-S B 21-36 Patton-PA, Ott family photographs and house (missing 1-12, 15, 22, 23) Hetrick slides, : IFP92-PJLH1-S A 2-20 IFP92-PJLH1-S B 22-35 Patton-OH, M. Short and the Marianettes singing group, Crowel, carved bear (missing 1, 6, 19, 20, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31) IFP92-PJLH2-S A 1-20 IFP92-PJLH2-S B 22-36 Patton-PA signs, M. Short's tree and plaque, Crowell home and garden (missing 2, 3, 7, 9, 15, 21, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33) IFP92-PJLH3-S A 1-20 IFP92-PJLH3-S B 21-24 Unlogged; apparently copies of photographs of Marianettes in costumes of different events in Patton-PA Illig Slides, : IFP92-PBI1-S A 1-20 IFP92-PBI1-S B 21-36 Patton-PA Slovaks, SS. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church and cemetery, Slovak Club, M. Illig homes Krueger slides, : IFP92-PHK8-S A 1-20 IFP92-PHK8-S B 21-36 Patton-PA, postcards collected by M. Whiteford IFP92-PHK9-S A 1-20 IFP92-PHK9-S B 21-37 Patton-PA, postcards collected by M. Whiteford IFP92-PHK10-S A 1-20 IFP92-PHK10-S B 21-37 Patton-PA, Ott house and farm IFP92-PHK11-S A 1-20 IFP92-PHK11-S B 21-36 Patton-PA, Greiner farm, Whiteford toys and playhouse, abandoned kindergarten building IFP92-PHK12-S 1-16 Unlogged; Patton-PA, farm, Ott house, abandoned kindergarten building Rodgers slides, : IFP92-PRR3-S A 1-20 IFP92-PRR3-S B 22-33 Patton-PA, Slovaks, Hamady, Baran, Choby, garden, Haluska, needlework (missing 4, 6, 8, 28-30) IFP92-PRR4-S A 1-20 IFP92-PRR4-S B 21-32 Patton-PA, Haluska home and Slovak items, needlework, coal miner doll (missing 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 19, 22) Fieldwork IFP92-PRR5-S A 1-20 IFP92-PRR5-S B 21-34 Patton-PA, Flannagan and Riley sections, Slovaks, Malloy home (missing 9, 10, 13, 17, 19, 22, 24-26) IFP92-PRR6-S A 1-19 IFP92-PRR6-S B 22-34 Patton-PA Slovaks, Juba, SS. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church (missing 3, 5, 7, 10, 17, 20, 21) IFP92-PRR7-S A 1-20 IFP92-PRR7-S B 21-36 Patton-PA Slovaks, Begany farm, Ukrainian eggs, needlework, garden, old farm tools, Illig, citizenship papers, SS. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church, family photos (missing 29, 30, 33) IFP92-PRR8-S A 1-20 IFP92-PRR8-S B 21-32 Patton-PA Slovaks, Hudak tools and woodcraft IFP92-PRR9-S A 1-20 IFP92-PRR9-S B 21-33 Patton-PA Slovaks, St. George Church, Jednota issue, Letso home and Slovak items, Homaday home, silk factory, SS. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church cemetery (missing 32) IFP92-PRR10-5 A 1-19 IFP92-PRR10-5 B 21-35 Patton-PA slovaks, Slovak Club bylaws, post card, Palmer House flatware, Skanosky home and needlework, old photographs of Patton, Mikalow home Rubens slides, : IFP92-PDR1-S 21, 22, 27, 29, 31-35 Patton-PA, VFW, street scenes (partial roll) IFP92-PDR2-S A 2-20 IFP92-PDR2-S B 23-36 Patton-PA, Baran children, Volunteer Fire Company practice for battle of the barrel (missing 1, 3, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 27-29) IFP92-PDR3-S A 1-20 IFP92-PDR3-S B 21-32 Patton-PA Volunteer Fire Company Festival, McGary and Alexander IFP92-PDR4-S 1-16, 34, 35 Unlogged; Patton-PA, elderly woman with flowers, OHI members IFP92-PDR6-S A 1-20 IFP92-PDR6-S B 21-38 Patton-PA, Volunteer Fire Company, Mayor and ex-fire chief, Sunseri Stitt slides, : IFP92-PGS10-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS10-S B 21-36 Patton-PA, Bender Coal Co. stripping operation, C and K Preparation Plant- owned by Cambria Coal Co., Ball and Walker and horses at Prince Gallitzin Park, Betiowski and Lysnic IFP92-PGS11-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS11-S B 21-37 Patton-PA, Mine 33, W. Bobby, Fran Patterson-woman miner, lamp room IFP92-PGS12-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS12-S B 21-37 Patton-PA, Mine 30 locker and lamp rooms, R. Steel, equipment IFP92-PGS13-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS13-S B 21-35 Patton-PA, Coalport Museum, coal artifacts, tools, and equipment IFP92-PGS14-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS14-S B 21-37 Patton-PA, coal artifacts from Coalport Museum- labeled IFP92-PGS15-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS15-S B 21-28 Patton-PA, Coalport Museum artifacts-labeled, Peacock, Midlan, Winslow, Goralsky, super's house IFP92-PGS16-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS16-S B 21-36 Patton-PA, horseback riding in Prince Gallitzin Park, C and K Coal Co. Prep Plant, Walker, Ball IFP92-PGS17-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS17-S B 21-35 Patton-PA, horseback riding in Prince Gallitzin Park, Walker and Ball (missing 6-9) IFP92-PGS18-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS18-S B 21-23 Patton-PA, Homer City Power Plant, Cambria Cogen Plant IFP92-PGS19-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS19-S B 21-37 Patton-PA, Volunteer Fire Company treasure hunt, AIHP picnic at Glendale, RNS reclamation project IFP92-PGS20-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS20-S B 21-37 Patton-PA, Volunteer Fire Company treasure hunt IFP92-PGS21-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS21-S B 21-37 Patton-PA, RNS coal reclamation project, Homer City Power Plant (missing 7-9) IFP92-PGS22-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS22-S B 21-38 Patton-PA, machine shop IFP92-PGS23-S A 3-19 IFP92-PGS23-S B 21-37 Patton-PA, Seldom Seen Mine site, Barnes and Tucker mine #20-abandoned site (missing 1, 2, 20) IFP92-PGS24-S A 2-20 IFP92-PGS24-S B 21-38 Patton-PA, girls softball team, Patton Park, flood control, coal strip operation, Pabco Mining Sales and Services, Hastings Machines IFP92-PGS25-S A 3-20 IFP92-PGS25-S B 21-38 Patton-PA, Hastings Machine Shop, Pabco Mining Sales and Services, Glendale State Park, stables, local softball teams (missing 1, 2) IFP92-PGS26-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS26-S B 21-31 Unlogged; Patton-PA, scenes from airplane IFP92-PGS27-S A 1-20 IFP92-PGS27-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Patton-PA, scenes from airplane, cogen plant Unidentified Patton slides: IFP92-PXX1-S A 1-20 IFP92-PXX1-S B 21-38 Unlogged; Patton-PA, children, Patton borough vehicle, singing group, individuals, houses (possibly Krueger, Cammarata or McNulty) IFP92-PXX2-S 1-19 Unlogged; Patton-PA, church and closeup of windows and paintings, man in wheel chair (possibly Krueger, Cammarata or McNulty) IFP92-PXX3-S A 1-20 IFP92-PXX3-S B 21-35 Unlogged; Patton-PA, church stained glass windows, street scenes, industrial site, retaurant signs (possibly Krueger) IFP92-PXX4-S A 1-20 IFP92-PXX4-S B 21-35 Unlogged; cogen plant from air (possibly Stitt; 1 of rolls IUP photo lab lost numbers for) IFP92-PXX5-S A 1-20 IFP92-PXX5-S B 21-38 Unlogged; cogen plant from air (possibly Stitt; 1 of rolls IUP photo lab lost numbers for) Harris slides, Catholic Quincentenary, : IFP92-JJWH16-S 3-37 Unlogged; stained glass church windows (missing 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 24, 26, 27) Kalcik slides, Folklife Division, : IFP92-JSK1-S A 1-20 IFP92-JSK1-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Jednota Press and Slovak Museum, Middletown-PA IFP92-JSK2-S A 1-20 IFP92-JSK2-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Slovak Archives in Middletown-PA, PA State Farm Show- Harrisburg-PA IFP92-JSK3-S A 1-19 IFP92-JSK3-S B 33-37 Unlogged; Portage Historical Society Audience 2-8-92, Sacred Heart Polish Roman Catholic Church-Portage-PA 2-20-92, AIHP office in Hollidaysburg-PA, John and Mary Torres-Johnstown-PA 3-11-92 IFP92-JSK4-S A 1-20 IFP92-JSK4-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Folklife Division photography exhibit "Beyond the Rusting Surface" at former Glosser Brothers Department Store in Johnstown-PA, 4-92 IFP92-JSK5-S A 1-20 IFP92-JSK5-S B 21-37 Unlogged; reunion at Immaculate Conception Shrine and former Slovak Roman Catholic Church in Bitumen-PA, 7-5-92 IFP92-JSK6-S A 1-20 IFP92-JSK6-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Bitumen-PA reunion at Machak home 7-5-92, Msgr. John Golias et al on bus to Kennywood for Slovak Days 7-7-92, Ranger Elaine Kuncio NPS, Hope Johnson and crucifix with African Christ, Ronald Kuchinsky with German fraternal banner from Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, Sacred Heart Polish Roman Catholic Church in Portage-PA IFP92-JSK7-S A 1-20, IFP92-JSK7-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Sacred Heart Polish Roman Catholic Church Portage-PA, Haluski makers, Polish display in church basement, nun dolls, Cemetery Road in Portage-PA, cemeteries: Protestant (chain link fence), Slovak Roman Catholic (white stone wall), Polish from Sacred Heart (evergreen hedge), Syrian later bought by Poles (chain link fence), St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church at Hart's Sleeping Place, St. Joseph's caretaker-Michrina, all 7-16-92 IFP92-JSK8-S A 1-20, IFP92-JSK8-S B 21-37 Unlogged; St. Joseph's Church at Hart's Sleeping Place, St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church-Barnesboro-PA 7-16-92, St. Benedict's Roman Catholic Church in Carrolltown-PA, St. Michael's Church and Prince Gallitzin statue in Loretto-PA, St. John the Baptist Slovak Roman Catholic Church and St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church in Barnesboro- PA 8-2-92, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church's picnic in New Germany Grove IFP92-JSK9-S A 1-20 IFP92-JSK9-S B 21-37 Unlogged; copies of Catholic Quincentenary photos and slides IFP92-JSK10-S A 1-20 IFP92-JSK10-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Catholic Quincentenary Day of Celebration and Exhibit at Loretto-PA 9-20-92 IFP92-JSK11-S A 1-20 IFP92-JSK11-S B 21-37 Unlogged; copies of newspaper articles for AFS panel IFP92-JSK12-S A 1-20 IFP92-JSK12-S B 21-37 Unlogged; slides of Catholic Quincentennial photographs, blessing of animals at St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church-Woodvale-PA 10-3-92, potato festival in Ebensburg-PA 10-3-92, Msgr. John Golias' manger set Johnstown-PA Kimiecik slides, : IFP92-JKK8-S 4, 5, 6 Unlogged; possibly ALPO ground breaking 10-92 Unidentified Folklife Division slides, : IFP92-JFD1-S 21, 27-30, 32-34 Unlogged; Farm Show January 1992, Hershey's Cocoa bakeoff (possibly Kimiecik or Moore) IFP92-JFD2-S 38 Unlogged; Farm Show January 1992, butter sculpture (possibly Kimiecik or Moore) 1993 Fieldwork Kalcik slides, : IFP93-JSK2-S A 1-20 IFP93-JSK2-S B 21-37 Unlogged; pysanky demonstration and exhibit at SS. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church-St. Clair Rd.-Johnstown-PA 4-3-93, AIHP Management Plan event, Zahornec, McNitt, Mason, Pfeilstucker, Abrams, Skillman, Kimiecik, Hovanec, panel, 4-8-93 IFP93-JSK5-S A 1-20 IFP93-JSK5-S B 21-37 Unlogged; Daisytown-Johnstown-PA Centennial Luncheon, Zilch 6-9-93, various AIHP staff, Bottle Works meeting IFP93-JKK3-S A 1-20 IFP93-JKK3-S B 21-32 Unlogged; Patton Centennial Celebration 8-93 19921992-9319921992199219921992199219921992199219921992199219921993

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Series IV: Black/White Contact Sheets and Prints

Subseries A: Field Materials
1Belanus contact sheets, : IFP90-JBB1-B A 2 IFP90-JBB1-B B 3-37 UMWA sign, Puritan-PA, Goughner, cemeteries, McCann, trolley car barns, heritage tour route IFP90-JBB3-B A 1-31 IFP90-JBB3-B B 32-36 Cemetery, coke ovens, Angus, Sekowski, St. Michael-PA, National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA Dougherty contact sheet, : IFP90-JJD1-B 2-34 Aruskevicius, Glebovich, Abbey, Robert Shaw Plant reunion, Novalis, Fleck, Coleman, Klyap, Coral-PA, District Two UMWA, Anne Feeney, Sylvis Memorial Dedication at Indiana University of Pennsylvania Kalcik contact sheets, : IFP90-JSK2-B A 0-26 IFP90-JSK2-B B 27-36 Vesnesky, Polish, polka, Zahornec, embroidery, gospel sing in Kernville- Johnstown-PA, Tanneryville Flood Memorial, Rager Mountain protest sign, Vic's Blue Room in (East) Conemaugh-Johnstown-PA, St. Gregory Roman Catholic Church festival in Daisytown-PA, pascha basket covers IFP90-JSK8-B A 1 and 2 IFP90-JSK8-B B 3-36A St. Rocco festival at St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church in Woodvale- Johnstown-PA, picnic at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church- Woodvale-Johnstown-PA, P., F. and F. Babich, Neral, Bailey, O'Reilly, Belanus, P. Kalcik IFP90-JSK15-B A 1 IFP90-JSK15-B B 2-36 National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, parade IFP90-JSK16-B A 1-35 IFP90-JSK16-B B 36 National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, parade IFP90-JSK17-B A 1-35 IFP90-JSK17-B B 36 National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, parade, booths, street scenes IFP90-JSK18-B A 1-35 IFP90-JSK18-B B 36 and 37 National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, parade, booths, street scenes, Zahornec IFP90-JSK19-B A 0-34 IFP90-JSK19-B B 35 and 36 National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, booths, street scenes, Mesaros IFP90-JSK20-B A 0-34 IFP90-JSK20-B B 35-37 National Folk Festival in Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, booths, street scenes, Thur family reunion in Barnesboro and Marsteller-PA IFP90-JSK21-B A 1-35 IFP90-JSK21-B B 36 and 37 Emeigh/Mosscreek Reunion in Marsteller-PA, Thur family IFP90-JSK22-B A 1-35 IFP90-JSK22-B B 36 and 37 Cambria County Fair-PA McNitt contact sheets, : IFP90-JCM4-B A 0-34 East Broad Top Railroad, Hall, McMath, Gilliand, Collins (#35 is on IFP90-JCM6-B) IFP90-JCM6-B A 0-28 (and IFP90-JCM4-B 35) IFP90-JCM6-B B 29-36 East Broad Top Railroad, crew and families IFP90-JCM7-B B/W print of Warren J. Erwin given to McNitt 7-27-90 Stephens contact sheet, : IFP90-JMS1-B 1-25 Unlogged; Somerset County cultural survey Swartz contact sheet, : IFP90-JJS3-B A 0-31 IFP90-JJS3-B B 32-36 Canoe Creek State Park, lime kilns, limestone quarries, springs, Moore's Mill-PA, Clover Creek Blue Hole, Little Italy in Altoona-PA, Mount Carmel Church in Altoona-PA, Botteicher Kimiecik contact sheets, : IFP91-JKK4-B A 1-30 IFP91-JKK4-B B 31-36 Lost Children of the Alleghenies, Bedford Co. Fair IFP91-JKK10-B 1-21 National Folk Festival Industrial Labor Section, steel sculpture Randall contact sheets, : IFP91-JLR1-B A 1-27 IFP91-JLR1-B B 28-37 Bethel AME Church-Cito-PA, Buterbaugh, Glenn, W. and I. Schmidt, McConnellsburg-PA July Fourth Parade IFP91-JLR6-B A 1-31 IFP91-JLR6-B B 32-36 Unlogged; auction sale ` Santoro contact sheets, : IFP91-JDS1-B 1-32 Bedford Co. Memorial Park (cemetery) IFP91-JDS5-B 1-32 Bedford Springs Hotel, scenes of Bedford Co.-PA IFP91-JDS7-B A 0-1 IFP91-JDS7-B B 2-36 Unlogged; Bedford Co. scenes, Acorn Book Shop DiVirgilio contact sheet, : IFP91-JMDV1-B 0-35 Persichetti, Jeannette-PA scenes, R. DiFonso, Italian Forest, Loggia Garibaldi, Ascension Church, Keller and Carle, La Festia Italian Keller contact sheet, : IFP91-JSWK2-B A 1-4, 16-20 IFP91-JSWK2-B B 3-20 Unlogged; scenes of Jeannette-PA, DiVirgilio, various individuals Shircliffe contact sheet, : IFP91-JBS1-B 1-11 Jeannette scenes, DiVirgilio, Eckenrode, Hall Kalcik contact sheets, : IFP91-JSK2-B 1-19 Maple sugar making demonstration at Meyersdale-PA Maple Fest IFP91-JSK4-B A 0-31 IFP91-JSK4-B B 32-36 Spirit Path Goat Farm, Sr. Podlucky, St. Casimir Polish Roman Catholic Church-Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, Johnstown scenes, Loretto-PA, SS. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church-Jerome-PA IFP91-JSK9-B A 1 IFP91-JSK9-B B 2-36 Wable maple sugar camp, Spirit Path Goat Farm IFP91-JSK10-B A 0-2 IFP91-JSK10-B B 3-37 Gardens in Richland and Ligonier-PA, Ligonier Garden Show, Johnstown-PA farmers' market, Mishler, Zahornec IFP91-JSK12-B 2-36 East Conemaugh-PA reunion, St. Casimir church and Polish picnic Johnstown-PA, St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church Johnstown-PA IFP91-JSK13-B 1-36 Scenes of Mine 40-PA, SS. Cyril and Methodius Slovak Roman Catholic Church Windber-PA, St. Casimir Polish Roman Catholic Church and festival Cambria City-Johnstown-PA, photograph of sisters from St. Casimir IFP91-JSK14-B 1-16 Klimek and pumpkins Holsopple-PA, Dietrich, Abrams IFP91-JSK16-B 1-30 National Folk Festival Foodways Program: Miller and Fisher, Zahornec, Klimek IFP91-JSK18-B A 1-30 IFP91-JSK18-B B 31-36 National Folk Festival Foodways Program: Klimek, Miller and Fisher Unidentified contact sheet, : IFP91-JXX1-B 1-6 Unlogged; possibly scenes of Fulton County-PA (possibly Randall or Day) Proofs for photography exhibit-Moore, : IFP92-JBM13-B 1-37 (missing 9 and 10) Farm Show Harrisburg-PA, rodeo, butter carving IFP92-JBM14-B 1 and 2a, 1 and 2b, 3 and 4, 9 and 10, 36 and 37a, 36 and 37b, 36 and 37c, 36 and 37d Unlogged; Farm Show, rodeo, cattle, horse, exhibits, African American child IFP92-JBM15-B 1-35 Unlogged; Farm Show, cattle, participants IFP92-JBM16-B 1-35 Unlogged; Farm Show, signs, ceremony, princesses, visitors, exhibits IFP92-JBM17-B 1-35 Unlogged; Farm Show, cattle, participants, horses, Christmas trees IFP92-JBM18-B 0-23 Unlogged; hunters IFP92-JBM19-B 5-37 Unlogged; Christmas parade Altoona-PA, Dec. 1991 IFP92-JBM20-B 0-31 Unlogged; church, cemetery, country store IFP92-JBM21-B 1-20, 35 and 36a, 36b Unlogged; old building, gas pump, Christmas parade, coke ovens IFP92-JBM22-B 0-34 Unlogged; Christmas parade, Blair Senior Service Center IFP92-JBM23-B 33-37, 1-26x (unnumbered strips) Unlogged; Blair Senior Service Center, old building, woods IFP92-JBM24-B 0-32 Unlogged; Christmas party IFP92-JBM25-B 0-34 Unlogged; Christmas parade, Knights of Columbus, Mennonite audience members IFP92-JBM26-B 1-36 Unlogged; work site, couple, young man, building IFP92-JBM27-B 3-37 Unlogged; work site IFP92-JBM28-B 4-37 Unlogged; work site IFP92-JBM29-B 0-33 Unlogged; work site, snowy landscape IFP92-JBM30-B 1-3 Unlogged; work site IFP92-JBM31-B 1-13a, 8-22b, 43 and 44 Unlogged; Con Rail shops Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM32-B 1-10 Unlogged; quilters (Shanks?) Creek IFP92-JBM33-B 41-55 (large format) Unlogged; women in textile plant IFP92-JBM34-B 1 and 2, 5, 15-18 (large format) Unlogged; Conrail car shops IFP92-JBM35-B 1, 3-8, 10-12, 14 (large format) Unlogged; couple, drawing/map IFP92-JBM36-B 41-55 (large format) Unlogged; women in textile plant IFP92-JBM37-B 41-52, 54 and 55 (large format) Unlogged; truck drivers, barber shop IFP92-JBM38-B 41-55 (large format) Unlogged; work site IFP92-JBM39-B 41-55 (large format) Unlogged; work site IFP92-JBM40-B 41-47, 49-55 (large format) Unlogged; work site IFP92-JBM41-B 41-55 (large format) Unlogged; building, African American man IFP92-JBM42-B 41 and 42, 44-55 (large format) Unlogged; Con Rail shops Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM43-B 41-55 (large format) Unlogged; barber shop, work site IFP92-JBM44-B 41-55 (large format) Unlogged; workshop IFP92-JBM45-B 41-53 (large format) Unlogged; work site, snow scenes IFP92-JBM46-B 41-55 (large format) Unlogged; work site, trucks, truck driver 199019901990199019901990199119911991199119911991199119911992
1Stephens color prints, : IFP90-JMS2-B 9 Seese Museum IFP90-JMS2-B 10 Seese Museum IFP90-JMS2-B 11 Seese Museum IFP90-JMS2-B 12 Seese Museum IFP90-JMS2-B 13 Seese Museum IFP90-JMS2-B 14 Seese Museum IFP90-JMS2-B 15 coal altar St. Stanislaus Church IFP90-JMS2-B 16 Nathan Codispoti IFP90-JMS2-B 17 Codispoti garden IFP90-JMS2-B 18 wedding party Somerset-PA IFP90-JMS2-B 19 wedding party Somerset-PA IFP90-JMS2-B 20 wedding party Somerset-PA IFP90-JMS2-B 21 welding shop IFP90-JMS2-B 22 Listie Economy Store IFP90-JMS2-B 23 Listie Economy Store IFP90-JMS2-B 24 Listie Economy Store IFP90-JMS2-B 25 Listie Economy Store IFP90-JMS2-B 26 Listie-PA IFP90-JMS2-B 27 Jenner Honor Roll IFP90-JMS2-B 28 Codispoti Grocery IFP90-JMS2-B 29 Codispoti Grocery IFP90-JMS2-B 30 strip mining IFP90-JMS2-B 31 strip mining IFP90-JMS2-B 32 strip mining IFP90-JMS2-B 33 Holsopple Quilters IFP90-JMS2-B 34 Holsopple Quilters IFP90-JMS2-B 35 Holsopple Quilters IFP90-JMS2-B 36 unidentified man IFP90-JMS2-B 37 Johnstown Flood Museum Swartz black/white prints, : IFP90-JJS4-B 1 Muir IFP90-JJS4-B 2 Muir IFP90-JJS4-B 3 Mount Etna Furnace IFP90-JJS4-B 4 Mount Etna Furnace IFP90-JJS4-B 5 Conrail IFP90-JJS4-B 6 Conrail IFP90-JJS4-B 7 Roaring Spring-PA IFP90-JJS4-B 8 Roaring Spring Blank Book Co. IFP90-JJS4-B 9 Roaring Spring Blank Book Co. IFP90-JJS4-B 10 wooden indian carving IFP90-JJS4-B 11 wooden indian carving IFP90-JJS4-B 12 carving and carver IFP90-JJS4-B 13 logs for carving IFP90-JJS4-B 14 Williamsburg Historical Society documents IFP90-JJS4-B 15 documents IFP90-JJS4-B 16 documents IFP90-JJS4-B 17 documents IFP90-JJS4-B 18 documents IFP90-JJS4-B 19 documents IFP90-JJS4-B 20 documents IFP90-JJS4-B 21 Kauffman IFP90-JJS4-B 22 Kauffman IFP90-JJS4-B 23 P. and B. Grove IFP90-JJS4-B 24 P. and B. Grove IFP90-JJS4-B 25 P. and B. Grove IFP90-JJS4-B 26 P. and B. Grove IFP90-JJS4-B 27 P. and B. Grove IFP90-JJS4-B 28 horseshoe IFP90-JJS4-B 29 horseshoe IFP90-JJS4-B 30 Grove garden IFP90-JJS4-B 31 Grove garden IFP90-JJS4-B 32 Grove garden IFP90-JJS4-B 33 slag IFP90-JJS4-B 34 iron ore IFP90-JJS4-B 35 iron ore and slag IFP90-JJS4-B 36 slag IFP90-JJS4-B 37 slag Belanus polaroid photograph, : P90-JBB5-B tombstone "Miner" Burket (unlogged) color prints, : IFP91-JMB1-B 1 Amish at parade IFP91-JMB1-B 2 Amish at parade IFP91-JMB1-B 3 Amish at parade IFP91-JMB1-B 4 Amish at parade IFP91-JMB1-B 5 Amish at parade IFP91-JMB1-B 6 Amish at auction/yard sale IFP91-JMB1-B 7 Amish at auction/yard sale IFP91-JMB1-B 8 Amish at auction/yard sale IFP91-JMB1-B 9 Amish at auction/yard sale IFP91-JMB1-B 10 Amish at auction/yard sale IFP91-JMB1-B 11 Amish at auction/yard sale IFP91-JMB1-B 12 Amish at auction/yard sale IFP91-JMB1-B 13 Zimmerman's Bulk Grocery IFP91-JMB1-B 14 Zimmerman's Bulk Grocery IFP91-JMB1-B 15 Amish girl at roadside stand IFP91-JMB1-B 16 Irene Zimmerman with accordion IFP91-JMB1-B 17 Irene Zimmerman with accordion IFP91-JMB1-B 18 Irene Zimmerman with accordion IFP91-JMB1-B 19 Irene Zimmerman with accordion IFP91-JMB1-B 20 Irene Zimmerman with accordion IFP91-JMB1-B 21 unidentified stone structure IFP91-JMB1-B 22 Folklife Division fieldworkers' meeting: Day, McNitt, Shircliffe, Abrams Santoro color prints Bedford Borough Fourth of July Parade, : IFP91-JDS4-B 1 military vehicle IFP91-JDS4-B 2 military mothers and friends IFP91-JDS4-B 3 military mothers and friends IFP91-JDS4-B 4 Juliana Street IFP91-JDS4-B 5 Juliana Street IFP91-JDS4-B 6 military mothers and friends IFP91-JDS4-B 7 military mothers and friends IFP91-JDS4-B 8 Rep. Hess dedication speech IFP91-JDS4-B 9 Rep. Hess dedication speech IFP91-JDS4-B 10 Rep. Hess dedication speech IFP91-JDS4-B 11 Bedford Area Business Association float IFP91-JDS4-B 12 street scene IFP91-JDS4-B 13 military mothers and friends IFP91-JDS4-B 14 military mothers and friends IFP91-JDS4-B 15 parade scene IFP91-JDS4-B 16 parade scene IFP91-JDS4-B 17 parade scene IFP91-JDS4-B 18 "We Serve" float IFP91-JDS4-B 19 parade scene IFP91-JDS4-B 20 heritage and hospitality float IFP91-JDS4-B 21 covered wagon IFP91-JDS4-B 22 young woman of the year contestants IFP91-JDS4-B 23 young woman of the year contestants IFP91-JDS4-B 24 Bedford Co. Vietnam Vet. Association tee shirt IFP91-JDS4-B 25 horses and riders Shircliffe (unlogged) color prints, : IFP91-JBS1-B 1 Folklife Division meeting: McNitt, Day, Shircliffe, IFP91-JBS1-B 2 Folklife Division meeting: DiVirgilio Kalcik color prints of Johnstown Scarecrow Contest, : IFP91-JSK21-B 1 middle school maniacs scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 2 middle school maniacs scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 3 middle school maniacs scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 4 headless ecology scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 5 headless ecology scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 6 headless ecology scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 7 headless ecology scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 8 tourism scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 9 tourism scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 10 tourism scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 11 patriotic scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 12 patriotic scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 13 patriotic scarecrow IFP91-JSK21-B 14 Miss Halloween IFP91-JSK21-B 15 "Baby" IFP91-JSK21-B 16 football player IFP91-JSK21-B 17 skate boarder IFP91-JSK21-B 18 Jack-in-the-box IFP91-JSK21-B 19 family looking at scarecrows IFP91-JSK21-B 20 family taking photos with scarecrows IFP91-JSK21-B 21 family taking photos with scarecrows IFP91-JSK21-B 22 Joseph Johns statue IFP91-JSK21-B 23 Joseph Johns statue Moore black/white proofs for photography exhibit "Beyond the Rusting Surface,” : IFP92-JBM9-B 5 Dairy Princess IFP92-JBM9-B 4 Dairy Princess IFP92-JBM9-B 6 Hershey bakeoff IFP92-JBM9-B 7 Hershey bakeoff IFP92-JBM9-B 8 Hershey bakeoff IFP92-JBM10-B 13 Farm Show Queen IFP92-JBM10-B 14 Farm Show Princess IFP92-JBM10-B 15 Farm Show Princess IFP92-JBM10-B 20 Farm Show visitors IFP92-JBM10-B 22 Farm Show visitors IFP92-JBM13-B 35 butter sculpture IFP92-JBM13-B 36 butter sculpture IFP92-JBM15-B 34 cattle exhibitors IFP92-JBM15-B 35 cattle exhibitors IFP92-JBM17-B 16 children with hatching eggs IFP92-JBM17-B 23 cattle IFP92-JBM17-B 24 crowd scene IFP92-JBM17-B 27 exhibitors IFP92-JBM17-B 28 exhibitors IFP92-JBM17-B 32 exhibitors IFP92-JBM18-B 0 hunters' breakfast IFP92-JBM18-B 2 hunters' breakfast IFP92-JBM18-B 3 hunters' breakfast IFP92-JBM18-B 4 hunters' breakfast IFP92-JBM18-B 7 hunter's breakfast IFP92-JBM18-B 9 father/daughter hunters IFP92-JBM18-B 21 dead deer IFP92-JBM20-B 21 country store IFP92-JBM20-B 22 country store IFP92-JBM20-B 23 country store IFP92-JBM21-B 36 Salvation Army Christmas party IFP92-JBM22-B 1 Salvation Army Christmas party IFP92-JBM22-B 2 Salvation Army Christmas party IFP92-JBM22-B 4 Salvation Army Christmas party IFP92-JBM22-B 7 Salvation Army Christmas party IFP92-JBM22-B 8 Salvation Army soup kitchen IFP92-JBM22-B 9 Salvation Army soup kitchen 92-JBM22-B 12 Salvation Army soup kitchen IFP92-JBM22-B 14 Salvation Army soup kitchen IFP92-JBM22-B 34 Christmas parade Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM22-B 25 Christmas parade Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM22-B 30 Christmas parade Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM24-B 1 Salvation Army soup kitchen IFP92-JBM24-B 7 Salvation Army soup kitchen IFP92-JBM24-B 21 blind musician at Sal. Army Christmas party IFP92-JBM24-B 22 blind musician at Sal. Army Christmas party IFP92-JBM24-B 25 child at Sal. Army party IFP92-JBM24-B 34 Mennonite parade viewer IFP92-JBM47-B 1 living Nativity scene IFP92-JBM47-B 5 living Nativity scene IFP92-JBM47-B 30 closeup of Christmas party gift IFP92-JBM47-B 34 child at Christmas party IFP92-JBM?-B 1 Farm Show exhibitor IFP92-JBM?-B 2 Farm Show exhibitor Harris black/white photos (no negatives) for photography exhibit "Beyond the Rusting Surface,” : FPXX-JJHX-B 1 Harris with coal miners IFPXX-JJHX-B 2 three miners IFPXX-JJHX-B 3 Gerry Bailey in her home IFPXX-JJHX-B 4 couple with photograph IFPXX-JJHX-B 5 two children IFPXX-JJHX-B 6 man with cigar IFPXX-JJHX-B 7 flag and coal car IFPXX-JJHX-B 8 elderly woman IFPXX-JJHX-B 9 coal miner IFPXX-JJHX-B 10 two coal miners IFPXX-JJHX-B 11 flag and coal car IFPXX-JJHX-B 12 toast before a dinner IFPXX-JJHX-B 13 Prva Citanka book IFPXX-JJHX-B 14 woman making pierogies IFPXX-JJHX-B 15 elderly man in his living room IFPXX-JJHX-B 16 fixing a Conrail locomotive IFPXX-JJHX-B 17 repairmen IFPXX-JJHX-B 18 three miners IFPXX-JJHX-B 19 coal miner after shift IFPXX-JJHX-B 20 coal railroad cars Hetrick (unlogged) color prints from Oral History Institute-Patton, : IFP92-PJLH8-B 1 Short home IFP92-PJLH8-B 2 Short home IFP92-PJLH8-B 3 Short home IFP92-PJLH8-B 4 Short home IFP92-PJLH8-B 5 Short home IFP92-PJLH8-B 6 Short and singers Midolo (unlogged) color prints from Oral History Institute-Patton, : IFP92-PCM2-B 1 Mae Karlheim IFP92-PCM2-B 2 Karlheim farm IFP92-PCM3-B Quilters at Senior Activities Center IFP92-PCM4-B Francis Davis Harris (unlogged) black/white and color prints from Catholic Quincentennial project, : IFP92-JJWH6-B 26 Hope Johnson with herbs IFP92-JJWH17-B 1 St. Stephen's Slovak Roman Catholic Church vilia Johnstown-PA, pagach (no negatives) IFP92-JJWH18-B 1 stained glass window, Virgin IFP92-JJWH18-B 19 stained glass window, pieta IFP92-JJWH18-B 36a stained glass window, Christ IFP92-JJWH18-B 36b stained glass window, Christ IFP92-JJWH19-B 2 stained glass window, Virgin IFP92-JJWH19-B 9 stained glass window, Christ IFP92-JJWH19-B 33a stained glass window, saint IFP92-JJWH19-B 33b stained glass window, saint IFP92-JJWH20-B 17 stained glass window, Fr. Lemke and Prince Gallitzin IFP92-JJWH20-B 37 stained glass window, saints IFP92-JJWH21-B 1 stained glass window, lamb IFP92-JJWH21-B 2 circular stained glass window IFP92-JJWH21-B 3a stained glass window, Sacred Heart IFP92-JJWH21-B 3b stained glass window, Sacred Heart Kalcik black/white prints for National Folk Festival Foodways Program, : FP92-JSK17-B 15 Fields at Fort Roberdeau IFP92-JSK18-B 10 J. and A. Hautz, beekeepers IFP92-JSK19-B 33 Martha Plows and other women in St. Stephen's Church kitchen Johnstown-PA Kimiecik black/white print, : IFP92-JKK6-B 32 African American Heritage Project Committee members, 9 copies Folklife Division color and black/white prints, : IFP92-JFD1-B icon considered for logo (no negative) IFP92-JFD2-B Folklife Division members 3 copies (no negative) Kimiecik (unlogged) black/white prints, : IFP93-JKK2-B 7 Patton Centennial stage 8-93 IFP93-JKK2-B 9 St. George banner IFP93-JKK2-B 10 audience member IFP93-JKK2-B 11 audience member IFP93-JKK2-B 12 stage IFP93-JKK2-B 13 stage IFP93-JKK2-B 14 audience and stage IFP93-JKK2-B 15 audience and stage IFP93-JKK2-B 16 Methodist banner IFP93-JKK2-B 17 boys with banner IFP93-JKK2-B 18 stage IFP93-JKK2-B 19 audience IFP93-JKK2-B 20 audience IFP93-JKK2-B 21 stage IFP93-JKK2-B 22 audience and stage 199019901990199119911991October 26, 1991199219921992199219921992199219921993
1 FIELDWORK MOORE 8X10 PROOFS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT IFP92-JBM6-B 32 Conrail shops Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM6-B 36 Conrail shops Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM7-B 21 work site IFP92-JBM7-B 28 African American man IFP92-JBM7-B 30 African American man IFP92-JBM8-B 15 Conrail shops Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM9-B 8 Farm Show Hershey bakeoff IFP92-JBM9-B 13 Farm Show rodeo IFP92-JBM9-B 20 Farm Show rodeo IFP92-JBM9-B 23 Farm Show rodeo IFP92-JBM9-B 30 Farm Show rodeo IFP92-JBM9-B 35 Farm Show rodeo IFP92-JBM12-B 21 Farm Show cattle exhibitors IFP92-JBM12-B 26 Farm Show cattle exhibitors IFP92-JBM13-B 8 Farm Show rodeo IFP92-JBM14-B 4 Farm Show-African American child IFP92-JBM15-B 16 Farm Show cattle exhibitors IFP92-JBM17-B 22 Farm Show cattle exhibitors IFP92-JBM17-B 28 Farm Show cattle exhibitors IFP92-JBM17-B 30 Farm Show cattle exhibitors IFP92-JBM17-B 32 Farm Show cattle exhibitors IFP92-JBM18-B 0 hunters' breakfast IFP92-JBM18-B 2 hunters' breakfast IFP92-JBM18-B 9 father/daughter hunters IFP92-JBM18-B 12 hunters in truck IFP92-JBM18-B 21 hunters with deer IFP92-JBM19-B 24 Christmas parade Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM20B 1 Ford's Country Store, Webster Mills-PA IFP92-JBM20-B 2 Ford's Country Store IFP92-JBM20-B 3 Ford's Country Store IFP92-JBM20-B 23 Ford's Country Store IFP92-JBM20-B 30 cemetery IFP92-JBM21-B 36 Christmas parade Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM22-B 2 Salvation Army Christmas party IFP92-JBM22-B 9 Salvation Army Christmas party IFP92-JBM24-B 24 blind musician Sal. Army party 92-JBM25-B 29 Christmas parade Altoona-PA IFP92-JBM26-B 24 couple IFP92-JBM26-B 24 man (cropped photograph) IFP92-JBM27-B 17 work site, men in windows IFP92-JBM28-B 6 2 men at work site IFP92-JBM28-B 8 snow scene IFP92-JBM31-B 11 Conrail shops IFP92-JBM33-B 42 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM33-B 43 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM33-B 44 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM33-B 45 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM33-B 46 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM33-B 47 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM33-B 48 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM33-B 49 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM33-B 52 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM33-B 55 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM34-B 17 Conrail shops, welding IFP92-JBM36-B 42 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM36-B 43 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM36-B 44 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM36-B 47 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM36-B 49 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM36-B 51 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM36-B 52 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM36-B 53 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM36-B 54 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM36-B 55 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM37-B 43 barbershop scene IFP92-JBM37-B 52 truck driver IFP92-JBM38-B 52 workman at worksite IFP92-JBM40-B 51 work site IFP92-JBM41-B 42 African American man IFP92-JBM41-B 52 plant building IFP92-JBM42-B 48 Conrail shops, workers IFP92-JBM42-B 55 Conrail shops, engine IFP92-JBM43-B 49 barber shop scene IFP92-JBM43-B 55 barber shop scene IFP92-JBM41-B 45 woekmen loading sacks IFP92-JBM44-B 48 workmen loading sacks IFP92-JBM44-B 49 workmen loading sacks IFP92-JBM46-B 41 truck driver IFP92-JBM46-B 52 work site IFP92-JBM47-B 3 living Nativity scene IFP92-JBM47-B 25 child at Salvation Army Christmas party IFP92-JBM?-B 1 truck driver IFP92-JBM?-B 2 women in textile plant IFP92-JBM48-B 1 chocolate cake, Hershey bakeoff IFP92-JBM48-B 2 Farm Show, vegetables IFP92-JBM48-B 3 Farm Show, vegetables IFP92-JBM48-B 4 Farm Show, vegetables IFP92-JBM48-B 5 Farm Show rodeo IFP92-JBM48-B 6 Farm Show rodeo IFP92-JBM48-B 7 industrial building IFP92-JBM48-B 8 industrial building IFP92-JBM48-B 9 window of old building IFP92-JBM48-B 10 water pipe IFP92-JBM48-B 11 children's sleds IFP92-JBM48-B 12 town scene IFP92-JBM48-B 13 cliff and water scene 1992
1Moore proofs for photography exhibit "Beyond the Rusting Surface," : IFP92-JBM9-B 23 Farm Show, horse and rider IFP92-JBM15-B 16 Farm Show, cattle exhibitors IFP92-JBM20-B 12 Country Store clerks IFP92-JBM29-B 8 snow scene IFP92-JBM36-B 43 textile plant scene IFP92-JBM44-B 49 men loading sacks IFP92-JBM?-B 1 old cans and glass IFP92-MBM?-B 2 plant scene Print of Patton-PA Map from Oral History Institute, : IFP92PXX3-B Patton map/print Harris proofs for photography exhibit "Praise God all Ye Nations," : (unlogged) IFP92-JJWH2-B 28 Bitumen reunion church scene IFP92-JJWH4-B 22 women talking at reunion lunch IFP92-JJWH6-B 35 crucifix with African face IFP92-JJWH7-B 33 pulpit, Sacred Heart Polish Roman Catholic Church, Portage-PA IFP92-JJWH12-B 35 windows, St. Benedict's, Carrolltown-PA IFP92-JJWH13-B 20 Prince Gallitzin statue, Loretto-PA IFP92-JJWH14-B 20 procession, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Barnesboro-PA IFP92-JJWH?-B 1 statue, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Altoona-PA (no negative) IFP92-JJWH15-B 37 St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church Cambria City-Johnstown-PA IFP92-JJWH?-B 2a woman praying (no negative) IFP92-JJWH?-B 2b woman praying IFP92-JJWH22-B 6 St. Stephen's Church (copy Zahornec photo) IFP92-JJWH22-B 13 Polish children (copy of JAHA photo) Photographs and captions used in National Folk Festival Labor Section, (copies from Hagley Museum Wilmington-DE: IFP92-JFD4-B 1 ore bridge Rosedale Coke Plant, Johnstown-PA IFP92-JFD4-B 2 coking process chart IFP92-JFD4-B 3 wharf IFP92-JFD4-B 4 ore bridge and bucket IFP92-JFD4-B 5 coal washer IFP92-JFD4-B 6 hot car IFP92-JFD4-B 7 stand pipe IFP92-JFD4-B 8 at the top of the coke ovens IFP92-JFD4-B 9 "cutting jambs" IFP92-JFD4-B 10 larry car P92-JFD4-B 11 cooling towers Harris proofs for photography exhibit "Beyond the Rusting Surface," : (no log or negatives) IFPXX-JJHX-B 11 artist Jory Albright IFPXX-JJHX-B 12 two children IFPXX-JJHX-B 13 glass workers IFPXX-JJHX-B 14 glass worker in home IFPXX-JJHX-B 15 glass worker in home IFPXX-JJHX-B 16 group of miners out of doors IFPXX-JJHX-B 17 farmer in silo IFPXX-JJHX-B 18a man with cigar in hand IFPXX-JJHX-B 18b man with cigar in hand IFPXX-JJHX-B 19 miner in snow IFPXX-JJHX-B 20 Eureka Mine 40 IFPXX-JJHX-B 21 Santa Claus at UMWA center IFPXX-JJHX-B 22 three miners IFPXX-JJHX-B 23 men at UMWA center IFPXX-JJHX-B 24 man gesturing to coal trucker IFPXX-JJHX-B 25 miner and equipment out of doors in snow IFPXX-JJHX-B 26 Johnstown Chiefs' hockey team mascot 19921992199219221992
1Alexander Contact Sheets, : IFP92-PPA-1-B 0-35 Patton-PA, Windber Coal public presentation, Campbell,Toner, Kruiss, sign (no negatives) IFP92-PPA2-B 2-37 Patton-PA, Carmelite Monastery in Loretto-PA, castle/water tower, countryside, signs and bumper stickers (no negatives) IFP92-PPA3-B 1-17 Patton-PA, park, Pillow, Vasil, Wilkie, cross bow fishermen in Chest Creek, Meyers, Tressel, Freeman (no negatives) IFP92-PPA4-B 1-36 Patton-PA, agricultural scenes, Hart memorial, St. Joseph Church, Cunningham, tattoo (no negatives) IFP92-PPA5-B 1-36 Patton-PA, bumper sticker, little league baseball, Vezzo, Haluska, Pastewka, company picnic, fire (no negatives) IFP92-PPA6-C 1-36 Patton-PA, park, Haluska, Vezzo, Pastewka, Volunteer Fire Co. festival scenes, signs, rope swing at "highbanks" (no negatives) IFP92-PPA7-B 1-36 Patton-PA, rope swing at "highbanks," Wilkie, Vounteer Fire Co. festival, cutting apart old car (no negatives) Greiner Contact Sheets, : IFP92-PJG1-B 1-36 Patton-PA, Anna farm, Greiner farm, Preloh farm, Kollar farm, Bender farm IFP92-PJG2-B 0-34 Patton-PA, Ott farm, turkey, Chest creek, Semelsberger farm IFP92-PJG3-B 1-36 Patton-PA, Hoover farm, Beick IFP92-PJG4-B 1-33 Patton-PA, Yahner farm, Ott farm, Krueger IFP92-PJG5-B 2-37 Patton-PA, copies of Ott farm house and family photographs IFP92-PJG6-B 1-35 Patton-PA, Karlheim farm, Skebeck farm, St. Mary's Church, Bender farm IFP92-PJG7-B 00-34 Patton-PA, Ott farm, Stoltz, Greiner farm Keener Contact Sheet, : IFP92-PTK2-B 0-35 Patton-PA, Kielbowieks, Third Avenue houses, mine entrance Krueger Contact Sheets, : IFP92-PHK1-B 2-37 Patton-PA, copies of photographs from Whiteford scrapbook IFP92-PHK2-B 1-36 Patton-PA, copies of photographs from Whiteford scrapbook IFP92-PHK3-B 2-37 Patton-PA, copies of photographs from Whiteford scrapbook IFP92-PHK4-B 1-31 Patton-PA, copies of photographs from Whiteford scrapbook IFP92-PHK5-B 4-37 Patton-PA, copies of photographs from Whiteford scrapbook IFP92-PHK6-B 2-36 Patton-PA, copies of photographs from Whiteford IFP92-PHK7-B 2-37 Patton-PA, copies of photographs from Whiteford Midolo Contact Sheet, : IFP92-PCM1-B 2-28 (unlogged) Patton-PA, quilters Petrovich Contact Sheets, : IFP92-PMP1-B 0-35 Patton-PA, house with flags, Volunteer Fire Co., VFW, Eagles Club, American Legion IFP92-PMP2-B 0-35 Patton-PA, various stores and buildings, flags, Fairview Cemetery Petrovich Contact Sheets, : IFP92-PMP3-B 1-36 Patton-PA, flags, cemeteries, Chernisky home IFP92-PMP4-B 1-36 Patton-PA, centennial sign, flag, patriotic scenes, Volunteer Fire Co. festival, yellow ribbon on car, VFW sign IFP92-PMP5-B 1--36 Patton-PA, Father Bob, flags, borough building, St. Mary's cemetery IFP92-PMP6-B 0-35 Patton-PA, bumper stickers, street scenes, OHI students, Volunteer Fire Co. festival, centennial sign, flags Reidell Contact Sheet, : IFP92-PKR5-B 1-31 Patton-PA, children and youth Rodgers Contact Sheets, : IFP92-PRR1-B 2-34 Patton-PA, St. George Roman Catholic Church, Patton bricks, Tranquil Manor, Homady, silk factory, Slovak Club (no negatives) IFP92-PRR2-B 4-34 Patton-PA, Hudak, company houses, McConnell, Flanagan (no negatives) Rubens Contact Sheet, : IFP92-PDR5-B 0-23 (unlogged) Patton-PA, copies of old photographs Stitt Contact Sheets, : IFP92-PGS1-B 00-32 Patton-PA, coal artifacts from Coalport museum IFP92-PGS2-B 1-36 Patton-PA, Beth Energy Mine 30 lamp house, Erickson, Kober IFP92-PGS3-B 3-35 Patton-PA, shots of town from airplane IFP92-PGS4-B 1-37 Patton-PA, aerial shots IFP92-PGS5-B 0-37 Patton-PA, aerial shots, cogen plant IFP92-PGS6-B x-33 Patton-PA, Volunteer Fire Co. children's treasure hunt IFP92-PGS7-B 1-24 Patton-PA, Beth Energy Mine 33, Kender IFP92-PGS8-B 0-36 Patton-PA, Patton Legion, Patton Eagles, County Pubs, Tim Buck 2s, Glendale go-cart track and stables IFP92-PGS9-B 1-27 Patton-PA, Hastings Machine Co., couplers for roof bolts Unidentified Black/White Photographs, : IFP92-PXX1-B Millie Beik public presentation (note: to Jim from John) IFP92-PXX2-B Aerial shot of Patton Unidentified Contact Sheets, : (numbers were lost by IUP photography lab, possibly Stitt, Petrovich, Krueger, Luconi, or Cahill) IFP92-P??1-B A and B Lake and fishermen IFP92-P??2-B Lake and fishermen IFP92-P??3-B A and B Postcards IFP92-P??4-B Postcards IFP92-P??5-B Postcards IFP92-P??6-B Houses, BVM statues IFP92-P??7-B A and B Signs and flags Catholic Quincentenary Project-Harris, : IFP92-JJWH1-B 0-37 St. Mary's Slovak Roman Catholic Church/Shrine in Bitumen-PA, children and musical instruments in Patton-PA (missing negatives for 12, 13; see 16B for 0 and 1) IFP92-JJWH2-B 1-4, 6, 11-37 Bitumen reunion mass, women in bar with guitar in Patton-PA (missing negatives for 7-10) IFP92-JJWH3-B 1-37 Bitumen reunion, church details (missing negatives for 33-37) IFP92-JJWH4-B 1-6, 8-25, 14-15, 32-37, 19 Bitumen church, reunion, Hope Johnson and saint's statue, Ronald Kuchinsky and banner IFP92-JJWH5-B 1-13, 18-22, 25-37 Bitumen reunion, cemetery, motorcycle, statue of Sacred Heart (no negatives for 14-17, 24-36) IFP92-JJWH6-B 0-1, 5-37 Hope Johnson and statues, crucifix with African features, herb garden (no negatives for 3, 4, 14-19, 30, 31) IFP92-JJWH7-B 0-15 Kuchinsky banner, Sacred Heart Polish Roman Catholic Church in Portage- PA, Polish display (no negatives for 0-1; see 16-B for 14-19) IFP92-JJWH8-B 0-29, 32-37 Polish display, Petrusic's Religious Goods Store in Johnstown-PA, St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Woodvale-PA, Blessed Virgin Mary statue, Kuchinsky and banner (no negatives for 6,7, 30, 31) IFP92-JJWH9-B 0-35 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Italian Roman Catholic Church in Altoona-PA, procession, German Mountaineer Band (no negatives for 18, 19) IFP92-JJWH10-B 2-35 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Italian Roman Catholic Church in Altoona-PA, procession (no negatives for 8-10, 22, 23, 27-29) IFP92-JJWH11-B 0-4, 7-37 Slovak Roman Catholic Cemetery in Portage-PA, St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church at Hart's Sleeping Place, St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Barnesboro-PA (see negative sheet 16B for 36, 37) IFP92-JJWH12-B 0-36 Polish display at Sacred Heart Church in Portage-PA, St. Joseph's Church at Hart's Sleeping Place, St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Barnesboro- PA, windows of St. Benedict's Roman Catholic Church in Carrolltown-PA (no negatives for 34 and 35; see 16B for 0 and 1) IFP92-JJWH13-B 0-25, 28-37 Lemke memorial in Carrolltown-PA, Prince Gallitzin Statue in Loretto-PA, BVM statue at private home, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Italian Roman Catholic Church in Barnesboro-PA, procession (no negatives for 26, 27; 0 and 1 on 16B) IFP92-JJWH14-B 1-37 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Barnesboro-PA, procession (negatives for 36 and 37 on 16B) IFP92-JJWH15-B 00-15, 17-37 St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church in Cambria City-PA, photographs possibly taken in Hungary(missing 00-16) IFP92-JJWH16-B 0-1a, 0-1b, 14-19, 36-37a, 36- 37b Odds and ends from various rolls, Sacred Heart Polish display, cemeteries, Kuchinsky Fieldwork Materials-Kalcik, : IFP92-JSK13-B A 0-2 IFP92-JSK13-B B 3-37 Unlogged; family life class on oral/church history in Ebensburg-PA 3-14-92, St. Joseph Feast Day celebration with liturgy and cookies at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Johnstown-PA 3-19-92 IFP92-JSK14-B A 1-27 IFP92-JSK14-B B 32-36 Unlogged; opening of Folklife Division photography exhibit "Beyond the Rusting Surface" in vacant Glosser Brothers Department Store 5-8-92, St. Joseph's Feast Day celebration at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Johnstown-PA 3-19-92 IFP92-JSK15-B A 0-24 IFP92-JSK15-B B 25-36 Unlogged; students at St. Michael's School in Loretto-PA presentation of research on ethnic group/nationality/heritage, Native American presentation at same event 3-26-92 IFP92-JSK16-B 1-31 Unlogged; University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown ethnic festival sales and food and dancers 3-28-92, Folklife Division preparing Glosser Department Store for photography exhibit 5-92 (see 14B for 32-36) IFP92-JSK17-B 0-34 Unlogged; Hope Johnson with Pat Klavuhn 6-3-92, Catholic artifacts, Peggy Fields at Fort Roberdeau, colonial foodways, 6-26-92, Whemco Steel Foundry in Midland-PA 7-2-92 IFP92-JSK18-B A IFP92-JSK18-B B Unlogged; Roman Catholic Orphanage reunion in Cresson-PA, beekeeper James Hautz and daughter in Johnstown-PA IFP92-JSK19-B A 1-2 IFP92-JSK19-B B 3-37 Unlogged; Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church of Portage-PA holding picnic at New Germany Grove 8-2-92, Slovaks meeting at Msgr. John Golias' home for picnic 8-4-92, Eleanora (Sally) Pastorek in St. Stephen's kitchen 8-6-92, Slovak foodways, St. Stephen's women preparing for annual picnic, Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church in Annandale-VA altar boys. Misc. Folklife Division, : IFP92-JFD1-B Print for Folklife Division logo IFP92-JFD2-B Folklife Division staff (3 copies, no negative) Fieldwork Material-Kalcik, : IFP93-JSK1-B 1-21 Unlogged; preparations for Purim celebration at Beth Shalom Synagogue in Johnstown-PA, Polish Buffet at St. Anne's Church in Holsopple-PA 2-28-93 IFP93-JSK3-B A 0-26 IFP93-JSK3-B B 27-36 Unlogged; AIHP Management Plan event 4-8-93, panel, Cooley, L. Daily, R. Pawlowski, P. Klavuhn, Daisytown preliminary interview 4-12-93, Middle Atlantic Folklife Association annual meeting in Johnstown-PA 4-93, Millie Beick talk at Scalp Level Firehall 5-20-93 IFP93-JSK4-B A 1-32 IFP93-JSK4-B B 33-37 Unlogged; Millie Beick talk at Scalp Level Firehall 5-20-93, Daisytown-PA Centennial luncheon 6-9-93 IFP93-JSK5-B A 3-32 IFP93-JSK5-B B 33-36, 1-2 Unlogged; Allegheny Portage Railroad Engine House Six opening 10-9-93, Murtha, Cooley, head of NPS Fieldwork Materials-Kimiecik, : IFP93-JKK1-B A 0-29 IFP93-JKK1-B B 30-35 Unlogged; Blessing of Water St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Church in East Conemaugh-PA 1-93 IFP93-JKK3-B 0-32 Unlogged; Millie Beick lecture at Scalp Level Firehall 5-30-93, Folklife Division office scenes 199219921992199219921992199219921992199219921992199219921992199219931993
1"Praise God All Ye Nations...", matted black and white photographs from exhibit by James Harris (no negatives) IFPXX-JJHX-B 1 Hondu Rosaryx IFPXX-JJHX-B 2 Prince Gallitzin (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 4: IFP92-JJWH 13-B) IFPXX-JJHX-B 3 Sinking Valley Grove IFPXX-JJHX-B 4 St. Mary's Crowd IFPXX-JJHX-B 5 Our Lady of Guadalupe IFPXX-JJHX-B 6 Hope Johnson (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 5) IFPXX-JJHX-B 7 St. John the Baptist Ukrainian (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 5: IFP92-JJWH-8-B) IFPXX-JJHX-B 8 Church in Kamiouka IFPXX-JJHX-B 9 Kamienskaites IFPXX-JJHX-B 10 Sosiot Texts (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 5: IFP92-JJWH-X-B)
1"Praise God All Ye Nations...", matted black and white photographs from exhibit by James Harris (no negatives) IFPXX-JJHX-B 11 School in church IFPXX-JJHX-B 12 Slovak band IFPXX-JJHX-B 13 Mummers IFPXX-JJHX-B 14 Sokol IFPXX-JJHX-B 15 Fraternal IFPXX-JJHX-B 16 St. Johns Orphanage IFPXX-JJHX-B 17 Funeral IFPXX-JJHX-B 18 Building Cafeteria IFPXX-JJHX-B 20 Sister Thea
1"Praise God All Ye Nations...", matted black and white photographs from exhibit by James Harris (no negatives) IFPXX-JJHX-B 22 Cemetary IFPXX-JJHX-B 23 KKK IFPXX-JJHX-B 24 Empty Church IFPXX-JJHX-B 25 Kuchinsky (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 5: IFP92-JJWH-7-B) IFPXX-JJHX-B 26 Vilia (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 2: Harris Exhibit) IFPXX-JJHX-B 27 Statue (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 4: Harris) IFPXX-JJHX-B 28 Procession (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 5: IFP92-JJWH-9-B)
1"Praise God All Ye Nations...", matted black and white photographs from exhibit by James Harris (no negatives) IFPXX-JJHX-B 29 Bitumen IFPXX-JJHX-B 30 Boy Scouts IFPXX-JJHX-B 31 Polish Pope (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 5: IFP92-JJWH-7-B) IFPXX-JJHX-B 32 Polish Packages IFPXX-JJHX-B 33 Immaculate Conception Carpathian Church IFPXX-JJHX-B 34 Pirohis-Exhibit captions, exhibit summary essay
1Matted black and white photographs from an exhibit by James Harris and Barbara Moore IFPXX-JJHX-B 2 James Hizer, Retired Glass Worker, Greensburg, Westmoreland County, James Harris (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 4) IFPXX-JJHX-B 3 Glass Blower (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 4) IFPXX-JJHX-B 4 Worker Pressing Hand-Blown Glass, Jeannette Specialty Glass, Westmoreland County, James Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 5 Franklin Payne, Greenwich Collieries, Indiana County, James Harris (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 2) IFPXX-JJHX-B 6 Miner, PBS Strip Mine, Somerset County, James Harris (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 4) IFPXX-JJHX-B 8 Boney Pile, Luzernmines, Homer City, Indiana County, James Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 9 John Szekeresh, Retired Miner, Nanty Glo, Cambria County, James Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 10 Woman Holding Rosary IFPXX-JJHX-B 11 Striking Miner and Scabworker, Heilwood, Indiana County, James Harris (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 4) IFPXX-JBMX-B 13 Fulton County Cemetery, Barbara Moore (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 3) IFPXX-JJHX-B 14 Laney and Joey Barna, Homer City Power Plant, Indiana County, James Harris
1Matted black and white photographs from an exhibit by James Harris and Barbara Moore IFPXX-JJHX-B 15 Coal Company Housing, Indiana County, James Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 17 Clifford Durnate, Iselin, Indiana County, James Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 18 Calvin Will on his Century Dairy Farm, Somerset County, James Harris IFPXX-JBMX-B 19 Child Playing (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 3) IFPXX-JJHX-B 21 Bob Elick and Myron Nehrebecki, Greenwich Collieries, Indiana County, James Harris (also in Series IV, Sub. A, Box 2) IFPXX-JJHX-B 22 Calvin Will, Somerset County, James Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 24 Jim Kukurn and Dennis Homody in Low Seam, Greenwich Collieries, Indiana County, James Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 25 Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Gordish with Photo of Their Son in World War II, Indiana County, James Harris (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 2) IFPXX-JBMX-B 26 Construction Worker, New Enterprise Stone and Lime Company, Ashcom Quarry, Bedford County, Barbara Moore IFPXX-JBMX-B 27 Gas Station, Saxton, Huntingdon County, Barbara Moore
1Matted black and white photographs from an exhibit by James Harris and Barbara Moore IFPXX-JBMX-B 28 Knights of Columbus, Altoona Christmas Parade, Blair County, Barbara Moore IFPXX-JJHX-B 29 Johnstown Chiefs Hockey Fans, Cambria County, James Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 30 Miners, Greenwich Collieries, Indiana County, James Harris (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Boxes 2 and 4) IFPXX-JBMX-B 31 Pennsylvania Farm Show, Barbara Moore, Harrisburg IFPXX-JJHX-B 32 John Szekeresh, Retired Miner, Nanty Glo, Indiana County, James Harris (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 2) IFPXX-JJHX-B 33 Making Pirohi, St John the Baptist Ukranian Catholic Church, Johnstown, Cambria C, Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 34 Slovak Vilia, St. Stephens Church, Cambria City, Cambria County, James Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 35 Josephine Zahornec with Slovak, Textbooks, Cambria City, Cambria County, James Harris IFPXX-JBMX-B 36 Truck Driver, Breezewood Interchange, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Bedford County, Barbara Moore (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 3) IFPXX-JXXX-B 37 Old Woman
1Matted black and white photographs from an exhibit by J. Harris and Moore IFPXX-JJHX-B 38 Geraldine Bailey, Steelworker, Bethlehem Steel, Johnstown, Cambria County, James Harris IFPXX-JJHX-B 39 Retired Coal Miner Alex Shabodi, Numine, Indiana County, James Harris IFPXX-JBMX-B 40 High School Radio Association Competition, Pennsylvania State Farm Show, Harrisburg, Barbara Moore (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 3) IFPXX-JBMX-B 41 Worker, Warnaco Knit Wear Division, Altoona, Blair County, Barbara Moore (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 3) IFPXX-JBMX-B 42 Construction Worker, New Enterprise Stone and Lime Company, Ashcom Quarry, Bedford County, Barbara Moore IFPXX-JBMX-B 43 Retired Brick Worker, Mt. Union, Huntingdon County, Barbara Moore (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 3) IFPXX-JJHX-B 46 John Sacco, United Mine Workers Unemployment Assistance Fund, Christmas Party, Indiana, Indiana County, James Harris (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 4) IFPXX-JJHX-B 48 Vilia, Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner, St. Stephens Church, Cambria City, James Harris IFPXX-JBMX-B 49 Altoona Christmas Parade, Blair County, Barbara Moore (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 3) IFPXX-JXXX-B 50 Workman IFPXX-JBMX-B 51 Conrail Railroad Shops, Blair County, B. Moore (also in Ser. IV, Sub. A, Box 3)
Subseries B: Photographs from Administrative Files
1Jim Abrams and other members of task force of Allegheny Ridge State Heritage Park
2Foodways Tent at National Folk Festival, 1991
3Goat cheese demonstration Foodways Program National Folk Festival, 1991
4JoAnn Miller, Susan Kalcik, Nick Bocher, Randy Fisher at Foodways Program, National Folk Festival, 1991
5Susan Kalcik, JoAnn Miller, Foodways Program, National Folk Festival, 1991
6Nick Bocher, Foodways Program, National Folk Festival, 1991
7Johnstown Saturday market, used on bulletin board at Foodways Program, NFF,
8Pat Klavuhn, Randy Fisher, JoAnn Miller at Spirit Path Goat Farm, spring 1991, used on bulletin board in Foodways Program NFF 1991
9Esther Mishler's canned goods and potatoes for fair entry summer 1991, used on bulletin board in Foodways Program NFF 1991
10Two goats milk cheeses in JoAnn Miller's home spring 1991 used on bulletin board in Foodways Program of NFF 1991
11Grape arbor JoAnn Miller, Stoystown-PA, spring 1991, considered for cookbook Foodways Program NFF 1991
12Sugar camp Jan Wrable Somerset County 1991, considered for cookbook Foodways Program NFF 1991
13Randy Fisher milking goats, 1991, used on cover of cookbook for Foodways Program NFF 1991
14Josephine Zahornec peeling apples 1991, used on cover of handout Foodways Program NFF 1991
15Pat Klavuhn in her herb garden Bolivar-PA 1991, considered for handout Foodways Program NFF 1991
16Sally Pastorek, Slovak food demonstration, NFF, 1992
17-20Susan Kalcik, Sally Pastorek, Mitzi Fischbach, Foodways Program NFF 1992
21-22James Hautz cooking with honey demonstration NFF 1992
23Susan Kalcik, James Hautz Foodways Program NFF 1992
24Susan Kalcik, Hope Johnson, African American cooking with corn demonstration Foodways Program, NFF 1992
25Cooking with honey demonstration NFF 1992
26Kwanzaa exhibit Foodways Program NFF 1991
27Susan Kalcik, Hope Johnson, Elizabeth and Mitzi Fischbach, African American foodways demonstration, NFF 1992
1National Folk Festival, by Karen M. Sweeney
Subseries C: Photographs from Folklife Documentation Center
1IFPXX-IJD65-B: 11-14 print of Walston, PA coke ovens c. IFPXX-IJD66-B: Coral coal tent colony, IFPXX-IJD67-B: A. G. Hays, ACLU lawyer from New York (from Princeton University Seeler G. Mud Manuscript Library sent ) IFPPXX-IJD68-B: Ku Klux Klan cross burning ND; from Dougherty administrative file- Klan IFPXX-IJD69-B: Same as 68-B IFPXX-IJD70-B: Detail of KKK cross burning IFPXX-IJD71-B: Same as 68-B IFPXX-IJD72-B: Same as 68-B 1905191910-14-91

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Series V: Black/White Negatives

Subseries A: Fieldwork Materials
1Negatives-Belanus, : IFP90-JBB1-B (2) IFP90-JBB1-B (3-7) IFP90-JBB1-B (8-12) IFP90-JBB1-B (13-17) IFP90-JBB1-B (18-22) IPP90-JBB1-B (23-27) IFP90-JBB1-B (28-32) IFP90-JBB1-B (33-37) IFP90-JBB3-B (1) IFP90-JBB3-B (2-6) IFP90-JBB3-B (7-11) IFP90-JBB3-B (12-16) IFP90-JBB3-B (17-21) IFP90-JBB3-B (22-26) IFP90-JBB3-B (27-31) IFP90-JBB3-B (32-36) Negatives-Dougherty, : IFP90-JJD1-B (1-6) IFP90-JJD1-B (7-11) IFP90-JJD1-B (12-16) IFP90-JJD1-B (17-21) IFP90-JJD1-B (22-26) IFP90-JJD1-B (27-31) IFP90-JJD1-B (32-34) Negatives-Kalcik, : IFP90-JSK2-B (0-1) IFP90-JSK2-B (2-6) IFP90-JSK2-B (7-11) IFP90-JSK2-B (12-16) IFP90-JSK2-B (17-21) IFP90-JSK2-B (22-26) IFP90-JSK2-B (27-31) IFP90-JSK2-B (32-36) IFP90-JSK8-B (1-2) IFP90-JSK8-B (3-7) IFP90-JSK8-B (8-12) IFP90-JSK8-B (13-17) IFP90-JSK8-B (18-22) IFP90-JSK8-B (23-27) IFP90-JSK8-B (28-32) IFP90-JSK8-B (33-37) IFP90-JSK15-B (1) IFP90-JSK15-B (2-6) IFP90-JSK15-B (7-11) IFP90-JSK15-B (12-16) IFP90-JSK15-B (17-21) IFP90-JSK15-B (22-26) IFP90-JSK15-B (27-31) IFP90-JSK15-B (32-36) IFP90-JSK16-B (1-5) IFP90-JSK16-B (6-10) IFP90-JSK16-B (11-15) IFP90-JSK16-B (16-20) IFP90-JSK16-B (21-25) IFP90-JSK16-B (26-30) IFP90-JSK16-B (31-35) IFP90-JSK16-B (36) IFP90-JSK17-B (1-5) IFP90-JSK17-B (6-10) IFP90-JSK17-B (11-15) IFP90-JSK17-B (16-20) IFP90-JSK17-B (21-25) IFP90-JSK17-B (26-30) IFP90-JSK17-B (31-35) IFP90-JSK17-B (36) IFP90-JSK18-B (1-5) IFP90-JSK18-B (6-10) IFP90-JSK18-B (11-15) IFP90-JSK18-B (16-20) IFP90-JSK18-B (21-25) IFP90-JSK18-B (26-30) IFP90-JSK18-B (31-35) IFP90-JSK18-B (36-37) IFP90-JSK19-B (0-4) IFP90-JSK19-B (5-9) IFP90-JSK19-B (10-14) IFP90-JSK19-B (15-19) IFP90-JSK19-B (20-24) IFP90-JSK19-B (25-29) IFP90-JSK19-B (30-34) IFP90-JSK19-B (35-36) IFP90-JSK20-B (0-4) IFP90-JSK20-B (5-9) IFP90-JSK20-B (10-14) IFP90-JSK20-B (15-19) IFP90-JSK20-B (20-24) IFP90-JSK20-B (25-29) IFP90-JSK20-B (30-34) IFP90-JSK20-B (35-37) IFP90-JSK21-B (1-5) IFP90-JSK21-B (6-10) IFP90-JSK21-B (11-15) IFP90-JSK21-B (16-20) IFP90-JSK21-B (21-25) IFP90-JSK21-B (26-30) IFP90-JSK21-B (31-35) IFP90-JSK21-B (36-37) IFP90-JSK22-B (1-5) IFP90-JSK22-B (6-10) IFP90-JSK22-B (11-15) IFP90-JSK22-B (16-20) IFP90-JSK22-B (21-25) IFP90-JSK22-B (26-30) IFP90-JSK22-B (31-35 IFP90-JSK22-B (36-37) Negatives-McNitt, : IFP90-JCM4-B (0-4) IFP90-JCM4-B (5-9) IFP90-JCM4-B (10-14) IFP90-JCM4-B (15-19) IFP90-JCM4-B (20-24) IFP90-JCM4-B (25-29) IFP90-JCM4-B (30-34) IFP90-JCM4-B (35) IFP90-JCM6-B (0-3) IFP90-JCM6-B (4-8) IFP90-JCM6-B (9-13) IFP90-JCM6-B (14-18) IFP90-JCM6-B (19-23) IFP90-JCM6-B (24-28) IFP90-JCM6-B (29-33) IFP90-JCM6-B (34-36) Negatives-Stevens, : IFP90-JMS1-B (1-5) IFP90-JMS1-B (6-10) IFP90-JMS1-B (11-15) IFP90-JMS1-B (16-20) IFP90-JMS1-B (21-24A IFP90-JMS2-B (9) IFP90-JMS2-B (10-13) IFP90-JMS2-B (14-17) IFP90-JMS2-B (18-21) IFP90-JMS2-B (22-25) IFP90-JMS2-B (26-29) IFP90-JMS2-B (30-33) IFP90-JMS2-B (34-35) IFP90-JMS2-B (36-36A) Negatives-Swartz, : IFP90-JJS3-B (0-1) IFP90-JJS3-B (2-6) IFP90-JJS3-B (7-11) IFP90-JJS3-B (12-16) IFP90-JJS3-B (17-21) IFP90-JJS3-B (22-26) IFP90-JJS3-B (27-31) IFP90-JJS3-B (32-36) IFP90-JJS4-B (0-1) IFP90-JJS4-B (2-5) IFP90-JJS4-B (6-8) IFP90-JJS4-B (9-12) IFP90-JJS4-B (13-16) IFP90-JJS4-B (17-20) IFP90-JJS4-B (21-24) IFP90-JJS4-B (25-28) IFP90-JJS4-B (29-32) IFP90-JJS4-B (33-34) IFP90-JJS4-B (35-36A) 199019901990199019901990
1Negatives-Kimiecik, : IFP91-JKK4-B (1-5) IFP91-JKK4-B (6-10) IFP91-JKK4-B (11-15) IFP91-JKK4-B (16-20) IFP91-JKK4-B (21-25) IFP91-JKK4-B (26-30) IFP91-JKK4-B (31-36) IFP91-JKK10-B (1-5) IFP91-JKK10-B (6-10) IFP91-JKK10-B (11-15) IFP91-JKK10-B (16-20) IFP91-JKK10-B (21) Negatives-Randall, : IFP91-JLR1-B (1-2) IFP91-JLR1-B (3-7) IFP91-JLR1-B (8-12) IFP91-JLR1-B (13-17) IFP91-JLR1-B (18-22) IFP91-JLR1-B (23-27) IFP91-JLR1-B (28-32) IFP91-JLR1-B (33-37) IFP91-JLR6-B (1) IFP91-JLR6-B (2-6) IFP91-JLR6-B (7-11) IFP91-JLR6-B (12-16) IFP91-JLR6-B (17-21) IFP91-JLR6-B (22-26) IFP91-JLR6-B (27-31) IFP91-JLR6-B (32-36) Negatives-Santoro, : IFP91-JDS1-B (1-2) IFP91-JDS1-B (3-7) IFP91-JDS1-B (8-12) IFP91-JDS1-B (13-17) IFP91-JDS1-B (18-22) IFP91-JDS1-B (23-27) IFP91-JDS1-B (28-32) IFP91-JDS4-B (0) (color prints) IFP91-JDS4-B (1-4) IFP91-JDS4-B (5-8) IFP91-JDS4-B (9-12) IFP91-JDS4-B (13-16) IFP91-JDS4-B (17-20) IFP91-JDS4-B (21-22) IFP91-JDS4-B (23-24) IFP91-JDS5-B (1-2) IFP91-JDS5-B (3-7) IFP91-JDS5-B (8-12) IFP91-JDS5-B (13-17) IFP91-JDS5-B (18-22) IFP91-JDS5-B (23-27) IFP91-JDS5-B (28-32) IFP91-JDS5-B (33-37) IFP91-JDS7-B (0-1) IFP91-JDS7-B (2-6) IFP91-JDS7-B (7-11) IFP91-JDS7-B (12-16) IFP91-JDS7-B (17-21) IFP91-JDS7-B (22-26) IFP91-JDS7-B (27-31) IFP91-JDS7-B (32-36) Negatives-DiVirgilio, : IFP91-JMDV1-B (0-5) IFP91-JMDV1-B (6-11) IFP91-JMDV1-B (12-17) IFP91-JMDV1-B (18-23) IFP91-JMDV1-B (24-29) IFP91-JMDV1-B (30-35) Negatives-Keller, : IFP91-JSWK2-B (1-2) IFP91-JSWK2-B (3-8) IFP91-JSWK2-B (9-14) IFP91-JSWK2-B (15-20) Negatives-Shircliffe, : IFP91-JBS1-B (1-5) IFP91-JBS1-B (6-10) IFP91-JBS1-B (11) Negatives-Kalcik, : IFP91-JSK2-B (0-4) IFP91-JSK2-B (5-9) IFP91-JSK2-B (10-14) IFP91-JSK2-B (15-19) IFP91-JSK4-B (0-1) IFP91-JSK4-B (2-6) IFP91-JSK4-B (7-11) IFP91-JSK4-B (12-16) IFP91-JSK4-B (17-21) IFP91-JSK4-B (22-26) IFP91-JSK4-B (27-31) IFP91-JSK4-B (32-36) IFP91-JSK9-B (1) IFP91-JSK9-B (2-6) IFP91-JSK9-B (7-11) IFP91-JSK9-B (12-16) IFP91-JSK9-B (17-21) IFP91-JSK9-B (22-26) IFP91-JSK9-B (27-31) IFP91-JSK9-B (32-36) IFP91-JSK10-B (0-2) IFP91-JSK10-B (3-7) IFP91-JSK10-B (8-12) IFP91-JSK10-B (13-17) IFP91-JSK10-B (18-22) IFP91-JSK10-B (23-27) IFP91-JSK10-B (28-32) IFP91-JSK10-B (33-37) IFP91-JSK12-B (2-6) IFP91-JSK12-B (7-11) IFP91-JSK12-B (12-16) IFP91-JSK12-B (17-21) IFP91-JSK12-B (22-26) IFP91-JSK12-B (27-31) IFP91-JSK12-B (32-36) IFP91-JSK13-B (1-5) IFP91-JSK13-B (6-10) IFP91-JSK13-B (11-16) IFP91-JSK13-B (17-21) IFP91-JSK13-B (22-26) IFP91-JSK13-B (27-31) IFP91-JSK13-B (32-36) IFP91-JSK14-B (1-5) IFP91-JSK14-B (6-10) IFP91-JSK14-B (11-15) IFP91-JSK14-B (16) IFP91-JSK16-B (1-5) IFP91-JSK16-B (6-10) IFP91-JSK16-B (11-15) IFP91-JSK16-B (16-20) IFP91-JSK16-B (21-25) IFP91-JSK16-B (26-30) IFP91-JSK16-B (31-36) IFP91-JSK18-B (1-5) IFP91-JSK18-B (6-10) IFP91-JSK18-B (11-15) IFP91-JSK18-B (16-20) IFP91-JSK18-B (21-25) IFP91-JSK18-B (26-30) IFP91-JSK18-B (31-36) Negatives-Unidentified, : IFP91-JXX1-B (1-4) IFP91-JXX1-B (5-8) 19911991199119911991199119911991
1Negatives-Moore, : IFP92-JBM6-B (1-2) IFP92-JBM6-B (3-7) IFP92-JBM6-B (23-27) IFP92-JBM6-B (28-32) IFP92-JBM6-B (33-37) IFP92-JBM7-B (0-1) IFP92-JBM7-B (2-5) IFP92-JBM7-B (6-10) IFP92-JBM7-B (11-15) IFP92-JBM7-B (16-20) IFP92-JBM7-B (21-25) IFP92-JBM7-B (26-30) IFP92-JBM8-B (1-5) IFP92-JBM8-B (6-10) IFP92-JBM8-B (11-15) IFP92-JBM8-B (16-20) IFP92_JBM8-B (21) IFP92-JBM9-B (1-5) IFP92-JBM9-B (6-10) IFP92-JBM9-B (11-15) IFP92-JBM9-B (16-20) IFP92-JBM9-B (21-25) IFP92-JBM9-B (26-30) IFP92-JBM9-B (31-35) IFP92-JBM10-B (5-9) IFP92-JBM10-B (10-14) IFP92-JBM10-B (15-19) IFP92-JBM10-B (20-24) IFP92-JBM10-B (25-29) IFP92-JBM10-B (30-34) IFP92-JBM10-B (35-37) IFP92-JBM11-B (3-7) IFP92-JBM11-B (8-12) IFP92-JBM11-B (13-17) IFP92-JBM11-B (18-22) IFP92-JBM11-B (23-27) IFP92-JBM11-B (28-32) IFP92-JBM11-B (33-37) IFP92-JBM12-B (0-3) IFP92-JBM12-B (4-8) IFP92-JBM12-B (9-13) IFP92-JBM12-B (14-18) IFP92-JBM12-B (19-23) IFP92-JBM12-B (24-28) IFP92-JBM13-B (1-3) IFP92-JBM13-B (4-8) IFP92-JBM13-B (11-15) IFP92-JBM13-B (16-20) IFP92-JBM13-B (21-25) IFP92-JBM13-B (26-30) IFP92-JBM13-B (31-35) IFP92-JBM13-B (36-37) IFP92-JBM14-B (1 and 2a) IFP92-JBM14-B (1 and 2b, 3-4) IFP92-JBM14-B (9-10) IFP92-JBM14-B (36-37a) IFP92-JBM14-B (36-37b) IFP93-JBM14-B (36-37c) IFP93-JBM14-B (36-37d) IFP92-JBM15-B (1-5) IFP92-JBM15-C (6-10) IFP92-JBM15-C (11-15) IFP92-JBM15-C (16-20) IFP92-JBM15-C (21-25) IFP92-JBM15-C (26-30) IFP92-JBM15-C (31-35) IFP92-JBM16-C (1-5) IFP92-JBM16-C (6-10) IFP92-JBM16-C (11-15) IFP92-JBM16-C (16-20) IFP92-JBM16-C (21-25) IFP92-JBM16-C (26-30) IFP92-JBM16-C (31-35) IFP92-JBM17-B (1-5) IFP92-JBM17-B (6-10) IFP92-JBM17-B (11-15) IFP92-JBM17-B (16-20) IFP92-JBM17-B (21-25) IFP92-JBM17-B (26-30) IFP92-JBM17-B I31-35) IFP92-JBM18-B (0-4) IFP92-JBM18-B (5-9) IFP92-JBM18-B (10-14) IFP92-JBM18-B (15-19) IFP92-JBM18-B (20-23) IFP92-JBM19-B (5-9) IFP92-JBM19-B (10-14) IFP92-JBM19-B (15-19) IFP92-JBM19-B (20-24) IFP92-JBM19-B (25-29) IFP92-JBM19-B (30-34) IFP92-JBM19-B (35-37a) IFP92-JBM20-B (0-1) IFP92-JBM20-B (2-6) IFP92-JBM20-B (7-11) IFP92-JBM20-B (12-16) IFP92-JBM20-B (17-21) IFP92-JBM20-B (22-26) IFP92-JBM20-B (27-31) IFP92-JBM21-B (1-5) IFP92-JBM21-B (6-10) IFP92-JBM22-B (11-15) IFP92-JBM22-B (16-20) IFP92-JBM22-B (35-36a) IFP92-JBM22-B (36b) IFP92-JBM22-B (0-4) IFP92-JBM22-B (5-9) IFP92-JBM22-B (10-14) IFP92-JBM22-B (15-19) IFP92-JBM22-B (20-24) IFP92-JBM22-B (25-29) IFP92-JBM22-B (30-34) IFP92-JBM23-B (33-36a) IFP92-JBM23-B (1x) IFP92-JBM23-B (2-6x) IFP92-JBM23-B (7-11x) IFP92-JBM23-B (12-16x) IFP92-JBM23-B (17-21x) IFP92-JBM23-B (22-26x) (note: x indicates no numbers on film or contact sheet) IFP92-JBM24-B (0-2) IFP92-JBM24-B (3-7) IFP92-JBM24-B (8-12) IFP92-JBM24-B (13-17) IFP92-JBM24-B (18-22) IFP92-JBM24-B (23-27) IFP92-JBM24-B (28-32) IFP92-JBM25-B (0-4) IFP92-JBM25-B (5-9) IFP92-JBM25-B (10-14) IFP92-JBM25-B (15-19) IFP92-JBM25-B (20-24) IFP92-JBM25-B (25-29) IFP92-JBM25-B (30-34) IFP92-JBM26-B (1-3) IFP92-JBM26-B (4-8) IFP92-JBM26-B (9-13) IFP92-JBM26-B (14-18) IFP92-JBM26-B (22-26) IFP92-JBM26-B (27-31) IFP92-JBM26-B (32-36) IFP92-JBM26-B (1-2b) IFP92-JBM27-B (3-7) IFP92-JBM27-B (8-12) IFP92-JBM27-B (13-17) IFP92-JBM27-B (18-22) IFP92-JBM27-B (23-27) IFP92-JBM27-B (28-32) IFP92-JBM27-B (33-37) B (4-7) IFP92-JBM28-B (8-12) IFP92-JBM28-B (13-17) IFP92-JBM28-B (18-22) IFP92-JBM28-B (23-27) IFP92-JBM28-B (28-32) IFP92-JBM28-B (33-37) IFP92-JBM29-B (0-4) IFP92-JBM29-B (5-9) IFP92-JBM29-B (10-14) IFP92-JBM29-B (15-19) IFP92-JBM29-B (20-24) IFP92-JBM29-B (25-29) IFP92-JBM29-B (30-33) IFP92-JBM30-B (1-3) IFP92-JBM31-B (43-44, 1-3) IFP92-JBM31-B (4-8) IFP92-JBM31-B (9-13) IFP92-JBM31-B (8-12b) IFP92-JBM31-B (13-16b) IFP92-JBM31-B (18-22b) IFP92-JBM32-B (1) IFP92-JBM32-B (2-6) IFP92-JBM32-B (7-10) 1992
1Negatives-Moore, : IFP92-JBM33-B (41-44) IFP92-JBM33-B (45-48) IFP92-JBM33-B (49-52) IFP92-JBM33-B (53-55) IFP92-JBM34-B (15-18) IFP92-JBM34-B (5) IFP92-JBM34-B (x unumbered) IFP92-JBM35-B (1-3, 4-5) IFP92-JBM35-B (6-7, 8, 10) IFP92-JBM35-B (11) IFP92-JBM35-B 12, 14) IFP92-JBM36-B (41-44) IFP92-JBM36-B (45-48) IFP92-JBM36-B (49-52) IFP92-JBM36-B (53-55) IFP92-JBM37-B (41-44) IFP92-JBM37-B (45-48) IFP92-JBM37-B (49-52) IFP92-JBM37-B (54-55) IFP92-JBM38-B (41-43) IFP92-JBM38-B (44-47) IFP92-JBM38-B (48-51) IFP92-JBM38-B (52-55) IFP92-JBM39-B (41-43) IFP92-JMB39-B (44-47) IFP92-JBM39-B (49-51) IFP92-JBM39-B (52-55) IFP92-JBM40-B (41-44) IFP92-JBM40-B (45-47) IFP92-JBM40-B (49-52) IFP92-JBM40-B (53-55) IFP92-JBM41-B (41-44) IFP92-JBM41-B (45-48) IFP92-JBM41-B (49-51) IFP92-JBM41-B (52-55) IFP92-JBM42-B (41-42) IFP92-JBM42-B (44) IFP92-JBM42-B (45-48) IFP92-JBM42-B (49-52) IFP92-JBM42-B (53-55) IFP92-JBM43-B (41-43) IFP92-JBM43-B (44-47) IFP92-JBM43-B (48-51) IFP92-JBM43-B (52-55) IFP92-JBM44-B (41-43) IFP92-JBM44-B (44-47) IFP92-JBM44-B (48-51) IFP92-JBM44-B (52-55) IFP92-JBM45-B (41) IFP92-JBM45-B (42-45) IFP92-JBM45-B (46-49) IFP92-JBM45-B (50-53) IFP92-JBM46-B (41-44) IFP92-JBM46-B (45-48) IFP92-JBM46- B (49-52) IFP92-JBM46-B (53-55) IFP92-JBM47-B (1-5) IFP92-JBM47-B (6-10) IFP92-JBM47-B (11-15) IFP92-JBM47-B (16-20) IFP92-JBM47-B (21-25) IFP92-JBM47-B (26-30) IFP91-JBM47-B (31-35) (no contact sheet; living Nativity scene, Christmas party, cooking, gifts, little girl) Negatives-Greiner, : IFP92-PJG1-B (1-6) IFP92-PJG1-B (7-12) IFP92-PJG1-B (13-18) IFP92-PJG1-B (19-24) IFP92-PJG1-B (25-30) IFP92-PJG1-B (31-36) IFP92-PJG2-B (0-4) IFP92-PJG2-B (5-10) IFP92-PJG2-B (11-16) IFP92-PJG2-B (17-22) IFP92-PJG2-B (23-28) IFP92-PJG2-B (29-34) IFP92-PJG3-B (1-6) IFP92-PJG3-B (7-12) IFP92-PJG3-B (13-18) IFP92-PJG3-B (19-24) IFP92-PJG3-B (25-30) IFP92-PJG3-B (31-36) IFP92-PJG4-B (1-3) IFP92-PJG4-B (4-9) IFP92-PJG4-B (10-15) IFP92-PJG4-B (16-21) IFP92-PJG4-B (22-27) IFP92-PJG4-B (28-33) IFP92-PJG5-B (0-1) IFP92-PJG5-B (2) IFP92-PJG5-B (2a-5) IFP92-PJG5-B (6-11) IFP92-PJG5-B (12-17) IFP92-PJG5-B (18-23) IFP92-PJG5-B (24-29) IFP92-PJG5-B (30-35) IFP92-PJG6-B (1-5) IFP92-PJG6-B (6-11) IFP92-PJG6-B (12-17) IFP92-PJG6-B (18-23) IFP92-PJG6-B (24-29) IFP92-PJG6-B (30-35) IFP92-PJG7-B (00-4) IFP92-PJG7-B (5-10) IFP92-PJG7-B (11-16) IFP92-PJG7-B (17-22) IFP92-PJG7-B (23-28) IFP92-PJG7-B (29-34) IFP92-PJG7-B (36-36a) IFP92-PHK1-B (2-7) IFP92-PHK1-B (7a-13) IFP92-PHK1-B (14-19) IFP92-PHK1-B (20-25) IFP92-PHK1-B (26-31) IFP92-PHK1-B (32-37) IFP92-PHK2-B (1-6) IFP92-PHK2-B (7-12) IFP92-PHK2-B (13-18) IFP92-PHK2-B (19-24) IFP92-PHK2-B (25-30) IFP92-PHK2-B (31-36) IFP92-PHK3-B (2-7) IFP92-PHK3-B (8-13) IFP92-PHK3-B (14-19) IFP92-PHK3-B (20-25) IFP92-PHK3-B (26-31) IFP92-PHK3-B (32-37) IFP92-PHK4-B (1-4) IFP92-PHK4-B (5-7) IFP92-PHK4-B (8-13) IFP92-PHK4-B (14-19) IFP92-PHK4-B (20-25) IFP92-PHK4-B (26-31) IFP92-PHK5-B (4-9) IFP92-PHK5-B (10-15) IFP92-PHK5-B (16-21) IFP92-PHK5-B (22-27) IFP92-PHK5-B (28-33) IFP92-PHK5-B (34-37) IFP92-PHK6-B (2-7) IFP92-PHK6-B (8-13) IFP92-PHK6-B (14-19) IFP92-PHK6-B (20-25) IFP92-PHK6-B (26-31) IFP92-PHK6-B (32-36) IFP92-PHK7-B (2-7) IFP92-PHK7-B (8-13) IFP92-PHK7-B (14-19) IFP92-PHK7-B (20-25) IFP92-PHK7-B (26-31) IFP92-PHK7-B (32-37) Negatives-Midolo, : IFP92-PCM1-B (1-4) IFP92-PCM1-B (5-10) IFP92-PCM1-B (11-16) IFP92-PCM1-B (17-22) IFP92-PCM1-B (23-28) Negatives-Reidell, : IFP92-PKR5-B (1-6) IFP92-PKR5-B (7-12) IFP92-PKR5-B (13-18) IFP92-PKR5-B (19-24) IFP92-PKR5-B (25-28) IFP92-PKR5-B (29-31) Negatives-Rubens, : IFP92-PDR5-B (0-5) IFP92-PDR5-B (6-11) IFP92-PDR5-B (12-17) IFP92-PDR5-B (18-23) 19921992199219921992
1FIELDWORK NEGATIVES, HARRIS IFP92-JJWH1-B (3-7) IFP92-JJWH1-B (8-11) IFP92-JJWH1-B (14-19) IFP92-JJWH1-B (20-25) IFP92-JJWH1-B (26-31) IFP92-JJWH1-B (32-37) IFP92-JJWH2-B (1-4) IFP92-JJWH2-B (5-6) IFP92-JJWH2-B (11-13) IFP92-JJWH2-B (14-19) IFP92-JJWH2-B (20-25) IFP92-JJWH2-B (26-31) IFP92-JJWH2-B (32-37) IFP92-JJWH3-B (1-2) IFP92-JJWH3-B (3-8) IFP92-JJWH3-B (9-14) IFP92-JJWH3-B (15-20) IFP92-JJWH3-B (21-26) IFP92-JJWH3-B (27-32) IFP92-JJWH4-B (1-6) IFP92-JJWH4-B (8-13) IFP92-JJWH4-B (14-19) IFP92-JJWH4-B (20-25) IFP92-JJWH4-B (26-31) IFP92-JJWH4-B (32-37) IFP92-JJWH5-B (1-6) IFP92-JJWH5-B (7-10) IFP92-JJWH5-B (11-13) IFP92-JJWH5-B (18-23) IFP92-JJWH6-B (0-1) IFP92-JJWH6-B (5-7) IFP92-JJWH6-B (8-13) IFP92-JJWH6-B (20-25) IFP92-JJWH6-B (26-29) IFP92-JJWH6-B (32-37) IFP92-JJWH7-B (2-3) IFP92-JJWH7-B (4-7) IFP92-JJWH7-B (8-13) IFP92-JJWH7-B (20-25) IFP92-JJWH7-B (26-31) IFP92-JJWH7-B (32-37) IFP92-JJWH8-B (0-5) IFP92-JJWH8-B (8-11) IFP92-JJWH8-B (12-17) IFP92-JJWH8-B (18-23) IFP92-JJWH8-B (24-29) IFP92-JJWH8-B (32-37) IFP92-JJWH9-B (0-5) IFP92-JJWH9-B (6-11) IFP92-JJWH9-B (12-17) IFP92-JJWH9-B (20-23) IFP92-JJWH9-B (24-29) IFP92-JJWH9-B (30-35) IFP92-JJWH10-B (2-6) IFP92-JJWH10-B (7) IFP92-JJWH10-B (11-12) IFP92-JJWH10-B (12a-17) IFP92-JJWH10-B (18) IFP92-JJWH10-B (20-21) IFP92-JJWH10-B (24-26) IFP92-JJWH10-B (31-36) IFP92-JJWH11-B (0-4) IFP92-JJWH11-B (7-12) IFP92-JJWH11-B (13-18) IFP92-JJWH11-B (19-24) IFP92-JJWH11-B (25-30) IFP92-JJWH11-B (31-35) IFP92-JJWH12-B (2-6) IFP92-JJWH12-B (7-12) IFP92-JJWH12-B (13-18) IFP92-JJWH12-B (19-24) IFP92-JJWH12-B (25-30) IFP92-JJWH12-B (31-33) IFP92-JJWH13-B (2-7) IFP92-JJWH13-B (9-13) IFP92-JJWH13-B (14-19) IFP92-JJWH13-B (20-25) IFP92-JJWH13-B (28-31) IFP92-JJWH13-B (32-37) IFP92-JJWH14-B (1-6) IFP92-JJWH14-B (7-12) IFP92-JJWH14-B (15-18) IFP92-JJWH14-B (19-24) IFP92-JJWH14-B (25-30) IFP92-JJWH14-B (31-35) IFP92-JJWH15-B (17-22) IFP92-JJWH15-B (23-28) IFP92-JJWH15-B (29-34) IFP92-JJWH15-B (35-37) IFP92-JJWH16-B (0-1a) IFP92-JJWH16-B (0-1b) IFO92-JJWH16-B (14-19) IFP92-JJWH16-B (36-37a) IFP92-JJWH16-B (36-37b) IFP92-JJWH18-B (1-4) color prints IFP92-JJWH18-B (17-20) IFP92-JJWH18-B (35-37) IFP92-JJWH19-B (1-4) color prints IFP92-JJWH19-B (9-12) IFP92-JJWH19-B (32-24) IFP92-JJWH20-B (16-19) IFP92-JJWH20-B (35-37) 1992
1FIELDWORK NEGATIVES, HARRIS (COPIES OF PHOTOGRAPHS; OVERSIZE NEGATIVES) IFP92-JJWH22-B (1) gravestone, from Catholic Register IFP92-JJWH22-B (2) Polish charity, from Catholic Register IFP92-JJWH22-B (3) Cresson orphanage, Catholic Register IFP92-JJWH22-B (4) Our Lady of Guadalupe IFP92-JJWH22-B (5) Slovak boys scouts, courtesy Zahornec IFP92-JJWH22-B (6) St. Stephen's Church, courtesy Zahornec IFP92-JJWH22-B (7) Zahornec family, courtesy Zahornec IFP92-JJWH22-B (8) Exercise group, courtesy Zahornec IFP92-JJWH22-B (9) Fr. Martvon 1, courtesy Zahornec IFP92-JJWH22-B (10) Fr. Martvon 2, courtesy Zahornec IFP92-JJWH22-B (11) Martvon funeral, courtesy Zahornec IFP92-JJWH22-B (12) Fr. Golias, courtesy Zahornec 1992
1Negatives-Kalcik, : IFP92-JSK13-B (0-2) IFP92-JSK13-B (3-7) IFP92-JSK13-B (8-12) IFP92-JSK13-B (13-17) IFP92-JSK13-B (18-22) IFP92-JSK13-B (23-27) IFP92-JSK13-B (28-32) IFP92-JSK13-B (33-37) IFP92-JSK14-B (1-5) IFP92-JSK14-B (6-10) IFP92-JSK14-B (11-15) IFP92-JSK14-B (16-20) IFP92-JSK14-B (21-25) IFP92-JSK14-B (26-27) IFP92-JSK14-B (23-36) IFP92-JSK15-B (0) IFP92-JSK15-B (1-4) IFP92-JSK15-B (5-8) IFP92-JSK15-B (9-12) IFP92-JSK15-B (13-16) IFP92-JSK15-B (17-20) IFP92-JSK15-B (21-24) IFP92-JSK15-B (25-28) IFP92-JSK15-B (29-32) IFP92-JSK15-B (33-36) IFP92-JSK16-B (0-1) IFP92-JSK16-B (2-6) IFP92-JSK16-B (7-11) IFP92-JSK16-B (12-16) IFP92-JSK16-B (17-21) IFP92-JSK16-B (22-26) IFP92-JSK16-B (27-31) IFP92-JSK17-B (0-4) IFP92-JSK17-B (5-9) IFP92-JSK17-B (10-14) IFP92-JSK17-B (15-19) IFP92-JSK17-B (20-24) IFP92-JSK17-B (25-29) IFP92-JSK17-B (30-34) IFP92-JSK18-B (1-2) IFP92-JSK18-B (3-7) IFP92-JSK18-B (8-12) IFP92-JSK18-B (13-17) IFP92-JSK18-B (18-22) IFP92-JSK18-B (23-27) IFP92-JSK18-B (28-32) IFP92-JSK18-B (33-37) IFP92-JSK19-B (1-2) IFP92-JSK19-B (3-7) IFP92-JSK19-B (8-12) IFP92-JSK19-B (13-17) IFP92-JSK19-B (18-22) IFP92-JSK19-B (23-27) IFP92-JSK19-B (28-32) IFP92-JSK19-B (33-37) Negatives-Kimiecik, : IFP92-JKK1-B (0-4) IFP92-JKK1-B (35) IFP92-JKK1-B (0) (no contact sheet; apparent tail ends; PA State Farm Show 1992) IFP92-JKK2-B (1-5) IFP92-JKK2-B (6-10) IFP92-JKK2-B (11-15) IFP92-JKK2-B (16-20) IFP92-JKK2-B (21-25) IFP92-JKK2-B (26-30) IFP92-JKK2-B (31-35) (no contact sheet; PA State Farm Show 1992) IFP92-JKK3-B (1-5) IFP92-JKK3-B (6-10) IFP92-JKK3-B (11-15) IFP92-JKK3-B (16-20) IFP92-JKK3-B (21-25) IFP92-JKK3-B (26-30) IFP92-JKK3-B (31-35) (no contact sheet; PA State Farm Show 1992) IFP92-JKK4-B (5-9) IFP92-JKK4-B (10-14) IFP92-JKK4-B (15-19) IFP92-JKK4-B (20-24) IFP92-JKK4-B (25-29) IFP92-JKK4-B (30-34) IFP92-JKK4-B (35--36) (no contact sheet; PA State Farm Show 1992) IFP92-JKK5-B (2-6) IFP92-JKK5-B (7-11) IFP92-JKK5-B (12-16) IFP92-JKK5-B (17-21) IFP92-JKK5-B (22-26) IFP92-JKK5-B (27-31) IFP92-JKK5-B (1) (no contact sheet; PA State Farm Show 1992) IFP92-JKK6-B (1-5) IFP92-JKK6-B (6-10) IFP92-JKK6-B (11-15) IFP92-JKK6-B (16-20) IFP92-JKK6-B (21-25) IFP92-JKK6-B (26-30) IFP92-JKK6-B (31-33) (no contact sheet; PA State Farm Show 1992, African American Heritage Project Committee) Negatives-Kalcik, : IFP93-JSK1-B (1-2) IFP93-JSK1-B (3-7) IFP93-JSK1-B (8-12) IFP93-JSK1-B (13-17) IFP93-JSK1-B (18-21) IFP93-JSK3-B (0-2) IFP93-JSK3-B (3-6) IFP93-JSK3-B (7-11) IFP93-JSK3-B (12-16) IFP93-JSK3-B (17-21) IFP93-JSK3-B (22-26) IFP93-JSK3-B (27-31) IFP93-JSK3-B (32-36) IFP93-JSK4-B (1-2) IFP93-JSK4-B (3-7) IFP93-JSK4-B (8-12) IFP93-JSK4-B (13-17) IFP93-JSK4-B (18-22) IFP93-JSK4-B (23-27) IFP93-JSK4-B (28-32) IFP93-JSK4-B (33-37) IFP93-JSK6-B (3-7) IFP93-JSK6-B (8-12) IFP93-JSK6-B (13-17) IFP93-JSK6-B (18-22) IFP93-JSK6-B (23-27) IFP93-JSK6-B (28-32) IFP93-JSK6-B (33-37) IFP93-JSK6-B (1-2) Negatives-Kimiecik, : IFP93-JKK1-B (0-4) IFP93-JKK1-B (5-9) IFP93-JKK1-B (10-14) IFP93-JKK1-B (15-19) IFP93-JKK1-B (20-24) IFP93-JKK1-B (25-29) IFP93-JKK1-B (30-33) IFP93-JKK1-B (34-35) IFP93-JKK2-B (1) IFP93-JKK2-B (2-5) IFP93-JKK2-B (6-9) IFP93-JKK2-B (10-13) IFP93-JKK2-B (14-17) IFP93-JKK2-B (18-21) IFP93-JKK2-B (22-24) IFP93-JKK3-B (0-4) IFP93-JKK3-B (5-9) IFP93-JKK3-B (10-14) IFP93-JKK3-B (15-17) IFP93-JKK3-B (20-22) Negatives-Unidentified from OHI Patton, (Numbers were lost by IUP photography lab in processing) IFP92-P??1-B (x-32) IFP92-P??2-B (x-22) IFP92-P??3-B (2-36a) IFP92-P??4-B (1-35) IFP92-P??5-B (3-36a) IFP92-P??6-B (2-32) IFP92-P??7-B (0-35) 19921992199319931992

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Series VI: Video Tapes

Subseries A: Fieldwork Materials
1Video Tape-Cahill, : IFP92-PWC3-V Beth Energy Mine 33, Prince Gallitzin State Park Video Tapes-Hetrick, : IFP92-PJLH4-V Marian Short, life history, the Marian-ettes, teaching, photographs, Patton- PA IFP92-PJLH5-V St. Mary's Church, Short's home, Patton Senior Citizens Center, Marian-ette performance, McNulty, Cence, Patton-PA IFP92-PJLH6-V Unlogged; Marian-ettes, Patton-PA IFP92-PJLH7-V (Unlogged; tape marked "From the Music Library of Delores Patrick, see miscellanea file for material found in box) Video Tapes-Reidell, : IFP92-PKR1-V Cordells, hardware store, Patton-PA IFP92-PKR2-V Magoulick, growing up in Patton-PA, Heischman, fear of leaving Patton IFP92-PKR3-V Pellas, growing up in Patton-PA, Shayne, Wayne, Jimmy IFP92-PKR4-V Composite tape for OHI public presentation including Magoulick, Heishman, Pellas, Cordells, Sunseri, children and youth of Patton-PA Video Tape-Rubens, : IFP92-PDR7-V Sunseri family, family history, painting and paper hanging business, clay works, company store, trapping fur, choir, discrimination, garden, accident with dynamite, nicknames, coffee soup, Patton-PA Video Tape-Oral History Institute, : IFP92-POHI1-V Henry Giroux presentation 19921992199219921992
1DOUGHERTY VIDEOTAPES IFP91-IJD12-V Solidarity Day II, Washington, DC, IFP91-IJD13-V National Folk Festival, Johnstown, PA, (master) IFP91-IJD14-V John Ingham Interview: Professor of history at University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, (master copy IFP91-IJD15-V Alan Singer Interview: Hofstra University, IFP91-IJD16-V Homer City/Yankeetown Interviews: Allia Rose Sacco, Virginia Pavolko, IFP91-IFJ17-V "Historical Memory and Industrial Heritage: A Symposium," keynote speakers, Michael Frisch, John Bodnar, (master) IFP93-IJD18-V John Brophy Historical Marker Dedication, Nant-y-Glo, PA, 11-10-93 IFPXX-IJD19-V Oral History Institute Day #1, Intros. and Jim Abrams Presentation (possibly June, ) IFPXX-IJD20-V Oral History Institute Day #2, Millie Beik Presentation (possibly June, ) IFPXX-IJD21-V Oral History Institute Day 3, Linda Shopes and Karen Olsen Presentation (possibly June, ) IFPXX-IJD22-V Oral History Institute Day #3, Henry Giroux Presentation (possibly June, ) (master) 8-31-919-1-919-14-9110-11-9111-25-914-24-911992?1992?1992?1992
1DOCUMENTATION CENTER FOR COAL AT IUP DOUGHERTY VIDEOTAPES IFPXX-IJD23-V Heilwood Picket Line and Robertshaw Picnic IFPXX-IJD24-V Coral Volunteer Fire Company Hog Roast IFPXX-IJD25-V Mother Jones, Coral Run Vol. Fire Co. Hog Roast IFPXX-IJD26-V "Our Heritage Sings," by the Indiana Players with the Evergreen AARP Dancers and the Sweet Adelines (master) IFPXX-IJD27-V WJAC Florence Mine Closing Stories IFPXX-IJD28-V WJAC-TV 6 News Stories: The Clymer Memorial UMWA Rally at Ebensburg KKK Rally at Burnside IFPXX-IJD29-V Coral and Assorted Shots IFPXX-IJD30-V Master IFPXX-IJD31-V CEL 3/4" Dubs Parts I, II, III IFPXX-IJD32-V Out-Takes from the Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century
1DOCUMENTATION CENTER FOR COAL AT IUP DOUGHERTY VIDEOTAPES IFP91-IJD33-V Paul Glebovich Interview: Retired mine worker, 317 North 11th St., Indiana, PA, (1 of 3) IFP91-IJD34-V Paul Glebovich Interview, (2 of 3) IFP91-IJD35-V Paul Glebovich Interview (3 of 3) IFP91-IJD36-V Michael Klyap Interview: Retired mine foreperson, Ernest, PA (1 of 2) IFP91-IJD37-V Michael Klyap Interview, (2 of 2) IFP91-IJD38-V Sample Run Disaster Memorial, Clymer-PA, (1 of 2) 8-15-91 8-15-91 8-15-918-19-918-19-91,8-25-91
1DOCUMENTATION CENTER FOR COAL AT IUP DOUGHERTY VIDEOTAPES IFP91-IJD39-V Sample Run Disaster Memorial, Clymer-PA, (2 of 2) IFP91-IJD40-V Alan Singer Interview: Hofstra University, , (1 of 3) IFP91-IJD41-V Alan Singer Interview, , (2 of 3) IFP91-IJD42-V Alan Singer Interview, , (3 of 3) IFPXX-IJD43-V WJAC-TV News Stories: Clymer Memorial UMWA Rally at Ebensburg KKK at Burnside ( marked on box) 8-25-9110-11-9110-11-9110-11-918-30-91
1DOCUMENTATION CENTER FOR COAL AT IUP DOUGHERTY VIDEOTAPES IFPXX-IJD44-V Coal Talking Heads Retakes and Historical Footage IFPXX-IJD45-V WJAC-TV 6 News Story: Florence Coal Mining (dated ) IFPXX-IJD46-V Labor Songs-Coal: "In Heavens Above" "Down in a Coal Mine" "Solidarity Forever" (dated ) and old footage reshots 9 NCW IFPXX-IJD47-V Tape #1 Coal Audio IFPXX-IJD48-V Tape #2 Coal Audio 11-26-9112-91
1DOCUMENTATION CENTER FOR COAL AT IUP DOUGHERTY VIDEOTAPES IFPXX-IJD49-V Narration Tape #2 of Coal Documentary Part II IFPXX-IJD50-V CEL Tape I (0082-0176) IFPXX-IJD51-V CEL Tape II (176-1782)IFPXX-IJD52-V CEL Tape III IFPXX-IJD53-V Coal Tape Transfers from 1/2" to 3/4": 0-433 mine worker in mine 433-822 Gary Gerstle 822-1330 Dubofsky 1330-1519 Anne Finey and Friends 1519-1634 Indiana Players "Owe My Soul" 1634-1731 Ernest Union Hall
1DOCUMENTATION CENTER FOR COAL AT IUP DOUGHERTY VIDEOTAPES IFPXX-IJD54-V Slides IA IFPXX-IJD55-V Slides IIA IFPXX-IJD56-V End of A, some of 1B and 2B plus video from deadline for action IFPXX-IJD57-V Slides 1B IFPXX-IJD58-V Slides 2B
1DOCUMENTATION CENTER FOR COAL AT IUP DOUGHERTY VIDEOTAPES IFPXX-IJD59-V Slide Tape Coal Documentary 1-A, Part 2 (0000-1020) IFPXX-IJD60-V Slide Tape Coal Documentary 3-A, Part 2 and 2-A and last batch of slides, end with beggars in our midst IFPXX-IJD61-V Slide Tape 3-A Coal Documentary, Part II and last batch of slides
1DOCUMENTATION CENTER FOR COAL AT IUP DOUGHERTY VIDEOTAPES IFPXX-IJD62-V Slide Tape 1-B Coal Documentary Part 2 IFPXX-IJD63-V Homer City/Yankee Town Interviews: Allia Rose Sacco, Virginia Pavolko , Tape 1 IFPXX-IJD64-V Homer City/Yankee Town Interviews: Allia Rose Sacco, Virginia Pavolko , Tape 2 11-25-9111-25-91
1VIDEOTAPES FROM FROM HARRIS/MOORE PHOTO EXHIBITS, SERIES IV, SUBSERIES A, BOXES 6-13 IFPXX-IXX1-V Anthracite Mining IFPXX-IXX2-V Anthracite Mining IFPXX-IXX3-V Anthracite Mining IFPXX-IXX4-V Glass - Hand Cylinder Process, Cylinder Machine Window Glass IFPXX-IXX5-V Glass - Hand Cylinder Process, Cylinder Machine Window Glass IFPXX-IXX6-V Glass - Hand Cylinder Process, Cylinder Machine Window Glass IFPXX-IAHHC7-V Monongahela 1907 IFP94-IJD69-V Oral History Institute Day # 1 IFP94-IJD70-V Oral History Institute Day # 2 Dr. Millie Beik, “Oral History, Community and Power” IFP94-IJD71-V Oral History Institute Day # 3 Elizabeth Jones, “Oral History and Gender: Women Workers During WWII, A Case Study” IFP94-IJD72-V Oral History Institute Day # 3 Linda Shopes, “Oral History and Gender” and Elizabeth Jones Continued IFP94-IJD73-V Oral History Institute Day # 4 Carl Rahkonen, “Ethnomusicology and Northern Appalachia”
Subseries C: Documentation Center Materials
1ORAL HISTORY INSTITUTE-PATTON, CAHILL, HETRICK, REIDELL, RUBENS, INSTITUTE DOUGHERTY IFP85-IJD1-V Stanley Pafalco Interview: Allegheny Ludlum, age 73, 11-16-85 (224-1135) Martin Sheedo, President of Local 1196, IFP90-IJD2-V Creekside UMWA Ceremony, IFP90-IJD3-V William Sylvis Dedication, Labor Day IFP90-IJD4-V IUP Persian Gulf Debate: "Should We Continue the War," IFP91-IJD5-V Melvyn Dubofsky Interview: Professor of history, SUNY Binghamton, (master) IFP91-IJD6-V Gary Gerstle Interview: Princeton Advanced Research Institute, (master) IFP91-IJD7-V Ellis Island, IFP91-IJD8-V Nanty Glo Slide Show: with Bill Martin, narrator, (master) IFP91-IJD9-V Paul G. (probably Glebovich) IFP91-IJD10-V Michael Klyap Interview: (retired mine worker and mine foreperson), Ernest, PA, IFP91-IJD11-V Sample Run Memorial: Clymer, PA, 19922-22-856-9-9019902-27-914-5-914-7-916-8-917-13-918-15-918-19-918-25-91

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Series VII: Computer Disks

11FIELDWORK MATERIALS: DARLING, CAHILL, ILLIG, FOLKLIFE DOCUMENTATION CENTER FOR AGRICULTURE, KIMIECIK, FOLKLIFE DOCUMENTATION CENTER FOR COAL AT IUP Darling: Westmoreland Survey Cahill: Oral History Institute- Patton, Illig: Oral History Institute-Patton, Agriculture Folklife Documentation Center: Recording logs Alcorn-Lohr Agriculture Folklife Documentation Center: Recording logs Mitchell-Will Kimiecik: SCCC Kimiecik: Kathy Kimiecik: memojim.gbg and RRM Kimiecik: Education Kimiecik: Kathy backup Kimiecik: (unmarked) Coal Folklife Documentation Center: Sally D. McNulty Coal Folklife Documentation Center: Stefano Luconi Coal Folklife Documentation Center: WP 4.1 Coal Folklife Documentation Center: Mark Petrovich backup disk Coal Folklife Documentation Center: Donna Rubens Coal Folklife Documentation Center: Ramona Rodgers Coal Folklife Documentation Center: M. Beik 92 OHI Presentation 199119921992

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Series VIII: Oversized Materials

11Folklife Division photograph album used at Comprehensive Management Plan symposium exhibit, 1993
1Folklife Division wall calendar, Seton Hill College poster including Catholic, Quincentennary Exhibit Folklife Division wall calendar, 1992 4. Father Martoon Photographs 5. Color Photographs of Stained Glass Windows from Churches 1992
1Oversized Maps from Subject Files, Ser. I, Sub. B 1. Bedford County Traffic and State Route Map, Box 16, Item 18 2. Bedford County Special Edition General Highway Map, Box 16, Item 18 3. Blair County Traffic and State Route Map, Box 17, Item 9 4. Blair County Traffic and State Route Map, Box 17, Item 9 5. Blair County Traffic and State Route Map, Box 17, Item 9 6. Fulton County Traffic and Legislative Route Map, Box 21, Item 25 7. Greater Johnstown/Cambria County/Somerset County Chamber of Commerce Map, Box 24, Item 1 8. Allegheny County, Maryland Chamber of Commerce Map Box 25, Item 4 9. State College, Pennsylvania Official Visitors Guide, Box 26, Item 9 10. Southwestern Regional Outdoor Recreation Map, Box 28, Item 4 Oversized Matted Photographs from Series IV, Subseries A, Boxes 6 - 13 1. Photographs of Historical/Industrial Sites 2. Photographs of Historical/Industrial Sites 3. List of Acknowledgments for the Exhibit 1988-1989

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Series IX: Restricted Materials


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